Customer Reviews: Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch Screen Protector, Skinomi® TechSkin (6-Pack) Full Coverage Screen Protector for Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch Clear HD Anti-Bubble Film - with Lifetime Warranty
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on March 22, 2013
When I put my Skinomi on it was perfect. No bubbles perfectly aligned and was mostly invisible on my Pebble. I loved it. After the first week I noticed that the bottom right piece would occasionally pop up off the Pebble. Then it continued to get worse. After two weeks it was a big mess so I removed it.

[Update] Skinomi sent me a replacement skin and it is on perfectly just as the previous one. It appears to be staying put and not peeling off. If this new skin begins to peel off I will update my review. If it stays on for a few weeks I will add another star.

[Update 2] After a few months my Skinomi began to peel up on the top left corner, just as my original had done (just a different corner). I contacted Skinomi and they are sending me another Skinomi for my Pebble. All I can say is this is top notch customer service. I will only be buying Skinomi skins from now on, seeing that they mean it when they say they will replace it. Very impressed with Skinomi, even though the skin has a tendency to peel off the curved edges of the Pebble.

Skinomi customer service was excellent in responding to my issue and sending me a replacement skin. Very impressed that they reached out to me through Amazon. I didn't know I could submit a claim for a new skin.
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on March 1, 2013
So quite a few of these reviews use instructions as filler. What good does that do?

If you are looking to buy this, you realize that your pebble is still a watch and not totally impervious to all that your life will throw at it, whether it be the sharp corners of your latest smartphone, your comic-con badge holder, a pen sticking out of your pocket protector or even a blow from your opponents bat'leth. Rest easy, the Skinomi TechSkin will fend them all off.

I pretty much ignored all the bits and bobs designed to go anywhere on the watch but the face. You can stretch your buying dollar by saving the piece designed to protect the back and use that as a second face protector, it will fit over the scratchable bits quite nicely should the first one fail in the line of duty.

The box is quite entertaining too, it opens like a pop-up book...I wasted at least 3 minutes opening and closing the box before getting on with it, so enjoy that!

My piece of advice when installing any screen protector, use the included solution to wet your fingers and the device too. Your pebble is water resistant so you will not harm it at all. Do not ever forget kids, the wetter it is the easier it goes.......enjoy!
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on September 14, 2013
So I was an early Kickstarter funder for the smart watch. I waited a year for my watch and quickly wondered how I ever lived without getting notifications on my wrist. I wear my Pebble everywhere, even in the shower (think about it). Then I scratched my watchface while hunting for hermit crabs. I can't remember being that mad at myself since I dropped my phone in the toilet while peeing (think about that). A few days later while surfing for things to blow my hard earned money on I run across Skinomi TechSkin and say to myself "Self, why not buy one of these so that you don't scratch your precious damn watchface anymore?" I couldn't come up with a reason to deny myself Skinomi. So I didn't.

A couple days later my Skinomi shows up. It came at a convenient time so I installed it right away. I was first pleased with the packaging, instructions and installation supplies. The good fellas over at Skinomi made it really easy. I set the watch aside and so it could dry and went to sleep and dreamt about ninjas (more on that later).

When I woke up not only was I very glad to see that you couldn't even tell there was a screen protector on the watch; but whatever solution they use along with the sealing of the watch filled in the scratches I had made before getting a Skinomi! It was a miracle! My Pebble watch looked brand new again! Skinomi is the Ninja Master of screen protectors! Not a Bruce Lee style Nija Master but more of one of the mystical-old-dude-with-a-long-Fu-Man-Chu-and-can-disappear-in-a-cloud-of-smoke Ninja Masters. You know what I'm saying.

A few months later I went hermit crab hunting again, scratched the watch again, ordered another Skinomi, had about the same experience again (this time without the ninja dreams) and experienced the same deep level of satisfaction at having a brand new looking Pebble again.
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on January 3, 2014
This is a crystal clear protector that fits perfectly over the watch face. I was hesitant with a wet install as I've used them on my phone before and really didn't care for it. Because it's such a small item, I believe the wet install is a nessessary evil as it lets you redo the install over and over until you get it correct. Keep your fingers wet with the solution so that you don't fingerprint the protector. The 4 edges are a little tough and have an issue staying down until the solution dries a little thus making the protector very sticky. Once you get it on and stuck, then you can push bubbles out w/ your thumb. Then go stick your watch on the charger for a few(6-10) hours...overnight.

After that if you still have imperfections in the face of the protector (i.e. ripples or bubbles)<~~~~heat will fix this. DONT USE A BLOW DRYER or HEAT GUN. Use your breath (i.e. steam up the watch face with your mouth). Then smooth out the protector w/ your thumb.

In the end.. It works. Great product!
Hope this helps.
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on March 8, 2013
Very easy to apply, especially since the Pebble is water proof. I have no bubbles at all on mine. The only thing I do not like, and is why I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars, is the arms on the end are a little too long. I could not get them to stay down on the very ends. I ended up cutting about half a millimeter off each end. It fits perfect now.
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on May 22, 2013
I've been very happy with this cover, it does have one odd issue. Whenever I hit my watchface against something, it will leave a huge white mark on the cover. I can rub the white mark off, and it doesn't leave scratches, but I've ended up with a constant collection of white marks that haven't rubbed off.

Aside from the marks, this has been a very good cover.
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on May 30, 2013
First things first- just like with any skinomi product, you'll have a perfect application if you get everything clean, nice and moist, apply, squeegee excess, and just wait until the next day. Excellent packaging and customer response time.

Secondly, the pebble is a big watch. You'll hook it on corners, slide its face against clothes buttons, car doors, zippers and such. It doesn't have the same kind of inherent protection that your Gorilla Glass 2 phone screen does. That means its going to scuff and scratch no matter how faintly. The nice thing about the skinomi protector is that it seemed to disguise the few light scuffs I had, _and_ protect it from some abrasions. To that end, mine has certainly saved it from a few already.
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on June 1, 2015
I wanted some kind of screen protector for my pebble since the front was just plastic that could easily be scratched so I ordered this from skinomi having recognized their history making good quality screen protectors and skins/wraps for other devices

Due to the curve of the watch and the little arms that extended to hold the wrist strap, I was pretty doubtful that a screen protector would hold very well. I considered cutting off the parts of the protector that covered the arms that hold the strap since they didn't really need protection but my brother told me he used a hair dryer to help make those parts stick better.

I used the hair dryer and the whole process took maybe 5 minutes but was easier than I thought it would be for a wet installation. The little bits that protect the arms went on well and I got rid of any air bubbles.

The protector has been on my pebble for nearly 6 months now and none of it has peeled. I has actually protected my display more than a few times. It scraped a rough concrete wall but only left fairly minor blemishes on the guard.

I think the price point is reasonable and considering this experience I'd gladly use skinomi again. It's an easy recommendation from me to anyone who is considering this type of screen guard for their device.
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on May 7, 2014
I have already gone through three of these screen protectors. I have a desk job and do not wear my watch when I am cleaning or doing anything crazy, but the protector gets scratched and looks horrible. If I accidentally brush my arm against the wall when I am walking, there will be a white scuff mark on the protector that is impossible to remove. I guess they protect the screen, but what I can get to protect the protector so it lasts more than a couple of weeks?
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on March 5, 2013
I purchased this after realizing how easily the face of the watch scratched, and I must say that this skin works very well to protect it. The skin is extremely durable and the adhesive bonds quite strongly, although it is still easy enough to remove when that is your intention. As for the installation, it's a little more involved than simply sticking it to the watch since the skin must be sprayed using a solution provided with it. Once sprayed, the skin was easy to put on and adjust its positioning. I also found that applying the skin while wearing clean latex gloves makes it significantly easier, since it ensures that dirt/lint/dust from your fingers do not stick to the adhesive. All in all, I would absolutely buy this product again.
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