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on January 19, 2011
I will admit, like the other reviewers, I was disappointed. I read the instructions, cleaned the screen well (no lint), and applied the wet adhesive onto the skin, and then applied onto Archos. My first attempt was off-alignment, so I re-adjusted (very sticky) and then laid it down. The area where my 1st attempt did not look very good, and I was disappointed, plus there were some air bubbles. I waited 5 hours and the touchscreen was a bit erratic. I waited 24 hours and the touchscreen was much better. Then after 3 days the air bubbles were gone, and the touchscreen was like original.
Yes, the longest dimension is about 0.1" too short. The height dimension is perfect.
The best part of this skin is that it very resistant to fingerprints. I used the Archos 101 for 3 weeks without a skin, and it really attracts fingerprints. I would go on to say that this skin is oleo-phobic (resists greasy marks).

I will contact Skinomi, and see if they have fixed the dimension issue.

Update: I contacted Skinomi (yes, a REAL person answered!), and mentioned that the dimension was off about 2mm in the long dimension. She said she was not sure that if it was ever corrected, but was happy to send the latest version to me (free of charge). I received it two days later, and checked the dimension, and it was CORRECT! so I guess they realized their mistake. Will apply new skin today.
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on March 4, 2011
Just received my new tech skin I will say the packaging looks nice and looks like they have done their homework on how to make a package professional looking, just applied the skin following the instructions, also just to let everyone know make sure you have a couple of pieces of paper towel folded into squares ( to avoid lint from edges ) to absorb any extra solution that squeezes out of the edges especially on the archos 101 due to the fact that it could very easily leak under the screen and cause damage but installation was not as hard as some say , just follow the instructions. I will post another review in a few days to a week after the product has dried completely, but so far so good..... more to come Ok it's been a few days now all the bubbles and streaks have cleared up and the screen protector is now crystal clear no fingerprints this is a great product just follow the instructions and it should work perfect I don't understand why this product has gotten some bad reviews I think it's the best screen protector I've ever used !
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on May 14, 2011
There are tons of reviews about how bad this product is, which is what i would have said after my first installation of this product. So this is what happened for me... I got the skin and the directions say to use the spray that comes with it sparingly during the application... DON'T! I put it on sparingly and couldn't get the bubbles worked out and it was a disaster! It went on so bad that I thought I was going to have to pull it off and throw it away... so i decided to take it off. It came off really hard, but i decided to try and put it back on... so I put a BUNCH of that spray on and reapplied the skin. This time it went on A LOT better. It ended looking really good outside of the stretch marks that i created from pulling it off once it had already set to the screen the first time. In my opinion, i'd buy this product again, but would put lots of spray down so you have MORE time to work the bubbles out and get it to look right. THE PRODUCT IS NOT BAD, IT'S THE DIRECTIONS.
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on February 26, 2011
I read the reviews on this skin and I took the chance anyways. I'm glad I did. This screen protector fits like a glove and after a few days, you wouldn't even know a screen protector was on it. Skinomi has a video on their site explaining just what to do. Take your time to do it and you will have no issues ever. I'm now looking into getting one of the full body skins from the same company. This product is perfect.
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on June 28, 2011
I always add a screen protection film to my LCD devices. This one is the only one that uses a liquid on the back of the film. It has been impossible to remove all of the trapped bubbles between the LCD and the film. The instructions say to wait a few days, and sure enough some of the smaller bubbles did disappear. Unfortunately there are still too many bubbles and the film will have to be removed. The film is also very glossy, reflecting light and making the screen difficult to view in some conditions. I haven't decided if I'll try to re-install or just replace it with a better film.
Not recommended for the Archos 101.
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on December 31, 2010
I installed this on my Archos 101, and I'm not please with how it has worked out so far. However, to be fair, let me list the pros and cons:

- The installation was fairly straightforward and simple. Clean the screen (an included cloth would have been nice), lightly and evenly spray the back of screen protector, put it on 101, and squeegee out the bubbles (w/included squeegee)
- Fits the screen well
- Appears to be durable

- My touch screen had serious issues. While holding the 101 in landscape position, the "search" button was constantly lit and when I touched just about anywhere on the screen, it opened up search mode. It was nearly impossible to move to the other home screens because "search" was constantly activated. I checked the fit in that corner, and it looked perfect
- I don't know how to explain how the screen looked through the protector. It didn't look bad, but it wasn't as crisp and clear as it was without it.

I took it off, and the screen was fine. a matter of full disclosure. It did say that I should turn the device on for 4-5 hours after installing...I waited a minute. I see that this says "Lifetime Replacement" so I may ask them to replace this, and let me try one more time. If they replace it, and I have better luck, I will adjust my review.
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on April 12, 2011
Update: Skinomi has agreed to send me a replacement.

Update: The second screen protector was flawless. I applied it in exactly the same manor as the first but this one had none of the problems. Its nearly perfect!

I cleaned the screen thoroughly, put some latex gloves on, sprayed the screen protector, sprayed my gloved fingers and applied the screen protector. I worked out the bubbles and excess solution and dried it just like the demo videos instructed. The process was actually easier than I expected since I got lucky and aligned it perfectly on the first try.

After letting the device sit over night there were still a lot of "micro-bubbles" and streaks. Most of these did disappear over the next few days, but there were still enough left to hinder the screen's visibility under the right light conditions. YMMV

Tip: If you are not satisfied with the application, immediately remove and reapply the solution. Once this product dries, removing it will likely result in stretching that will render it useless.
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on April 13, 2011
The material of the screen protector is very good. The thing that kills it is the install.
It was so hard that I ended up destroying my screen protector. I have installed many screen protects in the past, But this one is hell. I followed the instructions, when it came to use the card to remove bubbles I ended up scratching the whole screen protector. Just with the little card, poor quality. Stay away from this product.

---------------If you miss up your install because of their card then you don't get a replacement----------------
This is off their web site.

** The replacement guarantee does not cover silicone cases, installation errors including air bubbles, dust or dirt caught underneath the TechSkin, and improper alignment of the film on your device. Please follow the installation instructions carefully when applying.**
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on July 25, 2011
After using my Archos 101 for a few weeks I started looking at ways to protect it and to eliminate or at least lessen the effects of fingerprints on the screen. Enter the Skinomi Techskin. Ok reviews on Amazon, and most of the negative ones were from people who couldn't figure out how to install it. Reasonable price, solid recent reviews, and one minor issue with the length that seems to have been corrected? I will take one!

When it arrived, ahead of the quoted delivery date, I noticed the packaging was pretty unique. It was rolled up in a clear plastic tube with end caps. Cool, hopefully I'll find a use for that. I checked the fit. Looks like I got a 1mm too short version. Oh well, I fired off an email to Skinomi to let them know they still had some defective units in stock. For now I will install the short skin as a test run. I followed the instructions as provided other than I used the spray liberally as suggested by some. I had one minor problem with what appeared to be a bit of dust or a small grain of sand in a corner. I do not know where the debris came from. I washed my hands and the screen off and the skin was pristine from the packaging. I am attributing it to bad luck, a random piece of dust fell at exactly the wrong time. I peeled back the corner carefully to remove the offending bit. Mistake. If there is one thing you cannot do is peel this back. The material stretches out of shape and did not go back. It is also no longer transparent, it's translucent white. This was my mistake, and easily avoidable, make absolutely sure that the screen is free of debris. Probably a good idea to check the skin is also perfectly clean. Maybe dust above your work surface and wash your hair and face? Wear a white paper clean suit? Anyway, once the corner was back down a good as I could get it I left the machine to "dry" overnight. The next morning there were very few bubbles and I didn't notice any difference in the screen sensitivity. Other than it being a little short and my mistake/bad luck with the dust the product is everything they said it was. The feel is a very little bit more "draggy" than the factory glass, but the fingerprint issue is a thing of the past. Well worth it.

Within hours Skinomi contacts me to let me know they'll be shipping me out a replacement, free of charge. They also very nicely asked me to send them pictures of the defect, which I did. The thanked me again via email and told me the skin would be shipping soon. Great customer service.

The new skin arrived a few days later. It came in different packaging, now a light cardboard hexagon. It was crushed a little. When I pulled out the skin it had a minor crease in it that may or may not come out. I put it up to the device; it was 1mm too short.

I sent an email to Skinomi informing them of the continuing defect and the inferior packaging, and informed them I wouldn't need a replacement. After using the too short version and even with the self inflicted flaw in the corner I found I didn't really notice it. I asked if they wanted me to send the replacement back, they said to keep it.

Lessons learned:

Measure before you put it on. If you think it being too short will bother you, contact Skinomi. In my experience they will happily help you, and quickly. Will the replacement be adequate? I don't know. It wasn't in my experience, but others have said it was. Tighten up your quality control Skinomi!

If you get a short one and think you can live with it, try splitting the difference so there is a small gap on either end. If I decide to install the replacement skin I will be doing this.

Do apply the spray solution liberally. You will have to squeegie well and wipe off excess with a paper towel immediately, but the extra solution provides a few additional moments for fine tuning the alignment.

Do wait the recommended time before using the device.

Do make sure you, the device, and the skin are absolutely clean.

Don't peel the skin back unless you have to; it won't ever be the same.

Overall I like the skin, but the manufacturing defect (twice) cost it a star. I gave the seller a 5 star rating. I'd recommend this brand of skin to most people.
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on April 11, 2011
I've purchased four of these for two Archos 101 tablets in the past month or so. Two for myself and two for a couple of friends, so I feel I have had enough experience with them to write an accurate review.

The Skinomi screen protector is one of (if not) the best I've ever used quality and durability-wise. The application process is a bit different than other screen protectors, but if done correctly the end result is phenomenal. That said, I've removed both protectors from my Archos101 tablets as did my friends. We all experienced the same issue, which has been reported numerous times on amazon reviews as well as archosfan forums. The film causes the edge buttons on the screen to, for lack of a better word, 'misfire.' By that I mean, when I press the back button, the search button activates instead. When I press the search button, the home button activates instead, etc... Its very annoying and we speculate that the only way around the issue is to apply the screen protector flush with the bezel on the 'home bar' side, leaving about 1/8" of uncovered screen on the other side. We've not tried this and probably wont, personally I decided to buy a leather case for mine instead of a screen protector.

Pros (Providing the instructions are followed to the letter)
-Its completely transparent, you cant even tell its there without finding its edge.
-Fingers glide over it more smoothly than the bare screen itself.
-These things are tough, after pulling one off I tested its durability a bit. Poking it with a pencil, scratching it with my keys and stuff like that. They don't seem tear and the smaller scratches and scuffs seem to fade after a couple of days.

-Interferes with the touchscreen's accuracy along the edges of the protector.

*FOLLOW UP* I decided to try applying the protector flush with the homebar side of the screen like I said earlier in the review after that the issues with button recognition disappeared. I still rate it 2/5 as the fit is off. If they ever decide to lengthen the film slightly, I'd buy another one. Otherwise its just not worth it..
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