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on February 20, 2016
AS i already wrote a review in my skinomi screen for iPhone, i m writing this review which i bought for my iPad. i like this product, i can easily rate 5 stars. even more if there is because it is easy to install. this is my fourth time i bought screen including for my iPhone and iPads. one thing i noticed is that the spray which comes in the package is very important and it also help you to adjust the film if you did misplaced the plastic on you device for the first time. but you need to save so me spray in first use. if they can provide little more quantity of spray then it will be great and will get another stars making six out of five stars.

FYI this liquid spray i used it all on my device screen and still didn't damage my touch functions. looks like a fog in the plastic but will cleared over few hours. will recommend that you do this before bed time so you don't need to touch the device.
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on August 20, 2013
I am in love with this! I was nervous to apply it, but there are video instructions on line, and it was super easy! There are really NO bumps, bubbles, or blemishes, and the durable surface as a wonderful texture. I was happier than I though I would be with this! I got more for my other devices.
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on December 6, 2012
This protector is a nice thick film, but it's perfectly clear--you'll hardly know it's there. It's every bit as good as the ones I see costing 20x as much.

Installation is a piece of cake (and there are video instructions on their web site). It starts with a soap solution on your device, and the great thing about that is that the film slides freely while the solution is wet. You can position it perfectly. Most screen protectors end up cockeyed on my devices, because it's so hard to line them up perfectly the first time. This protector you can lay down and then adjust until it's perfect. When you're happy, you squeegee out the soap solution and let it dry. Even the squeegee is quality: it's a nice solid piece of rubber, unlike the square of cardboard some other suppliers give you. Everything about this kit is great.

I bought the one that comes with a piece for the back, as well as the screen. I love it. Note that the piece for the back is perfectly smooth, just like the screen cover. That's perfectly fine with me, but some people might like the feel or anti-skid properties of a textured cover. Also note that it doesn't perfectly cover the corners: getting a flat sheet on a curved surface means that they had to make some cuts near the corners, so there are some thin gaps in the coverage. The cover also stops a hair shy of the front of the device, so the very edge isn't completely covered either. I haven't used other whole-device protectors, so they may be the same way.

One word of warning! When they tell you to work in a clean area, they are not kidding! I have cats, and although I dusted the desktop, put down a clean towel, and otherwise did all I could to make the work surface clean, I ended up with cat hairs under the cover. Once you let the cover dry, there's no getting them out--that cover is staying put until you remove it. I'm still debating whether to buy another, since the price is so good, and doing it over, or just put up with the cat hair. Next time I install one of these, I might bring the kit to the public library to escape all traces of pet contamination.
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on December 31, 2012
It is not as easy to install as I thought. Watching the video is required. Installing the front side screen protector was relatively simple. Installing the back side was tricky. Quite a few whole/cut-outs to match. I spent quite a bit of time on corner and edges. What happens is that the spray solution accumulates there and it takes a while to dry. Using the lint cloth does help soak the excess spray when on edges. I left the corners open for quite a while and later went back to press and stick once dry. Used Skinomi for the first time so cannot say what the state will be if/when the screen protector needs to be replaced or how long this will last.
Update - it took about a week for the bubbles to disappear from the screen. Seems like the spray liquid gets trapped and eventually dries out. Was careful to avoid all bubbles while laying the front screen and there were not any. At least I could not tell. An hour or so later few appeared. Other reviews had mentioned that they will disappear so I was not worried. Looks great. The backside remained fine all along. If you are willing to spend couple of hours from start to finish (including watching the video and instructions) I highly recommend this. It keeps the device protected while keeping it as slim as it comes from factory. The best part if you are novice like me I liked was the capability to adjust/position while placing the skins. They did a great job of having each and every hole to match. It would have been of little value if repositioning/aligning was not possible. Some may find it messy. For me I felt that it was needed.
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on December 16, 2012
I have used multiple Skinomi products in the past (iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, Kindle Fire), so I of course took the opportunity to purchase one for my new iPad Mini. Excellent fit and excellent protection offered. This crystal clear option was not offered previously, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how clear the screen cover was. The old screen covers had a little bit of an orange peel texture to them. That is gone with these clear covers! I also love the simplicity of the wet-install process. It allows you (as long as you keep your fingers wet) to move the cover around to get it to the EXACT location you desire, or to pull it off and start over again if you mess up. Simply amazing. Thanks Skinomi!
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on February 18, 2013
This is the second device I've used a skinomi protector on, and I love the protector. I'm always apprehensive about the liquid around the ear piece on phones, but the iPad doesn't really have any ports to be concerned about.

I don't use the back piece as I use a portfolio style flip cover that clips over it. For the price this absolutely beats other protectors.
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on October 16, 2013
I purchased a Skinomi Tech Skin for my iPad months ago. I was so happy with the purchase that when it was time for me to get a protective skin for my iPad mini, I immediately looked for a Skinomi product. The installation of the skin is easy (just watch the step by step video on their site) and the final result is impeccable. Highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a superior product.
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on February 22, 2013
Before I say anything I want you to picture Morgan Freeman.

This is not my first Skinomi product as I also have a full body for my iPhone 4s. As soon as I purchased my iPad mini, I knew that I would need to get a cover for it. I stepped outside the Apple store and spoke to the Skin-Armour guy that has a kiosk outside and he wanted 60 dollars to put a cover on. I'll repeat that, 60 Dollars! On a 320 dollar iPad... no thank you. I stopped at a few stores on my way home, Best Buy, Walmart, Target... and none of them had an inexpensive cover. Some were around 30 just for the front covers. Is this plastic gold? How does it cost you that much to make a sheet of plastic and have a laser cutter cut it? No way. SO then I went to my trust Amazon. 10 bucks. Perfect. Good reviews, fantastic! All though I would not have cared much about the reviews because like I said before, I have bought from Skinomi before.

Application wise, there are a few tricks.

1. Be in a very lint free area
2. Have a big work area
3. Wash your hands
4. Spray everything... iPad, screen protector, fingers, squeegee... EVERYTHING
5. pull the backing off as you are applying the film
6. Use a hair dryer for all edges, and major bubbles
7. Take you time
8. Wait a few days for the very small micro bubbles to go away

All said and done, the edges were tricky and the micro bubbles are annoying until they go away, but I love it. It looks professional. You cant even notice it, It makes the iPad shiner and newer looking. Not to mention that every time I look at it I get that proud feel that I did it myself.

If you are not a patient installer, go get it done at a kiosk. If you are patient... buy Skinomi. And hopefully you read this to yourself in Morgan Freeman's voice.
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on June 28, 2013
This is more than a screen protector. The skin goes on easy and the directions are very simple to follow. I have had this on my iPad mini for a few months and it is still in great condition. It might take a day or two for all the bubles to disappear but they will disappear so that you won't hardly be able to tell it is on.

The skin is very easy to clean and is very durable.
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on March 28, 2015
I bought this for my mother-in-law as a present because she had just left the plastic wrap on her iPad in order to protect it. I'd previously used Skinomi TechSkin for my cell phone and been really pleased with the performance and the really low price (compared to other screen protectors that you have to replace often).

These things protect your phone from everything. I don't know what they're made of, but it is impossible to scratch or dent them. They are totally invisible when the screen is on, though you can sometimes notice them when the screen is off. I think it ever so slightly changes how your touchscreen responds: I wouldn't say it makes it more or less responsive, just a little bit different--but you adjust to this in a day or two.

The application is difficult, but if you follow the directions carefully, you'll get it. Once you get it on the screen, while it's still wet, go over it as much as possible with the included rubber edge, though I also found a credit card helpful. Make sure the edge you use if totally flat and doesn't have corners that can tug at the screen protector (though it's pretty dang resilient). Try to work out every air bubble, though the micro air bubbles will disappear on their own in a day or two.

The size of the screen protector makes it a bit difficult to apply, but you can't avoid that since it just matches the size of the screen. I had my sister-in-law help me, but we still got some little fuzz stuck to it and couldn't entirely get it off. Really think out all of your steps before you begin, and have another person help you. We didn't do the back piece, because my mother-in-law wasn't worried about that part, and I had read other reviews that said that wasn't as helpful and tended to come off.

Over time, these screen protectors can come loose at the corners, if they are often rubbed against something very often. That probably won't happen with an iPad; it took more than a year of going in and out of my pocket and me messing with it to loosen the corner of the one on my cell phone.
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