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on June 30, 2013
So I'm the idiot that figured I didnt need the adapter because the cord fit just fine without it, well this way of use makes the cord a fancy charger but HDMI is of no use, I was a step away from sending it back when I thought alright let me try the adapter, the picture pops right up, you will have to use your phone in landscape mode to avoid having black strips run up each side of the screen, but other wise this cord works great, I can view every thing from my phone to my television, I was skeptical to buy this at first due to some of the bad reviews, and when I initially thought I was having the same problem I was ready to return, NOW I wonder how many of those people made the same mistake I did because the cord fit without the adapter... Use the adapter, works perfectly... AGAIN if you have the Galaxy s3 you WILL make use of all the cords provided in the box in order to properly view HDMI to your television
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on August 27, 2014
I have a Verizon Galaxy S3 and was looking for a simple solution to mirror my phone on my TV. Researching the topic, I became familiar with the fact that 'new' Samsung phones (S3, S4, S5, etc.) require a special 11-pin adapter to work with standard MHL cables. The cable set specifically note that the adapter is included.

These cables have very polarized review scores. Lots of folks report the cable works perfectly. Lots of other say the cable is useless. And, a few folks state you have to follow very specific steps to get the cable to work correctly. I was reluctant to pull the trigger on purchasing these cables, but, ultimately decided to make the purchase. Sadly, after attempting to use the cable, I fall squarely into the 'cable is useless' category.

* I've tried following the manufacture's directions to the letter. The cable doesn't work
* I've tried following advice from other reviews of the product. The cable doesn't work
* I've tried my own permutations of hooking up the cable in various orders. The cable doesn't work
* I've tried using different USB/AC power adapters to power the cable. The cable doesn't work
* I've tried plugging into various HDMI ports on various TVs. The cable doesn't work
* I've tried NOT using the supplied 11-pin adapter in the hope that somehow my S3 magically had a 5-pin connector. The cable doesn't work
* I've tried using a Galaxy S4 (with and without the 11-pin adapter). The cable doesn't work
* I've tried using a Galaxy S5 (with the 11-pin adapter). The cable DOES work. Wait... what?!?!

So, yeah, Galaxy S5 works without issue. That made me wonder why. The best theory I can come up with is that the Galaxy S5 uses a more recent revision of the MHL standard that DOES NOT REQUIRE external power for the cable to function (aka passive MHL). The Galaxy S3 and S4 use an older revision of the MHL standard that requires external power for the cable to function properly (active MHL).

It's been pointed out by other reviewers that this cable tends to charge phones at a snail's pace, even when not connected to a HDMI port mirroring the display. My experience confirms the slow charging. Besides seeing the battery charge at a trickle, the phone software, itself, reports that the phone is only 'trickle' charging. This slowness was confirmed across 3 different AC adapters (one of which is a rather beefy tablet charger) that have no issues quickly charging my phone when plugged into a quality USB cord.

My conclusion is simple: The USB charging cord that comes attached to this product is either (1) defective, (2) built with cheap/unreliable parts to cut costs or (3) both. The USB charging cord cannot pull enough juice to supply power to both the phone and the MHL-to-HDMI cable. As a result, the MHL-to-HDMI portion of the cable fails to work. I'd speculate if the manufacture had spent an extra $0.03 per USB charging cord, the cables would work without issue.

Sooooo... if you have a phone that works with passive MHL (like the Galaxy S5) this cable will probably work wonderfully for you. Similarly, if you have a phone that requires active MHL and doesn't require much current to properly charge (i.e. to not 'trickle' charge), this cable will probably work for you. If you don't fall into one of those categories, I'd say you're looking at a craps shoot. If you're lucky enough to get a 'good' USB charging cord attached to your cable, things will probably work. If you're unlucky, you'll have a rather useless cable on your hands.

As a result of my experience, I feel that I can only give this cable 1-star and recommend everyone to steer clear of it. The company clearly states it works with a boat-load of specific devices. It clearly does NOT... unless you're lucky enough to get a 'good' one. That's false advertising in my book.
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on September 20, 2013
I use this HDMI cable to connect many devices to many different HDMI TVs and monitors. I will give a short list of devices that I can personally vouch for while using this HDMI cable. Devices: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active phone (AT&T), HTC One phone (AT&T), Google Nexus 7 tablet and Google Nexus 10 tablet. HDMI Inputs: Optoma HD25-LV 3D Projector, Sony KDL 70" 3D TV, Samsung UN65 65" UltraSlim 3D TV, Samsung UN46 46" UltraSlim 3D TV, ViewSonic VX27 IPS 27" monitor and Dell UltraSharp U27 27" monitor (work monitor). I have mixed and matched as these devices each have specific purposes, such as movies or gaming, and the TVs/monitors are spread throughout my home. I was so happy with this cable that I purchased one for nearly every TV I own. I would highly recommend this MHL cable to anyone. Also, note that it has the 5 pin to 11 pin MHL adapter cable to support both older and newer devices. Customer approved! Thank you again, Amazon, for your speedy 2 day Prime shipping!
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on June 20, 2013
I initially posted a bad review for this, or so I thought, but now I can't find it. Anyway, I couldn't get the connection to work and the company was not quick to respond. However, they finally did, with this, and the first part about really jamming the connector in is what worked. I didn't find this info on their website so I'm sharing it here.

First of all, make sure that you press adapter firmly to the phone. You need to apply little pressure to get the secure connection.

Problem: Nothing is appearing on TV
1. MHL adapter requires external power to function. Please connect your device's charger or any standard micro USB charger to micro USB port on
the MHL adapter.
2. Before connecting the MHL adapter to your device, make sure TV input is set to the right input source. Some TV may require switching to different
input first and then back after MHL adapter is connected to your device.
3. When MHL Adapter is connected first time, some devices may need a reboot
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on March 3, 2013
Just received the item. Great product. Works well with my Samsung Note 2. Good quality materials, and fast shipping. Overall, I'm very pleased and would highly recommend.

Make sure you follow the instructions and use the adapter supplied if you have the Note 2. I initially plug it in to the tv and my phone without the additional adapter (since it fits), but it didn't work. YOU HAVE TO USE THE NOTE2 ADAPTER for the tv to recognize it.
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on July 10, 2013
Bought this to connect my Samsung Galaxy S3 to my HD TV and it works fabulously! I had purchased a much cheaper one that went out in like 2 months and the picture would go in and out toward the end. It just goes to show that sometimes you really get what you pay for. Now I can watch Netflix through my phone directly to my TV in HD with no other devices or services. Wonderfulness!!
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on June 21, 2013
Works with my Galaxy S4 but the resolution is a off so it cuts off the edges of the screen when in landscape. In portrait there's just black space on the left and right sides but that's expected. Gets the job done somewhat but it'd be nice if there was a way to adjust resolutions to match.
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on February 10, 2015
Updated review: I originally rated the product with 3 stars. Due to a good faith replacement and strong effort to resolve my concerns, I am raising rating to 4/10. The one star off is due to the mild complexity of necessity to plug in the wires in a specific order for the device to work.

This product is nice for mirroring everything on your phone. I use it for my Galaxy S5 to display pictures and videos. It can be used to stream from the phone too, but I have my BluRay player and Chromecast to take care of that.
- It mirrors the phone well with a clear picture. Phone may need to be turned so that the screen view will be set to landscape view.
- Replacement cable reduced the initial cons I had
- Replacement cord maintained phone power, though didn't fully charge the phone. This is compared with the first cord that allowed the battery to drain
- Skiva customer service. They tried very hard to appease me by a personal phone call, email, and sending me a replacement in good faith.
- You have to plug the cords to the TV and phone in a very specific order or else it won't work.
- Too many/too long cords. I suppose this could be a pro, but when my HDMI and USB ports on the TV are 2 inches apart, I don't need 4 feet of cord hanging around. However, when they sent me the replacement, I left the twist tie on it so it's just a 4 in diameter coil, which isn't bad.

Although this product duplicates the streaming ability of my BluRay player and Chromecast, it really doesn't hurt to have another option in case one of your electronics goes bad- as sometimes happens at bad times. For $10 or so, it's kind of good insurance. Secondly, this product mirrors pictures and videos on my phone as no other product I own is able to do. I like having the option to show my personal videos on the TV without having to do transfers to a thumb drive.
The cost and the impressiveness of Skiva's customer service make this a worthwhile product for me.
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on February 2, 2014
Works fine, but sort of a hassle..You must make sure the MHL converter stays complety still or it WILL flicker, go black, and any other non-connection type stuff. So no figiting with it while its connected.. lay the phone and the converter out horizontily on a FLAT surface and cover the coverter connection with two or three magazines(NOT hard cover books) stacked on top of the coverter to prevent wingle in the converter. This works for me. Read the instructions!! And for S3 users USE ALL THE CABLES..
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on February 12, 2015
I have a Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G by tmobile unlocked using on straight talk gsm. This Skiva MHL works and it works well. I have a 40 inch screen tv and it plays all avi files meaning movies mp4 fine frame rate normal likes its made for tv. The tv is Magnavox.
cables are long. I am running android 4.3 not sure if that matters. I tried a lumia 520 and could not get it to work at all not screen viewing ever worked. There is a connector that lets you plug this into other phones other than my Relay 4g. It has never discconected and it just works fine. I choose stereo instead of surround when the window popped up when I plug in the micro usb. Also when I plugged it in. I think I saw a message that said hdmi connected. This works and works flawless. Only been using two days and it works not sure how long it will work. Also if I leave phone on without a movie playing and if my phone gets an incoming call it shows on the screen of tv. Anything on your screen will show on your tv
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