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on October 18, 2011
I purchased this product because from time to time my wife and I left the garage door open over night. Because of this, I purchased this product to help make it easier to notice from upstairs (being lazy not wanting to come down at night) if we closed the door or not. I bought the long range kit because I had one exterior wall/door to go through. The units are only about 50 feet apart...according to this kit it's good for 800 feet. So I figured 50 feet and one wall/door would be fine. I was wrong. The two units will sync with one another and within a couple of hours, they are no longer synced and the light flashes showing the door is open when it's not. It's very frustrating! A couple of reviews stated their batteries were bad that came with the unit and once they replaced theirs, everything worked properly. I replaced my battery and that did not help one bit. I still have the same issue of it losing signal. Between work and a 10 month old, getting this returned was not a priority, so now I am unable to return it back to fault, not Amazon's. I'll call Skylink to see if they'll fix it under a warranty. I'll keep you all posted. But, as of right now, I would never recommend this to anyone. If I get it replaced and it get's fixed, I'll update this review to keep you all posted.
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on October 31, 2012
We have had 3 motion sensors up and have 2 bases (one upstairs and one downstairs) for over 3 months now. The entire parameter of our home is now motion covered where we are alerted of any outside movement. Thus far, we find the devices to work really well as we have had zero false alarms. The programming of each device is a little odd as I followed the instruction completely however for what-ever reason they do not program on first and sometimes 2nd and even 3rd attempts. Regardless, in my opinion once programmed this offer more than a home alarm system and or cameras as they are more pro-active (before the fact). If you view home robbery videos, you will see that most crooks stand in front of their selected entrance point looking around and checking for an easy entrance and to see if anyone is watching. An alarm, will only alert you once the crook enters or breaks entrance. With these sensors, you have time to grab your weapon, call 911, gather your children, exit the location, turn on lights, yell and scream, or what-ever else you desire to remedy the situation and to protect yourself and your family. As you know most police depts in major metro cities do not respond to home alarms due to the many false alarms.

--- I would truly recommend this item.

*** 7 MONTH UPDATE *** Item still working very well! Would highly recommend this product :-) and have given this a 5 star from 4. The programming was a lil difficult but the product has worked very well. I also have not had to change the batteries on any device at this point.
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on May 9, 2011
The range on this unit is excellent. The separation between sensor and receiver is about 60 feet going thru a garage FULL of junk and 2 rooms and walls, with NO failure. I agree with others that a intermittent "reminder" beep function would have been IDEAL, but there is a "mute" function that works fine. If you have the beep alert "ON", and you "MUTE" the beep, it stops the sound for this instance only, so you do not have to remember to turn the beep back on. We placed the receiver right in front of the TV in the living room, where it is plainly visable and we keep an eye on it to be sure the green light is on (for closed) and NOT the red one (for open). There is also an alarm/siren function, which we use at night. It is loud enough to be heard in the bedroom. The sensor unit attaches to the bottom of the garage door edge (with double sided tape or screws - included) and uses a "plunger" to tell the sending unit whether the door is open or closed. With the door closed, the floor will push the plunger (which hangs down) up into the sender unit and tells the receiver the door is closed. Be aware the sender uses a nickel sized button battery (I'M GUESSING A CR2032 - actually turned out to be a CR2025), and is easily accessable with the sensor mounted. All-in-all, I am happy with this unit.

UPDATE: 07/20/12 ABOUT A WEEK OR SO AGO, THE UNIT STARTED ACTING VERY FLAKEY. IT WOULD SOMETIMES WORK FOR A WHILE AND THEN NOT WORK AT ALL. I replaced the sender unit's coin battery, and it was still flakey. I moved the sensor to the nearer side of the garage door and it was only slightly better. It had been working for about a year wihout any problems. FINAL SOLUTION - I moved the receiving unit from the living room to the garage itself, placing it on the step railing just outsde the door leading to the garage. NOW the range is only about 20 feet between the door sensor and the main unit with NO intervening walls. NOW IT WORKS. For some reason the range seems to have drastically dropped. I verified the new battery was good with a tester. The battery removed tested only slightly weaker than the new one. Luckily the new location still allows the beeping to be heard thru the closed door if you are in the kitchen.
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on July 19, 2012
Got this from Amazon yesterday and got to play with it for a few hours. What I haven't seen written here: this works on Passive Infrared. Google it, there's tons of articles on this.
They detect rapid heat changes so hopefully branches blowing won't set this off. This will NOT work thru a glass window. And a wise criminal can dress to mask his heat signature.
Something I never expected: the remote sensor has a red LED that flashes when it sends an alert to the base. Why would anybody want that? I will see about disabling that soon. I want to camo that remote, not draw attention to it! I will update this soon.
Update: I took the remote apart today, it's very well made. Even has rubber gaskets on the screws for weatherproofing. The flashing red LED is surface mounted next to other devices so desoldering is not an option without specialty tools. I put black tape over the LED to mask the telltale alerts. I also painted the black housing to match my exterior walls. It now blends in very well. Be careful not to get paint on the lens since PIR detectors are very picky about how they sense heat.
When outdoor temps go above 92F the detector becomes blind. It's hard to tell the difference from background heat and body heat. Overall I'm very impressed. The base station has three settings: off, alert and alarm. Off mode flashes the LED for the zone that reported motion. Alert gives a series of beeps for the zone. Alarm produces a loud siren sound that can be heard thruout the house. I've left this in alert mode. It's amazing how fast the dog picked up on this beep much like the door bell. It "hears" prowlers better than he does!
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on October 8, 2012
Tested 3 WA-434RTL kits with 5 additional WA-434TL sensors. I purchased multiple receivers for redundancy, and so I could tell if I had a defective receiver. I kept all the working ones because I didn't find a better wireless monitoring solution, but I found that they are somewhat flaky:

1) Some sensors could not be programmed into any bank of specific receivers after multiple attempts (seemingly certain serial numbers would not talk to one another).
2) If you return a broken sensor, you'll need to erase all sensors and reprogram. Otherwise the LED will blink like crazy (starting about a day later) corresponding to the missing sensor.
3) If you erase all the sensors and try to reprogram, the next time around it's hit or miss. Some sensors that could be programmed before don't work the next time. When this happens, the only recourse is to erase all the sensors again and retry them all from the beginning. I got them all programmed on the 3rd attempt.
4) After all of the sensors are programmed, if one sensor is placed in the water, one or more of the receivers randomly don't detect it (no LED blinks and remains silent). This happens >10% of the time.
5) At other times, when one sensor is placed in water, both receivers chirp and blink once and then stop. When I unplugged the receiver and plugged it back in, then it started working and could pick up the sensor that didn't work previously. Only saw this one time so far.
6) After a sensor is dried off, one or more of the receivers sometimes keeps beeping and blinking indefinitely, like they didn't get the message that the sensor was dry. This happens >10% of the time.

I thought the wireless aspect would be convenient, but the flakiness is too aggravating.

Besides the above problems with erratic operation, a few general comments:
* The wire to the sensor is very rigid, making it somewhat difficult to make the sensor lay flat on the ground.
* The black color stands out quite a bit against a light-colored floor or white baseboard. I would have liked the option to get the long-range sensors in white color (from my understanding, the lower-range white sensors are not compatible).
* Opening the sensor battery compartment is not difficult but requires a thin blade that's about 1/2" wide.
* One of the sensors was shipped separately in a bubble-wrap envelope and didn't work despite no apparent physical damage. To me this means that the sensors could possibly be damaged if they are dropped, which may be expected for any radio device.
* There are two jumpers inside the sensor transmitter that have an undocumented function. If anyone knows what they do, please comment.
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on November 29, 2011
After purchasing this product, I was amazed by the range out of the box. However, I still needed to add an additional antenna from Radio Shack as previously mentioned by others to reach my bedroom in the back of my house (pretty easy to do, actually). I purchased this product because I wanted to catch would-be thieves in the act, since I've been burglarized 4 times within the past 3 yrs. I actually bought two of them, since it was cheaper than just buying another sensor and have an extra receiver if I ever need it. I once ordered a spot light camera product that actually recorded the thieves in the act, but the cops couldn't do anything with it since it didn't show a license plate. I'm not going to depend on our law enforcement, or lack of, to protect my property anymore. Let some punk thief try to break into my cars again. I've got this receiver on my night stand right next to my Springfield XD .40 loaded with hollow points...
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on March 28, 2011
RJPStockton said it well. for the price you pay, this thing works absurdly well. walls are no problem either. im transmitting 200feet through 4 walls, 1 of them brick & a furnace with the base antenna balled up & taped to the back with a used smoke detector battery in the sensor. no false alarms so far either. I feel sorry for the next thief messing around in the garage in the middle of the night.
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on January 7, 2012
It's only been a day, so I will update this review if I run into problems or reliability issues. If you don't see an update, it's because the sensor (and the related receiver) continue to work as expected.

After a couple instances of a side gate in our backyard being left open (either because a member of the family opened it and forgot to close it [never ever me, of course!] or because of a utility person or neighbor kid opening it) I decided I wanted put a stop to it. I have dogs and am looking to adopt a greyhound and do not want to risk a dog escaping due to a gate that's open (and can't be viewed from the house). So, the first solution to come to mind was to simply lock the gate. I wasn't comfortable with this idea, though, because in the event of an emergency it could be challenging to get out of the backyard, also it sounds like kind of a pain (and still, if a member of the family [never ever me!] would open the lock and the gate, there's still no guarantee that they would remember to close and lock it again). This brought me to the idea of a sensor w/ an indicator of some sort that could, at a glance, tell me whether the gate was open or closed.

I looked for a prefab solution for gate monitoring and surprisingly enough, no one markets a system for exterior gates (unless it is part of a pool security system). So, I started looking at full DIY security/alarm systems. Many of these seemed to be able to work, but honestly was far more complex and expensive for my simple need. I finally stumbled onto the skylink monitor system and thought I would give it a shot. I bought this door sensor for my gate and also bought the garage door monitor. Both were programmed and installed in less than 10 minutes.

Both sensors work as advertised and I have the monitor station set up next to my livingroom TV (which is also viewable from the patio slider door) so whether I am watching evening TV or about to let a dog out into the yard, I can see whether the gate or the garage door is open via LED indicators. I currently have the audio turned off, but you can also configure the unit to either beep or SCREAM an alarm (it will deafen you if you are in the same room) upon the garage door or gate opening.

My home is newer construction and the sensors are each approx. 50' from the receiver, with 1-3 walls in between. I have not noticed any issues so far with signal reception.

So far I am very pleased with this simple, inexpensive, and functional solution.

EDIT 1/30/13: 1 Year later, the sensor is still working as desired. Haven't even had to change a battery yet. Great purchase.

EDIT 11/24/2013: Nearly 2 years from purchase I had to replace the battery. Sensor still works great, which is more than I expected having it installed on an outdoor gate not protected or sheltered from the elements in any way.
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on February 13, 2015
I will give it a 2 because it works at 40 feet. My garage to my apartment is about 120'; no joy. The unit advertises 800', but this is patently false. The photo is from outside my breakfast area window pointing at my garage.

The door sensor is VERY cheap plastic - if you get rainwater under your garage door, you would plan on putting some kind of wood block on the floor on the inside of the door and mount the sensor higher.

review image
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on November 27, 2012
I am not sure what happened. It seemed to work fine the first few days. One weekend I went to place it on mute and it has never come back on.
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