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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 29, 2015
This Sleep Innovations Contour Pillow is not as dense or heavy as most memory foam pillows on the market, but in my experience it still promotes proper sleeping posture. The pillow utilizes "open cell" memory foam that allows for better air circulation throughout the pillow, which keeps it from heating up as much as denser memory foam. Another feature of the pillow is that it has two raised edges of varying height, which provides options for people of different sizes and sleeping styles.

When I made this purchase, my biggest concern was that it would be too soft. As a side sleeper who frequently switches sides throughout the night, I require a memory foam pillow that is firm, supportive and consistent. But this Sleep Innovations pillow works great. My head never sinks too far down into the pillow, so there's always enough space between my head and my shoulder to keep my neck free of stiffness and soreness. Indeed, this pillow has just the right amount of "give."

I spent some time setting up a demonstration to show everybody what I'm trying to describe. The average human head weighs roughly 10 pounds. So I gathered several books that stacked together weigh 9.4 pounds -- I weighed them on a scale -- and placed them on the pillow in various positions to mimic a sleepy head. Some people might look at the pictures and come to the conclusion that it's exactly what they're looking for. Others, however, may come to the opposite conclusion. Either way, I hope this helps.
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VINE VOICEon July 4, 2010
UPDATE 2013:

So after 3 years I had to toss away my beloved pillow. My toddler sleeps on it so I has to equip it with a breathable pillow cover than a spill proof one. He eventually threw up on it when he was sick and it went through the three pillow covers (the outer pillow cover, the inner breathable cover, and the pillow liner supplied by the manufacturer. That's one of the cons of having a foam pillow as it isn't washable. I had to toss and switch to a regular washable pillow for now. When he gets older, we can switch back to memory foam pillows.

So if you do buy a foam pillow of any kind, make sure to purchase a spill proof inner cover. If you do have a baby, don't use those kinds of specialty covers as it may restrict breathing.


There are too many shady memory foam products in the market that you just have to question the quality. Well, with Sleep Innovations penetrating the scene, I'm glad there is a true competitor that will give Tempur Pedic a run for it's money.

I've purchased a Tempur Pedic pillow and it does speak of quality in terms of material and manufacturing. The memory foam at that time was very dense and therefore heavy than any pillow you've seen. This was thought to equate to quality.

Fast forward to 2010 and people realised the dense foam didn't promote air flow and equated to a very warm product. So the trend this time is an "open cell" memory foam that had the ability to let air flow within the foam and create a cooler sleeping environment.

I like the feel of this Sleep Innovations Contour Pillow. It's not as dense or heavy as the Tempur Pedic variety which is now old school, and it definitely does the job of promoting good sleeping posture all at a fraction of the cost.


The pillow is wrapped in a plastic bag which when you open will release an odour that some people may find too "chemical" smelling. Just leave it to aerate for 24 hours if it bothers you. I didn't mind the smell and was able to use it from day 1 of purchasing it.


1. I like the concept of having two raised edges with different heights to suite different sleeping styles. Use any side that closely matches the height to softly cradle your neck.

I find it perfect to use the higher raised edge when sleeping on my side (due to the distance of your shoulder to your neck). Then if I feel like sleeping on my back I just turn it around to use the lower raised side. Of course, all this is a matter of body structure so your mileage will definitely vary.

2. The manufacturer claims that their memory foam is naturally hypo-allergenic and resistant to dust mites. Time will tell from fellow reviewers if this claim holds true.

3. Open Cell technology rather than the old school dense memory foam. This makes for a lighter and cooler sleeping product.

4. What's great is the fact that this is made in the USA which is rare these days. I appreciate this because I know there is accountability in the manufacturing process where the use of unapproved materials or manufacturing process has frequently come into question.


If you've never tried a contour pillow before, price and quality for this pillow will give you more than enough reasons to make the switch.
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on August 20, 2011
I bought one of these memory foam pillows on 8/11/11 to try out. It was nice and comfortable so I decided to buy two more on 8/18/11. During this time there was a price reduction of about $10.00. The two pillows I received on the later order felt as though the foam wasn't as sturdy and didn't support as well. When I squeezed the pillows they deformed more and went back to their original shape faster than the pillow I bought earlier. I then weighed the first pillow (2 and 3/16 pounds) against the new pillow (1 and 13/16 pounds). The new pillow's foam is 17.15% less dense than the original pillow I received.


UPDATE 5/27/13. Not even two years later and the two lighter weight pillows have no support anymore and need to be replaced.
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on August 19, 2015
• Biggest Size/Dimension in segment: On Amazon itself you can find some other pillows in almost the same price and probably same foam density too but this one have the biggest dimensions in this price range for standard size.
• Foam density: Most of the pillows that you will find in this price range will probably have 1 Lb of foam density while this one have 3 Lb - So your head will not plunge/submerge in it.
• Thickness: I personally like thin pillows and a thick pillow gives me neck pain. I thought since its a foam pillow and my head will anyway plunge in it so this will probably be fine for me but I was wrong.
• Myth that contour pillow avoid snoring: I read somewhere that a contour pillow will help you avoid snoring, so I chose this one over the regular pillows and spent more money but I was wrong and I still snore :p
• Other options: I found similar pillows in Walmart and Target for nearly about $21-25 but they have less foam density. Key to a good memory foam pillow is its foam density which is more in this product.
• Conclusion: Its a nice and good quality contour pillow indeed. But If you like your head to plunge in the pillow or probably if you like a thin pillow then you should probably choose one with 1 Lb foam density over this but otherwise from quality point this one is better. However after use, I personally would prefer the regular memory foam pillow over a contour.

PS: If this review was helpful to you in anyway then please vote "Yes/Helpful"
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on September 3, 2015

This is not a "Sleep Innovations" pillow. It is a poorly produced "Innocor Comfort" look-a-like. I included a picture comparing the Sleep Innovations pillow I currently own, to the Innocor Comfort pillow I am sending back. If if was a decent pillow I would not make a big deal out of it, but the impostor pillow is just no good. 0/10 - would not buy again.
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on October 20, 2014
SMELLS SO BAD FOR SO LONG!!! ALMOST NOT WORTH IT. It's been a loooong time now and it still stinks.

Update: I just bought two more for gifts in 2015 and the new ones are so squishy it's ridiculous. The smell ended up going away on my older one and I use it all the time... So I bought one for my husband and for my friend for Christmas and they are like two different pillows compared to my older one. The new ones they sent me aren't even the same brand!! See the photos.. The one on the right is the pillow that I ordered from Amazon two years ago and the one on the left is the new one I got. The quality just isn't there. Truly unfortunate. I'm going to have to return which is such a pain.
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on July 8, 2010
I bought this pillow at Costco roughly 5 years ago and even till now I'm still using it. It's my favorite pillow of all time! The main reason I like the Sleep Innovations contour brand is because it is still firm after all these years, keeping its memory shape. The pillow cover is pretty soft and good quality fabric too. Only thing is one of the zippers broke after about a year of washing.

Update (11/23/2010):
I bought another one @ Costco roughly 3 weeks ago and decided to see if it's the same quality as the one I used for 1/2 a decade. One thing I noticed right away was the pillow fabric that came w/ this pillow; it's very bad..I think it's like 150-200 thread count...very rough. Well this is fixable; I bought some nice 400-thread pillow covers to go over this and it works great.

The firmness is still great! The size is the same as well. It does have a slight smell (nothing too strong) to the pillow, but it goes away after a couple of days.

Something to add to this is if you've never had a contour pillow before, you may need a little time to get use to it. It's not that it's uncomfortable, but it's the shape of the pillow. Ideal when sleeping on your side because of the firmness (and the shape), your shoulders and neck doesn't feel like it's getting pressure from your head.
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on January 17, 2015
First of all I didn't buy this product on Amazon. Yet here I am taking precious time and writing a review on Amazon. THAT's how satisfied I am with this product. My pros and cons about this pillow will be mixed in with my commentary. That is how I talk therefore that is how I write. Please feel free to disregard the review if you dislike such things ;-)

For the past couple weeks I've been waking up with severe neck pain. Originally I thought it was a buy-product of the chikungunya virus I had contracted and gotten over not long ago. Now I know it was probably poor neck support as a result of using a crappy pillow. Anyway I was passing through Pricesmart last night and happened to see this product on the shelves. I debated a bit after freezing at the price (a "normal" pillow is a fraction of the cost and we simply DO NOT spend that kind of money on a pillow in Trinidad... In these economic times? ... No.). I figured you know what? Why not? I was considering going to a chiropractor anyway, which would cost me at least twice that and for only one visit. So I bought it.

Saw the warning on the bag about the smell and that I should let it "air out" for 2 days... HUH?! What you tellin me bout smell and air out? Baby doll I was in pain. I was ready to febreeze that ish and snuggle up- what is a "smell"? Out of the box though, mine had no discernible odor. Could be a result of being on the shelves in open air rather than in a warehouse? Not sure.

Got home around midnight. Slept. Woke up.

YES! YES LORT!. I have never felt so rested in my life. I got up at 6:26 am on a Saturday.... a SATURDAY people. NO neck pain. ZERO. No back pain, which I have suffered from since... well always, since I have scholiosis. Usually I am the first to roll over and go back to sleep on a morning, but I am now wide awake and I HAD to testify today. This pillow is the TRUTH! I need to find the man... woman... machine... dog? That created this and thank them in person. I don't care if it lasts a month to be honest. If it means remaining pain free- Imma buy another one. I'm almost ready to run to Pricesmart to buy a backup.... Yes I'm serious... Yes it's only been one night... Yes... Yaaaaaaaasss

It's extremely comfortable. Huge, but comfortable. I use the smaller side. Also, I sleep on both my back and my side, as the mood hits. I did both last night- started on my back and at some point got up and slept on my side... Then at another point switched sides. That's normal for me and was not a result of this purchase. What was a result of this purchase was that I had NO pain. Yes, I'm repeating it. It's amazing to me and therefore bears repeating. Did I mention I woke up with NO pain? I didn't? This morning I woke up with NO pain can you believe it?

Just a couple things, I removed my old pillow from its pillow case (sorry son, but today today you burnin') and I put the Sleep Innovations one in that. I don't know what possessed these people to make a WHITE pillow. Hello. Excuse me. Dirt dust and grime are dirty, dusty and grimy. White is literally the hardest colour to keep clean. Get smart. Offer a black/dark coloured cover. Please and thank you.

Also, I need travel size, as I will now be taking this baby with me everywhere I go. The width and thickness are perfect- for me at least. If they offered a "mini" about half the length but at the same thickness, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

I highly recommend this product. The price actually was not bad atall when you consider the benefits- I'm just not accustomed to spending it on a pillow. Now, do these people make back support pillows? You know, for daytime?
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on December 26, 2013
Like many others, I first became acquainted with the Sleep Innovations Memory Foam pillow when they were being sold at Costco several years ago. I love that pillow. It's excellent. It's heavy, dense, not too soft and not too firm and provides excellent memory foam support. I don't know what this awful product being sold now is, but I can tell you after buying two, and quickly returning them both, this is not the same thing I got at Costco years ago. This feels like the cheap, made-in-China knockoff version of my original Sleep Innovations pillow. Seriously. It weighs about 1/3 as much as the original pillows, and feels more like styrofoam than memory foam. The crazy light weight makes it feel super cheap, but that would not be a huge issue if the pillow was comfortable--unfortunately it's not. And I really don't think this is an opinion issue here, it's more of a fact. Unless memory foam is now suppose to feel like hard cardboard, there's something funny going on with these pillows. When you lay on it, there is no give at all. The whole point of memory foam is to contour around the shape of your body, this pillow just stays stiff. At first I thought maybe it was just cold. Cold memory foam is very stiff but when it warms up to normal temperatures it starts to have some give again. This pillow never warms up--at any temperature. I tried to sleep on it for two nights, the first night I suffered through hoping it would get better--it didn't, the second night I finally threw it on the floor and reached for my old Sleep Innovations memory foam pillow. The next day I started the return process. Frustrating. I would have expected as much had I tried a different brand of pillow, but I thought I'd be safe sticking with the same brand product. My mistake.

Clearly these guys changed their manufacturing specs. If you read through the reviews on Amazon all of the positive reviews are from several years ago, and all of the recent reviews are horrible. I should have ready more carefully to figure that out. Regardless, whatever they changed, maybe they are saving a bunch of money by making them super light and super stiff, but it's not the same product it was, it doesn't feel like memory foam at all, and I can almost guarantee that unless you're looking for a block of styrofoam to sleep on, you won't like this new version of their pillow.
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on January 19, 2010
We have tried a number of memory foam pillows over the years. Comfort Impressions Memory Foam Contour Pillow w/Velour Cover is one of the best out there. It has just the right density - not too mushy or too firm.
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