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Size: QueenChange
Price:$449.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on February 25, 2011
The background: My wife and I bought our first king size bed in April 2005. Three years later the thing was already sagging down the middle. We lived with it for a year and then finally made a warranty claim. The company stripped the bed down to the springs and rebuilt a new mattress. It lasted 8 months before terrible again.

So I read Consumer Reports and lo and behold, besides the fact that it states that mattresses are the number one inquired about review next to cars, they don't actually rate any mattresses. I guess it is b/c the companies give each store their own model so it is impossible to compare. Consumer Reports did, however, give satisfaction survey numbers on the different manufacturers. It was amazing. All but one were 50% or lower (the question, I believe, was would you buy another mattress of this brand). Most were much lower than 50% (Serta was 35%). I mean WOW. It is disheartening to think that the vast majority of people are unhappy with their beds. And yes, this includes those Sleep Number, outrageously priced people (I can buy an inflatable queen mattress at Wal-Mart for $15. Why does putting a case around it make it worth $3,000?)

Well, the ONE COMPANY that had higher than 50% was Tempur Pedic (around 60%, not great, but better than the rest). Problem is, even though I could afford it, there is no way I am paying $3,300 for a 12" king size mattress. My first thought is, "China makes everything for 1/100th of the cost", so I started Googling memory foam mattresses. To my pleasant surprise the good ol' USA came through with Sleep Innovations.

I read all, and I mean all the reviews. I initially thought the Amazon Vine reviews (which are a lot) were bogus, purposely placed customer reviews. I have since learned (from a negative comment) that just means the company gave a bunch of free beds to get Amazon Vine reviews. But even discounting the Vines' reviews, you could see that nearly all people were happy with it. I was still concerned though because I read horror stories from customer reviews on another off-brand memory mattress at Amazon. Stuff like the corners not ever flattening out and the company saying it could only be returned in the original box (which is absolutely impossible - the thing is vacuum sealed in there).

So I called the company. I am expecting terrible service and it was the complete opposite. I got someone right away. A very nice, non-outsourced woman said that the company had been in business for 12 years; yes I could return the mattress within the 20 year warranty and no I would not have to use the same box (which when I asked that question, she stated flatly, "that would be impossible").

The product: I took the dive and bought it. The real test is how it will feel in 5 years, but I can't fast forward five years to give you a final verdict. And to that end, I figured I could get six of these for the price of a Tempur Pedic. But I can say that two weeks into it and I love this bed. A couple bullet points:

1. No problem with the hotness issue you read about, but it is not summer. I figure worst case scenario, I will add an egg crate on top to have some separation from my body and the foam mattress if I have a heat issue. I should note that we had an 80 degree day recently and I had no heat issues that night.

UPDATE: Have had 99 degree weather days and no problems (of course we use the A/C (keep it on 78), but I thought I should add that).

2. Foam smell went away. Again, if it hadn't, I would have bought an egg crate so my nose wasn't right on it.

3. It is a firm mattress. You would never believe it if you sat on the side but when your whole body is stretched out, it is firm. It is a good firm though. I always thought I was a soft mattress guy, but after sleeping 4 years on a pillow top and a bad back to show it, I am making the switch. I figured if I needed it softer, I could buy an egg crate (see a pattern here?).

4. DO NOT TAKE OFF THE WHITE COTTON COVER. This is apparently the equivalent of the do not remove for penalty of jail tag. If you read the brochure that comes with the mattress it tells you that the warranty is void if you do that. So put some other cover over that if you must.

5. My wife has a memory foam pillow and it contours big time to your head and if you move your head, it is like you are squishing down Mount Everest again. This mattress is not like that. Very mild contouring which I think is a real plus.

6. As other reviews say, it is heavy as Hades. I got it upstairs with me pushing it up with my back and my wife getting it over each stair hump. I would NOT recommend this if you have a bad back, etc. Get a couple guys to do it.

Anyway it is late, I am tired, and I have a fantastic bed to go sleep in.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we have had numerous 100+ degree weather days here in Georgia. Fortunately, however, I have not had any problems with feeling hot because of the bed.
UPDATE: Year later, no sagging, still very happy.
UPDATE: Two years later, no sagging, still very happy.
UPDATE: Three years later, no sagging, still very happy.
UPDATE: Well after four years, we noticed the memory foam top 2.5 inches was much softer than when we bought it. I guess it is to be expected, but we want a very firm mattress. Best option is flipping over and putting your own new memory foam topper on. That will make this a 14" tall mattress, which makes me think maybe it would have been better to start with the 10" model.

So I pulled the warranty card and got a new mattress. But I hesitate in saying anyone could do the same. According to the website, you have to have a 1.5" permanent indention to meet warranty requirements (by way of contrast, the exorbitantly priced TempurPedic only requires a .75" permanent indention). I mentioned to the customer service rep that I have loved the bed and in fact authored this review. I cannot say whether that made a difference which is why I hesitate in saying anyone could do the same.

Note, however, that the couple I gave my 4 y/o bed to LOVES the bed and has no problem with it. As I said, I think it would be perfectly fine for anyone who does not a firm top.
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on January 30, 2013
First of all I added about 5 customer images, which when I was originally looking to purchase this, was something that I desperately wanted to see. So check that out if your interested or message me and I can send you the pics and video that I took. Now on to the review.

I am going to start with the Cons of this mattress and then I will discuss the things that I like. I have been sleeping on this mattress for 2 weeks exactly.

This mattress is pretty firm. You are not going to feel like you are laying on a marshmallow when you sleep on this mattress. That I can assure you of. To tell you the truth, I don't think that I have actually ever felt like this was really contouring to my body. I believe it does (to a degree) but you really don't feel it. It's a little deceiving to tell you the truth. When I first got it, and laid down on it for the first time (without sheets and blankets on it) I felt like I was sinking in but that was short lived. So if you are hoping for the most plush soft mattress in the world, keep on looking.

Now for the Good. The shipping was amazing. With PRIME i got it in 1 day for $3.99 shipping. It was a birthday gift to myself. It came in a very sturdy box and was packaged very nice. Once out of the box, I threw it on my box spring (Yes Sleep Innovations says you can use a box spring)and carefully split the plastic that holds it together. It expanded really quick, and within 30 minutes, I had a usable mattress. There were some indentations and a little unevenness, but that all went away by the following morning.

The smell was minor, didn't bother me in the slightest bit. I still smell it every once in a while when I walk in the bedroom, but it's minor. I read reviews where they claimed that the mattress didn't expand correctly or wouldn't lay flat, I did not have this issue. It's a full queen size mattress with a solid 12 inch side.

I am sleeping much better than before. My other mattress was pretty worn out so I assumed that I would. I also purchased a memory foam contour pillow. I believe it is a perfect match with this mattress. I did wake up one morning with my back hurting, but it only happened once.

All in all, I believe for $428.00 that you are getting a good deal. At this price point, this purchase is a no brainer! The most attractive selling point about the SI Memory Foam bed, is the fact that it is manufactured in the USA! Who want's to sleep on a China made bed? I am not a mattress expert, but it looks like a good mattress. I believe the workmanship on this mattress to be exceptional.

Anyhow hope this helps, and Enjoy!

review image review image review image review image review image
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on December 12, 2011
I'm not a big Amazon reviewer, but I spent so much time reading mattress reviews before I bought the Sleep Innovations 12" Queen mattress that I felt I should contribute to the discussion as there seems to be a disproportionate number of wholly positive reviews on here. I am trying, hope against hope, to fall in love with this mattress, but it's hard. It's hard as in difficult and it's hard as in I have nicknamed the mattress "The Marble Slab" because this thing is more a morgue table than it is a bed.

I had the same, crapsterella, full-size, basic spring mattress from Serta for 16 years. That's way too long to keep a bed. I know this. I purchased a $200 mattress topper from Bed, Bath & Beyond in order to "extend the life of it" (really, it should have been put out of its misery a decade ago). The topper did make the bed heavenly soft, but I also found myself sleeping at the bottom of a crevasse and having to claw my way out--the topper had no support. I threw my back out after a lifetime of not a single backache (It can happen to you! Stretch! I'm young and active and one day it just went and oh my goodness). Climbing out of the mattress topper was horrible for my back and I decided it was time to buy a new bed. Since I hadn't bought a bed since the Clinton administration, I was delighted to find bed technology had made some technological strides for the better. I had stayed at a friend's home for a month and never slept better; he informed me that his bed was "one of those memory foam ones" and I went on my quest. I went to a midtown NYC Sleepy's and risked catching a social disease lying on their filthy Tempurpedics and latex/foam combos and foam/spring melanges and determined that yes I loved the foam and no I could not pay $2000+ for a new mattress. I turned to Amazon and the overwhelming number of great reviews for Sleep Innovations finally got me (I also explored Bobopedic, Angel Beds, etc.). I had the thing delivered to my NYC apartment.

As others have said a million times, the box is small, the thing weighs about 100 lbs., there is no way on earth you are going to get this upstairs if you are a weak-limbed girl with a back problem. My gym-buffed 6'3" friend pushed it up the one flight with difficulty. Unpacking it was a breeze, there was really no smell, I was psyched to have invested in perhaps the World's Most Praised Mattress. Onward to sleeping.

If you've been sleeping on a busted old mattress with a busted old boxspring and a ridiculous memory foam topper that only makes things worse, things are looking up when you first lie on the Sleep Innovations mattress. It's flat. It's firm.

-You are not going to roll around a lot. Which is a good thing, because you do sleep more soundly. So soundly you are going to maybe wake up in a little pool of your own drool because you haven't moved a muscle.

-It's firm. If you need back support, which I do, you aren't going to worry that you're sleeping on too soft a pillow-top or you're doing bad things for your spine. This thing is supportive.

-It's high. I like a high bed. I have it on a boxspring (that weird one people say to get on here that you put together yourself is really a decent boxspring, I've clearly been listening to Amazon reviews) and so it's about 20" high from the ground with a bed frame. This is good for getting up with your bad back, as there are no springs to launch you out of bed.

-You can sit on the edge and put your shoes on. I've heard there are foam mattresses that have no edge support. With a mattress this hard, that's no problem.

-There are occasional nights of good, maybe great, sleep. You will go to your brother's house and sleep on a normal mattress, one you have slept on for years and used to think was a little hard, and think "This is too soft! Beds are not supposed to be this soft and springy, this is not good for my back." You are probably right, but it's a matter of degrees.

OK, listen to me. I'm a picky sleeper, but not that picky. As in I sleep well in most hotel beds that pride themselves on comfort (W, Westin, etc.). I like a firm bed. I also thought, before I got this mattress, that I slept cold.

-Listen to the people who say this mattress is hard. They are not kidding. They may be a tiny chorus that you're ignoring, as I did, needing to believe that this mattress is amazing and those people were a freakish minority, since every other review says this mattress is just right. I've given it time to get used to, and I am still kind of shocked each night at how hard this thing is. There is no burrowing down into your bed. There is no "oh my god my bed is so comfortable and cozy". There's a lot of "what the hell, I might as well be sleeping on the wood floor".

-You won't toss and turn, it's true, but if you TRY to turn, good luck. You can't roll around on this mattress. If you need to roll over, you're going to have to push yourself up on your arm and physically flip yourself over. There's no give. There's no help from the mattress to roll over. If you like to turn to get to the cool side of the pillow, you're better off turning the pillow. Or getting over your need to get to the cool side, because there is no such thing as a cool side in this bed. Which brings me to...

-I am not menopausal, but I believe I have now experienced the discomfiting experience of hot flashes, thanks to the blazing oven that is the Sleep Innovations mattress. Imagine a pizza stone in a wood-burning oven. You are the pizza. HOT! Hot bed! I turn the heat off and still roast away in this bed. I did research to find what on earth was going on since, as mentioned earlier, I tend to be cold when I sleep. I read that a wool mattress cover is going to turn down the heat on a hot foam mattress. Not true. It does give a scratchy, horsehair sort of feel to the bed, which is not pleasant, but it's not cooling it down. People say to get the memory foam topper, but I'm a little wary of the Amazon reviewers on here now, because I feel they've led me astray once before. Listen to me. This bed is warm. I'm a normal person and I'm sleeping in a drafty New York apartment in December with a summer quilt and it's too much blanket. Farewell, down duvet. I won't be needing you now that I've got a flaming mattress. How can we sleep while our beds are burning indeed.

I am really trying to fall in love with this mattress. I so want it to be everything amazing that everyone else says on here. Anyone who lies on my bed or sleeps in it is shocked at how hard it is. I've heard a lot of "I could never sleep on that" and "That is not comfortable" and I feebly cry that it is great (the power of positive protesting!) and great for my back (less pain, but the bar was looow) and really quite a bargain (the price tag is amazing, I'll admit it, but there needs to be a happy medium).

I had given the bed 3 stars, as I do sleep okay sometimes, but then changed it to two after I realized I don't have many good things to say about it. I think I like my bedframe (the Crate & Barrel Scholar Bed) and the fact that it's a queen more than I like anything about the mattress. I really want to be clear that this is a troublesome bed for this not-too-picky sleeper and encourage you to think twice before ignoring the critical reviews of the Sleep Innovations 12-inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress - Queen Size.
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on July 17, 2013
I don't review much (almost never) on Amazon or any other site, but I am reviewing this mattress not because its worst mattress in the world, but because the positive reviews on here were SO OVERWHELMING that even when I read articulate critical reviews that pointed out flaws in the mattress, I disregarded them. I disregarded them for several reasons: One, I am not a picky guy or a light sleeper. I am the guy who can sleep anywhere. I have been couch surfing for months because I just moved back the United States from India for 2.5 years (yes India home of 125 degree summers) and I was deciding where I wanted to live when I move back. When I was in India I slept on the floor with 1.5" pads, on trains, in cars,in sleeper buses and did fine. So I assumed any mattress would be fine, but I wanted to try memory foam and had tested some mattress in stores which were A LOT more money than this one. Two, There are SO MANY positive review how can I go wrong? I did go wrong.

The Pros-
the Delivery was timely,
The smell was not that bad. It was there for about a day, but frankly I didn't think it was that bad. I slept on it the first night by the 3rd night- there was no trace of the smell.
It unfolded very quickly and easily on the bed. I had the zipper side down (which is the correct way) and it morphed from a double folded "M" to a full queen mattress before my eyes. It was done . I set it up myself and required no additional help from anyone to position it correctly

The Cons-
HOT. This is warm bed (insert understatement here). People talk about "I sleep warm" or "I sleep cold", as for me..."I just sleep." I always thought of myself as a very adaptive sleeper. I can sleep in warm environments or cold. So I ignored the review of people complaining about the temperature. This bed is a warm one guys. I sleep alone on a queen bed and its hot with a sheet. I use to use a Mexican blanket but I stopped that because of the heat and now I just use a sheet- And its still hot. I can't imagine sleeping with another person on it which would potentially make it hotter.

HARD. I gotta tell you guys this is deceptive. Some people talk about feeling like they were laying on a slab of rock. Honestly I didn't feel like that. I mean there is "give" to the bed. But past the "give" there is a firmness that my muscles feel that my hands did not. I have woken up in the middle of the night in pain in my hips, back, and shoulders from the firmness. I sometimes like to use my computer in my bed and with mattress I cant because its makes my muscles too sore. I will say I don't wake up EVERY DAY with sore muscles, but often enough that I know my body does not like it.

In conclusion-
I just want to say I am glad there are apparently so many people who love this bed, but I am not one of them. As I said it's not the WORST bed, it's just I thought it was going to be great - and its not great. Its not even in the same Zip code of great. It's below average. I am writing this review in hopes that it gives people pause before they buy this and to maybe be SLIGHTLY less gullible (like I was) to the vast majority of positive reviews. I will definitely be a more scrutinizing review reader after this experience. I will probably do what so many have recommended and get a mattress topper, which means I will need new sheets since my current sheets won't be able to accommodate a 12" mattress and 2 or 3" topper. (sigh) crap. Shopping sucks.
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on February 25, 2015
Yes, it's firm. If you jump on it in a cool room you will shatter your spine. If your room is warm or if you lie down on it for like 30 seconds it warms right up and hugs you all night long. It's not too hot - I'm usually a very hot sleeper, and I've found a nice balance by sleeping under a thin fleece blanket with a comforter on top and pointing a fan at me. Really I should be reviewing the fan, cause that thing is unbelievable. Timer options, multiple speeds, and a remote control, plus it was a free gift from my neighbor!

Lots of these mattresses get complaints about their odor - this one definitely had a scent to it, but it wasn't unpleasant or strong at all and was gone after a few days. Just get a little ventilation, maybe a nice fan or something, and it goes away quickly. Don't worry about those Dyson airfoil whatever fans though, "buffeting" isn't real.

My roommate has back problems and likes to lie down on this bed, so I had to get a lock for my bedroom door. Pretty good quality keyed doorknobs from Big Lots I think, they were around $12. But he seemed to enjoy the bed when I let him lie down on it a few times.

The package is heavy, but that's because it's a 100lb bed and not a box of newspaper shavings. If you want hamster bedding go to PetSmart, or a sawmill. If you want a bed, get this bed. Hot damn, what a great bed. Also it looks really funny when you open it and let it stretch out, kind of like a couch. Absolutely no visible creases or funny spots where you'd get stuck or anything like that.

I went upstairs to snap a picture of the bed in it's current state and my roommate ran up with me so he could lie down on it, he said it's softened up a lot since he last felt it. We're both laughing really hard right now because he didn't know I was writing this so I read it to him. Pictures below include the fan (Lasko, I don't know the model but it is strong enough to deter dragons, low setting is like a careless whisper from a deity. You know the gust of wind that blows the protagonist's hair about in just such a way? Perfect.)

I haven't shared the bed with anyone yet, but my friend who recommended it to me says it's fine heat-wise. Haven't banged on it yet either but he assures me that has no issues either. I probably wont post an update to that part because it's none of your business. But it's a bed, so what could really go wrong?

10/10, would buy this bed again to stack it on top of my already awesome bed. The fan also has an adjustable height, so I think it would still work up there.

Pictures: Opening the mattress, unwrapping it, roommate making precious bed memories.

UPDATE: 7/29/15 Bed still rocks! No issues whatsoever. I plan on rotating it in a few months because I only sleep on one side of it (rotate, not flip). The only issue so far is that my washing machine destroyed my amazing black sheets. Ripped a hole clean in the middle. I sleep next to this hole and look at it with disdain. Oh, and the bed is great for sharing, except you will definitely need a fan. The fan is doing great, too. I keep it right next to me, pointing straight at my face. Really I should move it into the bed with me. Truly a great machine.
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on January 10, 2011
I have waited a month to do this review to be as accurate as possible on this purchase. We researched this purchase extensively before deciding to purchase prior to the holidays. We previously had a Simmons Euro top ultra plush king that only lasted 5 years before it started to become uncomfortable and bother my back. We went to numerous stores to lay on Tempur pedic mattresses and other brands. We could not justify spending $3000 on a mattress that we might not like. It seemed like people either loved or hated these memory foam products.
We were a bit apprehensive about purchasing online but the reviews of this product were mostly positive. At a third of the price i figured we couldn't go wrong. We did look at other companies but there were some concerns about the foam being used and where the products were being made. sleep innovations website was good and revlieved any fears on the foam etc.

We had free shipping but it did take close to 4 weeks to get the product which was a little surprising. It comes in a VERY small box that required two people to lift but it could easily be pushed. We opened it up on the foundation as diagramed in the instructions. It was quite cold but it still flattened out within about 2 hours. I have a sensitive nose and my wife even moreso and we noticed essentially NO smell which we were prepared for based on other reviews. We waited 2 days to sleep on it.

Here is where we found the difference between the Tempur Pedic product and the SI mattress. I found the mattress to be quite hard and honestly rather uncomfortable for the first 2 weeks. The "sink" in feeling of the TP beds just wasnt there. My wife was starting to get frusterated with it so we purchased a Down "topper" cover to go over it and PERFECT.... It is now much more comfortable and we are both sleeping better.

We are not big people but it seemed like we bottomed out the memory foam and were sleeping more on the hard foam product. In any event, now I feel like we have a good bed that is comfortable and will hopefully last at still a third of the price of a Tempur pedic.....But had to add the Topper to get the desired comfort we wanted...
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on March 13, 2013
Hello all, I work as a researcher with one of the top nano-particle experts in the world.

If anyone is complaining about this mattress being way too firm, it might have been because they did not give it time to warm up.

Wonder why they say don't sleep on it for 24 - 48 hours? It's because the polymers that make up this mattress are effected by temperature. It needs a lot of time to heat up to room temp as it's expanding. If constant force (i.e. your body on the mattress) is applied to the mattress before it has time to heat up to room temperature (fully inside and out), the mattress is going stay in a compressed form as it heats up and and hold that form forever. It will render you a very stiff investment.

Also, DO NOT GET WATER ON THIS PRODUCT. Water will break down the polymers inside the mattress and thus deteriorate it's ability to support. Not only that, it's EXTREMELY hard for the water to evaporate so in most cases, it will stay in the mattress. This means that sweat will effect the bed.

Make sure that you purchase a liquid proof cover.
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on November 3, 2012
This could be the starting point of a nightmare for you so be aware. This all started about three weeks ago when I ordered a queen size. I unpackaged the item and left it on the hardwood floor for 4 days and it would not lay flat. So we then placed in on the box springs and tried to sleep on it a couple of nights to see if it would lay flat. NO LUCK! The outer edges of the mattress will not lay flat and it looks horrible. So I call Amazon who sends UPS by to pick up this mattress. YEAH RIGHT! The UPS guys laughs and tells me there is no way he can take a queen size mattress. I finally get someone at Amazon who can speak English on the phone and now they are sending a large package carrier who was supposed to have called me three days ago. NO LUCK! It gets better! The replacement arrived 5 days ago and guess what, it worse than the first one! Its like trying to sleep in a John Boat. I think the issue is that both of the mattresses that I received were made in June. They have been packaged away in a box in some Amazon warehouse for months. It has created a nightmare for me and I am going to flip out if Amazon doesnt make this one right on the returns. Under normal conditions returns are easy but think twice about something like this.
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on January 2, 2013
We have been putting off purchasing a new mattress for several years now. Our backs, necks, and joints have suffered accordingly. During our search for a replacement to the coil spring torture chamber we have called a bed we must have laid on 200 different mattresses. After laying on a $6000+ tempurpedic we knew we wanted a memory foam or memory gel mattress and a traditional coil spring mattress was completely out of the question. We also knew we didn't want to make payments on a BED so we immediately started looking for cheaper alternatives.

When I first saw the Sleep Innovations mattress on AMAZON I dismissed it as an option not believing it could come close to matching a Tempurpedic performance at the price. As the (mostly) positive reviews kept flowing in we decided to take the leap of faith and FINALLY replace the coil spring mattress.

We placed the order on December 16th 2012. The bed arrived on December 18th. It was in an almost square box weighing a little over 100 pounds. I didn't have a hand truck so I carefully unboxed it in the garage and dragged it (in plastic bag) from the garage to the bedroom.

Our bed is a modern Italian platform. The slats are about 3 to 4 inches wide. To avoid any issues we purchased two 84x34 plywood panels to place on the slats to give the mattress something nice and flat to lay on. When we cut the plastic based on the instructions the mattress quickly unfolded. It went completely to full shape in about an hour. When we first laid down on it, PURE HEAVEN. We DID notice that our feet were hanging off the bottom. Odd, as we figured king size was king size. Only then did we figure out the instructions were based on you opening the bed from one side or the other, not from the bottom. We carefully turned it and we fit just fine on it. To shorten the review I'd like to simply give our observations based on the CONS of the reviewers who, surprisingly, did not like the mattress.

1. Comfort - This bed is FIRM. The harder you crash on it the firmer it feels. If you gently ease into it, you'll find it's very forgiving and cushy. Some reviewers mention it is like sleeping on a door, or a hardwood floor. That is just RIDICULOUS. I can imagine, if you keep your house under 60 degrees and sleep in coats it might feel firmer than it should but if you keep your house reasonably warm, and pull the covers up, the bed will adjust to your body. It feels almost identical to a foam based Tempurpedic. It CANNOT match the gel we tried, but that bed was many THOUSANDS of dollars. The first night we slept on this mattress was magic. I didn't want to get up. When you ARE ready to get up, getting out of this bed is MUCH easier than a coil spring mattress.

2. Smell - The bed INDEED had a noticeable odor when first opened from the package. I would compare it to sleeping in a room that had been painted with latex paint the day before. It took about three days for me to not notice it and about a week for my wife to stop asking "When does the smell supposed to go away?". Once again, it is not a repulsive odor (unless you find a freshly painted room repulsive). After a week we smell nothing.

3. Heat - I'm going to reserve judgement for the summer. I have been sleeping like a baby on this thing. I HAVE noticed I'm warmer under the covers now. I can't tell if it's the heat coming from the bed, or the wife has added a layer to our blankets since it has been so cold. For the people complaining about the heat, this bed should be a godsend in the winter. You can turn your thermostat down and save $$$. I will follow up in June or July to update on how comfortable the bed is, heat wise, but I can tell you in January it feels wonderful.

4. Support - Just about any chiropractor will tell you firmer is better. Memory foam gives where you need it and supports were you don't. My neck and back feel wonderful. When I sleep on my side my shoulders still get the tingles occasionally from circulation issues but I can't imagine any bed performing better.

5. Edges - A lot of 1 star reviewers complained that the edges were not soft or uneven etc. I'm not saying their liars but the bed I received has perfect edges. It is firm enough to sit at the end of the bed and put on my shoes, which is great.

6. Sex - If you had great sex before this mattress you're probably going to have even better sex now. Some beds tend to "work against you" when you a get a rhythm going. Not this mattress. Your knees will sink in nicely, but firm enough to hold you up and get busy! I've only tried 10 or 12 positions so I can't vouch for all, but if you are a "stick with the standards" type you should be more than happy with the mattress in this regard.

I have had this bed for less than a month and I LOVE IT! I will attempt to follow up every six months to update on how it is holding up. Long term quality could be an issue, and apparently has been with some. At this price I'm hoping to get five good years out of it. Hope this helps and that all of you get to enjoy the kind of sleep I'm getting :)
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on April 3, 2013
I have received this mattress on March 26th, 2013. Opened up the compact box, cut the plastic wrap, let the mattress expand on my bedroom floor. Decided to be patient and not use the mattress until it completely expands. Have given it full 72 hours to expand hoping that it will flatten out but it didn't. One side of the mattress was 5" and the other side was 1" off the floor after 72 hours. Called Amazon. Amazing customer service. They said they'd replace it immediately. Set up a pick-up for the defective mattress and received the new mattress. All excited opened the box, cut the plastic wrap, let it expand. And the new mattress is not flat either. It has been roughly 8 hours now and one side of the mattress is 7" off the floor and the other side 2". First mattress pretty much started off like this. You know how the mattress pops up in the product video after the shrink wrap was cut open...That never happens. It feels like it is a hit or miss with this company. After 72 hours of half-expanding, laid on the first mattress for couple of minutes and it felt really comfortable but certainly returning them both. It is too much of a hassle. I assume the company is sending items that have been in their warehouse for a while. There is no reason for the foam not to bounce back unless it has been in the vacuum pack longer than it is supposed to. Then again, it is just an assumption. Lesson learned. Not waiting for a replacement. Taking my money and going to a mattress store.

Amazon has been great with customer service, tho. Two thumbs up.
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