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on December 19, 2012
I purchased the Sleep Buddy directly from their website at 4AM a month ago after another sleepless night. Our 3-year-old daughter had been waking up at all hours of the night, refusing to go back to sleep, and would not stay in her bed. We were at wits end and were willing to try anything.

The Sleep Buddy arrived wrapped and my daughter and I opened it. We read the book, went over the Reward Chart, promised Chuck-e-Cheese as an incentive, etc. I plugged it in, set it up, and we gave it a try. For the first few nights, it took a lot of reinforcement and we wondered if we simply purchased a $45 night light on a timer . . . but eventually it worked! She stayed in her bed and slept the night! We could always point to that blue shining dome and reinforce that she should stay in her bed. We could refer to the boy from the book and how he stayed in his bed.

It wasn't until last week that she wet the bed. We had her potty trained since she was 2 and a half and she has access to a toilet at night. She had been using the toilet at night without a problem up until last week. When I asked her why she didn't get up and go, she pointed to the Sleep Buddy and said, "The Sleep Buddy was on!" And she was right. The storybook that comes with the Sleep Buddy depicts an older boy receiving the Sleep Buddy from his mother and staying in his bed when the light is blue. There is no page that says it's OK to get up and use the potty if you have to go. It needs to be added, especially since this is marketed for kids up to 6 years of age.

Overall, I am happy with the Sleep Buddy. I would have paid anything to get my daughter to sleep through the night, so the $45 shipped cost, while high, was worth it to me. I've also added pages to the book myself that says it's OK to use the potty at night. A girl version of the story would make it that much better!
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on June 21, 2012
Purchased this for my boys room (3 and 2 years old) so that they would know when it was time to get up in the morning. The price was a bit high but we decided to go for it after reading some reviews on other websites. The product is very well made, has a quality feel and is easy to use (although a battery backup would be nice) - it has taken several 3-year-old prompted flights across the room without damage. We have been using it for about 6 months now and overall I have been very pleased. We don't really use it for the going-to-bed time (because we aren't that consistent about bedtime), however we do use and enforce it in the mornings. The light instantly solved the issue of my 3 year old coming into my room every 5 minutes in the morning and asking if it was "time to wake up yet" (worth the money for this alone). It did take some time and consistent enforcement to get him to stay in bed until the light was out, and he still needs a reminder every once and awhile. He now knows that he can turn his light on and read in his bed until the sleep buddy goes out. My now 2 year-old (26 months) is just starting to understand the light and that he needs to stay in bed until it goes out; when be bought it we was only about 20 months old and the light was not effective at all (some other parents may be better at this than I). We appreciate the sleep buddy enough that we now take it on vacation with us (along with a noise maker - which I would love to see incorporated into the sleep buddy). Overall I would recommend this product.
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on February 19, 2014
Overall it commend this to anyone trying to get help with their kid going to bed. My 3 yr old totally bought in from the moment we bought it. I never read her the book or did the incentive chart because she just "got it". My 2 yr old is getting there, but it wasn't as immediate with him. He now comes to me in the morning and announces, "Sleep buddy off." It does help if either wake up in the middle of the night. They don't stay in their room and go back to bed always, but now I just walk them back in, point to sleep buddy, say, "Sleep buddy's on, it's time to sleep," and they go back to bed no fuss and don't bargain to go downstairs. It almost works too well in that if you want to sleep past sleep buddy, no dice unless you changed the timer the night before to go off later. I love that it also programs for naps, not something the other clocks did. It also serves as a nightlight, which helped my kids a lot in their dark rooms. The reason for four stars: it has three dimming settings, I wish it had four or five (I think the lowest is still bright), and it isn't the easiest to program. It's not "hard", more annoying that you have to cycle through everything to get to the choices. You do a lot of toggling to get it done and it's not quick to double check. Also, wish you could have battery back-up for power outages or travel.
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on October 2, 2013
Our son, who is just under 3, has always slept through the night, basically since he was two weeks old, so sleeping has never been the issue. At some point a couple of months ago he just started getting out of bed earlier and earlier. So we figured we'd give something like this a try just to get him to stay in his room a little longer. We followed the suggested way to present this to him, as a special present, read the book a couple of times, and that was it. He took right to it, understood the concept of staying in bed/room until the light turns off, and now every morning comes in and tells us that he waited until his Sleep Buddy was off, very proud of himself. We just make sure to refer to it as his Sleep Buddy, like a companion. About the product itself, it's slightly smaller than what I was expecting but not a big deal. It gives off a very nice blue glow that's comforting, and it's nice to be able to change the level of brightness. The clock isn't the easiest to set, but once you figure it out it's no big deal. As others have stated having a true battery backup, like a couple of AAA or AA's would really help because our son has unplugged it a couple of times and brought it in our room with him. And when you travel with it you're stuck resetting it. Otherwise I would highly recommend this to anyone to give it a shot!
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on February 12, 2014
Super idea--an unmistakable signal for your toddler/preschooler to know when to keep sleeping and when to get up.

The Sleep Buddy is simply a night light on a timer.

The problem, and this is critical, is that it is ridiculously difficult to set the Sleep Buddy timer. The description says there are directions...and these are 3 lines long. I read reviews that said it was tough to set and thought, "C'mon, it has to be like an alarm clock..."

Honestly, I tried for 20 minutes and then gave it to my wife, who got the "off time" set, but does not know how she actually did it.

Now we would like to change the times a bit, but don't want to deal with the unusable controls,

Instead of buying the Sleep Buddy for our youner child, we will definitely buy a soft night light and an easy-to-set timer.
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on March 5, 2014
I was expecting a miracle with this product but that just wasn't the case. It took about a month to see any results with my 2.5 year old and that was a very painful month. She did not respect the light. She unplugged it, which is very easy for a child to do since there's a plug right in the device, and unplugging it erases all the settings... super annoying! Then she'd tell me the light was off when it was clearly on. And the incentives did not work on her at all... maybe she's just too young.

Finally it sort of started to work, although it's possible she just decided to start sleeping later. And there are still days when she leaves her room when the light is still on.
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on March 24, 2015
Didn't work for our purpose, also there is an internal battery you can't change. It really only works with a plug. This didn't solve our issues at all. We just had to keep putting back in bed for maybe a month or two....
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on November 8, 2013
Good concept. My two year old didn't seem to care about the concept, he just wanted to clim in our bed through out the night, but this did help alot with the tantrums and fits to try and get him to go to sleep. Once he knew the sleep buddy rules" there was no fussing. Unfortunately, he still wakes up in the night and gets out of bed. Although not 100% immediate sucess for us, it's definately been a great resource and is improving as he gets older. I anticipate it to continue to only get better and better.
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on October 11, 2013
I was looking for a sleep clock that didn't have funny characters or in any other way look like something to play with. This fit the bill. The packaging & book for the kids are brilliant. My nearly 3 yo totally bought into it. In fact, he tends to get frustrated with himself if he wakes up while it's still on, but it keeps him in bed, and he's so proud when he sees it turn off. Was relieved that it's not very big, so doesn't take up a lot of space. The bonus was that the light has a dimmer, so it can be as bright or dim as you need it. Lost a star because the clock isn't very accurate. Loses about a minute a week, which is minor, but still annoying when trying to get a preschooler to stay in bed longer.
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on June 8, 2013
I purchased this for my 3yo daughter who has trouble going to sleep and staying asleep. We talked to her about the importance of sleep and that we had a present for her to help her sleep. She was excited to open the Sleep Buddy light and understood the idea immediately. My husband was skeptical at first but, after he set it up, he said he was on board. We have only used it three nights so far but both nights, my daughter did not fuss when we the light went on and told us we needed to turn out the lights. And, she slept through the night. The first morning after using it she said that she woke up a few times but saw that the light was still on, so, she stayed in bed. Now, of course, she woke up early on the 3rd day but that's still pretty good. We have not implemented the reward system yet, but I think when we do it will be helpful. I would highly recommend this product.
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