Customer Reviews: KJB Security SleuthGear iTrail GPS Logger
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on December 19, 2010
I had the GPS tracking key by Land-Air-Sea before this. I bought it from an on-line "spy gear" shop. For whatever reason, I never thought to check amazon for another one. Instead I went to the LAS site, and looked for a local retailer. I wanted to get it that day. So I went to a shop on the LAS site, and the guys there told me they quit making the GPS tracking key, and that this iTrail was the replacement. So I got it. Don't buy it, for many reasons:

1st- it's a non-replaceable built in rechargeable battery. For what a tracking device is used for, you need to be able to swap the batteries with fresh ones every week or so sometimes...not hook it up to your computer and let it charge for four hours like this iTrail.

2nd- proprietary cable. You have to have the cable that comes with it to plug it in. The GPS tracking key from LAS plugs into any USB port without additional cables.

3rd- discretion. If anyone finds the device, they will know exactly what it is. It says iTrail all over it and you can google it on the internet. The GPS tracking key has no markings. I scratched all the markings off and removed the stickers. Now of course I can't return it.

4th- it doesn't work very well. you can't tell if it's on or off half the time. i had it on a vehicle for 4 days, and it missed a ton of the important information i was trying to get. i don't know if the motion sensor is weak, or if it has a hard time locking on to GPS satellites or what, but it totally missed what I needed. The LAS GPS tracking key misses things once in a while, too, but not this bad.

5th- even when it does record data, the output to Google earth isn't very good. you do a lot of your own calculating. It tells what time a stop occurs, but doesn't say for how long. The next piece of information you have is how long the next route was, then the next stop time. you have to subtract the route length from the next stop time then subtract that from the last stop time to figure out how long the last stop time was. The GPS tracking key provides all that without additional calculations by you.

Not happy. I'm throwing it in the garbage after I write this review. Lesson learned. Get the GPS tracking key. The guy at the local shop lied. You can still get it right here on And it's cheaper than I paid for my original one (I paid $200, amazon's is $131):
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on September 19, 2013
I've had this item for close to a year. For me, it is sort of a hobby distraction, nobody loses their lives or property if it doesn't work. I bought it because my elder son approaches driving age, but he still has yet to pass his driver's test, so it's really just a plaything. I've read through all the reviews, belatedly, and thought I'd previously logged one myself, but since I haven't, here are my observations:

- Reliability and Endurance: When it's on, it's recording points, if you are outside. Occasionally, a plotted point is way off, but generally you get a pretty decent representation of your actual path. I don't know how long the battery lasts, because it has never run out. I usually download waypoints on a daily basis when I'm using it. I carry it around attached to my camera case, which is hooked to my belt loop (on my person). It does not generally record from within buildings, and it didn't work on airplanes.

- Intuitiveness: The other reviewers have this right, the "user interface" on both the logger device and the software are horrible. I missed a few segments of my vacation travels because I couldn't figure out if it was ON or OFF. I finally burned into my brain that it is recording points when you can see the BLUE light blink, which happens every three seconds or so. I have no idea what the RED light is for, but it also blinks once and awhile. The program that runs on your computer is equally obscure; once you figure out its idiosyncrasies, it does the job. Most confusing are a couple dialogs on which the text indicates some process is already initiated, but in reality you have to click on an initiation button to begin (downloading points, etc). You also MUST have the ITrails software running BEFORE you plug in the tracker sensor, or nothing much happens. Lots of similar idiosyncrasies that you'd think professional software/hardware developers would do better on.

- Capacity: Huge. I lost my computer hard drive, and thought I'd lost all my previously downloaded "trips", to include our family vacation to South Dakota. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that all the waypoints remained on the device, a couple hundred thousand of them, and that the device was only about 10% filled, despite months of use. The main downside to the paradigm is that everything that has not already been downloaded is retrieved as one "trip" when you plug it in. Meaning, your "trips" are defined by when you download the way points. In the case of my recovery from lost hard drive, it meant that I have one mega-trip containing several months of journeys. You can seek waypoints by sequence number, but it is not intuitive to figure out, and you have to experiment and read the cruddy documentation pretty thoroughly to figure it out.

- Installation: Completely unbelievably obscure. Warning notes, dire imprecations of disaster, install device driver FIRST, logger must be connected to the same USB port to which it was connected when installed, blah blah blah. Mine works fine from an extension port, even though it wasn't the one I plugged it into upon installation. I did almost everything wrong the first time I installed it and it still seemed to work. I guess your mileage may vary.

- Standardization: Echo the sentiments of another reviewer-there is no excuse for the proprietary USB connector cable. Lose this, leave it at home, whatever, and you're out of luck. I did see replacement cables available somewhere for about $45.00.

Bottom Line: For all the seemingly negative commentary, I find the ITrail does what I want it to do, simply and easily and without a lot of poking around. Now that I'm familiar with its idiosyncrasies, all I do is push the big button for three seconds, verify the blue light is flashing (another three seconds), and forget about it. To download the segments, start the ITrails software, plug in the tracker, hit "Yes" a few times on the obscure dialogs, and wait a few. Review your trip in either the ITrails interface, or Google Earth. It basically works.
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on June 13, 2011
1st the drawbacks - the unit takes some getting used to. The LED indicator lights are useless until you figure them out or keep a cheat sheet with you at first. Also, the program that comes with the device had to be updated on 2nd use because the driver was lost - no big deal though, a short trip to the website and 5 mintues later all was good.

Since I've gotten thru the bugs it has been smooth sailing. A small investment for a huge return. I would recommend, it beats the monthly charges for sure.
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on January 14, 2014
This worked fabulously! This allowed me to catch my husband and track where his girlfriend lived when the PI couldn't find her. This was a fabulous little gadget! I highly recommend it! It was very accurate within a mile. Anytime you need to know where someone is (kids, parents, spouse ...) this is a wonderful, and cost-effective way to go!
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on July 15, 2013
Physically the unit is as described, installed easily on compouter. The program leaves a lot to be desired and some of the problems may be the logger itself. With the logger on, signalling recieving signal and flat and exposed to a sky view (windshield and open sun roof) it only records one way on a route that's the same path, going both ways (50 miles). It may or may not show full mileage in the generated report and shows only one direction recorded on map path. It totally ignores stops (time set for stop duration) and hasn't recorded a stop yet, in 5 uses. I have emailed customer service twice and recieved an acknowledgement of the messages but no answers and no response so far, a weeks time. I've used LandAirSea for a long time and it's much, much better. Costs less too, the only drawback is use of an outdated street map.
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on March 29, 2013
Found the set up fairly simple following instructions. Have been using it about 2 months and it provides tracking data. I have noticed there is a trip every now and then that is not recorded. Not sure why. So, I'd give it about a 99% effectiveness rating. I would buy this again.
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on January 24, 2016
I couldn't get it to work, I bet I wasted a hundred hours trying different things, reloading the software multiple times, I even tried it on a different computer, but the thing that really pissed me off, I e-mailed the company 4 times asking for advise, they never replied. I just returned it and bought a LandAirSea model, guess what, I can't get it to work either. Maybe it's a Windows 10 thing, I'll see if they reply to my e-mails.
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on September 18, 2013
So disappointed in what just happened. I cannot activate the software because the keys provided do not work.

The hardware might be fine but the software is useless without activation and unlucky me, that did not work.

Tried to get help and I don't think it exists. The software will give you a little form to fill out but there is no company phone number. The website has a customer support email address. Used that and it bounced! See below.

I would not try this again given this is made in Taiwan and there is no customer support, Software user guide is to simple to and gives the impression this is a rush to market device with no company standing behind it.

I will add that Amazon refunded my purchase when I got them on the phone. Well done Amazon! Now I am purchasing a TrackStick MINI GPS Tracker. A little more money but they actually have a nice website and software that looks like they update and support it.

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

Sorry, I couldn't find a mail exchanger or IP address. (#5.4.4)

To risky to try purchasing another iTrail.
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on September 12, 2011
I made the mistake of not reading the reviews on this product before I bought it. I'm so glad I bought it on because their return policy is excellent.

I bought this device to put on my son's car. He is in college and so I still pay for a lot of his expenses, including gas, so I want to keep an eye on his driving habits, etc.

Problem #1 is my son comes home on the weekends and sometime just to grab a quick dinner or use the washing machine for his laundry and then gone for another week. So the first time I tried to use it I was unable to put it back into the car because I had to charge it for 4 hours. Now, as I write this review, my son is back at school and I have a fully charged unit and not much use for it.

#2 The software installation is the most unprofessional software installation I have ever seen. There were so many misspelled words that I questioned where this device actually came from. Then I looked at the label on the device: MADE IN TAIWAN. They don't even try to hide it. I'll give them some credit there.

The software installation has you first run a program to install the USB driver, then the software. Then you have to type in a long software key and activation key that you can barely read without reading glasses. On top of that, it said I was not connected to the internet ( you have to be connected for it to work ) even though I just did a google search. Finally after about 10 attempts the software figured out I was connected and I was able to proceed.

#3 I could not get the software to download the data right away. After messing around with the software I was finally able to download the data. The way the software displays the routes travelled is awful. You can't get a birds eye view of the entire trip, only segments. Duration of stops is almost impossible to figure out. After about 10 minutes of trying to figure out how to analyze the data, the program locked up and I had to shut down the computer and restart. Then when I plugged the device back it, windows didn't recognize it and I had to install the drivers again!

I will be sending this thing back to Amazon after writing this review and will be buying a different tracker.
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on July 26, 2013
Even though I followed the directions, it was difficult to set up. Finally I was able to get it to synch. I took a drive, came home and tried to download the map. After 3 attempts, it finally downloaded - the map was in Asia. We live in the US.
Even if it worked as intended, it would be substandard because it isn't real time. The product is outdated. The one good thing - Amazon gave me a 100% refund, which will keep me coming back to Amazon.
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