Customer Reviews: SlideBelts Men's Matte Black Leather Ratchet Belt - Custom Fit
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on June 20, 2014
I don't think I'll ever buy a traditional-style belt ever again. I was always tired of being forced to choose between a hole-size too tight or too loose. This belt allows you to pick the exact size that you need, AND you no longer have to worry about eventually wearing out the belt holes and cracking the leather.
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on May 27, 2014
This is the perfect belt for those looking to lose weight or looking for the perfect fitting belt.
I'll start with the weight loss part. When you get this belt, it's a very long belt made to be cut shorter for the perfect fit. While you may start at a larger size than you'd like, you can trim the belt down to size as you lose weight and it'll still fit just as snug as before. And, if you slip and put on a few pounds to where it's too small - send it back and they'll give you a new one. Even if you just cut it too short they'll still send you a new one.
As for looking for the perfect fit. As the description says, it has a bunch of different sizes each 1/4" apart. So, for those that always seem to be in between sizes for a belt (or those who stretch out a hole in the belt to become between sizes), you should have no issues. The way this belt latches in place, you should never have to worry about your belt showing signs of wear that typical belts will show.
The only part of this belt that takes some getting used to is the clicking. If you size the belt to where you are on the smaller range of sizes, you'll end up hearing upwards of 20 clicks before you get to your size. It's a slightly foreign sound in the bathroom, but once you get used to it you probably won't notice it anymore - it's definitely worth the tradeoff for all the other positives of this belt.
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on July 15, 2015
After trying a different brand of adjustable belt, I decided I really like the concept of infinitely adjustable belts. You get a perfect and comfortable fit every time. Looking for something a little dressier, I bought this SlideBelt with the Black Matte finished buckle. After cutting it down to the correct length, the belt works great. It is easy to ratchet to the perfect fit and the belt stays at that position without slipping. I really like the way this belt works. So why the 3 stars? Within one week of wearing this belt on a daily basis, I've ended up with scratches on the buckle. I'm careful with my belts and take pains to keep it from rubbing against items, so whatever caused these scratches is something that any belt buckle should be expected to easily handle. The problem is that the black enamel coating on the buckle is thin and apparently soft, making it easily scratched. Also, when scratched, it reveals the silver metal underneath, making the scratch very noticeable. I should have paid more attention to the other reviews that complained about scratching.

UPDATE 7/15/15: I just contacted SlideBelts and they indicated that the Matte Black is more prone to scratching than their other buckle finishes, such as Black. They are exchanging my scratched buckle for an new buckle in Graphite, which offers the best scratch resistance (along with Brass and Zinc). This exchange is postage prepaid, so my cost is zero. This represents outstanding customer support and I have no reservations about changing my rating to 5 stars.
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on January 10, 2015
This belt is well-designed, attractive, and well-made from quality materials. Its package looks classy, too, and includes instructions for trimming length and for use.

It consists of 2 main parts, the solid but not overly large metal belt buckle and the leather belt itself.

The tapered (nice) end of the leather belt has a plastic "ratchet" panel embedded on its unfinished inside -- this is what engages with the buckle and allows you to quickly "buckle" the belt in any of dozens of closely-spaced positions spanning a range of about 6 inches in total, not just in one of half a dozen widely-spaced punched holes. The other (flat) end of the belt is the end that the wearer trims to a bit longer than the "right" length using scissors. To make things easy, the inside of the belt has line markings every inch near the end, so you can easily trim it to a known length if you want. IIRC, my belt was at least 46" long before I started trimming (it might have been longer, like 50" - don't quite remember). Scissors work fine to cut the belt, even though it's a single (not bonded) piece of leather, and so should hold up well to stresses.

One end of the metal buckle has a rotating "bear-trap-style" toothed jaw to anchor the square end of the leather belt. Once the belt has been trimmed to roughly the right length, just rotate open the jaw, slide in the belt end, and rotate the jaw closed, locking the belt end in place.

Use of the belt couldn't be easier. To "buckle" it, just slide the tapered end into the buckle just under the outer plate. You'll shortly feel/hear a slight "ratcheting" noise -- just let go the buckle and the belt will stay closed at that position. To tighten further, just pull the tapered end further; to loosen or remove the belt, pull the buckle end's outer plate outward, releasing the ratchet and allowing the belt to be moved backward.
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on May 14, 2015
Slidebelts are the best belts I've ever owned. And I'm not normally a fan of braided / ratchet type belts. A year or two ago I found that my belts were always tearing near the eyelets. Maybe it is the fact that I'm 10-15 pounds heavier than I used to be, or maybe it was the fact that I like a tight belt. Whatever the cause, I was having to buy a new belt every 3-5 months. In terms of durability, Slidebelts have exceeded my expectations. My first one finally gave out after about a year of use. Since I had a positive experience, this is my second slide belt.

Here is my breakdown of pros & cons:
- More durable in my case than any other belt I've owned
- Cut-to-fit. I start out a little long and if starts to wear near the buckle, I just snip it off and re-insert the belt part.
- Size adjustment is pretty granular, so you can get just the right fit when tightening it around your waist.
- Can also buy just the leather portion without the buckle when your old one does finally fail.

- The finish on my old gunmetal buckle started to chip, but since I never tuck in my shirt, I really didn't care.
- On my old belt, the latch that holds in the leather would occasionally flip open causing the buckle to detatch and the belt to come apart. But the latch feels much more secure so far on the new belt. Not sure if that will fade over time. With the old belt I resorted to putting 2 drops of super glue in there to help hold it together. It worked, but when I needed to remove it, it required a little extra force to get open. It was an acceptible workaround for me with the old belt, but I'm hoping my new one doesn't have the same issue.
- I have occasionally nudged the release lever while doing various things which causes the belt to loosen a bit. (maybe 2-3 times over the year)

The cons certainly are not enough to keep me from purchasing this product, but it was enough to deduct one star.
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on October 9, 2015
I thought it was a good idea so I got one. I soon realized that if you have to bend or stoop the is a good chance that the release mechanism will get triggered. Yesterday I noticed that the buckle has broken on one side making it useless. My return window closed on Aug 1 and it survived all the way to Oct. Not impressed, will not replace, would not recommend.

Update: After contacting Slide belt customer service, a new buckle was promptly sent to me at no charge. The customer service is excellent
review image review image review image
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on December 23, 2014
I have two slide belts. One of the premium leather and this one. The buckle on the premium leather has remained closed and has not fell off, however with this belt, the buckle clasp on the back side tends to open up and the buckle falls off. This is obviously not good as I now need to figure out how to keep the clasp semi-permanently closed or I risk the buckle falling off somewhere and losing it.

I venture to guess that it has something to do with the not premium leather but either way I would not recommend paying this much for this belt.
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on July 8, 2015
I found and a small defect in the belt and it was replaced quickly by SlideBelts. I really like the looks of this belt with jeans. I have 3 other SlideBelts and I really like the looks and the ease of use. You can also interchange the buckle with a different color belt for a different look.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 6, 2015
This is a very interesting adaptation of the web belt. I was actually expecting the kind of slide-through web belt that's so familiar to any of us who were in the military, but this one works differently. The back of the belt has a few inches of "teeth" that are sloped so they slide through the belt to tighten but then are gripped by a mechanism in the buckle to keep it from expanding. The sizing then is done on the other end of the belt (it slips into the buckle and is held in place by a very strong toothed cam lock). The belt is released by lifting up on a handle that surrounds the buckle (almost like the seat-belt release on an airplane).
So far I have no complaints. I tested the system by really over-tightening the belt then moving around a lot to see if it would slip and it stayed right on the tightness I had. I was quite impressed by how strong the teeth on the belt can be held by this buckle.

I love the style and color of the belt and buckle. I generally wear darker clothes, so this black/dark-green color with the brushed metal buckle fits right into my style (or lack thereof, as my wife and kids would probably say).

There are only two _possible_ issues I can see arising:
1) Because the teeth that are held by the buckle only extend for a few (about 7, I think) inches on the belt, you have to adjust the belt by cutting length off the other end. The problem here is that if someone gains weight, there's no way to add length back onto the belt. So if you make the initial fitting cut on the belt so that the buckle is perfectly centered on that strip of teeth, if your waist increases by four inches, you have to buy a new belt. Hey, maybe in the time it would take for that to happen the next issue would come into play anyway...but it's just something that popped into my head when I was cutting the belt for the first fitting. If you're one of those whose weight fluctuates a lot during the year, do keep this in mind.
2) Is the ratchet system going to hold as strongly next year, the year after that, and the year after that as it does now? It holds like a vise right now, but things do tend to wear down over time, so maybe I'm just being paranoid, but that's another thing that I thought of when I opened the package and was inspecting everything. (Yeah...I'm an engineer, so I do tend to think about silly stuff like that.)

I think the belt looks and feels great and that ratcheting system is the kind of thing I wish I'd thought of myself. Unless I have to come back in quite a bit under two years and say something has failed, I think it's worth every penny I spent on it.
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on September 28, 2015
Wore out my first slide belt and bought again because they are so easy to use. Safe ordering online because you trim it yourself at home. (Be sure to leave a little extra, you can always cut more off).
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