Customer Reviews: SlideBelts Men's Gunmetal Leather Belt - Custom Fit
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on September 1, 2013
I started looking around for a belt like this after hearing about ratcheting belts from a friend. The release mechanism on those was a lever at the top side of the buckle that looked like it would be poking me in the stomach when ever I sat down. I was not really a fan of the style of the buckles either.

After several days of searching I finally decided on the Slide belt. The styling of the buckle is much cleaner with no branding than any other offering I found. Also the release is built into the face of the buckle. The outer rim of the buckle lifts and releases the belt.

Another thing I really like about this belt is the simplicity of the buckle mechanism. There is only one moving part and a spring.

Another reviewer mentioned that the buckle connection to the belt would not close flush. Once you attach the belt to the buckle and have pressed the flap down as far as it will go, pull on the belt as if trying to pull it out of the buckle. This will finish setting the connection and the flap will be flush then.

I love the perfect fit that the 1/4 in steps gives, and that it never randomly comes loose like some other belts I have had.

I only have two negative. First is the quality of the leather. It looks great and feels great, but after about 1 month small stringy bits started to show up on the top and bottom edges. Not sure what it is, but when I pull on them a strip of black comes off the belt. The finish on the belt where it came from is duller than the rest and the texture seems to be gone as well. Thus far this seems to be an aesthetic issue only. Secondly, the buckle can still poke me in the stomach at times when I am sitting. Though when wearing an undershirt it is not an issue. In the belts defense, I do have a bit of a large gut.

Edit 06-16-15: after more than a year the belt leather is begining to fail. The buckle has ripped out the end of the leather a few times and there is a large crack developing in the middle of the belt. It is close to causing the entire leather to to break in two. They have upgraded to a new leather type (three options actually) so this should not be an issue any longer. They also reached out an offered to replace my leather about a year ago (I missed the offer and that is why I still have the original).

The buckles finish has started to wear off in a few places. I attribute that to skin oils and friction. It is only on the upper edge where the buckle rests against my stomach. Use of an undershirt would likely prevent this.

All in all it is a great belt and I would still recommend it, especially with the new leather options. I am currently looking to replace the leather with one of the newer offerings.
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on December 7, 2014
It is a good idea and it works. The quality leaves a lot to be desired. 1. The color coating is peeling from the buckle very quickly. I would recommend to stay away from any buckle color that is not silver because they don't last 2 weeks. 2. They describe as "leather belt". Well, it smells like plastic and looks like plastic so it is probably plastic. 3. The buckle often falls from the belt. Because the belt material itself is poor quality, the holes get bigger and bigger over time so you need to cut belt about 1/2" every couple of weeks.

See photos that show the buckle and the belt.

I bought several of these belts and I use them daily. They do not last very long.
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on August 7, 2013
Placed my order Monday and received it on Wednesday.
This is the second Slidebelt I've purchased, and I did so only because I wanted another color. The buckles look great and are well built. The leather on my first has held up for close to a year now and I wear it almost daily. It shows no signs of wearing out. This is the only belt I've owned in years that hasn't fallen apart after a few months.
Sizing is true to what's listed and can be adjusted several inches smaller than stated. If you're unsure, order slightly larger and you can trim it down from the side that attaches to the buckle.
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on November 20, 2015
The brown belt did not look like the picture at all -- too pastel-colored (light tint). It looked fake, not like real leather. See attached picture. The date is November 2015. Let SlideBelts respond and explain why they manufactured this version differently than pictured.
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on August 16, 2013
As my title briefly states, the belt is a great belt. I have other "normal" belts that are a bit thicker. But I think they kept it this thin is so one can cut it to size fairly easily, which I did. I ordered a bit bigger than I normally do. I wear a 34, but bought the 35-36. And I think is the better choice than risking the lower size. This way you can cut it to size IN SMALL INCREMENTS lol. Slidebelt says they do free exchanges if you cut off too much but just be diligent.

I have the plain gunmetal buckle with dark mocha leather belt. In the reviews I have seen, I was expecting the clear lockbox and not the box, but hey, no biggie, I'm not wearing the box am I? I initially put it on yesterday afternoon when I came home from work and it worked brilliantly. Just clamp the straight side to the buckle's teeth and then "slide on". In my initial view, it was cool! Then looking at the length, it was a bit too long lol. I decided this morning to cut it a finger length to start and that was the perfect length. I guess I'll need to buy more belts if I get wider in the waist lol.

Now to the buckle. It's an really really nice gunmetal. Very impressed in how it looks. My single and only gripe is that the buckle is so much heavier than the belt itself. I mean yea I know, it should be, but it's very noticeable. And a secondary minor thing is that if you slide the belt tight, the buckle will rise and not really sit flush until the pressure behind the buckle is loosened. I guess no buffet lunches for me lol. Otherwise, the belt looks and feels nice. Looks more like a "dressy" belt for suits, than a more hefty belt than I am accustom to.
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on December 11, 2013
I love the concept of the ratchet design. It's smooth and easy to cinch or loosen. The belt and buckle are high quality. If the belt you ordered is too long, it's easy to trim it yourself and no none will be the wiser. I especially like that the company that produces the belt includes a note that says if you cut the belt too short, they will send you a replacement. Very nice.

The buckle is very heavy compared to all of my other belts. I wish it were much lighter. While it looks nice, I am not a fan of the smooth polished metal front face of the buckle. One scratch and the buckle will be unattractive to wear. I wish the design was some sort of grid pattern that would hide any scratches.

After several months of use, the edges of the belt have worn off where I wear my phone and where the belt inserts into the buckle. Very disappointing. This has happened to some of my cheap belts but never to an expensive belt like this one. One star deducted for this premature wear.
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on February 15, 2015
I really wanted to love this belt. Awesome design. Looks very classy and sturdy. I love that you cut it to length. You can make it fit perfectly. The click design is great. Feels very strong and will likely hold up a long time. Out of the box I thought it to be a five star perfect belt.

Now for the negative and this is a huge one. Within the first week the belt had scratches on it. Not huge deep scratches but strange swirly scratches on the face. I think if I lean over the kitchen counter or something like that, if there is light pressure against the belt it rubs light, but visible, scratches into the face of the buckle. The large buckle face looks nice but when all scratched up I wish it were not so prominent. The belt still looks pretty good right now because I have been very careful leaning against anything but I am not sure it will last. I'm confident this belt will hold up in durability for a long time but in appearance I am unsure.

A side note. I wouldn't really count this as a negative but a word of caution. I was sitting next to a friend in a class and felt my belt was a little loose. I pushed it in one click to tighten it perfectly. The click is fairly audible. My friend looked over at me a little funny. I was proud of my slidebelt and didn't think much of it at the time but later I realized I am sure he thinks I farted. Not like a huge loud fart, but one of those little poppy ones. You know when you are trying to hold back a big one in and a snappy little fart slips out. The click does not sound just like a fart but most people are not accustomed to a slide belt. Although the snap from my lower regions came from my belt, according to Occam's razor, I just farted.
Changed my review from 3-4 stars for great customer service. Was told they would take care of me if scratches get too bad. I have not taken them up on this. I am being very careful with the belt as far as leaning up against anything that would scratch it and it seems to be holding up well.
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on May 19, 2015

I have using this belt for 4 months now and still absolutely love it! I wear the belt daily (Mon-Fri) and I am constantly moving around. I also use a hip case for my mobile phone. The belt leather has actually been one of the first belts not to wear down where I slip the case on the belt. From my perspective it is very durable. On the other hand I have noticed wear on the edging of the belt where it passes through the back pant loops. As for the buckle, it has proved to be very reliable. The finish has not worn down or chipped away nor has it lost any grip on the belt leather.

I still rate this belt a 5 star and a must own in any man'a wardrobe.


Before purchasing this belt I researched many track style belt options available online. The main reason I ordered the Slidebelt over the other options (Trackline, Mission Belt, Nextbelt, Easybelt) is because of the integrated design of the release mechanism into the buckle. The other options all have an additional lever that protrudes from buckle that you have to depress to loosen the belt. I feel this really makes a different for the overall appearance of the bucket and belt. As for the operation of the buckle, I find it very easy to put on and take off. I like the idea of only having to apply pressure to the outside portion of the buckle instead of trying to locate a lever to release the belt.

I read many other reviews on this belt and felt some of them may have had some merit when discussing quality. While I have only been wearing the belt for 1 day now (with plans to provide future updates), I haven't noticed any of the quality issues that have been discussed in some of the other reviews. All the craftsmanship appears to be in good working order and functioning correctly. While the belt is genuine leather and has a soft feel to it unlike some other genuine leather belts I have owned, which I prefer. Below is a link to Slidebelt's site for their premium leather belt that also includes a picture showing the differences between their full-grain, top-grain and genuine leather materials.

Something small to note is the company, not Amazon, immediately contacted me (via email) to ensure my order arrived and everything was to my satisfaction. I did not have a reason to reply, but this shows the company's proactive nature when interacting with customers. You can also take a look at their responses to the negative reviews and how they are eager to make things right.

The following is for those that only look for the Pro/Con portions of reviews:

~Classic style buckle
~No holes to wear out
~Easy to adjust
~Integrated buckle release
~Genuine leather
~Good company customer service

~Have to cut belt to fit (which could be viewed as a pro)
~Not a permanent buckle to belt connection

review image review image review image
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on September 11, 2014
After seeing the Mission belt on Shark Tank, I looked at reviews on Amazon. Based on the reviews, I decided to purchase the Slide Belt instead. This was based on several reviews that said the Slide Belt was easier to release than the Mission belt. I have had the Slide Belt for 2 years now and am extremely pleased with the product. Previously I had a problem with conventional belts, that regularly tore out the adjustment holes. I tend to cinch up my belt very tightly . The Slide Belt has given me absolutely no problems and is very easy to release. Once this one eventually wears out, I will purchase an identical replacement.
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on July 18, 2015
the belt is really nice looking and the adjustable feature is great so you can tailor it to fit exactly the pair of pants you're wearing, but the buckle has a sharp edge on the inside that scratched the front of the belt and now it looks bad. they need to redesign the back of the buckle so this doesn't happen.
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