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on December 28, 2007
First the technical stuff:

In a very good move, the disks in this set are single-sided! An improvement over season 3. The box (exterior and interior) design is similar to season 3 with different art/colors. It's a 5 tray digipak design with a tape hinge that's glued to a flexible green translucent plastic "wrap around" cover. The portion of the cover hidden by the slipcase has episode information screened on it, which is nice and a first for this series. Video is Full Frame (1.33:1) as originally broadcast, and looks very good. Audio is English Dolby Digital 2.0. There are English subtitles. Disks 1, 4, & 5 have 4 episodes each with disks 2 & 3 having 5 each. From all appearances, "missing scenes" have been restored to the appropriate episodes.

Comments about the season:

Sliders moved from Fox to the Sci Fi Channel beginning with this season. The first episode garnered the highest premiere rating that the Sci Fi Channel had ever received up until that point.

We left our intrepid team (minus Prof. Arturo, plus Maggie [Kari Wuhrer]) at the end of season 3 with a damaged timer that doesn't track Rickman's wormhole. This separates Wade and Rembrandt from Quinn and Maggie on different worlds.

We open season 4 as Quinn finally repairs the timer so it can track Wade and Rembrandt's photon trail to Earth Prime. He and Maggie return to Earth Prime only to find it in the hands of the Kromaggs. Wade is kidnapped (off screen), Rembrandt is rescued, Quinn learns that Wade has been shipped "off-world" (actually an alternate Earth).

Sabrina Lloyd had left the show between seasons after friction on the set between her and Wuhrer led her to demand that Executive Producer David Peckinpah pick between the two of them. Peckinpah chose Wuhrer - and Wade was left to occasional mentions as a breeding host for Humaggs. This was the plot device to explain her absense.

In the sixth episode of the season Charlie O'Connell (brother of Jerry) joined the regular cast (at Jerry's insistence) as Quinn's brother Colin for his only season. Can you say nepotism?

Season 4 is dominated by the Kromags as the focus changed from attempting to get home to one of freeing Earth Prime from Kromag control. It would be Jerry O'Connell's final year on the show. While the overall direction of season 4 *was* an improvement over that of season 3 I found myself growing indifferent as it progressed. What had started out as an innovative approach on a time travel motif appeared to be turning into just another Sci Fi Channel cheesefest. I stopped watching about half-way into the season.

Now, having finally purchased and rewatched the entire season I stand by my comments. It *is* a bit better than the last half of season 3 but is not the best the show has to offer. I *still* miss Arturo. The episodes feel a bit "less" without his presence, and Wuhrer seems not much more than "eye candy"... Dialog is frequently cheesy and trite with lots of "recycled" type plotlines.

I recommend season 4 only if you are a fan or if it can be purchased for less than a sawbuck (I got mine for half that).

So, the final tally is:
Set design/quality = 4
Sliders Season 4 = 2
Average = 3

10/21/11 - Season 5 has been announced with a January 17th, 2012 release date. Early views of the package shows it to be identical to the season 4 but in blue this time and with single-sided disks.

Amazon lists it here: Sliders: The Fifth and Final Season.
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on January 28, 2008
It took a big swift kick in the tush to get Universal Studios to FINALLY release season four of Sliders and now we fans own the DVD before they are all in their 70s and in rocking chairs! It was probably the studio's latest battle with the bootleg industry that finally got them listening.

Although this season lacked the humor of the other three seasons (I deeply miss John Rye Davies) this season has the most action of any other. Unlike any other season the Kromags were given a role as a group of villains identical to the Nazis. Many episodes were actually downright scary.

The very best episode of all is "California Reich", in which the sliders land on a world that still discriminates by race and surgically converts blacks into faceless beings called "eddies". The last part of this episode is really a shocker.

One very major change is the character of Cleavant Derricks. In the first three seasons the character "Rembrandt" was a bit similar to that of Stan Laurel with John Rye Davies' character, which was a bit like Oliver Hardy. In season four, "Rembrandt" is a completely new character, that of a very angry militant who vows revenge. It's hard to believe he is the same Rembrandt.

The lead actor, Jerry O'Connell, had his best season to date. Not only does he do well as Quinn, but he does extremely well as some very colorful atler egos. In the episode "The Alternateville Horror" he shows he has skill as a comedian when he plays a counterpart who is a spaced out hippie.

The only drawback to this season is another actor, Charlie O'Connell who, unlike his older brother, does not seem to have much acting ability. Evidently he did not have much acting experience. He started out as a fashion model. Charlie O'Connell was hardly a replacement for John Rye Davies or Sabrina Lloyd and seems to be there only to take up space, or rather, to fill a quota of four lead actors.

Although Kari Wuhrer was also originally there for a purpose other than acting (obviously to attract horny young men to the show) she truly shows she has a LOT of acting ability anyway, despite what the producers originally intended her to do. She does a wonderful job and moved me with many scenes.

All in all, this is a great season to watch.

Now what we need to do is to give Universal Studios ANOTHER hard kick in the buns to release season five.
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on March 6, 2008
Season 4 of Sliders is actually a much better season than the ultimately disappointing 3rd season, as the show returns to the basics and concentrates on building the chemistry between the travelers instead of the movie-spoof of the week format the now departed David Peckinpah forced on us in the previous season.

Some of the very finest episodes of the series are in this season, presenting some novel sci-fi concepts and furthering the show's mythology.

There's an episode where an alternate Quinn accidentally slides his entire world away, an episode where all citizens are forcefully medicated by the government, an episode where the sliders are turned into computer data, and episodes dealing with themes as diverse as racial cleansing, reality television, an anti-Kromagg virus, the technological divide, cloning for body parts and rapid aging.

This is truly this troubled but fascinating show's last hurrah and well worth adding to your collection.
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on March 25, 2008
Of course I don't know anything about hollywood diplomatics, but I did extensive research on this series and found that seems to be the pervaying belief.
This series began with the concept of travel between alternate realities, sideways timetravel as it was described to studios. A concept that was inevitably destined to be made into a television show but as demonstrated by the rapid decline of quality in this show it can be made well or pathetically.
I loved the first two season. The chemistry between all the characters was incredible. The stories were all centered around the what ifs of history. If we hadn't won the revolutionary war, if technology had been banded, if the 60s movement hadn't died out. Every episode was interesting and surprising. As a writer myself, a fact I try to selfishly shove into everything I say, I was shocked by how good the stories were and how the rather elaborate concept could be understood quickly in every episode.
Then season three came around. At the time the studios were afraid that the older cast members and more thinky television stories would scare away the viewers. A fact that makes me question if these studio people had forgotten that, when the series was cancelled half way through the first season, already avid fans wrote tons of letters to get the series renewed. So they replaced the Professor with Maggie. Now unlike alot of reviewers here I think Kari Wuhrer did a fairly good job becoming an interesting and integral part of the team considering that the whole point of her character was to show off her incredible figure as much as possible. And the episodes became more action packed and parodies of major motion pictures. I still liked several episodes, enough to keep my interest in the show.
This season was a slight return to the shows origins, alternate realities, although the action level remained high. They lost Wade, a fact that I am still fuming about, and the Quin's secret origins and his brother were story points that I could have lived without.
In conclusion I will recomend purchasing this to anyone who was a fan of this show. It was a fantastic concept that, if it had been left alone, might still be running today. Count this as another on a long list of television shows that were not given a fair shake by their studio.
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on October 11, 2008
Let's just start out by saying that Sliders is far from perfect. I loved it dearly from episode 1, but I have been a die-hard Jerry O'Connell fan ever since Stand By Me was released.

HOWEVER - if you are not a huge Jerry O'Connell fan, you may want to think before you indulge.

If you love science fiction for it's storytelling value - and not necessarily it's accuracy in depicting current scientific theory (and even facts, on occasion) - then you may still like this show.

If you're a science purist, avert your eyes. You won't be happy.

Jerry O'Connell is very entertaining in most of his works, and Sliders was just the vehicle to get him more attention than he had before. The geek prodigy Quinn Mallory has just enough cool in him to be fun and include some action along the way.

In the fourth season Quinn and his friends are joined by his brother, Collin. Collin is also very smart and fun, but less cool - and he grew up in a paralell dimension that didn't have as much knowledge as our real world now has. He is more of a dramatic and humorous element, taking us a little off the track of the science part of the fiction. Collin is also portrayed by Jerry O'Connell's real-life brother, Charlie. The two of them are great together and the show hits a whole new level of entertaining when they are both on.

I think Kari Wuhrer is terrific as Maggie, but feel sorry for her sometimes because the writers can't seem to make up their minds about what kind of person her character is.

Of course, Cleavant Derricks is excellent at whatever he is asked to portray. He is always Rembrandt Brown through and through. The Cryin' Man is the kind of person who basically does what needs to be done when it is needed. Singer, lover, fighter, mechanic, scream in fear... you name it!

Those of us who watched the show from the beginning miss the professor and Wade when they are gone, but the new ensemble works well and most of the stories are certainly unique.

Thank you, Universal, for releasing this collection of action fun!
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on December 23, 2007
The one thing I am beginning to dislike are how studios tend to forget fans want to collect the whole series...not half of it. I am so happy that Sliders - Season 4 will be out, and hopefully Season 5 too. I wish there would be deleted scenes on Season 5 that are put into the very last episode as to not leave it as the cliffhanger as originally aired. That is wishful thinking on my part. It is not fun to start a collection, only to wait forever for the next season. Hopefully, studios will realize this TV-DVD is a lucrative business (hence - Current Writer's Strike negotiations) and decide to start releasing TV shows entire run and at a faster pace. Hasn't anyone realized walking down the DVD aisles, in stores, that TV shows take up an entire aisle now.
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With the original cast further deteriorating, Kari Wührer as Captain Maggie Beckett steps in to try and fill the void. She takes some getting used to, but it makes sense to have a character with a military background given the premise of many episodes in the season. The Kromaggs, for better or worse, appear frequently. The show definitely reaches in new directions, including any chance to show off Maggie in skimpy clothing. The introduction of Quinn's real-life brother is less painful than it sounds, as he plays a fairly interesting character who rounds out the quartet nicely. The sets are often outstanding and remain one of the strengths of the show.

Among some intense and worthwhile eps that have sociological depth to them (California Reich and My Brother's Keeper come to mind) there are just as many duds and half-a$$ed plots (usually Kromagg eps or those that ignore the former alternate Earth rules). Sliders by this point has unceremoniously dropped the unwritten rules of alternate Earths that were integral to the plotlines of the first two seasons and has instead opted for a "this is sci-fi, so anything goes" stance. While this opens up plot possibilities, the charm of the alternate Earths during the first couple seasons (where an alternate history either changes many things just a little bit or a few things drastically) is mostly gone. The alternate Earth premise is now usually denoted by a stay at the Chandler Hotel, but even that constant becomes increasingly bizarre. If you didn't feel that Sliders jumped the shark in Season 3, you will surely notice that it has in Season 4.

By today's standards it is an undeniably campy and [at times] terrible series, but strangely I continued to find it worth watching, and at a good price (on DVD) for 22 episodes.
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on March 3, 2008
The short first season of Sliders (10 episodes) was quite good! Just the right amount of humor mixed with interesting stories. But, beginning with season two, the series started to SLIDE in the wrong direction. Character development was placed secondary to repetitive plots. This trend continued in season three, four, and five.

Script problems aside, Sliders always remained an entertaining series, mainly because of the natural chemistry between the actors. In the end, a poor decision to make drastic changes to the cast finally destroyed all remaining integrity.


$59.99 list price? What moron came up with that figure? Many more of these might sell at a $24.99 price point.

UPDATE; For a short time, Amazon dropped the pre-order price to $29.99, which was quite fair. The fact that Amazon slashed the price by HALF during the pre-order phase, tells me that sales were at a stand-still and they needed a quick jump start. At $59.99 it isn't surprising that nobody was buying!

* Only buy this one when it's on sale!

Packaged better than season three! Five single sided discs in a flip style case (Like Star Trek Deep Space Nine).

[Spoiler Warning]
The following paragraph reveals changes to the cast.

The series was never the same after losing John Rhys-Davies (Professor Arturo) and Sabrina Lloyd (Wade Welles). However, season four does represent a huge improvement in the plot/script department when compared to most of season three. After all, I don't think you can get much worse than "The Fire Within" or "Slither" (Season three).

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on March 11, 2012
This once-great show went down the tubes creatively in Season 3. Fans complained, and the producers listened . . . sort of. There are a few more gems this season, but Quinn's backstory is ludicrously re-written; the once fearsome Kromaggs are turned into generic Saturday morning villains; and the wonderful Sabrina Lloyd is gone, replaced with Jerry O'Connell's brother Charlie, who plays Quinn's brother in the most wooden fashion possible.

Even the best episodes of this season are virtually unrecognizable as the same series that premiered in 1995.

Recommended: Virtual Slide, World Killer, Slidecage, and Lipschitz Live.
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on May 22, 2011
Seasons one through three were great this one, well don't waste your money, not even to complete the series. It seems more like they didn't care how things worked out. The writers and actors did their worst performance. I've never seen a good series go down into the sewer so fast as in this last season and i regret buying it. What a waste of money.
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