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Slipknot (10th Anniversary Edition CD/DVD)
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43 of 48 people found the following review helpful
on April 29, 2000
Slipknot is, well, they are real. These 9 guys from Iowa are as scarry or as real as they can get. I don't mean their disturbingly creepy/cool masks, I mean their music. The lyrics that the absolutely amazing vocalist Corey Taylor('8' as his band ID suggests) sings out from behind that mask only make sense in this truly diluted world. With every single word the listener can hear his pain. In 'Scissors' he goes into a sort of trance of insanity where he seems to cry and laugh maniacly at the same time while singing "life,time" over and over again. With every single one of those we feel like he is really hurting. And this is something only a few bands can do (or have done in case of KoRn-they still have a chance people! ). The two percussionists 6-Shawn and 3-Chris are absolutely amazing and original. Same with 1-Joey. Every member of this incredible band is 101 percent with the music, everyone knows their instrument. They even have 0-Sid, a DJ who kicks some major MTV DJ Scribble ass. Now how often do you see that in a metal band. The tag team of guitars coming out of 4-James and 7-Mick are really vivid and it really shows that these guys are on their game. Let's not forget the pig masked 2-Paul and 5-Craig. Paul makes some nice sounds come out of his piece and Craig does an incredible job of putting out some creepy sounds. This band is definetly original and the sound they bring out makes you want to go truly nuts. My favorite songs on this CD are the ones where Corey actually sings and the way he can switch between the screaming out loud death sound to a pain filled melody is incredible. This would be 'Wait and Bleed, Me Inside, Prosthetics, Dilutedm, and Scissors.'. But the CD's best is Me Inside. And while you listen to Scissors and actually let the track run, you will find a sickeningly hilarious recording which will make you laugh and realize that these guys are just liek everyone else. They are human. Final words, Slipknot's music shines in today's too much misuderstood world. These guys are real and the lyrics that come out of Corey's mouth are real. It might be hard to get used to but if you listen to it with an open mind, you will quickly realize you are listening to truly amazing music. This should be 10 stars but unfortunately I can only give 5. This is a really meaningful album. Slipknot is here to stay for a while, you can be sure abbout that.
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23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
I'm 24 now and have been a huge Slipknot fan when they 1st came out 10 years ago with this cd. This is actually the 4th time i've bought this disk (the 1st two versions one with 'purity", the other with "me inside", and then the digipak version) and this is hands down the one to own, if you don't own a version already. To those wondering if it's worth getting all over again, I will tell you YES! 1st off for me, I had let someone borrow my copy with Purity on it a couple years back and i never got it back from them, so for that song alone, im pretty happy. You also get their entire demo pretty much and the demo version of "wait and bleed" is really cool to listen to with the variation of vocals by the then younger Corey Taylor. The disk is 25 tracks long, with the original only being 14/15 counting "eeyore". Also to let it be known, you don't have to listen to minutes of silence and everyone throwing up before you get to eeyore. It's now a separate track, minus the long intro which is awesome. Now the DVD: (sic)!!! Comes with what felt like an hour long video of behind the scenes and rare concert footage. Look a Corey's hair back in the day, pretty damn funny and i'm sure even he gets a kick out of that. Also Joey Jordison IS the best drummer alive (my educated opinion). Also you get the videos "spit it out", "wait and bleed", and the animated version of wait and bleed. The illest part is the full concert, which i would have paid the whole price for alone. Like i said, it's like im 14 all over again, even though I kept the original release in heavy rotation it's nice to have the whole package. If you're half a Slipknot fan, you're reading this agreeing with me and if not, then you need to get on the wagon. Here's to the next 10 years and the killer live shows that bring this songs to life!! Stay (sic)....Chris W.
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39 of 46 people found the following review helpful
on January 21, 2005
I like this album. No, that dosen't mean I need a lecture on what good music is or a list of death and black metal bands that are heavier or darker. Chances are whatever you could recommend is probably already sitting next to this Slipknot album in my cd case right now. I'm not here to say Slipknot is the greatest, heaviest band in the world or anything like that, but I do think this album is far better than people give it credit for.

With this release Slipknot manage to blend elements of Thrash and Industrial into the typically stoic nu-metal style to make what is, in my estimation, a pretty good album. The riffs are heavy and aggressive, not the most technical playing you'll ever hear but it fits the overall sound well. Joey Jordinson is probably the highlight of this band, his skill level is top tier. There are quite a few better drummers than him but he does have substantial talent. Corey Taylor isn't what I would count as an amazing vocalist, but he has heart and intensity, which he gets by on. This album isn't without it's faults but everyone else has pretty much covered that so I won't go into great detail on the matter. Turntables, Simple Progressions and a somewhat cheesy theme and appearence are basically the key points of the problems.

Overall, this is far from the best album in the world but it's not terrible either. I am of the belief that Black and Death Metal are superior to Slipknot, however Slipknot is a great 1st step into the realm of extreme metal and toward those genres.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on October 16, 2005
And again. It's me. Writing another review.

742617000027 - 0/5 - Pointless honestly. All it shows is Craig's sampling skills. Which are good but we're talking about the song, not the person.

(sic) - 4/5 - The only thing I have to say about this song is (sic).

Eyeless - 4/5 - Interesting chorus. Particularly interesting due to the fact that some homeless guy said it. Goes to show that the most random things make good songs. I'm not saying take this approach when writing songs, it worked for this song. I like the middle where it slowed down slightly with Corey's screeching.

Wait & Bleed - 5/5 - Great lyrics. Amazing vocals. Corey never seems to dissapoint me with his voice. It's either growling out vulgarities to prove a point or pumping out heart-felt emotions in the form of the voice of an angel.

Spit It Out - 5/5 - I like the rap/growl type dealie he does. It's very suiting for this song. The song has a great riff and the beginning with the growls is just awesome. The end of this song also leaves you wanting to listen to it over and over again.

Tattered & Torn - 3/5 - I liked the MFKR version so much better. Even though Corey's vocals are so much hotter than Anders' are. Anywho. On with the show...

Frail Limb Nursery - 5/5 - If you don't understand why I jsut gave this sample dealie a 5, read on. It comes right before the song Purity, and it just adds on to the sickness behind the whole Purity story and why Corey wrote about it. Which leads me to the next song...

Purity - 5/5 - Heart-felt lyrics with a dollop of Slipknot. It's a really sad story. If you read up on it and then listen to this song, you'll feel more emotional towards it.

Liberate - 5/5 - Overall great song. Even though the beginning kind of sounds like he says "Liberate my bananas..." I laughed so hard when I heard this so for the first time. But it's a good song overall anyways. Good listen. Guarantee you won't waste your time.

Prosthetics- 3/5 - Corey's lyrics never fail to amaze me. Same goes for this song's lyrics. But the instrumental parts are just a pain to listen to. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but it's still not a masterpiece.

No Life - 5/5 - I love the lyrics to this song. Good everything. There's no other way to explain it.

Diluted - 4/5 - Sad lyrics in a way but the song isn't all that great. Not much more to say about it...

Only One - 5/5 - Way better than the MFKR version. Thank god they redid this with Corey on vocals. Love the lyrics (as always). Great song. Listen to it.

Scissors - 10/5 - This song is so sad and amazing I can't even explain it. It's just so amazing. I love it.

Average rating is 4.2 and I'm going to round it up to 5 because I really like this CD and somewhere along my rant of vocals and guitars, I probably messed up on a rating. But this definately deserves a 5.
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84 of 108 people found the following review helpful
on January 15, 2004
Now I am not only here to write a review on this album but also to say a few things to the people who write one & two stars review for this album, now everybody is alowed there own opinion obviously, but i'm just going to view my side, somebody who wrote a 1 star review for this album said slipknot sounds like theres only two guys in the band instead of 9, That is a bit dramatized but also true sometimes it sounds like there is maybe 4 guys in the band instead of 9,and i think james(A.K.A. number 4) & mick(a.k.a number 7) aren't the next kirk hammet(metallica) & kerry king(slayer) but there pretty good, the DJ sid (a.k.a number 0) gives the band a bad wrap for a lame reason somebody who doesn't listen to slipknot says wow look they have a dj there rap/rock posers like linkin park & limp bizkit! this couldn't be more from the truth theres very few rap influences on this album other then maybe spit it out & liberate.Craig (a.k.a number 5) really i see no purpose in the band for him you can barely hear his work on this album other then maybe eyeless and tattered & torn. Now the bassist paul is probably my least favorite member he isn't the greatest bassist and i can barely hear his bass period and they even said KoRn was a big influence on them but then paul burns a picture of them on stage. Now i wish the two percussionist chris (a.k.a number 3) & Shawn B.k.a clown ( or number 6) had more involvment in this album there great when you hear them but you don't hear them that much. Now the drummer joey (a.k.a number 1) is an awesome drummer one of the best in there genre. Now the final member vocals corey talor (a.k.a number 8) either you love his vocals or you hate them and personally i lvoe his vocal style. and a reviewer who gave this album 1 star or was rating what he thought was "commercial" music in a listamania said he heard wait & bleed on mtv every two minutes but i have a question for him, if you like metal why are you watching mtv " every two minutes?" Now here's my review on the album
01742617000027 - 4/5 AN ORIGINAL opening the title of it comes from the bar code on there ep release " mate, feed kill,& repeat" and the people on this song saying " the whole thing i think is sick" over & over are talking about a charles Manson documentary
Sic - 4/5 Good song, Corey taylor's lyric's are just very angry and i find them some what inspireing.
eyeless - 3.5 a good song but after a while gets annoying, and also the chorus going " you can't see california wihtout marlon brando's eyes" is from when the guys from slipknot were in ny signing there contract some crazy man ran down the street screaming " you can't see california without marlon brandon's eyes"
Wait & bleed - 5/5 great choice for a single love the fact that corey sings in this one, and why would mtv play this song its to 'hard" for mtv's viewers and mtv won't play anthing controversial or that won't give them anymore money.
Surfacing - 5/5 another awesome track that will kick your ass and leave you wanting more. The chorus makes me feel like i can get up and kick the world's ass.
Spit it out - 4.5/5 the 2nd single that was BANNED from mtv very good a little rap vocals but just a very little
Tattered & torn - 4/5 an odd & short song but i like it you can actually hear what craig is doing in this song.
Me inside - 2.5/5 the only song that i don't care for this song replaced purity which was on the original version. and "me inside was actually only an extra on the digipack version of this album, purity is tons better
Liberate - 10/5 awesome song great lyrics & vocal style one of the best
Prosthetics - 4.5/5 another very good song i love the intro to it.
no life - 4/5 - vocals could be a bit better and so could the lyrics but joey's drums kick ass in this one
diluted - 5/5 a very sad song (to me) you can feel Corey's pain in this one. another favorite
Only one- 3.5/ good but its over to quickly
Scissors - 15/5 My favorite track off this album an amazing 8 + minute ballad amazing sometimes its a heavy kick your ass song the next minute ts a slow & sad song. amazing
All in all this is a great major label debut & if you are considering bying this album by all means do so, not many of the 1 star voters actually sit & listen to the whole album (i'm not saying all don't) and before i end this i'd like to say this somebody said corey take's his vocals from the lead singer of mudvayne(another good band) but didn't mudvayne's 1st album get released a year after slipknot's debut was released? (which was produced by clown) and why are all the people who call themselves "actuall metalheads" ( and i think i am one) judging slipknot and trying to categorize them? isn't that what mtv & the maisntream do? Well in conclusion this a great album and i recommend it. I hope this review could help you. Stay (sic) maggots.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2003
***** - Perfect
**** - Excellent
*** - Good
** - Average
* - Poor
1. 742617000027 - ***
Eerie sounds of sampling mixed in with the phrase "The Whole Thing I Think Is Sic" looped repetitively. Classic SlipKnoT Intro, superior to the one on Iowa.
2. (Sic) - ****
The first song off of S/T. Heavy and intense, it shows off the technical abilities of all 9 members together. Solid track.

3. Eyeless - *****
Amazing production. Contains the memorable chorus "You Can't See California Without Marlon Brando's Eyes". Great guitar work juxtaposed against the loud vocals and awesome drumming/percussion.
4. Wait And Bleed - *****
The break-through song that brought them platinum success. Taylor's ethereal singing is what makes this song stand out. His great vocal range makes this one of the most melodic and commercial songs in SlipKnoT's repertoire.
5. Surfacing - ****
Awesome sampling/synth work by Craig Jones (5) and impressive scratching done by DJ Sid Wilson (0). Both of their absense were greatly missed on Iowa. Blaring chorus and heavy guitars makes this song a powerful addition to S/T.
6. Spit It Out - *****
Absolutely Mesmerizing! Easily SlipKnoT's best song to date. Corey's incredibly fast rapping is in perfect timing to the simple but effective guitars of James and Mick. Delivered with absolute perfection. The epitome of this band's musical brilliance.
7. Tattered & Torn - **
The closest track resembling somewhat of an instrumental on this album. Although initially creepy and interesting, it becomes tediously repetitive. Satisfactory.
8. Me Inside - *****
Astounding sampling and scratching once again. An extremely beautiful chorus with effective guitars. Short and compelling.
Very well executed.
9. Liberate - ****
Devastating vocals provided by Taylor but is also fairly catchy. Intensity builds as time progresses. Decent track.
10. Prosthetics - **

An extremely intriguing intro which tanked into a fall-flat performance. Nothing too special. Could have been a lot better.
11. No Life - ***
A fairly good song with a lot of resemblance to Liberate. A little disorganized at times but still a worthy song.
12. Diluted - ****
Great lyrics and very original. The replayability of this track is one of the highest on this CD.
13. Only One - ****
With the equivalent speedy lyrics of Spit It Out, it does a decent job of building up the intensity into the chorus. A bit short but a stimulating performance.
14. Scissors - ****
Disturbingly intriguing. An incredibly dark and twisted theme but surprisingly listenable. Taylor spills a lung and some organs during in the end.
15. Eeyore [Bonus] - *****
Without a doubt, the heaviest song on S/T. Joey Jordison (1), who has been doing an outstanding job on the drums throughout the whole album puts on an even more breathtaking exhibition in this gem of a track. Everyone puts on an amazing last-ditch effort to conclude their incredible self-titled debut.
Overall - *****
Revolutionary Nu-Metal. Highly Recommended.
- aZnXgIn.
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22 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on January 23, 2000
Basically I bought this cd because of the cover. I had never heard of them but those guys looked freaky so I got it. I'm glad I did. This is the heaviest album I have ever heard. 1 through 15, every song is complete chaos. The drums and percussion definitely are the key. Slipknot's drums have a little bit of that Sepultura tribal sound and the blazing Slayer double bass. But its all multiplied. The sound is just crushing. Ignore everyone that tells you that Slipknot sounds like Korn. I don't understand this at all. Its not the vocals. Corey has one of the darkest, angriest voices you will ever hear. Its not the guitars or bass either. Just because a group downtunes everything doesn't mean they turn into Korn. Seriously, you haven't heard anything with a combination of melody, darkness, and all out thrash like Slipknot. Gives me chills every time I listen to it, which is almost every day. Its really hard to compare them to other bands. But if I had to, I would say their music is a combination of Slayer, Static-X, and Chaos-AD era Sepultura. Add to that the growling vocals with a little bit of rap style, and the fastest drums on earth. You have to get your hands on this. You won't be sorry.
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37 of 47 people found the following review helpful
on May 7, 2000
Well, first,let me tell you, I usually dislike hard(core) musci like this,but i had heard pretty good things about this i decided to give it a try.The minute (Sic) started playing....I WAS BLOWN AWAY! This album is pure madness,without being just repetitive annoying screaming. The lyrics are deep and hard,and the Corey's voice is astonishing, he can switch from Screaming to singing in fractions of a second... But my complaint is, I bought this album in August 1999,and buy then, this album inluded an amazing song called PURITY and it did NOT have "Me Inside", and it didn't have the slipknot logo at the top either....and it had 15 songs, plus 2 or 3 hidden ones. I bought both albums now, and i can honestly tell you the first version is a LOT better, don't get me wrong, Me inside is a good song, but it is NOTHING compared to the brilliant PURITY. Well,all in all, this band is not for everyone, but if you like hard music (this is not metal), deep lyrics, great guitar playing and an amazing singer.....then this is a safe bet.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on March 18, 2000
I held off buying this album for the LONGEST time because in every single review I read, I saw Limp Bizkit, Korn, Machine Head, so on and so on.... These bands have no place in the same THOUGHT as Slipknot. I am a huge death metal fan. I'm not saying this in a way that's says, "My music's so much harder than Korn (et all)." I'm simply saying this so that people who like heavier music will realize that they might enjoy this as well. I know that that some death metal fans will say that I'm a sell-out, but I'm 26, and have been listening to this style for 15 years! What finally convinced me was an interview when Slipknot members said that they try to convince their more commercial fans to listen to Death, Malevolent Creation, and Suffocation (brutal). They also said that the next album will have "more blast beats and more grinding riffs...we're also going to incorporate more death metal and black metal elements." I can't wait! These guys took me totally off guard! I don't love the samples/scratching (which is minimal), but the ferocity of 90% of the material makes me look past all of this. To the fans who say Slipknot's popularity is "...because you're wearing you're masks that you're getting money and publicty." You need to either focus on the Latin explosion, or get hard! Also, to the soft gentleman who said that Slipknot "screams" too much. Please, I have a Backstreet Boys cd for you.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on August 12, 2000
I had the privelage of seeing Slipknot on the Ozzfest tour before their album came out. They were the most incredible live band i had ever seen. When their album Slipknot came out i was among the first to get it. I had expected their album to not live up to their live show. I was thoroughly impressed when the album captured slipknot's live show. The album starts strong. wait and bleed, sic, purity, and no life are my personal favorites though the album as a whole is solid. A must have for any new metal fans. they are in the same genre as korn, limp bizkit, coal chamber, etc. but they sound nothing like them yet some similarities are their. Slipknot is the band that will bring REAL heavy music to the mainstream, not korn or limp bizkit. this album is a must have.
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