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on December 11, 2003
This has long been my favorite movie ever made. As a lover of fairy tales, it sparked my interest immediately, and as a girl my favorite fairy tale of all was "Cinderella."
Here, the Sherman Brothers (writers of "Mary Poppins") have brought this classic story to a whole new level. The richness of this tale is unsurpassed. In spite of its being fairly cheesy (hardly surprising in a fairy tale, after all) it is also wonderfully charming. The story is expanded excellently, and this new release of it includes never-before-seen footage as well. The added footage was wonderful, I was so upset that they had actually left it OUT! There are even two new songs that were not in the original release, and a couple of other songs are expanded.
The music is breathtaking and sometimes downright haunting (as in the case of "Tell Him Anything" or "I Can't Forget the Melody"), the cinematography is gorgeous, and the costumes are simply unbelievable! I wanted to be in that movie if only for the sake of those scrumptious costumes! ;-)
For the lover of the musical, or simply a lover of fairy tales, this is the best of them all.
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on May 5, 2001
I first saw that movie when I was in second grade and I remember putting "Gemma Craven" (the actress, who plays Cinderella) as my "Favorite Actress" in my diary. I have seen this movie so many times now and I can watch it over and over again... The music is amazing (by the Sherman Brothers, who also wrote "Mary Poppins" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"). The story is so detailed and realistic for those times and full of humor and subtle irony. Everytime I watch that movie I find another detail that makes me smile - it is definitely not only for children, but also for adults with a big heart. It was produced with a love to detail. The costumes and the scenery are truly magical and splendid. There are no words to really describe the beauty of them. The dancing scenes are wonderfully choreographed and danced. The actors not only play their roles - they ARE them. I would not change one single actor - they all are so unique and could not have been chosen better: I love the slightly confused King, the wicked but stylish Stepmother, the loveable Fairy Godmother and of course Richard Chamberlain as the charming Prince and Gemma Craven as the beautiful and touching Cinderella. I can unconditionally recommend that movie. I have seen most Cinderella movies (old and new, musical and fairy tale, ballet versions etc.) and this is my most favorite!
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on February 18, 2000
"Wonderfully, beautifully it happens and your world is new," says Cinderella in this long awaited film, which is FINALLY being released in its entirety -- the full length, British version! This wonderful, lavish musical of the story of Cinderella, stars Richard Chamberlain as the Prince, Gemma Craven as Cinderella, and a wonderful cast including Annette Crosbie, Michael Hordern, Christopher Gable, Kenneth More, Margaret Lockwood, and Dame Edith Evans. The musical score is brilliantly written by the incomparable Sherman Brothers, who also co-wrote the script with Director Bryan Forbes. This is a great film for all ages, and sure to be a perfect addition to your movie collection.
ALSO INCLUDED on the DVD are an audio commentary by director Bryan Forbes, a video interview with the Sherman Brothers, and a promotional featurette -- "Cinderella Story: The Making of 'The Slipper and the Rose".
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on November 7, 2013
A box-office disappointment upon its original release, the lovely David Frost production of THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE has arrived on Blu-Ray from Inception Entertainment.

An extravagant musical adaptation of the Cinderella story by director Bryan Forbes and song-meisters Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman, who wrote a handful of tuneful compositions, "The Slipper and the Rose" was one of the last big-budget musicals of its kind produced for the screen. Gemma Craven makes for an endearing Cinderella while Richard Chamberlain struts his stuff as the Prince (in a sympathetic performance Dougray Scott would draw upon to a degree in "Ever After" years later), and many wonderful British vets appear in secondary roles, from Kenneth More to Edith Evans, Michael Hordern, Margaret Lockwood, and others. The film is overlong but beautifully shot by Tony Imi, whose widescreen compositions give the mostly set-bound dramatics some theatrical impact. The Shermans' songs run the gamut from bouncy to unnecessary, but between the good-natured performances and stripped-down fantasy elements (again, an aspect "Ever After" emulated some time later), this is one of the more memorable adaptations of the Cinderella story placed on-screen, with ample charm and elegance to spare.

Out of circulation for many years, "The Slipper and the Rose" made is way to DVD in the U.S. over a decade ago from Image Entertainment. That release contained the full-length British version of the movie (Universal trimmed some 15 minutes for its U.S. theatrical release) along with several special features. Inception's Blu-Ray marks the first release of the film on video domestically since that out-of-print release, and it's a beauty: the label's 1080p AVC encoded transfer is spectacular, marked by fine detail, natural grain and gorgeous colors. It's as impressive as any catalog release I've seen this year.

A number of audio options are included, from a 5.1 DTS MA mix to a LPCM 2.0 stereo track that's more limited in its stereophonic range, and an "alternative" 5.1 DTS MA mix that's not quite as bass-heavy as the other DTS MA mix. All the extras from the Image release have also been retained: audio commentary by director Bryan Forbes (particularly interesting as he discusses the film's production and bizarre financing), a 30-minute, vintage promotional documentary hosted by Frost (who executive-produced the film), and a 17-minute on-camera interview with the Sherman Brothers rounds out a terrific package all around. Highly recommended.
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on February 19, 2000
I think I was about five years old when I first saw this movie, and immediately I was hooked. It tells the story of Cinderella, and has to be one of the most lavish tellings of the tale that I have ever seen. The sets and scenery are beautiful, as are the magnificent houses which remind me of the castles we all longed to live in as young children. All roles in the film are cast perfectly, especially Margaret Lockwood as the wicked stepmother, who makes life hellish for our beautiful heroine.
The Slipper and the Rose, never takes itself too seriously, but at all times remains engaging. At the time of its theatrical release, this film was not received well, however everyone that I know who has seen it, has remarked on what a fun, witty, and romantic film it is, with fantastic music and songs that you hum for days afterwards. Definitely one for the collection.
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on February 11, 2004
I remember seeing this when I was young, but couldn't remember the name of it. I was delighted when I found it again.

The leads are wonderful, particularly Richard Chamberlain, a very kind and thoughtful prince. As a veteran actor, you can almost see what he is thinking. Veteran, indeed; though 40 when he played this role, he is believable as young prince Edward. Actually getting to know the prince (who is onscreen at least as much as Cinderella) is one of the things that make this retelling of the tale superior and adds to the richness of the story.

Gemma Craven's Cinderella is lovable rather than "parroting" goodness, managing to stay just this side of sappy. You believe in Cinderella as a noble being, one willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her people while trying to minimize the pain this will cause the prince. You can't help being delighted for her when things turn out right in the end.

The ensemble work is good as well. The showstopping song and dance of "Position and Positioning" is particularly fine, bringing back memories of "Chim Chim Cher-ee" on the rooftop in "Mary Poppins," also the work of the Sherman brothers. A few songs, like "Proticoligorically Correct," do drag things down a bit, but the rest of the film more than makes up for it.

The best performance by far, though, is that of Annette Crosby as the Fairy Godmother. Bypassing sugary-sweet, Ms. Crosby's performance is delightfully tart and very funny. As a bonus, the reason for the "leave before the stroke of midnight" stricture is at last explained.

Even the actors without lines add to the fun. The facial expressions of the Queen mother of "the other bride" in the scene where her husband and the King of Euphrania discuss their problem children make me laugh every time I see it.

For fans of the Cinderella myth, this is a good version to choose.
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on November 25, 2013
This blue ray edition of The Slipper and the Rose is such an improvement is quality that it is well worth the upgrade!

This movie is a childhood favorite. I was thrilled to be able to purchase the movie on DVD. Watching the Blue Ray version was like watching again for the first time. The picture and images are crystal clear. The finest details and trims on those amazing costumes stand out. The ballroom scene was a rainbow of colors.
I highly recommend the upgrade from DVD.
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on November 25, 2007
Price wise....ya its cheaper than the 2000 issue

this one is only Full Screen 1:33
127 min run time

the 2000 issue is now up to $25.00 +
but is Wide Screen 2:35
143 min run time

yes their really are reasons to know what movie versions are out there to know what one really is the best to buy!
this one isn't it!
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on June 5, 2000
I found this movie one day on the Disney Channel while flipping throug the channels. I only saw the last hour or so, but I was enthralled. I have looked for it for 2 years. Then I discovered it's finally on video. I bought it at once, naturally. This is the most romantic version of the famous tale that I've ever seen. Richard Chamberlain does an outstanding performance as the prince. He's handsome, charming and witty. I'm surprised more of the princesses didn't agree to come to the bride finding ball. Gemma Cravens is the perfect Cinderella: beautiful, sweet, and kind. A princess in her manner and character. Edward and Cinderella are the perfect couple. Their love is touching. And I like all the twists and turns in the story that leave you wondering if maybe the prince won't marry his beloved Cinderella. But of course he does, but the two go through a lot. They have their problems and separations. It's not all roses for them. Though this is a fairy tale, it doesn't seem like it. It's all very believable. And very well done. It didn't lack anything at all. It's just a wonderful, romantic tale, and a joy to watch. Love really does find a way!
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on June 16, 2000
I saw this movie years ago on the Disney Channel, fell in love, taped it, and have worn out the tape. I have been searching for over ten years for this wonderful musical and was utterly delighted to find it finally available. The characters are intelligent, funny, and believeable. The plot fleshes out the familiar story and adds enough twists and inside jokes to keep adults guessing but keeps it colorful and magical enough for kids to love it too. The music is memorable enough that even without seeing it for years I can still hum the tunes. Cinderella and her prince are as charming and noble as any self-respecting fairy tale lover would wish and the Fairy Godmother nearly steals the show. This wonderful movie can be summed up in one word: Enchanting!
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