Slow Carb Diet with diabetes I've been doing the slow carb diet and my mom wants to do it too, but she has diabetes. Now, i've read the chapters of the book but i didn't find anything regarding of people with this condition to do the diet. Does anybody know if you can or can't do it?
asked by J. Madrigal on February 16, 2011
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On YouTube, look up Gary Taubes. He discusses the science of why we get fat and what we can do about it. If your mother would listen to his videos, perhaps buy or get the book from the library and give up wheat bread, all other breads, virtually all starches, any real sugar in things like soda pop, glazed donuts, cokes, pepsi and instead eat until she is full of all meats, eggs, modest milk products,,,medium chain coconut oil and toss out the soy products, the vegetable oils, etc, she will lose weight, stop the shakes and sweats and headaches and within 6 months, be a transformed person.
Gary Mullennix answered on September 1, 2012
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I am diabetic type II and I have been doing the diet for about one week (very strict to the plan) . After 3 days in the diet my blood sugar has been 115-135 mg/dl at every test and barely rises after meals (perhaps 155 mg/dl. For me, this is fantastic since my blood glucose levels were pretty poorly controlled previously even with Metaformin (Glucophage).

I started at 257lbs (large muscular frame) I have lost about 5 lbs in less than week. Weight loss was my primary goal, but the blood sugar control is an unexpected win. Even if the diet stalls I am going to stick with it. I am very happy about this.

The routine I am doing:

Breakfast: Large Egg white omelet, with small amount of cheese.

Mid morning Large Coffee (small amount of cream/milk, splenda/equal)
Lunch: Mexican food (black beans/pinto beans, lettuce, shredded beef, guacamole, pico de gallo, hot sauce) NO CHIPS or TORTILLA.

Dinner: Can of pinto beans, 8-10oz lean strip steak (stir fry olive oil), 1/2 head of cauliflower (usually mock mashed-potato style which tastes great!)

3 Walnuts before bed.

25 Deep knee bends 20 mins before/after lunch/dinner.

Per recommendation, eating the same thing every day.

First cheat day is tomorrow. Not sure what I will do exactly there. Not really craving sweets or pizza.

Update: 29Feb2012

I have been going this diet since Sept/Oct 2011 time frame. Now down to 237 lbs and have put on about 7 lbs of muscle (by measurement with BodPod), so a total fat loss of ~27LBS and much better body body fat composition.

My blood sugar is now well controlled even when I do my "cheat days" So I am certainly sticking with it.

Bruce Q. Hammond answered on October 28, 2011
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Thank you both for your answers. I'm gonna tell my mom as soon as i can
J. Madrigal answered on April 26, 2011
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The diet doesn't introduce carbs/sugar unless is cheat day, should be fine. There was a guy on a forum with diabetes who is doing it and is performing well.

I suggest you go to the forum and participate, advise is diluted by critics and/or people who are not going through the process.

google 4hbtalk
Aaron answered on April 17, 2011
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Your Mom needs to monitor her blood sugar, and talk to her doctor before doing any major change like this. If she has Type II diabetes, people may think that going low carb will help diabetes, but I'm not having that same experience. The liver can make lots of glucose and dramatically increase your blood sugar if you go too low on the carbs. The liver is trying to balance things. Your mother's doctor can give her guidelines, so she does not have this problem. I had to find a balance and spread my carbs through the day. If someone has Type I diabetes then it is absolutely essential that they speak with their doctor first.
Karla E. Patterson answered on March 1, 2011
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