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on June 29, 2004
If you are thinking of buying any Obituary, really you can't go wrong. Every album they made--
Slowly We Rot
Cause of Death
The End Complete
World Demise
Back from the Dead--
all kick much a$$. The first four CDs listed above you can get cheap and remastered with these 2-fer sets, which are a good deal. Their style is blood-gurgling/bass-drum battering death metal that never relents. These two albums just sound mean.
If you already have these CDs, then you may still want to upgrade for a few reasons. This set features 5 demos at the ends of the respective CDs and the other 2-fer has 5 live tracks from way back. The original album covers are included full-size inside the packaging, so don't worry about having to squint to see the Cause of Death painting. The remaster job makes it all a little crisper, but let's be honest, these albums are more-or-less intentionally lo-fi. There aren't any lyrics included, oddly enough. Obituary often wrote some of the best lyrics around, particularly as their career wore on and they became more socially-conscious.
If you are new to Obituary's style of DM, then I have to say they offer a new twist on the typical proceedings. The musicianship is commendable, but John Tardy's vocals are really what sets them apart from other great bands like Suffocation or Pestilence.
Should you buy this album. Yes. Cast a vote for Obituary and send Britney Spears to hell!
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on January 11, 2005
if a rotting corpes popped out of the ground & started talking to you, he would sound like john tardy.i heard that on the 1st album ("slowly..") they did'nt even bother to write lyrics for a lot of the songs.he would just scream,growl,grunt,& howl whatever sounded right.this may turn some people off but its so cool to me.this may have came out 4 or 5 years after "scream bloody gore" & "seven churches" but i still consider obituary 5 of the founding fathers of death metal.nothing realy stands out on either album from any other part of either album(did that make sence?).no one band member realy stands out either .they all compliment one another equally here for two well rounded & very entertaining cds.i would have to say, though that if somone asked me what death metal was i'd have to pop in "cause of death" track 7 ,the title track.
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on February 27, 2004
this is not at all pretty, or beautiful. i love that. an album that can really create a mood. obituary are a band of simplicity. what more can you want if its just perfect? nothing extreme, or pushing the limit. the vocals are very stand out, and every guitar line is dark, low, fast, to slow. i love it. if you are just looking for a simple death metal CD, from back in the day , this is it.
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on July 9, 2004
Obituary was one of the myriad of death metal bands to rise out of Florida in the late '80s, along with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Death. And they are probably the best of those bands. Sure, they're pretty much a more extreme version of Death's first album, but the music IS very good, and there are some doom-metal bits scattered over both these albums. While the albums here aren't as good as their next two albums (with Cause of Death being their career lowpoint), there are enough good songs on here to warrent picking this up. Everything sounds great with the remastering, and there's a few bonus tracks for each album.
On the downside, no lyrics are included (though the vocal are partially understandable). Plus, the cover artwork is horrible. What's with the cheesy, kinda CG looking hands and crypt, with the bands name looking very out of place? Would it have been so hard to simply have the band logo, and pictures of the albums included?
Despite the packaging, this set is still worth picking up for it's low price and great music.
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on May 5, 2006
Obituary was one of the main DM bands to come out of Florida in the late 80's- early 90's. They disbanded for a while, but recently got back together & released another album, "Frozen in Time," which I hear is actually pretty good. But I guarentee it DOES NOT beat either of these 2 masterpeices... I don't know which one of these I like better. I'd have to say at 1st I liked "Cause of Death" better, but I've been listening to "Slowly We Rot" again lately, & it's just as good. I recommend this "2 From the vault" double pack because you get BOTH of their original classics remastered and for the same price as you'd pay for just one of them by themselves. Great DM here, get on the ball & get it man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on September 9, 2013
Obituary is a great band. John Tardy is a great vocalist. Their music is slow and groovy awesome death metal. However, these roadrunner reissues are garbage. The Dynamic Range is extremely low because of the loudness war. Every instrument is pushed up to 11. This in turn causes horrible distortion, and makes these editions essentially unlistenable. It's truly difficult to understand what is going on with these two from the vault reissues, the music sounds confused and choked by loudness. If you have original editions keep those. Luckily Roadrunner went out of business and got bought by Warner Bros. Perhaps WB will think of reissuing these early albums from the label again with a good remaster with dynamic range. Heck, they did it for the Grateful Dead, why not Death Metal and Roadrunner's early thrash albums?

I bought these two from the vault reissues but had a terrible time with them. I spent money on ORIGINALS just to be able to hear how these albums should actually sound. I'd've much rather been cheap. But my curiosity got the better of me.

I leave it up to the consumer to decide, but be forewarned. There's a karmic reason Roadrunner records was shut down. They prop up their bad music and forsake the stuff that made them great. They must have spent hardly a minute on these two from the vaults. Bad sound (the worst I've heard in pretty much any remaster I've encountered), no lyrics, no notes, these are cheap crap. Whoever had a hand in doing these back in the day should be ashamed of themselves.

The remaster will give you an idea of the album, but if you end up really enjoying these (it could happen) you may end up just splurging for an original anyways. What's surprising to me is I happened to pick up a '95 German press on accident and even then this record company was destroying their own product. Compared to an original '89 press, the '95 is cartoonishly clean, losing all the threatening atmosphere that made Slowly We Rot great. This record label truly lost their way after the early days. It would be cool to see the same treatment for their early albums that Earache does, remastering and reissuing every 5-6 years in a new way and with demos and bonus tracks. Some may think that's a label who's only trying to get your money, but I call it a label that cares.

Consider the number of albums Roadrunner had early:

Gorguts--Erosion of Sanity, Considered Dead
Immolation--Dawn of Possession
Obituary--Slowly we rot/ Cause of Death
Malevolent Creation--Ten Commandments, Retribution
Suffocation, Pestilence. Spheres, Consuming Impulse.

Along with all the bands from these two from the vault reissues.

You can find good reissues of Sepultura and Deicide but not these other great bands. It's a complete and total shame.

What about a boxset with adequate remasters of these two-from-the-vaults issues with liner notes or a booklet about the history of metal in the late 80s early 90s, an essay about the history of the label, about their involvment in these various movements? I just spent good money on the deluxe edition of Another Self Portrait which contained demos, a remastered album, a booklet, a book of photos, essays, a live album, and classy sound all around for Bob Dylan's 1969-1971 period. I spent a hundred dollars. Now I'm not saying you'd have to do ALL of that, but something nice with good sound for all these forgotten albums in a boxset I would buy in an instant. Do you know how much these albums go for on ebay? Sometimes a hundred dollars! And the record label (Roadrunner records) is still around! WARNER BROTHERS, if ever a stack of cash was knocking on your front door, this is it.

I am a consumer of music, I would buy all of these albums with adequate sound (like you did for Deicide's first two albums, they sound great). I'd like to hear the thrash as well as the death metal albums. Heck you've been around for 30 years plus, I think there's an anniversary there waiting to happen. I buy different issues of Earache albums, they're reissuing all kinds of stuff, where are you on this? They're reissuing vinyl versions of albums and remasters and Full Dynamic Range reissues to great fanfare, while you sit on the sidelines making nothing on royalties. You could be making Boo-Koo bucks! Stop being lame, remaster these albums like you did Deicide and Sepultura (perhaps not QUITE so loud this time) and put them in a boxset or release them individually.

And then just watch the sea of green roll in.

(By the way it'd be cool to see this for Nuclear Blast as well)
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on July 26, 2007
I found this one at a Borders store I believe it was and was amazed it was even available. Obituary was the first Death Metal band I ever listened to and I had the old CD of "Slowly We Rot" only, and to get their first 2 CD's for a decent price, remastered, with extra tracks was just too much of a good thing I thought. The great part about these types of packages is the amount of space they take up also, I may get the next two CD's also eventually.

Eventually I've gotten into bands like Death, Morbid Angel, and of course who can leave out Possessed and their "Seven Churches" CD..which I guess can be considered an early version of a DM band. Obituary remains my favorite of all time though, "Slowly We Rot" I can listen to over and over, especially in the fall (Halloween season), just sets the mood perfectly at times. My fav song by Obit up to this point was and still is "Chopped In Half" on Cause Of Death also, and it's a decent record also.

Obit to me just had the most extreme DM vocals, no lyrics just like I like it, although like has been said you can understand some of it, or at least I can make out a few growls, I always prefer the vox in DM to be just another instrument. Obit and eventually getting into Deicide were and are still to me the heaviest of the DM bands, Death perhaps took it to the next level, and they are probably the best ever, but as far as pure force and sticking to the original sounds, you gotta love Obituary, to me it's fun music to listen to, it's really pummeling and heavy, and regardless of how simple it seems by todays standards; and we all know how technical and sophisticated DM bands are today and this and that, but to me this stuff is classic DM.
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on June 26, 2009
I just finished up my reviews of "Slowly We Rot" and "Cause of Death", but this packaging is how I got both albums. These are two extreme metal classics and are worth checking out if you're a fan of heavier metal. Obituary proves what a great band they are here, with the first album, "Slowly We Rot" being rawer and more stripped-down, like an edgier Slayer, and "Cause of Death" shows the band delving into more progressive, technical and classically-influenced death metal. Both albums are truly great, and at a price like this, you're gonna be on a dark and twisted path to headbanging in no time! Thanks for the time, and peace.
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on February 21, 2012
way back in the dark ages of the metallian, when i first heard "Slowly We Rot," it shocked me. i liked me some "Leprosy" and some "Scream Bloody Gore" at the time, but john tardy and his zombie growlin' struck a chord that began a fundamental ripple that changed into a rip-tide on the ocean of music, and heavy metal along with myself were never the same again. the doomy, groovy sabbath riffs mixed with blasting and a forbidding atmosphere etched a mark on my musical tastes that exist to present day. this is really an excellent deal for an album purchase--you get both "Slowly We Rot" coupled with the more refined, better produced "Cause of Death," a combo that just can't be's akin to making a double disc release of "Stained Class" and "Unleashed in the East."
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on December 19, 2007
Awesome stuff and combining these 2 classic metal albums in 1 package is just a wealth of riches. Great death metal. You cannot go wrong.

Take my word for something... On these 2 fer re-releases you absolutely must have this one and the one from Suffocation. Both of those are absolute gold mines! Each of those 4 albums are genre leading albums but Cause of Death and Pierced From Within are 2 of the best metal albums you are going to hear. Truely those 2 are brillant.
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