Customer Reviews: Red Dragon Inn 3
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on July 5, 2011
This is the third Red Dragon inn game and the basic play is the same as the other two. You play an adventurer who is done with their quest and is back at the bar drinking and gambling. You want to be the last one sober enough to stand a still have money.

This time around they added special rules for each of the new characters. The orc paladin struggles with her purity, the troll alchemist is making potions, the pixie enchanter has a wolf constantly changing moods and how much card affects happen. and the gnome tinker making artifacts to varying affects. These special rules make this game good as an expansion for those who have played before ,but this is harder for new players looking for a quick fun game.

Don't get me wrong--this is a decent stand-alone game. It's just that it doesn't live up to the standard set by the Red Dragon Inn.
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on November 20, 2013
This is the third entry in this series and forces comparisons to the earlier entries. As a board game on it's own this is a ton of fun and is easily one of the best ways to cap off a night of more serious game play. There are also some hilarious possibilities for usage as a real drinking game if a beer pong table isn't available. In a vacuum this game is a must own.

But as an expansion or an alternative to numbers one and two, this game comes up a hair short in my opinion. I'm not saying that it is bad by any stretch. The bar was set high to begin with by the series. I'm only taking off one star and I'm still very happy with my purchase. But the game explores a new mechanic by introducing a second deck of playing cards to characters. The idea sounds cool and it definitely has it's moments. But in my opinion it unnecessarily complicates things and waters down the experience. The tinkerer deck in particular injects a huge amount of randomness to a game that already had plenty.

Again, this is a great game that should be very successful. If you already like the series by all means pick it up. But if this is going to be your first visit to the Red Dragon Inn I would grab the first or second game.
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on November 26, 2013
Massive improvement over the first 2: Characters each have a distinct twist or complexity to add some minor depth to the game.

Best to have 1 set from first to games (1 or 2, doesn't matter, but both would be a bit redundant and repetitive) for new players to choose a character and a copy of 3 for experienced players to choose one.
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on June 4, 2015
RDI3 is my favorite complete deck set out of all the current RDIs (5 is not yet out). Each character is varied, possesses a secondary deck mechanic, and is well rounded. Unlike many of the other decks where one or more characters may feel underpowered, all four of these characters are fully flushed out. That said, I would not recommend this set for brand new players to RDI. The secondary decks may confuse users and blur core mechanics. Best for already-playing-RDI folks.

Character reviews:

Phrenk - Potions Master! He not only has a wide variety of potions, an interesting deck that has strong gambling abilities, heals and offense, his secondary Potions deck is as varied. It has heals, spikes, hit cards... and more than that, these cards can be sold to other players for Gold. Phrenk is fun, and a regular pick in our group.

Wizgelle - One of my all time favorite RDI decks. Wizgelle is a Critical Hit/Critical Miss character. As long as you're not afraid of wild cards, she's enormously fun to play. The majority of her cards require the use of a "Gear" card, which will change the affect of the card played. This can be really good or really bad. But that's part of the fun for me.

Kaylin - Probably the least super powered of this group, since she can have whole rounds (until her next turn) under the effect of a negative Wulfric card. Kaylin's secondary mechanic is a pet wolf deck, which gives a status buff for the duration of one round. Sometimes this is awesome, sometimes this is not awesome. She's also not super well versed in managing gold compared to the rest of the cast. But she is lots of fun, and has a card that lets her sit out an entire round (very strong when played at the right time).

Now.... Serena.
After playing with this deck for several years, my friends and I have a house rule--- we generally don't play Serena, because she is seriously overpowered. Serena players are generally ganged up on as a result (most often surviving anyway) which is a negative experience for everyone playing.

Why is Serena OP? Her Piety mechanic allows her to gain a scale of increasing/decreasing benefits from her cards depending on which side of the meter you're on. Most of her cards affect her Piety, either gaining or decreasing it. The problem is, I quickly figured out that it was not only very easy, but very advantageous to simply stay at max (8) Piety. Staying at 8 lets you use an incredibly large number of healing cards at their substantial benefit of 3 or higher. A smart player can literally go from near death to almost full HP, and such moves are completely within the card rules. In fact, a new Ally that came out (Brother Bastian) makes for some seriously long game play when Serena and he are both on board, if Bastian has enough luck to have received all of his prayer heals. Another house rule we have--- Serena and Bastian are not allowed in the same game.

To sum up everything.... If you're on the fence about RDI3, don't be. This is by far my favorite edition. The extra mechanics add a lot of value and fun for long time players. :)
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on January 16, 2012
I was looking for a new game to play with friends and family over the holidays and I came up with the first edition of Red Dragon Inn as my choice. It's now mid-January and I own all 3 versions! The game is very fun, pretty easy to learn and more durable than a lot of other card-based games I've played.

This edition brings 4 new characters to play but each are quite different than in versions 1 and 2. 3 of the characters have a second deck added to the mix to add a new level of play for them. For example, the fairy character has a wolf deck that you flip each turn that shows the current mood of the wolf. Based on his mood, your game play can change in the form of bonuses or negatives - so each round has another random level of game play that can be humorous and interesting.

I've seen comments on the game's forums where people thought this made these characters too powerful, but I disagree (so does the game creator, who commented back about the lengths they went through to game play these characters and the design works as equals to the others).

I've played these games with 2 people and as many as 6 so far - and in all situations it played very well. I recommend this game to anyone, really, and if your kid can read and play other "regular" card games, they should have the capability to play along with you as well.

This summer I plan on taking the full set on vacation with me and designing "drinking game" rules around it to see how that goes. I can't imagine that wouldn't go well, though. :)

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on May 29, 2013
...and I say possibly because I don't actually own the first one yet (I contributing to their KickStarter for the 4th installment and added it as a gift, so I won't get it 'til that's over). It's an interesting direction that they moved the series in; I dig the straightforward decks of the first two, but I think it was in danger of running out of creative steam unless they tinkered with it.

This one expands the ideas started with the two Ally decks, Erin and Pooky. All characters have their standard 40 card decks, same as the first two games, but this time out 3 characters have secondary decks. Kaylin the Pixie's pet wolf has his own deck, and his moods affect gameplay for her. When Wizgill the tinkerer plays any cards that involve one of her inventions, she also draws from her secondary deck to determine how well that invention worked (or if it worked at all!). And Brewmaster Phrenk has a potion deck that he can play as though they were in his hand (he can sell them, too). The fourth character, Serena the Orc, has a piety counter similar to Pookie's mood counter. She plays better defense when she keeps to her morals, but she's deadly when she doesn't! Serena might be my favorite; when played right, she's probably the most powerful character, but there is some strategy involved in coordinating her moods.

The proviso I'd offer is that this one is a little complex for first-time players; though I haven't had too much difficulty showing friends, I could see how that could be frustrating. If you're intrigued, I'd start with 1 or 2 first, then move on to 3 when you want more characters.
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on February 17, 2012
Bought this game for my son, age 24. He and his friends have great fun playing this game and he needed a copy of his own. He brought it over and we used it for a family game night - with the expansion sets. It's a fun game, but the more you get to know the characters, the better you can play. You quickly learn which characters can defend against what and who tend to be stronger in certain traits. A nice gaming product!
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on October 27, 2015
The game is AMAZING, as to be expected, but sadly the quality of the content was just slightly below my expectations. The game came to me well protected with bubble wrapping, but due to just general shipment, the box was slightly damaged. Game boards were all there, everything was factory sealed, one board is peeling slightly, though. Otherwise, came on time, and has been a lot of fun to play :D
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on May 26, 2014
Adding new characters, a further enhanced drink deck and new drink event cards Red Dragon Inn 3 when played alone or with the first two open the game to 12 players. This game is a sure hit with friends. Adding on to the initial game mechanics this game adds individual rules for each character. While these new rules are simple it is suggested you have a few normal games under your belt before trying to learn new rules. If you do play 1, 2, and 3 together for a 12 person game I suggest you make rules on turn time, and pull out poker chips for your gold markers. While each board has gold tokens keeping them separate is not as easy as the other cards which are clearly marked. The poker chips will allow you to avoid counting the gold in each box at teh end of the night. Given the drinking theme this may be better suited for adults. This expansion can be played as a stand alone with the same rules and mechanics of RDI1. A great party game.
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on April 11, 2015
The original was great and this new one is great as a stand alone game or an expansion to be played with others. We play a lot of tabletop games and this is by far one of our favorites (I usually play my Pooky deck). This game never gets old.
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