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on November 23, 2012
I purposely began Amazon Prime just so I can watch Beverly Hills 90210. I'm thrilled that season 1 is available, but I would love to see seasons 2-10 available as well. Hopefully, they will keep adding the seasons :)
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on December 1, 2006
I once sold the entire first season on VHS on ebay when I was 13. The quality was better, my tapes had the original music, and werent missing any scenes. If that knowledge doesn't bother you then run out and buy these dvds. If you really want to collect the show...start setting your tivos on FX.
another question...what is going to happen in season 3. I flat out will not watch brenda crying over dylan without losing my religion. i will not watch ditch day without color me badd or the finale without blood is thicker than water. they seriously need to do something about this because at some point (if i admit that it doesn't matter now) the music is really going to make a huge difference.
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on October 5, 2006
really sad to hear/find out about the changes to music.... i really hate when something is changed from it's original created intention so i am quite displeased by the news... but i guess it's better than not having it at all maybe... the music is/was a huge part of things.

one thing that really was great concerning music was there were a number of key moments and r.e.m's "losing my religion" was played.. if i remember correctly first it was on a romantic date with brenda and dylan, then when \brenda and dylan broke up he sat and listened to the song in that spot in his car, then another time something bad happened the song was playing in the backround.... and finally when steve was really depressed once he put that song on the jukebox.

it's just things like that in which music plays a big part in a television show or movie and to change it or mess around with it takes a piece away from it.

i am really disappointed in this whole music rights issue... alot of greedy people out there these days.

One of the best series to come out in my humble opinion... it remained strong through 10 seasons of changes and topics and did it with style and kept things fresh... adding new characters here and there and old characters reemerging all the same.

the first season is very strong i recently caught the first season on the soap tv network as it airs it daily and it was really awesome to go back and see how brandon and dylan first met and to see how david and donna was before they really found their mark in the gang also steve is much more likeable early on than later... the episode list is as follows:

1. Class of Beverly Hills
2. The Green Room
3. Every Dream Has Its Price (Tag)
4. The First Time
5. One on One
6. Higher Education
7. Perfect Mom
8. The 17-Year Itch
9. The Gentle Art of Listening
10. Isn't It Romantic?
11. B.Y.O.B.
12. One Man and a Baby
13. Slumber Party
14. East Side Story
15. A Fling in Palm Springs (a.k.a. Palm Springs Weekend)
16. Fame Is Where You Find It
17. Stand (Up) and Deliver
18. It's Only a Test
19. April Is the Cruelest Month
20. Spring Training
21. Spring Dance
22. Home Again

mathew perry appears in 19. april is the cruelest month in which he did a great job.

standout episodes of the first season in ny opinion were:

1. "class of beverly hills"
this is the beginning of it all where brenda and brandon move from minnesota to beverly hills and face their first day at their new school and in their new lives... what's great here is to see the way brandon looked in this first season he had kind of a mullet going and had a different mouth characteristic than he does later (in fact in the very next episode) which leads me to believe he may of had some work done... i don't think he needed to if that's the case because i liked the way he looks in this episode brenda on the otherhand looks much better later on in the series.

the twins are quickly introduced to the fast lifestyle of beverly hills as they end up going to a big party which seems to be norm there.

2. "the green room"
the legendary dylan mckay makes his first appearance in this episode and quickly him and brandom become friends... surfing is the backdrop and it is a well done episode all around.

11. "b.y.o.b."
bring your own beer has it's backdrop at a party which takes place at donna's.. this episode is great because it's one of the few times the straight laced brandon ever gets wasted and let's loose and it is pretty funny untill it ends up bad which is probably why he never is like that.

16. "fame is where you find it"
this isn't really a great episode i didn't think but for some reason i found it to be very romantic in a real way... and very touching in it's romance.. a very naive brandon sort of having one of those dream moments in time where you feel as if you are in love and everything is a dream and i just think it captures that whole romantic naive young love sort of state of being... and a very romantic skating scene between the two.

21. "spring dance"
the big dance is here and donna gets wasted, brenda loses her virginity and steve breaks down... this episode was packed with drama.

not saying the other episodes were bad just those stood out a bit at this very time.. probably tomorrow other ones would stick out more but at this time those are the ones.

i do think the second and third seasons get a little better than the first and i especially like when dana barron appears in the third season as brandon's girlfriend nikki... she is a very underrated character in the series and it was really sad to see her go when she did go... but i can't wait till that season comes out so i can relieve her time on the show.

beverly hills fans this and the future releases are a must buy and anyone who has never seen the series or has only seen some of it.. definitely worth it to see the beginnings and how it all started.
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on December 1, 2006
Yeah so these dvds blow. I love 90210 more than anything and I was stoked for the dvds. I knew that the original music would be gone and i was mad about that but I got them anyway...not knowing that the music was the least of the problems. These DVDs are missing parts of scenes. I think that its criminal for paramount to sell them this way. I know this because I have all of the episodes recorded on tape and I compared them scene for scene. The DVDs are totally incomplete. I will never buy another season. Some of the episodes are missing scenes that help make the whole show to make sense. These dvds make me not want to buy any show on DVD ever again. I will stick to my tapes for other seasons. Yeah and the music is totally off too... these suck and i don't think companies should be allowed to make so much money on a cheap imitation.
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on November 29, 2006
First of all, I was ecstatic after hearing about the Beverly Hills 90210 series coming to DVD. This was by far my favourite show on television growing up, and I am still thrilled to watch upcoming seasons. But one thing that has been bothering me after watching episode after episode, is the difference in music. I noticed it right away - as i was an avid watcher of the program and even taped episodes on VHS to watch over again for my own personal use. Now i know why it took so long to get this program out on DVD - and I am quite disappointed how the producers/creators could not satisfy the artists' requests to use their music for the DVD's. I am now on the episode where the girls have a slumber party at Brenda's house - and the song missing is "Monie Monie". When they are all "supposed to be" singing it - you feel such a lack of coordination. And this is not the only situation.....there are DOZENS MORE. The music is an integral part of the show - and I certainly hope this issue gets settled for the second season, cause i would HATE to see REM's Losing My Religion gone or the fun music from the Peach Pit...watching the DVD's is just not the same as the original program :(
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on March 22, 2011
I have loved everything about this show since its debut when I was in 4th grade. I used to DVR all of the reruns on TV, and I was SOOOO ecstatic to see them at a decent price on Amazon, so I quickly snatched up the first 3 seasons! To my UTTER disappointment so much of the original music had been changed!!! It's really sad to see a scene that used to have certain music in the back ground, which MADE THE WHOLE SCENE, and suddenly there's some music that's totally inappropriate for the year, and totally bastardizes the cheesy early 90's flow that made 90210 so fantastic! I was very disappointed and I wish that this was made clear to me prior to my purchase! And then they have Darren Star's commentaries and he completely ignores the fact that his show, that he's so proud of, has been edited so much that it no longer has its original appeal. Of course, I'm going to keep them because the show RULES despite the mid-90's ska music that sets the background for a bunch of kids in carry-over-80's clothing. If there HAD to be changes made, it could've been WAY more subtle (and someone should have done their research because having music that sounds like the Black Eyed Peas most recent album in the background of a club in 1990 is just ridiculous).
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on November 1, 2013
CBS ruined this show when they put them on DVD..The music from the original soundtrack was replaced with corny no name music...Also Amazon has the episodes in the wrong order..the titles are wrong on some of the shows..Also Amazon only streams the first season..They need to offer them all!!!
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on January 17, 2007
This was my favorite show of all time... I was in high school the same time as the 90210 kids, and had the gang not had 2 junior years, we would have graduated at the same time... anyway, the reason I couldn't give this DVD set 5 stars was that I noticed the music I remembered was missing and replaced with bland, generic "rock"-- I am guessing they couldn't get clearances for all the songs they used, but in some instances it really makes a difference!

90210 first caught my attention when they played a remix of "Star" by Erasure, one of my favorite bands, during the mother-daughter fashion show episode-- how cool and edgy was that?-- and hearing the song "Doin' The Do" by Betty Boo during the montage of Brenda getting ready for her big date with Dylan inspired me to get the Betty Boo album. I was really looking forward to both of those moments when I watched the episodes on the DVD set, and I was disappointed when neither song was used. Music played a key role in 90210, especially as the show progressed and the current pop acts would be the subject of or make an appearance on an episode (Flaming Lips, anyone?), and to not have the original music intact on the DVD set is really a shame.

I didn't think I would need to do this anymore, but I am going to have to start DVRing reruns when I can in order to capture the 90210 I remember.
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on March 14, 2014
I have always LOVED this TV show. I would LOVE it if Amazon Prime would offer all of the other seasons of Beverly Hills 90210 also. Watching this series was one of the reasons that I chose to join Amazon Prime. I was pretty disappointed to learn that you only offer the first season. Please add the rest?!
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on June 18, 2014
One of the reasons I was excited for Amazon Prime was to rematch my favorite old shows, starting with BH90210. Season 1 didn't disappoint, but WHERE'S THE REST!!! Please add soon, before I cancel my trial
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