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on August 31, 2012
At first I was very excited, I wanted the product like many others for airborne operations. I specifically intended to put it on my son's kite and on a weather balloon (after I get a GPS receiver). The camera is very small on weighs next to nothing, 15 grams.

It comes in a very nice tin. It was packaged very well and I received it in a very timely fashion. However, when I opened the instructions included in the cd I actually laughed out loud. The instructions are so ridiculous that it frustrated me for several hours. I charged the little device overnight (it only needs a few hours but I was going to bed). Because the instructions suck I thought it was not functioning. The camera would turn on and appear to go through the different modes and even worked as a webcam. But I could not seem to get it to function as a video recorder as advertised. What I found out through trial and error was that my Micro SD card needed to be reformatted. For some reason it did not want to function. After formatting the Micro SD card it worked like a champ. If the instructions were better I might have found this out a lot sooner.

I will upload a video review of the camera soon, hopefully later today. I managed to get about 83 mins of record time before the battery needed to be recharged. I will include some modified instructions if anyone is interested. They still are not perfect but you will be much better off than before.

HD Mini Camera User Manual

Product brief introduction
This product is a U disk storage, high-definition digital camera, camera motion detection, charge while shooting video, memory support 32GB, connects to the computer, direct storing function Micro SD card memory, security cameras, photo shoot and high-definition screen, the product has the advantages of simple operation, small and exquisite, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, is home security, education, living in areas such as the necessary practical tools, by the user's favor.
I Characteristics of Product
 It has small contour design, It is very fashionable and wearable and matches most outfits.
 Support webcam PC camera and chatting function.
 Support AVI video format.
 It can carry out high definition image recording under low illumination.
 Support 30 fps for 720*480
 Support USB1.1 and USB2.0.
 Support 32GB Micro SD card.(maximum) (This is confusing; here it indicated a 32GB card is supported but elsewhere it indicated 16GB was the largest card supported. I have a 16GB and it works great)

II Operation Guide

1. Charge
Before you use it the first time, charge it completely. The method for charging as following:
1.) Connect to computer: use USB cable to connect the computer, then it can be charged.
2.) Use adaptor: connect charger plug with USB cable, then plug into electrical connector receptacle, it can be charged.
When you charge it, the blue light will illuminate and red light will flash slowly, when finished charging, the red light stops flashing.

Notice: when battery power is not enough, the device will enter into protection mode, so it cannot be turned on. Charge it for continued use. Micro SD card must be formatted prior to use.

2. On/Off
Please confirm the Micro SD card has already been inserted!
Power on: Press power button for 3seconds , Blue indicator light illuminates.
Power off:In the suspended state, press the power button for 3seconds, indicator light turns off.

3. Video
Power on and device enters video mode, the red indicator light illuminates. Press REC (ON/OFF) once, red light will flash, indicating that recording has started; press REC (ON/OFF), the red indicator light illuminates stead, indicating suspension mode and saves the recorded content, if you need to record again , press REC (ON/OFF) once , and recording begins again.
Image resolution : 720 * 480 frames, 29 ~ 30fps / S.

a. Please make sure Micro SD card has been inserted, if not, it will power off automatically after about 5 seconds.
b. The maximum capacity of Micro SD card is 16GB.
c. Saving file needs certain time, so please don't press Operation button continuously in order to avoid saving unsmoothly and generating incomplete file.
d. When you make a video, please focus on the object and keep 50cm under sufficient illumination. Then the video will be right, natural color, clear and stable.

4. Take Photo
In the video mode, press mode button for short time, device enters camera mode, and blue indicator light illuminates. Press REC once and blue light flashes once, taking a photo. Repeat the process to take another photo
Image resolution :1280 * 1024

5.Recording (Audio Only)
In the camera mode , press mode button, device enters recording mode, red and blue light begins to illuminate. Press REC (ON/OFF) once, device begins recording as the red indicator light illuminates and the blue light flashes. Press REC (ON/OFF) once, red and blue light illuminates again, stop recording and save. Repeat the process to record more than one track.
6. Motion detection
In the normal mode, press mode button for 3-5 seconds, blue and red indicator light begins to bright, now it enters into motion detection mode. Camera within a moving object, the Blue indicator light flashes once then off, while began recording. Motion detection video, camera range without moving object, the machine stops automatically after 60 seconds, the blue and red indicator light backs light, to continue moving detection status.
In moving detection status, press REC, red indicator light begins to bright, stop and save .

7. Charging while video
Shutdown state, hold the video/camera button, connected to the power line, equipment startup, entry charging while video state.

8.Time set
The detail as following:
1. Insert Micro SD card, connect to computer, find a text called TIME.TXT under root directory of card.
2011-05-01 23:59:59,
2. open TIME.TXT,write correct date and time in the above format. Any other format will result in an error.

9. Auto-power off function
MINI DV-006H will save file and turn off automatically as following:
a. When you shoot video without enough power, file will be saved automatically, then auto-power off.
b. When disk space of MINI DV-006H is not enough, the indicator light will go out and the file will be saved automatically then the camera will power off.
c. Under standby mode, without any operation in 45 seconds, it will be auto-power off.

10.Connecting computer
It can connects computer under power off mode, standby mode or video mode, after that which can be used as U disk, who can copy, cut and paste, delete file.
When you connect it with USB port, a portable disk mark will be seen after several seconds. Red indicator light shines steady, yellow indicator light will be from flashed quickly to always brights.

a. When you connect to computer, if the machine cannot identify, or not see the portable U disk mark in 30 seconds, please insert it again.
b. It is better to copy or cut video file into computer hardware then play. Video file which is saved in the camera and played directly and will not play smoothly, the reason is that large amount of data cannot be transmitted fast enough.

11.PC Camera
Connect the device to computer with USB, the computer will identify the U disk, press any key, at this moment and the camera will switch to web cam mode. Then double click the network camera icon of my computer can be used as PC camera.
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on April 19, 2012
I too bought this little camera to do kite aerial video. It's very small, rivaling those keyfob cameras, and incredibly light. At $20 or less, it's worth a try.

The downside for me is the video quality. There may be more than one version of electronics for this camera, since other reviews mention smooth video. This is not too uncommon. Search on 808 keychain cameras to get an idea. My video is very jumpy, with a lot of slow rolling shutter distortions. This is with a class 6, 16GB micro SDHC card. Color balance tends to shift all over the place too, even in bright sunlight. I suspect that like some others, this camera really has a lower resolution sensor and upconverts the video to 1280x960. Either the sensor itself is slow, or the cpu can't keep up with the upconversion. Do not try to watch the videos over USB. Transfer the file first and then view if possible. The USB interface cannot keep up with the video stream. It uses MJPEG (motion jpeg) storage so the HD video files are huge, about 60MB/min.

The viewfinder is nearly useless. Not surprising at this size. It's only in focus with the camera 6-8 inches in front of your face, which makes the image too tiny to see.

Overall, for the price it's a fun little gadget to hang on a kite or RC without having to worry about it. The first time out, mine fell into a puddle. It wasn't immersed but it did get wet. It completely lost the video it was recording at the time, and became unresponsive for a long while. After few hours to dry out and a recharge, it was working fine again.
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on August 24, 2013
Worlds Smallest HD Digital Video Camera Mini Dv DVR [ASIN: B006H2MQ9S]

---and the vendor: NEWDIGI CO.,LTD.

First of all, this gizmo is a piece of crap; don't bother wasting your money on it.
The so-called "instructions" are useless. There is no booklet; you have to use the credit-card sized CD which contains two word documents. One is the instructions in the original Chinese. The other is the instructions translated into gibberish English from Chinese.
Even if you do try to follow them, they make no sense when compared to the way the devise operates. They refer to a sequence of flashing or blinking lights where none exists and at one point they refer to a yellow light, when the only color light it has is red or blue.
The only results I was able to obtain were completely accidental and I have no way of knowing what I did to get them.
Allegedly it works as an HD still camera, but no combination of button-pressing, colored lights or anything I've tried has produced a single still photo.

My gripe then becomes one with the vendor: NEWDIGI CO.,LTD.
Against my better judgement I ordered one of these things just to see if I could figure it out. I ordered new and received a tracking number and delivery date. So far so good.

The delivery date came and went so I plugged in the tracking number and was informed that the delivery method used did not provide for item tracking. I wrote to the vendor and received a very quick response to the effect that my package had been delivered -to their agent in California, where it was "delayed in customs."

Nearly a week after it was supposed to arrive I received my item and was puzzled to receive a Styrofoam box vehemently wrapped in strapping tape. Cutting it open, the cavity contained a loose collection of wires and gizmos inside plastic baggies. There was no invoice and I didn't know what I had received until I started picking through the jumble and saw the shiny silver logo printed on the face of the camera.

I then noticed fingerprints all over the parts and realised that far from being NEW like I had ordered, I received something that had obviously been used and most likely returned.

Then I tried using it.

Then I wrote a very unfavorable review, I cited the lateness, the fact that I ordered and paid for a new item and received used and the fact that the damned thing simply did not work.

Then I requested a refund.

Today, a week later, I received the following passive-aggressive response from the vendor, which I reprint exactly as received:

"You have received your proudcts now . , why you left a bad feedback for us for unreceived products reason ?
do you know 11 people and their famlies living on ths account ? do you know this account is their hope ?
God is watching you man . Please change the feedback for us.
thank you !"

Are they really trying to guilt-trip me into changing my review? SERIOUSLY?
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on October 5, 2014
It is NOT a 5 megapixel camera under any stretch of the imagination. It has a 720 x 480 pixel image sensor, upconverted in software to the 1280 * 1024 pixel still image size. The harsh reality is that in order to get a true 720p camera, you have to spend about $30+, and $70+ for true 1080p like the Mobius. That said, it packs a great deal of sophistication into a small package and it does amazing things for the price. Many people complain about the 'user manual', so I have rewritten it in American english below. Hope you enjoy it!


HD MINI DV-006H Camera User Manual

U disk storage, digital still, web cam & video camera (with motion detection and operation while charging), direct storage of images on Micro SD card.

I. Features
1. Supports Webcam and chatting functions.
2. Stores files in AVI video format (resolution to 720 * 480 pixels at 29 ~ 30fps) on up to 16GB T-flash (Micro SD)card.
3. Support USB1.1 and USB2.0.
4. Still photo mode uses 720 x 480 sensor (upscaled in software to 1280 * 1024 pixels)

II. Operation
1. Charge before use. Plug into USB charger via the mini USB port. Red light flashes, then stops flashing when charged.
Insufficient battery power will cause protection mode & shutdown.
2. Insert MicroSD card with contacts facing front of camera, into the push/push springloaded socket
on the side of the camera just under the strap ring.
Without a MicroSD card, unit will flash blue/red light 4 times then shut down.
3. Power on: Hold down ON/OFF button until blue light turns on. Then a steady red light indicates video default mode.
Power off: In any mode, hold ON/OFF button down until indicator light goes off.
Modes: Tapping MODE button cycles from video (red light)--> still camera (blue light)--> audio recorder (both lights).
4. Video: Power up; device enters video standby mode (red light on).
Tap ON/OFF once, recording starts and red light flashes. Note: the sound lags the video by a bit over 20 seconds.
Tap ON/OFF again, red light steady in standby, saves the video file in the 'VIDEO' folder as 'MOVI[nnnn].avi'.
CAUTION: Saving file takes some time. Avoid attempting to take another video too soon to prevent file corruption.
To take another separate video file, press ON/OFF again.
5. Still photos: tap the MODE button until the blue indicator lights.
Tap ON/OFF once and blue light goes off while photo is taken and saved as 'PICT[nnnn].jpg' in the 'PHOTO' folder.
When blue light reappears, repeat as often as needed.
6. Audio recording: Tap MODE button until both red and blue lights are on.
Tap ON/OFF once, device begins an audio recording (red light on, blue flashing).
Tap ON/OFF again, red and blue light are steady, recording stops and file is saved in the 'RECORD' folder as 'RECR[nnnn].wav'.
Repeatedly tapping the ON/OFF will save multiple audio files.
7. Motion detection
In video/standby mode, (red indicator) hold down MODE button until blue and red indicators light.
Camera detects moving object: Blue light on, red flashing during recording for a bit over 120 seconds.
If re-triggered any time during recording, camera adds another 2 minutes to the run time of the same file.
Stops automatically, then the blue and red indicators light showing motion detection standby status.
To stop: In moving detection mode, tap ON/OFF, red indicator lights, stops and saves.
8. Use while charging: in power down mode, hold the MODE button down, while connecting power, until light is blue, then red.
It is now in video standby while charging. Unit will stay in this mode for about an hour without external power.
9. Time set
a. Insert the Micro SD card via an adapter into a computer. Find a text named TIME.TXT under root directory of card.
b. open TIME.TXT, write current date exactly in this format: "2014-10-05 23:59:59" (without quotes). Camera realtime clock
will be updated to these values on powerup.
10. Auto-power off: MINI DV-006H will save file and turn off automatically:
a. When you operate without enough power.
b. When MINI DV-006H disk space is filled.
c. Under standby mode, without any operation in 45 seconds.
11. Connecting computer: It can connect to a computer under power off, standby mode or video mode,
in which it can be used as U disk for general file operations via USB port. A portable disk icon appear.
Red indicator lights, yellow indicator light indicates data activity.
a. When connected to a computer, if the file manager doesn't show the unit's icon dwithin 30 seconds, remove and re-insert.
b. The video files are best moved to a computer for viewing, since video file played from the camera may have dropouts.
12. PC Camera: Connected to computer via USB in U disk mode, press any key to switch to PC camera mode.
Double click the network camera icon of My Computer to use as PC camera.
13. Troubleshooting: When machine fails to respond for unknown reasons, it needs to be reset
by pressing the Reset button located between USB port and TF card with a paper clip end. Camera expects a clean, quality
Micro SD card. If any functions fail, reformatting the memory card may restore function.
14. Suitable use: Please follow State law. Do not use it illegally. Software upgrade: manufacturer will develop product software continuously, and customer may upgrade unit themselves. Please contact retailer for upgrade support.
Operating conditions: Use it under normal temperature and humidity suitable for human comfort.
Product is not waterproof. Do not force keys to avoid damage to them. Avoid dusty environments.
Do not aim the camera at the sun and other strong light sources to avoid sensor damage.
Dispose of as electronic waste to protect the environment. In order to avoid an explosion, do not throw unit into fire.
review image
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on August 2, 2012
I bought this just to play with but this product is really a scam.

The video is 1280x960 but they just put regular ntsc video in a frame so you get video with black bars that fill out the rest of the 1280x960 !!

The pictures are not 5MP (2592 x 1944) even in pixel size. The actual size is Width: 2048 pixels Height: 1536 pixels
which is 3MP but the pictures are heavily compressed or expanded and look like crap if you look at them 1x.

The camera has a clock which time stamps the video and pictures but there is now way to set it as far as I can tell so they all say 2007 !

the images say the Exposure Time is 1/15 sec. which is of course a speed which is unusable for a "handheld"

The manual says it has a motion sensing mode which triggers video. NO, in that mode mine records audio files.
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on March 3, 2013
seller establishes high expectations. true it is small and inexpensive but, it is impossible to figure out how to use it. There is a whole industry of you tubes trying to explain operations and they all fail as well.

after hours and hours of hit and miss figured out how to change the date

can not eliminate the date stamp, and this ruins all the videos so basically worthless to me.

can not see the miniscule signal light to tell if it is recording when starting so every single video has a shot of my face looking at the camera with a very puzzled very up close look up my nose.

finally the the view finder is way off. If it was a gun site you would shoot the fellow next to you.

Had a chance to shoot the very elusive key deer, got a lovely picture of the woods, no deer...worthless.
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on June 7, 2013
for 20 bucks, it's a must have toy for mini camera buffs. I remember buying a spy minolta camera back in the 70's which took lousy pics, costed a fortune, and was heavy,..if you ever saw Falcon and the Snowman, ..that was the camera! This tiny cam is so easy to use I didn't even read the directions (well, that and the fact there WERE NO DIRECTIONS)...
Video quality is fairly good, no where near as good as my HTC cell phone video,..which begs the question: do I need this on my keychain, if I have a much better camera on my ever-present phone? Answer: yes,..especially if you wanna velcro it to your dog's collar for an exciting run around the block, replete with feisty cats, chasing bugs under bushes, and smelling other dogs.
Of course,..the video shakes a lot, duh, who would expect that from a 20 dollar video camera AND DVR?
PROS: it's a cool toy. you can hide it anywhere. I even SHOW it to people and they still don't think it's a video camera. Oh well, sucks to be them,..they probably still think the government's not monitoring their email, too.
CONS: no directions. Actually it does come with directions! Right on the camera, it has two buttons, says ON/OFF, the other says MODE. You'll master the cam within 5 minutes. It comes with a disc,..not needed, toss it,'s probably got a backdoor into your computer to send your data to Bejing.
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on July 10, 2012
My wife got me this camera as a gift so I did not get to try it out until after the 30 day return period had past. I wanted it to use to take video from places where I would not want to risk a more expensive camera. Ex. The front fork of my motorcycle. The image quality was not bad, that being the pro. Here are the cons. The manual on the CD has been so poorly translated that it's close to useless. The OS on two different computers (one W7 and the other XP) would not recognize the camera. The vendor contact, in his infinite wisdom, suggested I forgot to load the driver on the CD. There were only 2 files on the CD and both were documents. The first was the manual in English (or something close to it) and the second was the manual in Chinese.

Here is an example of the manual: "When you connect it with USB port, a portable disk mark will be seen after several seconds. Red indicator always brights, yellow indicator light will be from flashed quickly to always brights." There is no yellow indicator light. My favorite was the section on the non-existent RESET button. "Use a slim pole to press the RESET button and then finish one reset operation" With a camera the size of a large postage stamp, a "slim pole" is not exactly the tool I would use. Of course it made no difference as there was no reset button.

After much experimentation, I was able to record video, but could only view it by removing the card from the camera and opening the file with an external card reader connected to my computer. I was intrigued by the fact that they manufacturer put a viewfinder on this camera that is too small to be of any use even if the image one sees through it was in focus. Bottom line, if you are expecting an easy "Plug and Play" device, this is not what you want.
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on August 21, 2013
I purchased this product on a whim, just to see if a camera this small and cheap would be useable. It was not. The instructions were obviously written by someone with a limited command of the English language and were difficult to understand in places. In addition, the scope of the instructions was minimal at best. The memory disc could not be inserted properly into the camera (I could never get it to seat properly) and without it, the camera is unusable. The bottom line is that I would not recommend this product and my thoughts on it are best summed up by the old adage, "you get what you pay for."
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on April 16, 2013
the second i turned it on,it flashed off and it wont turn on again regardless of how long i charge it.
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