Customer Reviews: SmartMouth Alcohol-Free Mouthwash, Fresh Mint, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)
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on January 9, 2008
I know this will sound like I represent this company but I do not. This is a truly amazing product. I would go as far as stating it is unique. I can tell you from personal experience it is the ONLY product that will eliminate bad breath and/or mouth odor.
Every night my wife would notice my bad breath. I have no idea where it was coming from since I have good dental hygiene. I was so frustrated, tried all the usual stuff, Listerine, Cepacol, Plax, Scope, etc. I would brush my tongue, scrape my tongue, brush with every conceivable toothpaste, nothing worked.
I ordered Smart Mouth just out of frustration. I used it as prescribed, twice a day. I purposely did not tell my wife. Every time I tried a new product I wanted to see if it really worked without any pre-conceived ideas. By the third night I finally asked her and she realized that there was no odor. Since then I have used it every day and it works - IT REALLY WORKS!. I know I sound way too happy but I struggled with this problem for over 2 years - it was depressing.
This stuff is so easy and mild tasting. I dreaded trying to rinse with those harsh tasting burning mouthwashes. All you do is mix "part A" with "part B" in a small measuring cup and rinse for 30 seconds. What I don't get is how it works? It tastes like a very mild watered down minty mouthwash. You only need to rinse once in the morning and once at night. How something so simple can resolve such a vexing problem, while all the huge pharmaceutical companies cannot, baffles, and angers, me.
I must tell you that a meal heavy in garlic does foil it. It helps for sure but the garlic odor stills comes through.
read my other reviews, you will see I am a real person, and you will be pleasantly surprised by this mouthwash.
I really wish someone had turned me on to this a long time ago.
I did not experience any of the side effects that some others have.
The manufacturer suggests 4 pumps from each bottle, I have found that 3 work just fine, this will make it last a bit longer and save you some money
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on February 9, 2008
I am someone obsessed with good smelling breath...not knowing if my breath smelled ok would always bother me. I used to use BreathRX religiously...until I was turned onto SmartMouth. BreathRX did what all other mouthwashes did - neutralize bad breath for an hour or two max. But this stuff is like magic. I only use two pumps from each bottle, which makes it last much longer and I think works just as well. I couldn't imagine a product could make morning breath go away. So I tested it with my husband. He was brave enough to smell my breath as soon as I woke up. Let me just say - it wasn't minty fresh, but it wasn't bad either! Amazing stuff - I'm a user for life.

The only negative is that I wish you could buy refills in a larger size so I didn't have to continue buying these ridiculously small bottles. I mean a 15-day supply is ridiculous. But like I said, 2 pumps from each bottle works just as well and it lasted over a month for me.
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on December 8, 2012
Helpful Hints

I've been using Smart Mouth for over five years. I've discovered a few things along the way:

1.) You don't really need a full dose for the product to work. I only use two pumps from each bottle. It's half as much, but it works as good as the amount the box says to use. Using half also makes the product last twice as long.

2.) For best results, make sure that you allow the rinse to cover the back of your tongue without swallowing the product while you are swishing. By coating the back of your tongue, you are making sure the product can work to eliminate odors from all the food and drink you ingest. You only need to let the rinse coat the back of your mouth a few times to do it's job.

3.) This is important! Do NOT use for more than the 30 seconds as stated in the directions. I've read some comments from others about not being able to taste anything after using Smart Mouth. I had experienced this too, early on, until I realized that I was swishing much longer than 30 seconds. It's easy to go over the time because you may not be watching the clock or maybe you go off and do something else while swishing. But you need to pay attention to the time. Once I made sure I spat out the rinse when the 30 seconds was up, I no longer had problems with taste.

This is a great product and it works just as described. Used properly, this rinse can save you from embarrassing bad breath all day - even after drinking coffee, eating garlic and onions and it really does stop morning breath. I LOVE Smart Mouth and have recommended it to others more times than I can count.
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on November 10, 2013
It sounds ridiculous but I have been dealing with horrible breath forever. I will use conventional mouthwash and inside of 5min my breath is terrible. I use it so much my lips dryout and crack from the alcohol in it. Anyway, I reluctantly bought smart mouth and is 100 percent blown away. It is works fantastic.
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on January 31, 2013
Pretty magical stuff. Wife approves. Getting a bit on in years and my breath has gotten funkier. Using this product has made a huge difference and my wife no longer complains. Haven't had the issues some have had with tastebuds, though you might want to wait a few minutes before tasting that $400 bottle of Bordeaux you've been saving. I've found that using only 1/2 the recommended dosage (2 pumps instead of 4) and using a regular mouthwash at night (after all, I'm not waking up to a new bedmate every morning) is economical and does the job for my purposes.
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on August 26, 2013
Have spent my life in the dental field, so my physical reaction to this product surprised the heck out of me. After using the solution in the correct proportions but in a lessened quantity for only a week or so, my soft tissue felt as though I had burned it on too-hot coffee or soup. It is not an alcohol-type tissue frying; even my tongue has been impacted. My mouth feels cooked.

I liked the effect of keeping my breath non-offensive for quite a while, but this side effect is a deal-breaker.

Have never had any sort of reaction to zinc in the past, but this rinse is the only component of my oral healthcare regimen which has changed prior to the "burn." Ordinarily my periodontal tissue is in good condition; now I am in discomfort all my waking hours.

Will research further and see if this side-effect has occurred with other users. This is completely baffling, as I'm not allergic to anything except poverty.
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on April 10, 2016
Let me first state I love the product it works well, how ever it is pricey. The NEW bottles that you pour rather than pump were sent to me by Amazon. Avoid the pour bottles they do not equally dispense the product when you pour. Making it difficult if possible at all to get controlled equal measures. When done pouring a good amount drips down the side of the bottle, wasted money down the drain.
review image review image
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on March 19, 2016
Do not order this unless you want the new bottle. I purchased because the picture shows the old packaging with the two separate bottles. I dislike the new one bottle packaging. So, had to return. The picture needs to be changed. I have used this mouthwash for many years and really like it but will be switching to a new brand because i hat the new bottle. it leaks all over.
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on July 5, 2007
SmartMouth has been sold under a different name for a few years (TriOral). It is an amazing product -- truly keeps your breath fresh for 12 hours. Very happy that it can be ordered through!
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on July 16, 2014
I have suffer from halitosis for quite a while now and I've always thought that it was due to my slow metabolism problems since my older sister would tell me that my bad breath wouldn't go away even if I brush my teeth.
My boyfriend teases me about this a lot and I wanted to do something better about it than chewing gum all my awaking time (which didn't work that well, anyways), so I decided to give this a try.

I was very excited about this mouthwash and I wanted it to work so badly. It kinda did but I didn't get the long lasting result, I didn't even get half of the 8 hours that I thought I'd get (12 hours seem way too much to expect).
I followed the instructions carefully and used a whole 16 oz. pack, it did refresh my breath a little bit and I didn't feel like I had really bad breath but I never got to be completely stink-free even right after I used it.

It did help with the morning breath but it still wasn't a pleasent experience to talk to me right when I wake up.

The after taste got worse with the second pack and it started to leave my tongue all white as if I didn't clean it and I religiously do, like I guess every person with halitosis does; the only way I got my tongue to go back to it's normal color was to stop using this mouthwash all together. I don't know what happened with the second pack... I was kinda satisfied with this product until I opened the second one.

The mouthwash that I'm using now is the TheraBreath and I am really liking it. Natural ingredients, longer lasting results than this one, no bad after taste and really good tips in the mouth wash box.

So if anyone is suffering like me and this one didn't do the job for you, I encourage you to try the TheraBreath one, but if you don't have halitosis and you are just looking for longer lasting fresh breath, maybe SmartMouth will work for you.
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