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on May 26, 2012
I've used Oral B toothbrushes for years now. I have always been more than satisfied. I purchased my most recent professional series over 6 years ago. I've always watched them and from appearances, nothing seemed to change. I was wrong! When the brand new 4000 series came out it piqued my invest. I bought one at announcement and when I opened it I was pleased by several differences:
1. The new spare toothbrush holder is better thought out and works much better than the old 'stand up' one.
2. The charging base itself is flatter and more attractive.
3. Unlike the old charging base, there is no where for gunk to pool and become unwashable. Sounds like a small thing, but who wants to look at a mess on their kitchen counter?
When I used it I found out that the improvements were more than skin deep. This is a better toothbrush. I cannot quantify it, but it does clean better, not a little bit, but a lot. In addition there were some positive functional changes.
1. The standard two minute cycle with beeps every 30 seconds has been augmented with a ' deep cleaning' cycle that simply uses the same brushing action with a three minute cycle and beeps every 45 seconds.
2. A separate polishing cycle has been added.
3. A sensitive cycle has been added. For people first converting to an electric toothbrush, especially kids, this is a plus.
4. A pressure alarm light that is easily visible has been added. This was a plus for me since I saw that I had been brushing too hard at the very back of my gums.
Is this an entirely new and revolutionary product for cleaning your teeth? No. Is a very real upgrade resulting from refining that which was already good? Yes. If your Oral B is several years old, you may want to consider upgrading.
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on August 4, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been using the Oral-B Smartseries 4000 rechargeable toothbrush for several weeks now. In general I have been very pleased with its performance. Oral-B continues to advance their product development in both materials and performance features, though even their most basic products also tend to be good performers, and at bargain prices.

The Smartseries 4000 stands near the top of the product line, and offers all but one feature that is found only on the model 5000 toothbrush (namely, the "Wireless Smartguide"). The 4000 can use most of the replacement heads that Oral-B markets, but comes with their Floss Action brush head. This one is interesting with multiple levels of bristles (giving a 3D cleaning action), as well as 4 soft blade-like cleaners. Positioned on the outer edges, presumably they perform extra floss-like cleaning of that area at the gumline.

Another feature that distinguishes the 4000 from less expensive electric brushes is multiple brushing modes: a sensitive mode reduces speed/pressure and a polish mode for extra cleaning action (along with standard mode). Timers now provide audible beeps as well as the previously used pulse notification, and there is a visible red indicator LED to let you know to EASE UP on the pressure.

I have most recently been using the Oral-B Vitality electric toothbrush and a somewhat older Oral-B A348 ProCare. The 4000 is improves on pretty much every aspect of use of these 2 older brushes.

Here are the PROS and CONS I observed during use:


Great cleaning action: I have used Oral-B electric brushes for many years now, and usually get pretty good reports at the dentist, though with several fixed bridges I tend to get about 1 small cavity each year. I started using the 4000 a couple of weeks before my latest cleaning/checkup, and this time the hygienist remarked on how good my teeth looked. She doesn't usually do that, and I attribute it to the improved cleaning action of the 4000.

Timer consistently resets after use: Both of my other brushes just never seem to reset themselves after use. I'll turn the brush on, and 20 seconds later it gives me the "end of cycle" pulse. Huh? The 4000 has never messed up the timing. After each use, it resets itself to a zero point for next brush session.

Selectable modes: I love this feature. Just love it. I tend to get a little distracted while brushing (replaying that argument with the boss this afternoon), and I sometimes bear down too hard. With the 4000, I can just set the mode to Sensitive (indicated by a feather LED ... so cute), and I don't tear up my gums. Along with standard mode, which presumably most people will use most of the time, there is also a polish mode that will help remove those tough coffee/tea/cola stains and help remove plaque. Might be worthwhile to use that mode once a week ....

Visible indicator for over-pressure: When you are getting too distracted and bearing down too hard, a red LED on the back of the handle lights. The brush automatically compensates by cutting off pulsing (the 3D cleaning effect) too.

NiMH batteries: All the Oral-B brushes I have had in the past used NiCad batteries. I hate NiCads. This is probably the single thing about Oral-B toothbrushes that I have disliked most. No matter how careful you are to fully discharge periodically, they always get that "memory effect" and you lost total charge capacity. Not an issue here. NiMH batteries are free of memory effect, can be charged generally hundreds of times without any loss of capacity, and are good long-lasting performers. I typically have been getting a little over 2 weeks per charge with the 4000, though that is at once/day use and usually on "sensitive" setting.

Storage/travel case included: This is cool if you like to take your Oral-B brush with you. A fitted plastic shell for storing the 4000 with room for 2 brushheads is included.


Large footprint for storage/charging station: The charging station takes up a lot of counter space. The footprint is about 5.5 x 4 inches. You can lay 4 brushes in the brush station at the right, which has a pivoting lid to protect them from dust and sink splashes. The charging station is located on the left. I suspect that there is better drying with the flat-laying brush storage (better airflow storing them horizontally vs vertically in previous brush stations), but counter space is at a premium in my bathroom, so the large footprint is a detraction.

Brushheads are pricey: Well, they always have been. I tend to use mine a little longer than they recommend, and (shhhhh) sometimes I use generic alternatives, both of which help reduce costs. I just noticed that you can get brushheads via Amazon's Subscribe and Save program, so I think I'll check that out too as a possible money-saver.

Over-pressure LED is a little hard to see: I did have some trouble seeing the LED indicator for over-pressure. It could be brighter. And its location might use some tweaking. Sometimes my hand covered it as I held the toothbrush (maybe adding a LED on the front too would help). But the bright lights of the bathroom were the biggest challenge to seeing the red LED on the back. Half the time I only saw it in the mirror. It's a great feature, but they need to work on putting it in a better location and making it more visible in bright bathroom lighting.


The Oral-B 4000 toothbrush is not inexpensive, but on the positive side, it does a simply fantastic job cleaning your teeth, and it is better than older/cheaper Oral-B electric toothbrushes in pretty much every aspect. While replacement brushheads are pricey too, taking great care of your teeth is critically important, both for overall health AND for saving the costs of needing to have dental problems fixed. And there are ways to save on brushheads, if you're resourceful. Winning features of the 4000 include a good timer, which has audible and pulse notifications for each quadrant of the mouth; NiMH batteries (SO much better than NiCads); selectable modes for sensitive, normal, and polish; and a handy travel case. On the downside, the charge/storage station has a pretty large counter footprint, and the over-pressure indicator LED is a bit hard to see in bright bathroom lighting. Overall, though, this is an excellent electric toothbrush, and if you can afford it and the ongoing replacement brush cost, I definitely recommend it. If you find the initial cost a little too high, the 3000 seems to provide most of the features, but at a lower cost.
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on June 23, 2012
First of all let me start off by saying that between two to three years ago I bought the Oral-B Pulsonic from Amazon and have been using it since. I decided recently to have a change because while the Pulsonic has been great, I wanted something more advanced. Also, the Pulsonic did not do a great job at the back of your teeth, so I wanted something that worked 360. Out of the box you receive the 4000 Brush, Traveler case, a tooth brush head, charger/stand, and an area on the side of the stand (pictured) that you can store extra toothbrush heads. The first thing that I noticed coming from the Pulsonic was how large it was in comparison. The Pulsonic is only on 3/4 of the size of this toothbrush. What a surprise this has been, it feels a lot more comfortable, yet more powerful at the same time. When I say comfortable I mean as in the way it feels in your hand. The Battery Life apparently lasts two weeks (according to the manual) and that is at 2 brushes per day for two minutes. This makes it quite battery efficient, I got about a week out of the Pulsonic at twice a day so this was great to hear. I mentioned earlier that it was hard to brush behind my teeth with the Pulsonic, with this new brush, I do not have that problem at all, this is most likely due to the fact that this brush has a long head and it's really easy, if you want to brush the back of your teeth. This brush also has a red notification light that flashes, if you are brushing your teeth too hard, and it has helped me a lot. With my Pulsonic I could say that I was brushing too hard, because sometimes after brushing I would notice that certain teeth in my mouth, were more sensitive than the others, I noticed this especially when I drank something either really hot or cold.

If there is any cons on this product I will give you two. The first problem is that when you start up the toothbrush it's pretty loud and noticeable. With the Pulsonic when it was on, it was very low volume, I'd say at least half as loud. The second problem, and an issue another reviewer brought up is that there is no LCD screen, despite the fact that it says there is one. This is not a huge issue, because the gray display area is good and gives you all notifications that you would need. Still though, Oral-B has to do something about this it even say on their website that there is an LCD and shows a model on the site (The same exact model actually) with an LCD built in, so there is some type of communication error somewhere. Overall, I highly recommend this brush, especially if you are coming from another brush, first time users, I would also recommend it as it's easy to use and there is a soft mode on this brush so you can start brushing your teeth at a slower speed before moving to the fast speed. This gets a 5 star from me, great product for the money that will last years.

*EDIT: 7/5/12*

Well, it's been two weeks now, and I can confidently tell you that this electric toothbrush was worth every penny. The brush head still looks and feels new, I have noticed a substantial difference in whitening when compared to my Oral-B Pulsonic. The difference I noticed, is that the whitening has been even on both my top and bottom rows of teeth. With the Oral-B Pulsonic, it was only making the front top and front bottom teeth look clean, whereas it was doing a poor job on the sides of my teeth. This toothbrush really is the total package and the best you can do at under $100. I may update again in the future, to let you know how it is all coming along.
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on September 29, 2012
We are a family of Oral B electronic tooth brush users. I have the 3000 and the kids each have a 1000. For the extra money the only thing I see that is worth any added expense is the carrying case. My husband works out of town and this is great for him to take the brush to/from work each week. Everything else is essentially the same as my 3000. Longer cleaning cycle means it beeps at 45 seconds and not 30. So what? You can figure that out on your own without paying an extra price tag. I say buy the 3000.
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on July 13, 2012
This toothbrush was an upgrade from a less-expensive Oral-B model that I used for several years before it finally quit on me. I'm very pleased with this new purchase.

The Oral-B 4000 has much more power than my old toothbrush and gives a deeper clean. My teeth feel cleaner after using this brush, and though I still need to floss I can tell that this brush is doing a more thorough job of cleaning between my teeth. My teeth look whiter and my gums look healthier. I also think the design helps me do a better job of cleaning my back teeth--my jaw is small and there's not a lot of space around my back molars. This brush helps me clean the back teeth very easily, though. I've found the beeps that help you time your brushing are very helpful, and I like having the ability to switch modes. One charge lasts better than a week--nice if you're taking this on trips.

A few minor cons--this brush is heavier than the old one I was using. Not so much that I didn't get used to it quickly, but enough that I noticed. It's got more power, but it's also louder. I also think the pressure indicator is a little awkwardly placed. I've seen it--I think--when I've triggered it most of the time, but the location makes me wonder if I'm missing it sometimes.

The only feature the 5000 has that this brush doesn't is the wireless display screen. I'm not sure what that does, but after using this model I can't see the screen being necessary. I'm very pleased with this toothbrush and hope that it lasts as long as my previous Oral-B toothbrush did.
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on July 17, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've used the Philips Sonicare brushes for years and decided to try the Oral-B Smart-series after my Sonicare brush malfunctioned. I thought I had achieved nirvana with the Sonicare series because I constantly received good comments from my dentist during cleanings. I was wrong. The Oral-B Smart-series is the best electric toothbrush I've ever used.

I must admit, I believe the sonic cleaning of the Sonicare was superior to the cleaning action of the Smart-series. What I found after using the Smart-series was a deeper cleaning, a "feeling" of clean that I didn't get from the Sonicare, and brighter, cleaner, teeth! I couldn't believe it. I immediately noticed I didn't need to pull out my plaque remover as much. I also noticed a tingle after completion of the brushing.

My dentist has also noticed that my teeth are cleaner between checkups. I'm totally sold on the Oral-B, and highly recommend it!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My results from using this 4000 series toothbrush were immediate and impressive. The top speed is plenty powerful so I cannot imagine really needing anything faster.

Benefits I've noticed:
* Getting rid of plaque on back teeth surfaces along gum line - could not do it with old toothbrush.
* Not worrying about harming gums because the brush stop and beeps when I press too hard.
* Polished feeling of teeth after brushing.
* Increased confidence about being efficient and effective about brushing teeth.

* I don't like the stand that much because it comes apart when I move it, so I don't move it.

The results from using this toothbrush are enormous and noticeable right away. Rather than brush solely with a regular toothbrush or one of the older electric models that never worked that well for me, I'm now a strong believer in this technology.
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on September 29, 2012
The product is efficient and easy to use. However, the product was advertised to the consusmer in a faulty manner. The advertisement stated that you would receive a $20.00 rebate providing you submitted a receipt and the original UPC. (Scam--When you submit the original UPC, you no longer have a copy!) I followed the rules: submitted the receipt and the original UPC. I received a form letter that a rebate would not be forthcoming as I had not submitted the original UPC. Thus, the scam was successful. I was tempted to return the unit....however, the product is good and I have decided never to purchase any product made by Oral B. This purchase was made through Amazon!
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on August 27, 2012
I've had this Oral-B Smartseries 4000 Professional Care electric toothbrush since June, 2012. The charge has never lasted more than 10-11 uses of two minutes apiece. The owner's manual claims that a full charge will give you 20 uses of two minutes each use. That's two times what I actually get. AND, it takes in excess of 13 hours for the brush to fully charge. I say 13+ hours because I set it on the charge cord when I get the red low charge light, and the elapsed time I observed that the re-charge lights are still flashing is 13 hours. Full charge occurred some time after that during the night. The 3 green re-charging lights go off after a full charge.

The brush head that comes with this unit has odd little paddles and different bristles, and is a little rough on my gums, so I use a spare one I had for my 10+ year-old Oral-B electric toothbrush. I don't really use any of the fancy additional settings, just the basic 2-minute, and it cleans very well. I only changed out because the rechargeable battery on the old one was finally giving out, and wasn't accessible to replace. WARNING, if you open the battery compartment before the warranty is up, the instruction booklet states, "Caution! Opening the handle will destroy the appliance and invalidate the warranty." As little charge as I get on this, I wonder if it will last for the two years?

Three stars for the sucky battery life and lack of ability to replace without destroying the unit. But it does clean my teeth very well!
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on October 12, 2012
This is a decent toothbrush. It's on par with my Sonicare, but cost 50% more.

The main warning I'd like possible consumers to know is Oral B rebate offers are difficult at best and maybe a scam. This item offered a mail in rebate, which I completed thoroughly, knowing how these things work. I got a letter saying the rebate wasn't for the toothbrush I purchased. Which is odd, because the rebate offer and PDF documentation for the toothbrush was on its Amazon product page. It had a "this item is eligible for" promotion drop down.

Long story short, with the rebate it might have been worth it, without it, it certainly wasn't. I will likely not purchase another Oral B toothbrush based on my experience.
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