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on March 3, 2015
Device work good, but make some problems in interaction with Smart TV (LG)
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on March 10, 2013
A great NAS and media center for home and also for home office. I use mine as a backup and file server. It fast and reliable. Energy saving also.
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on August 5, 2012
I have both NS4600 and DS4600. DS4600 is terrible and I have lost the whole array multiple times. I have not lost data with the NS4600, but sometimes it cannot be reached.

When my house power goes out, I often cannot get the NAS to come up again. It powers up and the lights come on, but I cannot reach the NAS through the network locations, web browser or the promise management software (it does not respond to ping either). I cannot power off the unit because the power button (on back) does nothing. I have to unplug it, and then plug it back in. After I do this 10 or so times, the unit will become reachable again. I need to get a backup UPS power supply to avoid the unit ever shutting down. Then this unit will be tolerable.
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on February 19, 2011
I have the previous model of this unit as well. The other one is working great but the hard drives are maxed out.

The 4600 is great because each hard drive can be 2TB (double the previous model). I also like the physical appearance better than the old one (blue LED lights instead of green). It might be a tad more quiet...but overall it works as it should and I have yet to come across a problem.
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on January 24, 2011
Bottom line:
If you just want a NAS server, then this device should prove useable.

Do NOT purchase this device, because of the advertised media server plugins.
You will be VERY unhappy.

The moment you enable any of the media plugins, slimserver, DLNA, etc, with more than a few media files on the NAS device, the CPU usage on the NAS device goes to 100 percent, and the device becomes unresponsive on the network, never to return without a reboot. It stays pingable, but thats it.

No amount of firmware available updates to date cure the problem. Also, the slimserver plugin release seems to stay many months behind the latest available slimserver, resulting in your slimserver device not connecting to this device, as it appears downrev'd to your media devices.

Additionaly, the web management GUI leaves much to be desired. It times out every 5 minutes (activity or not) requiring one to repeat the login process for every 5 minutes of observed statistics.
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on October 13, 2010
I use this product along with Red Hat Linux and it works wonderfully. Absolutely no problems and mounts like a champ. You can also allow the setup to only mount from a particular machine making it practically secure. The only problem we had was to forget to set the ntp server and, thus, anything copied would have the wrong dates. If you have Linux and want a reliable, efficient and more importantly cheap NAS this is it!
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on August 2, 2010
I recently updated the infrstructure in my house to structured wiring and wanted to have one cental place to store all of my data. (The thought is, if I drop my laptop, or my desktop crashes - my data is still safe) I knew I wanted RAID 5 and that it needed to be networked. I searched the web and did my research and ended up on this device. I knew I would be using the DLNA functionality to stream video to all of my TVs and devices - so that was a must.
That is the most disappointing part of this whole setup. I called Promise Support which as almost non-existant. They say that it "Conforms to DLNA standards" and that's it. I DID figue out that the files are listed in the way they are copied to the machine. So if you do a bulk copy files won't be alphabetical. I sorted my videos into folders by name. So all movies that start with A are now in the A folder. Not as much fun for browsing, but at least you can find what you want.
There have been lots of reviews all over the web of people complaining about how it stores data. You MUST understand RAID levels before you make your purchase. If you trying to set up a NAS on the cheap, this is not the device for you. If you are trying to do it properly, then buy 4 (SAME MODEL) drives and set up RAID 5.
Also - before you buy, go to the promise site and double check the drives you want to put in it are on the compatible list.
In the end, it is fast and robust. I bought it to solve several needs, and it fills all of them EXCEPT DLNA.
I gave it 3 stars because Promise Support is basically non-existant.
Buyer Beware, but it CAN be a great box.
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on April 8, 2010
After researching multiple DLNA NASs and reading reviews from Gizmodo, Cnet and others, I was thrilled to purchase the NS4600. Streaming iTunes, Time Machine support, RAID 5 and DLNA support to stream to my PS3. Sounds great.

Unfortunately the NS4600 has been a complete disappointment, and to make matters worse, Promise Support support is essentially non-existent. As the firmware for my device has been "upgraded," many functions have ceased working properly, most notably the DLNA server.

Now when I go to watch a video, all my files are sorted in a completely random fashion, making it near impossible to find what I am looking for. TV episodes, for instance, that are all named with the episode number to start (eg 01, 02, 03...) are in complete disarray (eg 04, 11, 02, 18). Additionally, besides not listing in alphabetical order (or any discernible order, for that matter), some of my video files are listed by titles found in AVI tags. The software does not offer any way to change the tags that it uses for listing, and yet it insists on using them. What if a tag in a video is wrong? Who would want files listed solely by criteria cannot be changed?
Meanwhile, the built-in way to browse files is beyond stupid. The two options are either Format or Resolution, both of which are completely undesirable. People do not want to search through videos on a media server by resolution or media type. In fact, most people in my household don't even understand resolution or media types, let alone care. Why would anyone sitting in front of a media player (in this case, a TV) care to browse through AVIs versus MPEGs? I just want to watch Futurama, for crying out loud.

To solve this I have tried contacting Promise over 5 times, only to get flippant answers that don't actually address any of the problems. Only one person ever had an actual suggestion for a solution, but of course it didn't work. As it is, I'm stuck with this piece of junk and will never deal with Promise again.

The only positive thing about this experience is that I am an IT director for a school and have been considering Promise RAIDs for an XSan. Lesson learned and we're looking at other vendors. Funny how a poor support of a $400 NAS can cost a company over $100,000 down the road.

Take my advice and look elsewhere!
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on March 30, 2010
I've struggled with this device for almost 6 months; hoping that software updates would fix the problems. Here is a list of the issues I've had to date with the Promise NS4600:

-It freezes for no apparent reason. I can ping it but that's it. The web configuration page doesn't respond, none of the protocols respond and the power button does nothing. In fact, the power button, which is on the back of the unit, seems to do nothing what-so-ever. The only way to get access to my files at this point is to unplug it. When it comes back up it usually loses a drive and rebuilds the raid array.

-Read-only files/lack of permissions. Occasionally, files or entire directories will be inaccessible. Usually, a reboot will fix this but I have 2 files I've never been able to access.

-Protocol won't start. Each sharing protocol has its own plug-in. At the moment, the Microsoft protocol won't start no matter what. Then I can't access my files directly. It's terribly frustrating. I haven't found a fix this time.

These problems are in additiona to those already mentioned in the other reviews. I can not recommend this product.
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on February 22, 2010
I'm not kidding. First it wiped out all my data. I called Promise support and they said "Oh you only have two drives" you need at least 3 to protect your data. So stupidly I believed them and added a third drive. TEN DAYS to migrate to raid 5, but whatever, I was protected. NOPE. Lost all my data again. Get this, when I called them they said I should have had my data backed up, 6TB of data, where do you back that up?? Isn't that the point of a RAID? Here is what they said, I could have backed up to another RAID. I assume they meant to a different manufacturers product as theirs is a piece of CRAP. Unless you are looking for a product to help you get ridden of sensitive irreplaceable data DO USE THIS PRODUCT. All that said, it is made of cheap plastic with a cheap laptop power supply underneath. I'm kid you not, you turn if over and it is kind of in an opening in the bottom. You were warned if you buy this piece of JUNK and lose your data.

On a positive note Amazon stepped up with NO problems and accepted a return on the product. I hope their warehouse doesn't fill up with piles of these pieces of junk after Promise goes out of business from the class action suits.
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