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on September 28, 2000
What can I say about this super cool movie that none of the other reviewers have not already said? It is one of the funniest flicks ever, it is a celebration of cool things from the 70's (and there were not too many) like CB radios, weird/wild looking cars, tight jeans and Coors beer. The story involves a pair of Truckers (Burt Renolds and Jerry Reed)and their dog Fred, who take a bet from an obnoxious Father/Son Texas oil millionaire team that they can deliver an 18 wheeler full of beer about halfway across the USA in 24hrs. They hook-up with the original runaway bride Sally Field along the way, she does the impossible before your eyes and changes out of a wedding dress into the tightest jeans ever to grace the silver screen inside a Trans Am! The jeans are so tight she might as well be naked!! It's great! They are chased by jilted groom Junior and his Daddy Texas Sheriff Buford T. Justice played by the great Jackie Gleason. The Great One plays the best southern sheriff ever as he and his son drive from one madcap scen to the next in the "evidence" as they chase the Bandit in his Trans Am from one state to the next. The cast of charcters encountered is hilarious, mobile cathouse, samurai trucker, friendly undertaker, biker gang and many keystone cops. A big 10-4 to all those who firewalled this film, a big steamy 10-200 to those who did not. Let's have a reunion Burt, Sally and Jerry could take on a new sheriff. Burts need to be in a jet black WS-6 Ram Air TA with a "screaming chicken" sticker on the hood. Pontiac should beg for it, they need an image boost. I'm outta here good buddies, look out for those "Kojacks with Kodaks"!
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on July 17, 2001
When originally released in 1977, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT was second only to STAR WARS as the year's internationally top grossing film. With a simple plot and film locations around Atlanta, Georgia doubling as other states, this film fast moving fun. This film stands out among the other Burt Reynolds films (Like WW AND THE DIXIE DANCE KINGS) which were traditionally filled with car chases, country music and just plain showing-off. Though this was not his first major motion picture, Jerry (Hubbard) Reed plays his part perfectly as Burt's Bandit-Blocker bootlegging partner. SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT jump-started Sally Field's career and finally broke the typecast that she could be nothing more than television's Flying Nun. Jackie Gleason is ideal as Texas Sheriff Buford T. Justice, whose character, a man with old-fashioned southern values, chases Reynolds, Field, and Reed from Texas to Georgia. Jerry Reed wrote and sang most of the vocals in the sound track. If the theme song, East Bound and Down, doesn't have you toe-tapping by the end of the film, then you need to watch it a second time. This film was followed by two sequels which paled in comparison to the original. This is probably the only 1970's trucker-chase and laugh movie worth owning.
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on March 4, 2009
Transfer looks fine, has some cool extras, but they changed the sound of the car. I've seen this movie 3,294 times or more, and I know it inside/out. A major sell for me as a kid was the car in the movie.

Though the original sound of the car in the movie was totally dubbed to make the car sound better (and sound like s stick-shift, while the car in the movie is clearly shown to be an automatic). The Special edition version tones it down and makes it sound.. ... I dunno. Bleh. Not loud, not cool. Not the Bandits Trans Am.

I'd stick with the regular DVD if you are as [...] about the film as I am.
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on June 13, 2006
I caught the tail end of this movie on cable a couple of weeks ago and it took me back almost 30 years ago when first I saw it in the theater. I was 15 and was with my whole family at the movie theater and I remember cringing at every swear word because my mom was with us. It seemed like a lot of profanity back then, but these days you'd hardly notice it.

I also remember how great of a movie it was and just had to go out and get it for my DVD collection. Well I got it yesterday and watched it last night, and even 30 years later it's still a great movie. One thing to remember is that it seems like the late 70's and early 80's were filled with movies and TV shows like this (Dukes of Hazzard ring any bells?), but Smokey and the Bandit was the first, the original, and Hal Needham deserves alot of credit for single-handedly creating a whole genre, or at least a sub-genre.

Smokey and the Bandit was a fresh movie when it came out and immensely sucessful. It came out at the height of the CB Radio craze when virtually every one was putting a CB in their cars and trucks. My Dad had one in our van and another friend of mine's Dad had one in his truck and we used to hang out in one of our driveways for hours talking away with whoever was on the CB. Of course we had to memorize the list of "10" codes, and every CB radio came with a laminated list, so you learned that 10-4 meant affirmative, 10-20 meant location, 10-10 meant taking a break, and so on.

And so the CB was a big part of Smokey and the Bandit, and so were the Jerry Reed songs like "Eastbound and Down" that made up the soundtrack. And speaking of Jerry Reed, how great was he as Cledus carrying Fred the Basset Hound around eveywhere in the truck?

Sally Field as the runaway bride picked up by the Bandit (Burt Reynolds) was a perfect role for her. And Burt Reynolds was probably the most popular movie star of the 70's. The repartee between the Bandit and Frog (Sally Fields) character was funny and perfect. "You have a really nice profile." "Yeah, I do, don't I... especially from the side." Watching Smokey and the Bandit reminds me of why Burt Reynolds was so popular during the 70's.

And then the coup of the casting was getting Jackie Gleason to play Sheriff Buford T. Justice who chases the Bandit from Terxarkana all the way back to Atlanta Georgia. Gleason is phenomenal in the role and ad-libbed a good part of his lines. Telling his inept son Junior in a perfect southern drawl, "There is no way, just no way you came from my loins. When we get home, I'm going to punch yo mama right in the mouth."

And the car, I can't mention the other actors without mentioning the other star of the show, that fantastic black Pontiac Trans Am with the 6.6 liter V-8, the T-tops and the giant golden Eagle on the hood. That car was made for the movie and sales of Pontiac Trans Ams increased 700% solely because of the movie. Everyone wanted a car like the Bandit's.

Sure parts of the movie are a little cheesy, but it has a whole lot of redeeming qualities as well. It's not a film for intellectuals, but it's a great movie for watching with friends on a Saturday night with pizza and beer. Watching it in widescreen again was wonderful too, it's really shows off the cars and the stunts a lot better.

If you're looking to build a good solid movie collection, you need some good ones from the 70's and Smokey and the Bandit is one of the best comedies of its era. I highly recommend it.
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on January 10, 2005
Smokey and the Bandit is a dramatic comedy based on various folk legends surrounding the questionable "real-life" exploits of bandit Bo Darville and southern sheriff Buford T. Justice. Smokey (Jackie Gleason) gives a powerful performance as Justice who relentlessly pursues a new Trans Am driven by the Bandit (Burt Reynolds) and a runaway bride (Sally Field), as well as his singing buddy Cledus (Jerry Reed) who drives a semi truck full of Coors.
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on October 31, 2006
This is one of the top movies of the 1970's. In 1977 when it was released it was the 2nd most popular film of the year, just behind Star Wars. It is also one of my favorite car chase movies. Funny as hell and one of Burt Reynolds best. Jackie Gleasons Sheriff Bufford T Justice is also a riot. He should have gotten a best supporting actor oscar for his performance. Whenever he is on in a scene he steals it completely. Sally Field and Jerry Reed also give good performances. They portray the hitch hiking girl that the bandit(Reynolds) picks up, and as the bandits best friend respectively. I am mostly pleased with this blu ray with one or two small problems. The high def video definitely blows away the previous edition of this film on dvd. Although I find it clean with no scratches or dirt (unfortunately I did notice a few white specks here and there), I also found that the picture was somewhat grainy. The grain is not apparent at all times. I know the grain gives the picture a film like texture, but I found it a little distracting at times. The colors however pop out at you with beautiful reds and greens. Detail is definitely improved. Also I found the contrast just a little too dark at times, but not overly. The audio has also been remastered with very good 5.1 Dts-Hd surround sound. It has good spacious sound and good deep bass response. Package also includes a documentary on the making of the film and cb talk tutorial with a real trucker, and also BD Live enabled. If its your first time seeing this film, you will enjoy it very much. Everyone was in top form here. And there are some very funny moments and spectacular auto action. If you want to upgrade from the previous release on dvd, this blu-ray is definitely worth the investment. I just wish it hadn't been a little overly grainy, that is what is keeping this from a perfect score. Considering these small minor problems, and with proper expectations, there are enough good reasons to add this new special edition blu-ray to your collection. Recommended.
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on March 8, 2003
Hal Needham's free-wheeling comedy SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT is a silly yet entertaining car chase movie in an era when all movies were car chase movies (Until a certain Sci Fi film directed by George Lucas came along). It works suprisingly well however, especially since the whole movie is essentially a 2-hour cop chasing bandit story, although it does sometimes succumb to the standard cop car pile up ( Which would be replicated in films like The Blues Brothers). The teaming of the then-cool Burt Reynolds and Sally Field makes for a great comedic duo and Jackie Gleason hams it up as Sherrif Bufford T. Justice. Jerry Reed's southern title song sums up the entire production ("West outta town, 18 wheels a'rollin', we gonna do what they say can't be done..."). And no other movie has quite reached the laid-back but still exciting tone to Bandit that puts it above the rest. Reynold's laconic, charming bandit is one of the great "bad guy heroes" that pervaded the genre's top-selling action flicks. The terrible sequels have unfortunatly tarnished the original's effect. Smokey 2 sees Dom DeLuise and an elephant (!) along for the (very slow) ride. Lacklustre sequels aside, the first one will remian a classic that fans of the genre will enjoy.
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on February 20, 2013
I got a good price for the Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy version, even though I already have it on DVD. The Blu-ray picture is a lot better than I expected it to be, and it would be difficult to watch the DVD version after seeing the Blu-ray.
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on June 20, 2012
I've watched this movie so much on tv, dvd, etc. I remember a dvd version of this movie was remastered with different sounds from the movie. I'm currently watching it right now on blu-ray and hearing different sounds for the car, squeeling tires, and the sound of the semi.

Also, there's a scene that's missing in this version...The scene that happens between Snowman digging Fred out of the pond and when Bandit pulled into the 76 station for fuel.......Bandit: Son, pull the hammer back. Smokey's coming at you in a plain white wrapper..Carrie: That's your policeman in your basic white car....Bandit: Very good...Snowman, c'mon back. I'm talkin' to you son....by this time Snowman comes back to the truck...Snowman: Alright c'mon what is it?..Bandit: When you get that d..n dog in the truck, you can put the hammer down because that smokey will have gone by you..Snowman: How'd he know that.

There, that's the scene that's missing.
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"Smokey and the Bandit" was one of the biggest movies of the 1970s, and while it's not "Casablanca" or "Citizen Kane," it is the touchstone of trucker and buddy films that have followed it. The plot is really just a medium for the great actors to do their magic in, but in case you don't know involves driving a semi full of beer at high speeds across the southern United States, with partners in crime Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed aiming to win a bet from an obnoxious pair of Texans while being pursued by Jackie Gleason (as Sheriff Buford T. Justice) and taking the everlastingly cute Sally Field away from a disastrous pending wedding. Numerous subplots intertwine on and off throughout the running time, but the highway action is nonstop courtesy of high octane director Hal Needham.

I gave the film five stars as it's almost perfect in the role it set out to fill, and is still regarded as the ultimate film of the genre even today, despite numerous attempts to outdo it. The cast meshes perfectly, and noted guitarist and singer Reed is in fine form as he furnishes most of the soundtrack here in an especially welcome bonus. The Special Edition DVD has some good extras, the best of which is "Loaded Up and Truckin': The Making of 'Smokey and the Bandit'" which features recollections of Reynolds, Needham, and Paul Williams. For a good time without any heavy mental lifting, "Smokey and the Bandit" was and is the king of road movies.
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