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on February 29, 2012
I have been calling, emailing, and leaving voicemails for over 2 weeks now and I haven't received any sort of call back. When I call I will stay on hold for endless amounts of time and then transferred into a voicemail that hangs up on me. Sure it has the best warranty around, but there is no way to actually use it. I will update this review if I have any sort of positive experience what-so-ever.
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on April 5, 2010
I received the 5.56 treadmill on 2/8/2010. I loved it until 3/18/2010 when sparks flew from under the deck. I immediately turned it off and unplugged it. I called Smooth Fitness immediately. They said USA Assembly would call me within 24-48 hours. They called the next day on 3/19/2010 to tell me that someone would call me with 24-48 hours. I never received that call or any other call from them regardless of any promises they make to call me back. It has now been 2 1/2 weeks and they are still searching for a service technician to work on it.

I am so disappointed. I am of average weight and used the treadmill for walking less than 30 times before it burned up -- not impressive! I purchased it based on the good reviews and the 2 year in-home warranty. The warranty doesn't mean a whole lot if you can't get someone to work on your machine. I couldn't in all fairness recommend this to anyone.

Also, be aware that if you live in a rural area the treadmill is "curbside" delivered by an 18-wheeler. The truck couldn't manage to get down our street. I was lucky that my husband was home and could use his trailer to meet the truck in a more accessible area.
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on December 7, 2011
Several weeks ago, I purchased a Smooth Fitness 5.65i treadmill Smooth Fitness 5.65 Folding Treadmill. The Smooth Fitness website includes the 5.65 in a list of treadmills that come with a wireless chest strap, but the 5.65i does not come with a chest strap. There are icons on the console of the 5.65i that show programs from P-0 through P-13 but there is no P-13 program in the 5.65i.

The User Manual that came in the box contained instructions for the Smooth Fitness 7.35 treadmill rather than the 5.65i. A Smooth Fitness service person recently emailed me a link for a revised User Manual, but the revised manual contains instructions for the TruPace M 120 treadmill rather than the Smooth Fitness 5.65i. I have been unable to get a User Manual for the 5.65i.

The website says that there is a 5-year parts warranty, but the invoice that I received after I placed the order says that there is a 4-year parts warranty. The website says that there is a 2-year warranty for labor, but Smooth Fitness has not responded to multiple requests for a service call to repair several defects in my new treadmill.

Smooth Fitness should accurately represent their products and disclose what the customer must do to get them to honor their service warranty.
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on February 27, 2012
So I did a bunch of research for treadmills and looked at many reviews and finally decided that the smooth fitness 5.65i folding treadmill was the one my wife and I wanted. So we purchased it direct from their website and got a great deal. Once we got it I put it together really quickly and started to use it. Well what they don't tell you is that the calorie counter doesn't work accurately because there is no where to put in your age and weight which is necessary to equate your actual calorie burn and that the calorie burn counter on the machine is based off of a person that is 5ft 4 inches tall and weighs only 150lbs. Additionally, the heart rate monitor on our machine doesn't work correctly at all. And program 13 which is supposed to be a BMI test doens't work it told me my BMI was 209 and that my wifes was 219. I know that I did it correctly because I was on the phone with a service tech, who didn't seem to know any more about the machine than me and was trying to figure it out with an actual treadmill as I was on the phone. The book that comes with the machine that is supposed to show you how to set up the programs doesn't help at all it may as well be in a different language. So my wife and I decided to send it back because they have a 60 day money back guarentee. What they don't tell you is that you have to pay to ship it back, they recommend insuring the treadmill and also they recommend pre-purchasing return shipping in case they decide not to take it back. If there is any damage you are liable to pay the difference to fix it or if there is any structural damage i.e. bent frame they won't take it back and you won't get refunded. So I decided not to send it back because who is to say they won't get it at their warehouse and take a sledgehammer to it and say it either was damaged in my home or in transit to their warehouse. Then the service rep. told me that if it gets damaged in transit they would not refund my money and I would have to try and get money from the shipping company i.e. UPS. I have not found one negative review on their website and I left one so I am guessing they screen them and leave out the negative ones. IF YOU WANT TO BUY A TREADMILL GO TO A STORE AND TRY ONE OUT FIRST AND BUY IT FROM THE STORE DON'T BUY ONLINE BECAUSE THEY WILL SCREW YOU WITH THEIR BS. MONEY BACK GUARENTEE!!!!!!!! I am no going to see if I can get a technican out here to fix the things that don't work but from what I am reading on other reviews that almost won't happen at least not before the warrenty expires. I tried out my brother's treadmill a SOLE F80 and it is great and you can buy them at Dicks or Sears I reccommend on of those they are a little bit more money but they are not crap! Hope this helps.
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on March 14, 2012
The treadmill was relatively easy to set up and ran quietly for about 2 months.
After the 2nd month it began to squeak. I used the supplied gel and it stopped for a week. Reapplied gel again 1 week. I lubricate 1x a week and it still squeaks after about 5 days. The treadmill is only used for walking so it is not taking the additional pounding of running. My 10 year old treadmill was lubricated less than this 5 month old and it never squeaked like this - you can not watch TV it is so loud.

A bolt broke which drops the treadmill down. The phone system for repair puts you on hold until it says we are going to disconnect you please send us an email. Their promise to respond is within 48 "business hours." Unfortunately they only have a 6 hour day. So the estimated response is 6 business days - 8 days in actuality since they do not work on the weekend. On the 8th day I finally received a call stating they were OVERWHELMED WITH NEEDED WARRANTY REPAIRS AND CAN NOT GET TO ALL THE REQUESTS. Then they could not find my paperwork - please send over. Emailed over immediately. 3 days later, after my emails, they apologized and said their system was down will call as soon as the system is up and running. Unfortunately they do not have a repair person in my area - I am 30 minutes from their warehouse. It has been over 3 weeks and have had no response.

Also, the treadmill hesitates/almost stops when you begin to slow down causing a jerking motion on the belt which puts stress on your knees and back because of the jerking motion.
The on/off switch is on the front lower part of the walking belt. Therefore, you can not put the treadmill behind a couch or anything unless you leave it on 24/7. A $3 wire and the switch could have been in the handle.

They do an excellent job of marketing the internet but the quality of the product is awful. If you walked on this in a store you would not buy it. I called the sales phone number and they answer immediately and state no problems etc. Call the repair number and no one answers. They will be out of business due to the poor quality and then open under a new internet same selling junk.
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on January 21, 2012
I received the treadmill 4 months ago. I have had 4 service calls and it continues to squeak and be unusable. Customer service is non-responsive. They continually state they will call you back and they do not. Stay away. A 4-year warranty is no good if the company service always goes to voice mail and will not respond to you.
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on July 2, 2012
I am an owner of the 5.25 model treadmill for about 4 years now. The treadmill started making noise about an year ago, which has steadily increased now to a point where it is not bearable. In my investigation the noise is coming from the motor which has a 10 year warranty. Customer service @888-800-1167 tells me that

1. To speak with a service tech to even diagnose the problem, it takes $40. I told them that the noise is from the motor, but still, their technicians have to "validate" on the phone before sending the part out, which costs $40.

2. "Out of warranty" service hours are 8am~5pm, and not 8am~8pm - so give up an office day to get customer service if you are out of warranty. Wow, really?

3. A tech called me back once during office hours, and gave me a number to call back. Trying now for about 2 weeks, no luck!

So, in a nutshell, buy products from this company only if you plan NOT to use customer service at all.
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on February 15, 2011
I needed a treadmill for walking and for my wife to do some jogging on. So after I stated looking one the net I came across the Smooth 5.65 and liked its price point and warranty but was worried about the low incline that a previous reviewed talked about. So I called one of the people at smooth fitness and they told me on the current "2011" model the unit did indeed have a 15% incline. He also assured me that the unit would be able to take my walking and my wife jogging but if I was going to start running i should upgrade to the next model. At 58 , with bad knees, I don't plan on doing any more running so I placed my order for the 5.65 and the sales person was nice enough to give me a $50 discount.

It took about two week to get, the box was heavier then I was expecting and had to call my son over to help me get it in the room. After that set up wasn't to hard. Once i set it up I busted out my protractor to measure the incline, which turned out to be about 14 1/2%, not quite 15% but much closer then the 8% one of the reviews had stated.

The unit runs quietly & smoothly (as one would guess from a company called smooth fitness). over all I'm very pleased with the machine and would recommend it to a friend.
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on February 25, 2013
I've had my Smooth 5.65i for about 16 months now. The hardware is well put together and sturdy. The ability to create custom programs is a nice feature. FYI, I was also offered a $25 Amazon credit to provide a positive review about 9 months ago, which I happily did because the unit was working great.

...Fast forward 7 months...
My LCD display started to flicker last October. Not a big deal, and since a primary reason for my purchase was the excellent warranty coverage, I expected minimal issues in getting the display fixed. Since that time and numerous communications with Smooth, my display still isn't fixed. I've been sent 2 identical sets of parts, neither of which is the part that's broken, and the 2nd set even after the Smooth service rep assured me verbally they knew the right part to send. The service techs they sent out (3 months into the process) spent an hour on the unnecessary repair, when a full console replacement could have been done in 5 minutes. I've constantly had to follow-up with their service department, and was even informed at one point that my work order had been "closed" by accident. In addition, the company essentially shut down for a month in December as they worked to secure new financing, and didn't respond to any inquiries or have anything for sale on their website. I've received no reply to my last follow-up 2 weeks ago and am pretty much assuming my display will not get fixed.

My experience has all the makings of a company in financial trouble that just doesn't care anymore. In 20/20 hindsight, the Amazon credit for a positive review may suggest a company struggling with sales and trying to generate new ones. I have been generally satisfied with how the treadmill has worked (it still works fine besides the display problem), but now have no confidence that Smooth will honor their warranty up to expiration. I'd give the treadmill itself 3.5 stars, and Smooth customer service zero stars.

If you haven't ordered yet, PLEASE read all recent reviews carefully, especially the ones from the past 6 months from owners that have had their machines a while. If you decide to roll the dice, I sincerely hope you do get your treadmill and that it works well for you for a long time. If I had a chance to do it again, I'd buy Sole or something else with good reviews that you can buy in a store.
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on October 17, 2012
I cant tell you about this product because after 5 weeks of emails, phone calls, voicemails-I finally get confirmation that this item is on back order, and has been since the moment I place an order.

If you want to get screamed at, hung up on, and treated like crap, then buy SmoothFitness. If you want to wait over 2 months for a an item you spent over $1k on , then buy this. If you want your money taken out of your account and then no followup and an inability to get a refund, then buy this

I am now on hold asking for a confirmation of refund, and they said theres nothing they can send. I then explained I had a confirmation of cancellation and then 2 emails stating it wasnt cancelled. Ed then SCREAMED at me that he wasn't going to confirm. That he had to have his finance team cancel it. So i have no idea where over a $1000 dollars of my money is...and then he tried to say it may only be 2 more weeks for product to arrive and then 10 more days to arrange delivery and install...3 more weeks? I dont even trust that.

As i was just waiting on the phone for a manager, the same guy gets on the phone 10 minutes later, and proceeds to tell me he is the manager, yet forgot our conversation that just happened. Ed B you know who you are. He also lied repeatedly in the conversation, interupted me, and THEN HUNG UP ON ME after whining and screaming at me.

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