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on June 18, 2014
The title to this book is fitting. I bought it just as I was feeling the most confused about what is "healthy" (organic? low fat? low calorie? butter or margarine? coconut or olive oil? etc.!) and how to be healthy and stay within our budget simultaneously. Snack Girl's approach is practical and affordable.

In the past, when I've attempted to lose weight, I've filled my refrigerator with low-calorie packaged products that taste disgusting. You can imagine how long that lasted. Snack Girl teaches you how to eat REAL food that tastes DELICIOUS. For example, I don't love raw vegetables, so I never stuck with eating them in the past, but I've discovered that I do love roasted vegetables, and now I eat broccoli, plus other veggies, nearly every day (for the past several months!).

I've lost about 15 pounds since I bought the book, but that is completely irrelevant compared to how I FEEL. I feel healthier, and I feel like I can trust myself around food. Also, Snack Girl convinced me that it's OKAY to start small when it comes to exercise, and I did that, and I was nice to myself about it for a change. Before long, I was running instead of walking and finishing level 2 of Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred. I love that this book helps me to love myself.

My favorite recipes (I'm a sweet-toothed kind of girl) from the book are the brownie bites (that taste just like brownie batter!) and homemade kettle corn, but I honestly haven't found a recipe that I don't like. I've told several friends about the book, and I just got on Amazon to order a copy for a close friend.

My other "diet" books are being donated to good will :) I use this one so often (several times a day) that I don't even bother putting it away; fortunately, I was given a cute, decorative cookbook holder for my kitchen, and I just leave it sitting there.
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on June 2, 2014
I'm a follower of Lisa's blog and so when i heard she's putting out a book, of course I pre-ordered. :)

The book is composed of several section - the entire first half of the book is dedicated to changing your behavior and way of thinking. I didn't realize there was going to be such a huge section on just this when i pre-ordered. I didn't really need this since I've already changed my way of thinking when it comes to weight loss so it was kind of pointless for me specifically. HOWEVER this is a GREAT starter book for people who are starting to take notice to healthy eating and need tips on how to combat bad habits and change them into good habits. If you are someone who is just starting out and don't have the time to google and read health articles online all the time, this is a great book that brings all the health and medical mumbo jumbo down to easy to understand terms that can be put into practice immediately.

the second half of the book is dedicated to easy recipes, and they're separated into sections. Many of the recipes in here can actually be found on her blog, but I think there are some in here that are unique to the book. I like how she got them separated and everything is no-nonsense straight to the point recipes so I'm not spending a lot of time reading long descriptions when i just want the straight recipe.

HOWEVER, this brings me to the only major con to this book. THERE ARE NO PICTURES. Aside from the book cover, there are zero photos in this book. There are no glossy full color pictures of the great foods that we plan on making that are healthy yet delicious. There aren't even any black and white photos to at least tell me what my final result should look like! There is literally nothing in this recipe section that actually makes me WANT to try it - other than the fact that I love her blog and her blog got photos which makes me want to make them.

In other words, the first half of the book is written like the book is aimed at beginners, yet the second half of the book is written like it's for seasoned healthy conscious cooks who already know what they're doing and just need to read the text and do the cooking. Sadly, from personal experience, i know that back when I was starting out on cooking for myself, i really needed the distraction of colorful beautiful food photos as proof that YES just because it's healthy doesn't mean it looks like crap and taste like crap!

The recipe section of the book is also full of white/empty space. Since there are no photos, i would've appreciated the white space being taken up with preferable larger font/text size so that it's easier for me to read when i'm busy juggling pots and pans and dishes. Some recipes are also spread over two pages (with a lot of white space), with the left being the ingredient list and the right side page being the descriptions on how to make it. They could've easily fit on the same page (especially with all that blank space!!) and the book would've saved several pages (or perhaps added more recipes).

I do like this book a lot and I love Lisa. I check her blog daily for her awesome posts, and she has an amazing sense of humor. I bought this book mainly to support her, but I have to admit, i was a little disappointed by the content, presentation, and organization.

BUT as I said before, this is a great starter book for people who want to become healthy eater, but has let the intimidating recipes found online (that requires all kinds of gadgets) get in their way.
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on April 24, 2014
I read Snack Girl's blog and love her recipes so was so excited when she came out with a cookbook! The book is much larger than I thought (I thought it would be the size of a paperback book but with only 20 or so pages). Recipes are easy to make and oh so good...even my picky eater loves the recipes I've made so far!
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on April 15, 2014
I've read many "diet books" because I've been on a weight loss journey for most of my adult life. This is one of the few that actually makes sense and works. Lisa writes good life stories. She makes the book fun and easy to read. And she understands the challenges of finding a good weight, which gives her insight into most of her readers' lives.

She is a very good teacher. She breaks concepts that could be complicated into easy to understand ideas. She explains the "why" that is behind her approach to weight loss, and then she gives delicious, healthy and simple recipes to help you meet your goals (which is the "how" of her success).

A great book! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to eat healthy and lose weight while enjoying life.
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on July 21, 2014
Let me say that the food is good but the reason it got two stars is because there is not a single picture in the entire book. Who has a cookbook without any pictures.

The recipes were simple and the ones I tried were good. If your looking for recipes with vegetables though don't look here. All the vegetables were just roasted. This book is for people who are just starting out in clean eating not ones that have been doing it.

I received this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.
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on July 29, 2014
Ok, nobody likes to diet. I mean really LIKES to "diet" especially me. Eating Healthy is always a good plan, but can be expensive and difficult at times so I was really looking forward to having some healthier snack recipes and ideas when I chose this book for a review. Well, I didn't realize that this isn't a cookbook of healthy snacks, but a story of the author's journey to making changes in her lifestyle and diet that helped her lose weight and keep it off.

After she tried many well-known popular diets, Lisa Cain decided there had to be something she could do that would not only work, but keep working and make a difference. In "Snack Girl to the Rescue" she explains how she makes little changes and looks at food a different way that really made a huge impact on her life and weight.

Some of the easiest tips to implement are:

put salad dressing on the side, not directly on the salad

don't have a bread or chip basket on the table

order grilled meats instead of friend

have a side salad instead of fries

and many many more!

Just those little things make a huge difference in eating habits and healthier attitudes towards food. Don't be disappointed though, there are many recipes in the back of the book that are pretty simple and easy to make. Some of her ideas are ones I will personally implement in my life to kick start my healthier me attitude and others just don't suit me personally. This is a great book to have on hand for ideas of how to make healthier and better choices when eating at home or on the go.

Disclosure: I received free the item(s) mentioned in this post in exchange for my honest review through the Blogging for Books reviewer program.
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on April 14, 2015
I've been receiving the daily emails from Lisa and I finally broke down and bought the book. I did much of the same research so I'm with her on the perverbial next blank page. People wining about no pictures just need to get in the kitchen and start cooking. Stop dieting and start eating the way we should be. Portion control is everything...cook and we're all good. I like my coffee creamer in my coffee. I like butter and I hate TV dinners. It's a good thing that we shouldn't have forgotten before we all got obese.
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on April 16, 2014
I have been getting Snack Girl's emails for a long time. She has saved me so many times when I haven't known what to make for dinner! I LOVE her new book. It is very honest and helpful to those trying to make sense of losing weight in such a crazy world of choices. She is sensitive to many diet ideas and simplifies her recipes, which is very helpful. I love the format of the book. It is not your typical "diet" type book. It is full of useful information and life experience that encourages and inspires. I can't wit to try out all the recipes.
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on June 1, 2014
“Snack Girl to the Rescue!” is a great read as well as a useful cookbook. Its language is frank but comforting and it felt like I was chatting with my best friend (as I often do) about my weight management woes. Lisa Cain is optimistic but not preachy so her levelheaded message is nice to hear. It makes so much more sense to change your life style and see a smaller but permanent weight gain than to go on crash diets and keep ricocheting back and forth on the scale. I particularly like her recipes for Lentil Coconut Curry Stew, Cocoa Chili, Spicy Roasted Chick Peas and Hot, Thick and Dark Chocolate Drink. This book helps me maintain a balanced approach to healthier living! Thanks, Lisa!
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on August 28, 2014
I have followed Lisa's blog for a while and loved how she shares recipes, tips and ideas for people with busy lives, no personal chefs or shoppers, and limited time and resources. She's like the girlfriend who is always looking for ways to save or eat better.

One of the things I love about this book is that is isn't really so much a weigh loss guide as it is a guide to creating a healthier lifestyle. If you don't need to lose weight and are looking for ideas to jazz up your meals and snacks - look no further.

The recipes are written without the need for a zillion ingredients or ingredients that are difficult to find. Many of the things I have on hand, so when I need something yummy and healthy, I generally don't need to look further than my own pantry.
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