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VINE VOICEon May 16, 2011
After doing a little research, I saw some logitech models, I settled on this after reading some reviews. Also, I bought this controller purely for other games besides Final fantasy XIV. Don't worry if you're expecting otherwise.

My experiences:

- Feels great. The handles, buttons, and everything feels smooth, fluid, and well built!

- Vibration. Nice! Vibration and a solid build controller.

- Wire. Wow, I'm not sure who would need 9 feet's worth of wire, but it's nice if you need it. Otherwise, I just bundle it up because the wire is pretty long.

- Works with the games I've used so far. From my experience playing Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and NHL 09, compatibility has been flawless! I'm also running with Windows 7 64 bit. (You may want to check your game's compatibility first. Some games requires the Xbox 360 controller).

No worries! This game is gem of a controller. Inexpensive, quality, and expected performance. Good purchase!

Update: 11.20.11 - Still working great, no issues whatsoever. I've also tried this controller on the PS3 and it works well. Although pressing down on the left analog stick isn't as good, buttons feel like those of the PS3.

Update: 12.13.12 - All buttons still working great. The left joystick's rubber has deteriorated due to to heavy use.

Update 09.17.13 - Still good, it's seen more shelf than thumbs. The price has gone up. I bought this at $15 two years ago.

P.S. If you have issues with connection problems, check snake byte's website for drivers. Depending on your settings, your computer may not install the drivers automatically. I've also posted the link in the comments below since Amazon reviews doesn't allow posting links.
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on January 29, 2011
I needed a new USB controller, and I wanted something that resembled the Playstation style controllers. This one fits the bill nicely.

The pros:
Easy to hold. Longer handles make it more comfortable. Buttons and D-Pad work well. The joysticks are especially nice, and were a big improvement over what I was using. They seem to be fairly sensitive and give good control over motion and camera. Nice and long cord, a bit thicker than my old one, but it feels like it could withstand abuse better.

The cons:
The only bad part about this controller right now is that you can only get the driver from Snakebyte's website, and that site has been down for over 24 hours at this point. I had to reinstall Windows on my PC and so far I've been unable to get the controller working again and I can't track down a driver on the web so far.

Overall it's a good PC controller.
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on December 11, 2010
If your looking at this controller, then you probably have bought and played final fantasy 14 and have realized how horrible the UI is. The game was quite clearly designed for a Play Station 3 and therefore has an interface that you would find on a console. Not only does this Snakebyte controller make the game easier to play, but it is also compatible with the PS3 and other PC games, making it a very useful alternative to the Sony PS3 controller.

Believe it or not, but using the controller to play FFXIV is actually EASIER then using a normal mouse and keyboard. The UI is still, unfortunately, quite horrible, but with the controller its quite bearable. The MMO's complex controls have been streamlined quite well to the controller and best of all, the keys are already mapped to the gamepad, allowing you to skip that complicated process. This initial key mapping works quite well, since Square obviously designed this game for the Play Station 3 and since this is a licenced gamepad, you can avoid the annoyance of using an unlicensed game pad . You move the character with the L analog, and the camera with the R analog, talk with X and etc. Casting spells and skills (keys 1-10) is also surprisingly easy.

Still, given how horrible the game that the controller is attached to is, you'll be wondering why you would want to spend 39 dollars just to make the game a little more playable. Well, the great thing about this controller is that it is compatible with other PC games. And it works quite well for all the games that I've played with it. Need for Speed for example, is much more fun with a controller and this performs almost perfectly. Furthermore I personally use emulators regularly on my PC, and using the keyboard and mouse to play emulator games just doesn't feel right.

For some reason, the product description doesn't seem to mention that the controller also works on the Play Station 3, which was a very pleasant surprise. I had only one controller and I found out that this controller works on PS3 games when trying to play Modern Warfare 2 for two players. So far, I've tested this game on MGS4, CODMW2, FF13 and a few PS2 games and it seems to work well for all of them. It doesn't have PS home button, so it can never be a good enough replacement for the original Sony controller.

As for the appearance, I can't say its the most pretty controller out there, but it feels great in your hands, and has a nice grip. The buttons work well and the analog is more responsive then the Sony one. The weight is approximately the same as a Play Station 3 one, perhaps a bit heavier. I've seen some people on a few sites mocking the controllers shape and experience, but believe me, its design is actually better then the actual Sony controller. Still, even I can't say that the controller doesn't look a bit cheap.

Overall I was impressed by the controller. I liked the fact that it worked on both Ps3 games and PC games as well as FF14. Its grip and feel were good, but I did not like the fact that it was not wireless, and that its appearance wasn't great. If your looking for a good alternative for a PS3 controller, look elsewhere. But this is a good choice if you want a PC controller which also works on the PS3.
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on December 23, 2011
So let's begin with the pros, and some of these may have been mentioned by others:

Inexpensive, non-shoddy construction. The analog sticks have a great "click" when pressed, and the face buttons have a distinct depressed feel. Also, I am a big fan of the very long cable, too. The analog sticks snap straight back to the center upon release. The resistance of my two sticks are slightly different, but it's near negligible. I haven't installed the proper drivers to ever try out the vibration, so I can't vouch for it here (or knock it).

So all of what I said sounds good thus far, and that's basically everything one really needs in a controller, right? Not so fast. Here are the problems:

1) The shoulder buttons. All of them. These shoulder buttons do function, but boy are they loose, particularly the L2 and R2 ones. You can wobble those things all around while they're depressed, and if you get a bad angle or an infirm grip then you're likely to release the shoulder button without ever actually letting go of it. This might not be so bad if you only ever have to tap those buttons (though you could still miss that input), but holding down the triggers with extra-extra force just to make sure you don't let go is a flaw here.

2) The D-Pad. The D-Pad, fortunately, is comfortable in the sense that it doesn't have unnecessary ridges or anything like that. But this thing's even more imprecise than the shoulder buttons. Again, if you're doing some tapping around through menus or if you're just holding forward to run through a stage in a Mario game it's not gonna be a problem. If you ever try to do something more precise (e.g. fighting games) you will more likely fuddle your inputs than not. The D-Pad can rock back and forth, but not extremely well. The whole thing can slightly depress like an SNES controller, but it just doesn't do it as well an SNES controller.

3) The Analog Sticks. Yeah, I praised them earlier, but they're actually a mixed blessing. The problem with these is that they travel a bit too far in the opposite direction after being released. Again, I never downloaded the official drivers (and never will, so don't bug me about it). Perhaps the sensitivity /can/ be adjusted from those, but if not this criticism is equally valid for that case. This, once again, sort of matters more for the type of game in question. If your game only ever adjusts the camera angle via the sticks, you're not about to notice a problem here. If your game selects items via the stick, however, it's pretty annoying to have this going on.

4) The handles are overly long. I have fairly large hands, so they can reach quite nicely on any controller (even those old xbox ones. Sucked for people with small hands, though. Ha!) The length of the handles wouldn't be a problem for this controller if the shoulder buttons were better, so this issue is only an issue as a result of point 1). Why's this a problem? Because it puts your fingers in a less comfortable position to properly press those shoulder buttons down. Again, it's just more tiring for any segments that require long holding of the shoulder buttons.

I guess that's about it. Some might think I'm nitpicking here, but I'm really not. These aren't wild end cases, but things that affect my standard use on some not so uncommon games. The controller hasn't shown much sign of wear in the past month, and it does function completely correctly in the technical sense. I had no problem just plugging it into several Windows 7 computers, which found and automatically installed generic drivers. And my first paragraph of praises are things I indeed LIKE about this controller. It was a near bullseye, but unfortunately my gamepad solution will lie elsewhere.

UPDATE: It seems like the price of this bad boy is up to $40. I didn't change the star value of my review, but the arguably best selling point, price, is no longer in this particular controller's favor.
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on July 18, 2011
For 12 bucks this controller is great. It's definately not a high grade product and it's not as sturdy as the Xbox 360 or PS3 controllers, but for this kind of money it's a great deal. I bought it to play FFXIV and it works perfecftly with it, I hate playing that game with the keyboard so this controller does the job for me. It takes about 2 minutes to install the drivers and use the FFXIV config to map the buttons. So far I've had no issues with it. If you have more money to spend, go get an Xbox 360 controller for the PC, if you want something cheap, this does just fine.
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on May 1, 2013
I bought this for Final Fantasy XI and was planning on using it for Final Fantasy XIV when it's released again. Comfort wise I love this controller. The longer grips are perfect for my larger hands. The buttons work alright, but the shoulder buttons could be a lot better. I downloaded the drivers off Snakebyte's UK site (the only place that has them), installed, configured FFXI and I was good to go. After playing for a bit my PC blue-screened and that happens maybe once a year if that. I shrugged it off and got back in the game, blue screen again. After doing some research it was the controller drivers causing the issues. I uninstalled them and I haven't had a blue screen since. The controller still works but there's no force feedback.

I haven't owned the controller for very long but it doesn't feel very durable either. Prior to this I used a PS2 controller through a Super Joy Box (USB to PS2 controller adapter). The driver for it allows force feedback in games and it doesn't crash. Also, I've used the same PS2 controller for 10+ years with my PCs and it's still as durable as the day I bought it. I would strongly suggest going that route instead. If you don't play Final Fantasy games on PC, a 360 controller would do fine as well (it doesn't get along with FF games for some reason).

Long story short, Snakebyte dropped the ball here and I probably won't purchase another one of their peripherals.
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on October 11, 2013
The Snake Bit me. (sigh)
I must say, I did not expect to be disappointed by what USED TO BE my favorite Game Controller. However, it seems that Snakebyte is not interested in the PC Gaming community any longer and stopped manufacturing this device for PC's - only consoles.
My game has crashed MULTIPLE TIMES under Win 8 with a failure that is directly caused by this controller's drivers. It has also crashed in 7, but not as often. There is no fix, other than to uninstall. You can read all about this issue on Snakebyte's forum. Look up CM2793.sys

I am now going back to my Logitech F510 (aka Rumblepad 2 wired) which I should never have left for this decidedly cooler looking, and lighter, Snakebyte.
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on March 13, 2012
I got this because it was 65% off, only 14 for a 40 dollar controller. I needed something to play Fatal Frame with, and this fits the bill. Plug and play with any game or emulator that supports game pads, and can be used with everything if you use a program like Xpadder.

I would be really disappointed if I had bought this for 40 dollars, as it is NOT 40 dollar quality. I am more than satisfied with 14 dollars. It feels cheap in your hands, but the sticks work great. The buttons are a little bigger than regular PS2 controllers. The D pad is a lot bigger than on the regular PS2 controller, and I don't like it on this controller.. But Fatal Frame doesn't use the D pad(as far as I know) and I never use it. Feels kind of small, but I have big hands. The buttons are big though, and in some cases chunky.(d pad mostly, some people could also construe the triangle, circle, square and cross as being chunky as well.)

Overall, a good controller for the sale price. I don't even play Final Fantasy XIV, I just got it because it was a good deal. If they continue with this massive sale, get it. If it costs more than 20 dollars or so, don't.
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on August 5, 2013
Good solid feel and control, extended grips, and larger R/L buttons up top give this controller a nice ergonomic feel and performed very well during the Beta Phase 3 testing of ARR. Only time will tell if the retail version will provide full GUI support for this controller, however I plan on using it even if it does get treated just like a 360/XB controller clone.

Retail does not have GUI support at launch for this controller, however it is functioning just fine. Mimics a 360 interface.
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on February 15, 2012
-solid build
-plug and play with Windows 7 (assuming your game supports a gamepad)
-thumbstick sensitivity is good, feels like I'm playing on a console
-REALLY long cord for some reason
-great for racing games

-no directions included, so I'm not sure what the "function" and "analog" buttons do
-vibration seems weak
-the D-pad is a little's very easy to accidentally press it diagonally instead of straight up/down/left/right. I only noticed this because other reviewers pointed it out; I haven't had a problem with it yet (probably because I've only played games that don't use the D-pad much).

Make sure the game you want to play supports generic gamepads! For me, it worked with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and Need For Speed Most Wanted. If you have trouble using this controller, it's likely not the fault of the manufacturer; it's probably just that your game doesn't support a gamepad.
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