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The Snark SN-1 Tuner is an inexpensive gadget that works perfectly. It's features include:
- chromatic tuner for acoustic, electric and bass guitars
- Metronome (BPM) indicator with a range from 40-250
- pitch calibration from 415-466 Hz
- adjustment that allows you to tune your guitar even while using a capo.

In short, this is a fantastic electronic tuner. I love everything about this little guy. It has a battery saving feature that basically puts the tuner into sleep mode after 10 seconds and then turns completely off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

The BPM indicator is really handy and can be operated two different ways; either by tapping the BPM button once, which then defaults to 100 BPM and can be further adjusted to the desired BPM by pushing the up or down buttons on the back of the unit to achieve your desired BPM setting. Once it's set, the red colored, heart shaped display pulses to the BPM you set.

If you use a capo, you'll be pleased to discover this tuner works easily with the capo. You simply push the "flat" button on the back to either "1"-"2"-"3" or "4", corresponding to the capo position; 1'st fret, 2nd fret and so on. Tune as you normally would and the Snark accommodates the capo position and indicates when you're in tune.

The Snark has a very secure grip on your guitar headstock and it's rubber pads will help prevent any damage to your precious instrument. It's probably best to take the Snark off when you don't need it just to ensure it doesn't mar the surface of your instrument.

The color dial of the Snark is very easy to read and tuning is quickly accomplished. The Snark is extremely accurate. I confirmed this with a tuning fork. It was dead-on accurate.

What a great little device. Tuning your guitar has never been easier or more accurate. And it's inexpensive enough to have a couple of them wherever you need them.

You know how difficult it can be to tune accurately when you're in a noisy environment? Well the Snark eliminates that problem as ambient noise really doesn't affect it. It's picking up the frequency of the string from your instrument and therefore works well even when you can't hear what the heck is going. The bright, color display clearly indicates when your tuning is spot-on.

I can't think of anything I do not like about the Snark. Although there have been some comments about the tabs-that hold the ball-breaking off, I think that with reasonable care this is not a big issue. Clearly though, mis-handling the Snark-bumping it into a music stand or something-could cause the tabs to break. Just use caution and I think you'll be fine. As for battery life, I have not had my Snark long enough to comment on that. I will update my review if it seems like battery life is unusually short. Otherwise I can highly recommended the Snark SN-1 tuner..
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on November 26, 2010
It fits on the guitar well.
It has good contact areas that won't mar the guitar's finish.
It has an articulated arm that allows it to be placed on any guitar in a readable position, without interfering with the tuning knobs.
It has a clear, well thought out display.
The display is very readable in any light level.
It immediately responds to any note.
It immediately responds to any change in pitch.
It's pitch resolution is excellent.
It's pitch indication is accurate.
It has a visual metronome feature. (I don't use it, but it's a nice little extra.)
It's inexpensive.
Aesthetically, it's not the prettiest tuner, but since it works so well, I don't really want to call it ugly.
You get the picture. I like it a lot.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 27, 2011
I own several tuners, and two Snark-2 tuners, which are great (except they're not low profile like the Korg Pitchclip Chromatic Clip On Guitar Tuner - Korg PC-1--please see my review of that tuner).

So, since I needed another tuner for my ukulele, I ordered this time a Snark-6. This one says, specifically, for a ukulele. I wanted to try it compared to the Snark-2 Snark SN-2 All Instrument Clip-On Chromatic Tuner

The Snark-6 and Snark-2 are identical, except for color. The Uke tuner here is gloss black, and the Snark-2 is matte red. Otherwise, the size of the dial/face, the clip itself is precisely the same. So, there's nothing more ukulele relevant about the 6 versus the 2. The tuning is chromatic, so it's good for any specific instrument (mandolin, guitar, uke, banjo, etc.).

So, choose whichever color you prefer, and go for it. Sweet tuner. Superb graphics on the dial, colorful accurate, and inexpensive (but not "cheap" build, like the Korg). Highly recommended tuner.
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on February 11, 2011
"Tunes Tighter So You Sound Better."
I'm impressed with the Snark tuners. I own the Blue SN-1 for guitars and the Red SN-2 with extended range and a built in mic for all instruments. Better than I thought they'd be. Least important is the finish, but the finish is beautiful. Much better than any of the company pictures I've seen on websites. The blue and red colors are an intense rare metallic color. The Snark only weighs about 1.5 ounces with a very expertly made clamp with rubber gripping jaws. The lower jaw hinges allowing it to fit any contour. I have an Ovation with the angled head stock. The Snark clips right on and stays there. And with a ball socket on each end of the curved mounting post that connects the clamp to the face we're talking 360 degress maneuvering making the Snark perfectly adjustable for most any situation.
Comes complete with a CR2032 Lithium 3 volt battery. This is the same kind that many computers use for the clock battery. They never seem to wear out or leak. That's been my experience. Battery is held in a simple pull out draw behind tuner face.
It's best to tune-up on stage just before you play because the temperature on stage will be a little different than other places in the building. A clip on tuner is fast, other noises won't interupt the tuning because you are using a direct contact vibration sensor, and you can slip the Snark in your pocket as soon as you're done, how convenient. People will even ask you where they can get one because they are so impressive being so small, convenient, and quick to use. Tuning is easy. To go from one note to the next is very fast, almost instant and the Snark face lights up like a neon sign. Very easy to read and it perches on the guitar head stock like a little Canary. The Red SN-2 All Instrument Tuner has extended range and a built in microphone option you can turn on when needed. Perhaps if an instrument has no place to clip onto. Will tune guitars, bass guitars, bass violins, Bb trumpets, saxophones, flutes, and most any instrument. We have an electric Yamaha piano. The Snark SN-2 will clip onto the front wood piece and tune all the keys except the 7 lowest notes, 4 naturals and 3 flats. Both Snark models have a transpose feature. This allows a guitar player to tune with a capo on frets 1 through 4. The tuner will read the regular open string notes, E, A, D, G, B E. This is important because many capos depress the strings all the way down to the fret board. This usually leaves the notes sharp and out of tune. The human fingers usually don't depress strings all the way down to the fret board. So the transpose feature should be used to tune before playing with a capo for the perfect tune. How accurate is the Snark? Answer, it seems to be exact. The Snark company says tight. With my older tuner I could turn my guitar tuning keys more than just a little and the tuner wouldn't even notice. If I turn my guitar tuning keys just a very little bit using Snark tuner it notices the change. That's the kind of tuner I wanted. To get a perfect or near perfect tune sometimes I could do better with my own ears. The human ear can be the best tuning, but it takes longer and with other sounds all around a good clip on tuner works better most the time.
So how accurate is the Snark? I used an E tuning fork to find out. I put the E tuning fork ball down on the bridge of my guitar with the Snark at the other end clipped onto the head stock. The Snark instantly showed a perfect E note. I thought, that's what I've been looking for. So the Snark works just right for me. It looks great, it's handy, and works fast and accurate. It has the chromatic scale (shows all notes and sharps). The red, All Instrument SN-2 has the extended range for most any instrument and with the built-in mic switch option you can choose to use either Mic or Vibration. Also both models have the built-in mentronome that keeps pace with a vivid red flashing heart which is kind of funny, cool, and so easy to see.
1. Full Color Display
2. Display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing
3. "Stay Put Clip"
4. Tap Tempo Metronome
5. Transpose Feature
6. Pitch Calibration (415-466Hz)
7. High Sensitivity Vibration Sensor
8. Features extended frequency range for all intruments
9. Choose internal mic or vibration sensor
10. The Snark Tuner occasionally runs a self test making sure
all functions are go.
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on November 15, 2010
After trying several clip-on tuners for my guitars, banjos, and mandolins, this is definitely the best I've ever used. It works very well on all three instruments. It's accurate, the lighted display is very visible with bright colors for flat, sharp, and right-on. The head of the display swivels easily in any direction for easy viewing. It also allows tuning by both vibration or sound. The red color of the tuner's exterior makes it easy to find in my gig bag but is not obnoxiously bright when placed on the headstock. It's so good I bought two. Delivery came in about two or three days by standard shipping.
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on November 14, 2010
We've been only using it for two days, and so far so good. I cannot say anything about durability for now, but I'll update this review if it breaks.

One of my kids has been borrowing my trusty old BOSS TU-12 chromatic tuner forever for her violin, and I finally bought this for her.

There are many clip-on tuners, but I liked the following about this tuner:

1. LCD mimicing an analog needle so you know how much you're off (as opposed to just flat or sharp).

2. You can switch between vibration sensor and an internal mic. Most of the time you want to use vibration sensor anyway, but a mic sometimes comes in handy.

3. Can set different pitch than A=440.

4. Not expensive (was less than [...]$ including shipping).

Upon delivery I tried it on my guitars (both acoustic and electric) using vibration sensor before giving it to my kid, and was impressed.

It is quick to track the note even for low E. It's not picky about where on the peghead it is clipped on. No stress whatsoever, indeed it's just as quick and smooth as my BOSS. LCD is bright and clear, and needle-ish display works as expected.

It worked very well on violin too. And I saw kids singing to internal mic to check the pitch of their voices just for fun.

And a note about the looks. From the picture I expected it to be ugly, but actually it was not that bad. It's tiny and doesn't look like a Fisher-Price product.

First update, Nov 24 2010: I've tried it on an electric bass (4 string), and it worked equally well. Still 5 stars.
Second update, Oct 20 2011: It's still working happily for my daughter, and I bought a second unit for myself. Fantastic product.
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on May 29, 2011
I have used a variety of violin tuners over the years. This clip-on tuner is great for tuning in a noisy area. It will read your string's note either by sound or by vibration. I thought at first that the red color would be a bit too wild. However, it is a lovely tone that blends in well with the brown color of my violin's scroll where I have it clipped. I do not even notice it's presence (by sight or by getting in my way) when I am playing the violin. Very cool tool!

The price was very moderate for the technology this provides.
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on January 11, 2011
I bought this just to see if it would work as the reviews say. I was surprised that it really does work. I even ordered another one. Just clamp it and forget it. I use it on my ukuleles, from the soprano, concert, tenor to the baritone it works on all of them. I also like the fact that it has a metronome, no sound but just a little heart that flashes, which you can set the tempo also. I like it better that the Lanikai Chromatic & Ukulele LUT-1 Tuner. I like the fact that it is lighted so you can see the screen in low light settings. Try it you will like it.
I also wanted to add that by using this you can also learn the fret board. Just choose a fret and strum or pick the string and it will show you what the note is.
I will post more later on after I have used it some more and after I see how long it holds up to everyday use..
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on October 22, 2011
I have purchased 6 of the snark SN-2. They worked like a charm, really helping to make students aware of the small pitch changes necessary to match pitch. They worked that is until one of the plastic supports (on the head of the tuner) broke on 5 of the 6 tuners. I am still not ready to give up yet as I like the vibration mode for the classroom setting. It also does fairly well with the cello c and bass e strings if the students pulls the bow at a slow and consistent speed.

I have created a modification using shrink wrap tubing. I have first secured the ball in the socket using duct tape creatively. Then place the shrink wrap tubing around the duct taped ball and socket and heat. I have ordered a couple new ones to try this modification to see if it keeps the item from breaking in the future. I will report back after testing with jr. high students.
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on June 27, 2011
This is a great little tuner. It is just as accurate as my Boss TU-12 and it works much better than my Inteli IMT500. It works great on my uke, mandolin, guitar and bass - yes even the low E string.

The colored display is very nice and seems to make tuning easier than the LCD display on the IMT500.

I don't think I will use the IMT500 again unless the Snark SN5 gets broken.
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