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on March 12, 2013
Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is one of those game that catches you by surprise. Not for the amount of content, but for the amount of fun and time you end up spending playing this creepy, yet extremely fun game.

The premise is simple, you and 3 more players battle hordes of zombies, from normal slashing zombies, to sniper zombies, heavy gunners, suicide freaks and bosses.

The graphics are sharp, but for the highest settings, you may need a decent PC, I have a high end PC, but don't always use all the highest settings, sometimes a few settings set to off can improve game performance. I did not experience any frame issues and not once did I experience any lag during MP.

Mulitiplayer connections are stablished without any headaches. You can start a game with only 2 players, which is cool by me, specially if there isn't many players around or if you get the usual player whom can't wait for a room to fill up and leaves. Well, like I said, with this game, you simply start the game and have all the fun you can.

The game is a third person view game, but will switch to FPS as soon as you zoom in, but only with the sniper rifle, after all, it is call "Sniper Elite". Which brings my next point, you get 3 weapons and 4 types of explosives. The weapons are: a sniper rifle of course, a sub-machine gun and hand gun, all WWII style of course. You get plenty of ammo for the sniper rifle, about 100 rounds, but you get very limited ammo for the machine and hand gun. Once you pop a zombie, you can press E next to his body and loot him for goods, mostly granades and ammo. The machine and hand gun are used for emergencies, at least that's what I do, for when a re-load on your sniper rifle might take too long.
Explosives include granades, land mines, trip wire and charges, all of which, except the granades, can be detonated by shooting at them if that's what you choose to do.

You start the game with your buds or by yourself and must make your way to a safe house, where you can re-stock on ammo, but your secondary weapons may not always get all the ammo you need, which you must get from hit zombies instead. From each safe house, you must move to the nex point, to another safe house then to finally fight a boss, which by the way ,is not easy at all; again, team work and carefuly placed explosives do the trick.

If you played "Sniper Elite" for the 360/PS3 then you know what the "X-ray kill cam" after-shot is. If not, well, when you hold your breath, with E, you get a steady shot, that when hits a zombie on a strategic place, the camera will switch from your sniper view to a small cut scene (very short one) that will take view of the bullet leaving the barrel, traveling and hitting the zombie, whom will have an x-ray vision of his body and the bullet tearing him apart. THIS HOWEVER is only visible on SP, during MP, you still get the cut scene, but it is about half a second and you only see the zombie being hit, no X-ray. This works perfectly, because in MP, the chaos is that much greater and you must remain vigilant and ready for more zombies coming at you.

The game has 3 different experience levels or difficulty if you must. Cadet, Marksman and Sniper Elite.

If you've played games such as Killing Floor or Left 4 Dead, then you'll be right at home with Sniper Elite. The controls are simple, yet effective. I use a Logitech mechanical keyboard (G710+) and 2012 Razer Mamba and they both work great.

Like the title of my review says, this is a Steam Activated game, so no need to download the file from Amazon, simply copy and paste the product key or code, then activate on your Steam account.

All in all. Even though there are only a few maps available for this game, they do have and pack a punch, they are full of excitement, fun and plenty of action. I had my doubts at first, quite honestly, but my doubts were put to rest as soon as I started my very first game, OFF line may I add, once I tried the MP, I was totally hooked (played 5 hours straight) and soon realized that this game is the best $15 I've spent in a while.

Good luck....

Steam User: BT-TONY.
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on May 17, 2013
I wanted a new first-person shooter after upgrading my computer recently and, after watching a gameplay video on YouTube, this one looked great. I wasn't disappointed. The graphics are beautifully done with the destroyed cityscape, high details on everything, eerie sound effects, atmospheric environments and the zombie enemy are very well done. It's not really difficult as long as you can keep some distance between your character and the packs of deadittes. But, when you get to the ending (at least I think it is) of the second area (and there are still many more to go), you might as well quit. Though the huge zombie horde that you have to take out is somewhat slow moving, you run out of ammo too quick and, thanks to the sadistic programmers, you can't back up into the previous area due to a solid fog wall blocking the way. So, you just get trapped. Even making a dash for it through the gaps is a death sentence since the zombies are all armed with assorted weapons, plus there is the random fast running suicide bomber zombie that comes for you and explodes if you don't take it out well before it can reach your area. As mentioned, this game is fun, but without a god mode cheat, you'll be tossing away your Xbox 360 controller in anger a lot at this area (I use the PC version of the controller that works perfectly with the game and other titles). There are cheat trainer programs available on-line, but they do not work. The only one that does is available from the cheathappens website and you have to buy a 2-day membership to the site just to get a program that should be free. But, I went ahead and snagged it anyway to see if it does the job. To their credit, it works perfectly. In short, I highly recommend the game, but be prepared to get very mad when you get trapped by the zombie horde and can't do anything to progress forward.
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on August 10, 2013
I recommend getting this game to play with your friends cause the scary atmosphere is great, and there's intense situations where you need to conserve ammo in your machine gun and secondary gun since they run out relatively quick, so be sure to loot dead bodies for ammo and the slo-mo sniper shots are sweet. For the price, this game is definitely worth it if you have friends to play with.
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on April 19, 2013
This is a fun little zombie shooter. It has the look and feel of a mashup between Left 4 Dead and the Nazi Zombie mode from the Call of Duty series. There are 5 scenarios that you can play through with up to 3 of your friends. As you traverse each scenario, you get to shoot down quite a lot of zombies, skeletons, magically enhanced jumping snipers, suicide bombers, and heavy duty machine gunners while trying to make it to the next safe room. Each scenario does have an end to it, usually by way of a massive zombie horde or a ghostly boss that summons lesser zombies to his aid.

The game definitely has its exciting moments. The suicide bombers, in particular, can create some intense, and hilarious, situations. My chief complaint with this game is with its replayability. After you've played the maps once or twice, you'll be able to avoid all of the GOTCHA!! moments and should have very little trouble with the finales. This feels very much like a "once and you're done" kind of game. If the company were to Introduce more scenarios as well as a randomizer, this game would have legs.
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on October 18, 2013
This game is okay. In Singleplayer it gets pretty boring after about an hour or two because it's mostly just your character running around killing waves of zombies. But in the Co-op mode it instantly becomes a very fun game. The zombies are kind of gimmicky, and the base game (Sniper Elite V2) is much better, but hey, for the $5 I got it for, (it frequently goes on sale for $5) I'd say it's worth it. I'll give it a 7.5/10
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on July 25, 2015
This NOT a sniper game. The zombies know where you are at all times and relentlessly hunt you down. You are unable to stalk, plan, and snipe the bad guys at all. This is a typical shoot-em-up game. That being said, it's not too bad. Nice graphics and atmosphere. The slow motion kill-shots are VERY cool, indeed. If you like shooters, you'll like this game. If, however, you like using skill and strategy, this one's not for you.
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on December 30, 2013
Did you play Sniper Elite v2?
If not that is okay, this is a stand alone game. But if you did, you understand the mechanics of the game, and how some of those missions had a survival aspect as some waves of enemies came at you.
Well, this is really no difference, but with zombies. And zombies are fun.

I am a big fan of COD Zombies, and this seemed like a cheap rip off at first, but it really is it's own thing. It is the Sniper Elite game mentality and you shoot the zombies. No running circles, no magic box for power weapons, but instead you have to dig in, try to search bodies for ammo (but the bodies disappear after a little bit), so the mentality and strategies are different.

It really is a lot of fun, and can be played single player or coop with up to 3 people (4 total).
I am impressed with how much fun it is and is simple enough to just jump in, but complex enough that you might want to strategize a bit to ensure you survive.

It is a little repetitive in design. Hold out in the building, hold out in the courtyard, run to the safe house. Hold out in the building, courtyard, safe house etc... But overall it is fun and worth going through it.

I highly recommend the game. It isn't perfect, but it is loads of fun. I grabbed it on a deal for $5 (plus another copy for playing coop), but anything under $10 is a steal.
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on April 15, 2014
I always watch the video walkthrough before buying the game and holy cow look at those graphic's are awesome, X-ray shot kills, Dead Bones walking at u I mean Wow! that is the best i've ever seen, even the sound is more scary than RE, blood and gore all over it shocked me! (way better that Sniper Elite V2), had to go straight to Amazon to buy it but sadly only on PC dang!! ..if they only had it on PS3 i would buy both right there ... I hope they do it soon on PS3 coz i want it badly.. Check out the Complete Walkthrough from youtube SweepersTonyAndNox
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on September 22, 2013
AWESOME !!!! What not to love about killing zombies :D !!!! Love the graphics when i play in 3D , you see things better!! If you love COD Zombies, you going like this guarantee! !!!!!! Get this game :0)
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on May 31, 2013
The game is great. It has more lag than l4d2 or colonial marines, or The haunted hells reach but usually still playable. On team it is challenging on 4x the number of zombies etc and the elite level. The scoped sniper is a bit hard to keep on target more so than a real gun. I have 3 bars of gold I have not been able to locate yet. Still looking ugh.
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