Customer Reviews: Sniper Elite V2 [Online Game Code]
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on July 26, 2012
A little about me:
1) I greatly prefer third-person shooters to FPS.
2) I love to snipe regardless of the game (Splinter Cell, Mass Effect, etc.).
3) I'd rather have more gameplay than insanely good graphics (but having both is a plus).

Now that you know a little about me, you will perhaps understand when I say that I really like this game. I was surprised by how much I liked it. To me it was very reminiscent of Splinter Cell Conviction with slightly down-graded graphics and body mechanics. However, this game offers more gameplay than Conviction (by at least a third).

Here are some pluses:
1) The bullet ballistics are great and it can often be fun to try and snipe people using just the scope marks to gauge your aim.
2) There is a great mix of close combat and distance sniping. I thought the game would be a lot more about laying far away from your target and making calculated shots, but you really have to traverse a lot of ground, choosing different weapons to suit your needs.
3) The game offers a great mix of weapons and just enough ammo so that you don't go crazy with the trigger, but you don't run out either.
4) Side items like grenades and trip mines add a nice element to he game. They aren't incredibly useful, but they are still fun to play with and once or twice in the game are almost critical.

If I had complaints about the game they would be this:
1) It's a shame you can't interact with your environment more. It's great that you can shoot at bottles placed throughout the game, but you should be able to shoot out lights, windows, and other breakable objects that appear in the game.
2) Speaking of the inability to shoot out lights, shadows mean nothing in this game and that is unfortunate. An AI can see you just as well in darkness as they can in 100% daylight. Considering all of the available stealth aspects of the game, they should have done better with this. Conviction got this right...SE V2 did not.
3) Speaking of the AI's abilities, it seems ridiculous that AIs with an SMG can fairly easily hit me at 200 meters when I have to hold my breath to hit them with a sniper rifle. In other words, weapon abilities are not differentiated enough in the game. Don't get me wrong...AI snipers are much more accurate than AIs with SMGs, and I'm fine with the accuracy of the snipers, but SMGs should only have a chance of hitting you much closer.
4) Finally, the AIs in this game have eyes like eagles. Even if you're in the dark and hundreds of meters away, they will still see you eventually. This is really unfortunate programming.

Despite those complaints, this game was well worth the cost and a pleasant surprise. If you like sniping and third-person games you may like this game quite a lot.
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on July 13, 2012
I truly enjoyed this game and every aspect about it. The only drawback is that it is quite linear. Everything else though is a blast. The graphics, sound, and gameplay are all solid. I haven't experienced any bugs. Singleplayer is easy on lower levels, but can be quite challenging on higher difficulties. With great bullet physics and somewhat challenging AL. The best part though is the multiplayer. You have dedicated servers as well as the option to create your own. Many different options to set up a game.

Be warned though, if you want fast action such as CoD or BF3 you will be disappointed. It's a sniper game so there is alot of camping and waiting for that perfect shot, but to me that adds to the stress level of not being seen yourself.
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on September 13, 2012
The Good: Satisfying kill shots, good graphics, gory X-Ray kills are fantastic

The Bad: Dumb AI, poor stealth mechanics, drab level design, frustrating shootouts, boring everything else

Sniper Elite: V2 doesn't stand for version 2 as some people may think. This is about trying to stop the Germans from using V2 rockets in World War II. After seeing those three words you probably left this review already. Another WWII game? V2 has a lot of potential, but is lacking in many areas due to the developers laziness in design. The story is nothing special with the only satisfying thing being sniper shots.

The game is all about stealth, but right away you will notice this is broken. The enemies are laid out in a poor manner in which it is hard to figure out how to take everyone out without raising an alert. If you do so you have to fight it out with limited ammo from your other weapons and you die very quickly. Using the sniper rifles is just fine with an ability to hold your breath to steady your aim. Slowly a red diamond will focus on a part of an enemy and that is where your bullet will land. Once you fire the game uses a bullet camera and some times you will see an X-Ray shot of the bullet penetrating the targets organs (the nut shot is awesome!) You will see the skull shatter, organs burst, and eyes explode. This is the most satisfying use of a sniper rifle in any shooter. The problem is, the fun stops there.

Of course sniper rifles back then really didn't have silencers so once you make the shot everyone knows you're there. Some levels have loud noises you can mask the shot in, but this can be difficult. The enemy AI is extremely dumb in which they won't notice a dead comrade right next to them, or they will spot you from hundreds of yards away with some sort of eagle vision. On top of the all that enemies spawn strangely out of some sort of ether because you will walk a hallway with no enemies, circle around, then somehow there's an enemy there. This makes stealth frustrating as hell and you will rage quit often. It doesn't help that the forced shootouts are frustrating and hard because you die almost instantly.

You can lay traps for enemies and such, but I honestly didn't find any reason to do this much. Even the level design is screwy because the hallways are confusing and everything looks the same. There just isn't enough satisfaction from finishing levels and out smarting enemies because in reality your exploiting the dumb AI to advance through the levels. After just about 3 or 4 you will probably have enough and call it quits. It is just so sad that the great sniper mechanic was wasted on such a boring and dull game. The graphics look pretty good, but other than that you won't stay interested. I had this game on my HDD for about 2 months and even when I had nothing to play I couldn't go back to this drab game.

Overall, V2 has some awesome kill shots and great sniper rifles; everything else is a bust. Dumb AI, poor stealth mechanics, boring level design, uninteresting story, and frustrating shootouts. The multiplayer is pretty satisfying, but you won't be coming back for long. V2 is a huge disappointment over a prequel that was fairly decent. Even the most patient gamers won't last here.
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on July 22, 2012
-Great graphics and Sound
-Kill cam is fun to watch
-Great remake

-Game gets boring after the first few levels, so taking a break for a few days makes it fun again.
-Although the kill cam is cool to see it gets old after the 50th kill but you do have the option to turn it off.
-Game is very linear which isn't always a bad thing but in this case it makes the game a bit boring.
-Enemy AI is a bit off. What I mean is you can be 10 feet from the enemy and they forget where you are but if you are a few hundred feet away they immediately know where you are and can have surprisingly effective suppressive fire against you at far off distances.

Over all I don't regret buying the game because it was a great price. It's fun as long as you take breaks in between the game making a little less repetitive. I would recommend it.
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on October 20, 2013
Controls are weird, some crashes on Win 7, I'd try to get a refund if I was still able to. I would not recommend this game based on my experience. I can't tell you about the plot because it sucked so much I stopped playing.
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on October 11, 2012
As a pretty seasoned fan and player of FPS type games, this one is a miss. It was ambitious, but feels horribly unpolished, like the developer had a great pitch and somehow ran out of resources to put the final coat of polish on things to make it the game they'd intended.

That's really as shame too, because there's the foundation of a really neat game in here.

The promise of feeling like an actual WW2 era sniper just never comes to fruition. Instead it ends up feeling like a stock, linear WW2 shooter, the kind we've all played before, with an occasional "bullet time" type clip which quickly becomes cumbersome and breaks immersion. As the game decides you just made a "cool" shot, time slows, the camera pans out and tracks the bullet to the target and you get a skeletal X-ray image of your target as the bullet passes through. Again, if used properly and selectively enough, that could have been really cool and underscored the human impact of what you were doing. As it stands, it reeks of some combination of gun-porn and annoying window dressing.

The missions aren't terrible, they're just uninspired. While the game seems to make the allegation that you can approach missions either guns blazing, taking down every enemy you see, or sneak your way through using stealth, cover, and quiet kills, the reality of it is you will just end up killing every enemy. The AI isn't good enough to be able to be fooled, or tricked into responding like a real person, so you just wind up using every weapon at your disposal.

All of which breaks the illusion that you're an actual behind-enemy-lines clandestine sneaky-sniper type.

I wish I could have liked this game more, it really aspires to something but never quite gets there. I bought it for an extremely cheap price, but had I paid full price I would be much more unhappy. As it stands, however, even on-sale, there are better options out there, even as time-wasters between flagship titles. Give this one a pass.
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on October 9, 2013
I played this game when it first came out and I fell in love with it. It was lots of fun. I used to to think the whole slow motion shots were pretty cool. I even beat the game and had fun with it.

Now I purchased and downloaded Sniper Elite V2 and I can't even get past the first level. For some reason the music was just so annoying and repetitive, while the game play was so slow, I quit the game and uninstalled it. I couldn't believe it, was this the same game I played years ago, or have my tastes changed that dramatically?

I'm not sure what changed, but I was not satisfied. I gave it three stars for the nice graphics update and the nostalgia, but this remake just isn't for me.
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on July 27, 2013
I have to say that I really like this game. With the different difficulty levels it's a fun and challenging game for the beginner or expert. If you choose easy you don't have to deal with such things as bullet trajectory but when you go on expert you have to deal with wind and bullet drop from different distances. All I have to say is learn to use your scope marks. If you are setting up a snipping point make sure to use your trip mines and other items or they will sneak up on you and then your probably not going to make it out of the room alive.While this game is primary sniping from a distance it does have times when you need to get close and use a pistol or your machine gun.
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on July 29, 2013
an incredible resource hog over V1 of the series - maddeningly so at even low resolution - it brings out the worst in your video card - you better have the high end one to make this one work

as well, they changed the controls from V1 - and I don't see why. Problems with latency, "stickiness" of the mouse and "trigger" reaction make the gameplay almost painful and pointless. I'll keep playing with the settings until I get something to work - maybe then I'll be able to make a comment on game play, strategy.
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on July 27, 2013
While it's not super realistic, it is a fun sniper game. I tend to focus on the sniping part, but it also has a stealth component. When compared to games like Hitman, Call of Duty, MoH, Battlefield, it's not nearly as polished. The actions are a little clunky. However, what makes this game is the kill shots. Very cool bullet time effect. The story seems good as well.
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