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on May 4, 2012
I for one love to snipe in games and have all the patience in the world to stratigically plan out my moves. For me, it's more gratifying than the whole "run and gun." With that being said, this game will fulfill your craving if that's what you enjoy doing. You need to learn to plant tripwires, mines and throw rocks to get your enemies to look in another direction so you can sneak past. I've killed Hitler a couple times (only a perk for those that pre-ordered) and I've played the demo about 4 times and liked it enough to buy it. It still holds up. I've played maybe halfway through the campaign thus far and my only gripe at this point is when you're reloading your weapon and in the line of fire, if you're prone, you're stuck in your position til you're done reloading. If you're being fired upon, there's a good chance you'll die before you're done reloading. I suppose that's realistic, though. Also, I'm kinda bummed that I can't switch out my main rifle until a new mission starts. You can't switch it out like you can your machine gun or sidearm. At least that's what I've encountered. The graphics are pretty good and you can somewhat control the AI. If you custom pick the harder settings, the AI will work against you. Your enemies will make more of an effort to hide and they'll be more likely to seek you out. I don't know why you wouldn't pick the most realistic setting for the shots fired. You want the elevation and windage to be affected. I mean, that is why you would want a quality sniper game, right? You can disable that and make it so the bullet hits whatever your crosshairs are on, but there's no challenge or realism to that. Everyone knows about the kill-cam. That hasn't gotten old yet. I'm super picky about shooter games. I only buy a couple games a year and most often when I try something from a difference franchise, I'm disappointed. I'll say that this is the most enjoyable "new" game I've tried in quite awhile. I'm 31 and don't spend much time on games anymore. I'm an avid target shooter in real life and setting the realism of your sights to "realistic" will put forth a challenge that is somewhat similar to how it really is. Luckily, shooting a Mosin in this game won't leave a softball size bruise on your shoulder like it does in real life! ;-)

On an added note, you can't pause and save the game. It saves when it wants to. Sometimes I may be in a mission, but I don't have time to finish it. Although I've reached checkpoints, if I don't finish the mission, but I shut down the system, I've got the restart the entire mission when I resume later. C'mon now. That's just not cool. Checkpoints are pretty much only good for if you die. Don't start a mission you don't intend on finishing. I learned this the hard way during some of the lengthier missions.

UPDATE: Some people complain that the AI is too aware of your presence. I can say that I make a mission stretch anywhere between 60-90 minutes. That may seem long, but this is a sniper game and it's about strategy and patience. If it's taking you half that time to finish the mission, then guess what... You're probably rushing it, hence the reason they're aware of you so easily. You have to learn to tip-toe around, shoot when bombs in the distance are going off or bells are chiming. You have to wait for these moments so your shots aren't detected by others. If you do it right, you can get through an entire map without anyone ever being alerted of you and making you run for your life. Take that into consideration. You can't treat this game like you would CoD or BF. That's what makes it fun, though. It's different! Yes, the saving aspect sucks, but that too makes it more challenging. Just be aware of it is all. It's not worth turning your back on the game because of it.
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on May 3, 2012
If you like playing the role of sniper, this is an excellent game! It's crazy hard even at the "normal" level (for me at least) so I had to switch to the easy level. The enemies at the normal level seem to get alerted to you VERY easily no matter how long you take, how sneaky you are, or how quiet. Im sure as you ratchet the difficulty up, it's even worse (or better for those who like a challenge). The sniper animations when you place a great shot are wicked. The difficulty of making the shot depends on the difficulty level you are on from no calibrations to super-fine tuning and taking into account all variables (wind, distance, etc). I typically play just for fun so a super challenging experience isn't what Im looking for. I want recreation, not frustration. That being said, it seems as if this game caters to all types of players in the sense of how challenging you want the game. I'm glad I purchased it and after I complete the game on easy, I like it so much I may ratchet the difficulty up a notch and replay it. It's that cool.
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on May 5, 2012
Forget the average reviews this game is getting from gaming media outlets. If you like to play stealthy 'slow pace' Sniping type gameplay there's nothing close to this game on the market. Run and gun/mindless shooter fans need not apply.
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on June 14, 2012
The game itself is fun to play - the main problem I have with it is this : Even though the game shows that it is saving your state etc - that checkpoint only works for THIS session of play.

If you exit the game - or if you hit one of the game's many bugs and it freezes causing you to have to restart - then when you select "Continue" you will find that you are staring back at the beginning of the chapter, not at the saved checkpoint. That beginning of chapter may be a LOOOOONG way back, and it is extremely frustrating to have to redo parts that you already completed.

If you are thinking of buying this game, I would recommend waiting a while to see if they fix more of the bugs.
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on September 1, 2012
Big explosions, whizzing bullets, screaming comrades, and frantic shootouts are your typical ingredients to most military shooters. It's a rare treat when we take the battlefield backdoor and examine stealthier means to combat. War torn Germany proves to be the perfect playground for sneaking around and lining up headshots. It's not to say that being a sniper is short of spectacles. The newly introduced X-Ray cam shows the sniper's .50 caliber bullet shred the targets' insides in glorious slow motion. The sniper's approach might be subtle, but his executions are gruesome.
The Sniper Elite franchise returns with a reboot, rather than a sequel, and brings surprisingly addictive gameplay, unique enough to hold its ground when facing veterans of the genre.

The Good
X-Ray Cam never gets old
Addictive gameplay
Be stealthy or shoot everything in sight

The Bad
AI has superhuman vision
Outside the sniping, controls can be clunky
Enemy AI can be frustratingly dumb

You play as OSS officer Karl Fairburne who's sent to Berlin in 1945 to track key figures involved in the V-2 ballistic missile development. The campaign references USA's plan (Operation Paperclip) to recruit Nazi-German Scientists for employment in the aftermath of World War II. Trite story elements bring nothing new to the table, but varied mission objectives provide plenty of sneaking and sniping opportunities: infiltrating heavily guarded facilities, assassinating Nazi targets, and disabling military weaponry. You can take the silent route or pick a hiding spot and let hell break loose.

The levels follow your typical point A to point B format, but they provide several paths to flanking your opponents. You're equipped with a silenced pistol, a machine gun, trip wires, grenades, land mines, rocks (for distracting guards), and of course your deadly sniper rifle. Your varied arsenal is a catalyst for creative bloodshed, but it's a shame that stealth feels unrefined and clumsy. Before making your first move, you can examine the environment with your binoculars and tag enemies for easier kills. Unfortunately, regardless of your position, every soldier seems to know your exact location once the first shot is fired. This oftentimes takes away from your careful planning and you're left with a game of whack-a-mole.

The enemy AI is aggravatingly inconsistent. You'll see enemies welcome your bullets with open arms while others have super human vision, spotting you from a mile away. Sneaking though buildings is where stealth suffers the most. Take a room with three guards for example, where one is looking out the window. You can easily shoot two krauts without the third guy ever reacting. Other times, you'll hear enemies storming at you from the distance, even though you're quietly prone on the floor. This isn't to say that stealth is entirely broken or useless. You can certainly crawl your way thought the majority of levels undetected, but it's a shame that random AI spasms break the gameplay tempo.

Sniper Elite V2 is a blast to play. Critical shots are highlighted with a slow motion X-Ray Cam that showcases what happens when a bullet tears though an enemy's body. Teeth shatter, organs explode, limbs fly - it's a blood bath. The shooting feels precise and the realism of bullet ballistics is determined by the game's difficulty setting. Playing on casual removes environmental effects on the bullet. Your bullet will land exactly where your reticle points, so this is a welcome setting for newcomers to sniper simulations. Raising the difficulty brings a whole new level of authenticity to the gameplay. Taking gravity, velocity, bullet penetration, wind, and aim stability into account is quite challenging when you have a gang of Nazis breathing down your neck. Furthermore, several levels have tanks and enemy vehicles patrolling the area. They can be taken out by shooting their gas tanks, killing everyone in the blast radius.

As fun as the sniping is, using your machine gun for close-range combat feels gawky and buggy. I know the sniper is all about, well, sniping, but you think he'd grasp the basics of using other firearms - sometimes it feels like he's shooting with his feet. Luckily, these encounters are seldom and you mainly rely on your sharpshooter skills.

Visually, the game has nicely rendered, authentic environments. The streets of Berlin are filled with rubble and you get a detailed area overview when the camera shifts to slow motion as it follows the bullet to its target. Character models look decent enough, but it's the death animations that steal the show. Depending on where you hit the target, the enemy reacts distinctively. It's reminiscent of the recent Max Payne game - bravo!

The audio is superb! The high-pitched sound of your bullet catching speed and the grotesque shattering of Nazi skulls is thrilling. Sound also plays a substantial role in how you navigate the levels. Unless you are crouching, the echoing of your footsteps attracts nearby soldiers and can blow your cover. When sneaking through a building, enemy chatter can reveal their location and give you the upper hand. These are great little touches that complement the gameplay.

Sniper Elite V2 is a rare gem in the military shooter genre. The single player mode is solid, clocking in at about 7+ hours, and you even have a multiplayer component that allows for co-op play. Replay value depends on how much you enjoy the first playthrough, but considering that every mission gives you numerous ways to make your enemies' brains explode, I'd say you have plenty of reasons to revisit the campaign.

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on May 3, 2012
Game reminds me of sniper ghost warrior, except placed back in WW2. So far this seems like a legit shooter with a strategy aspect to it. First thing I noticed is the delay in interaction choices between item pickups and obstacle hopping. Sometimes having to mash the buttons to even pick up a body or hop over a wall. Sound could be a little bit better do to the fact of everytime you run it sounds like your trotting through a hallway made of echoes. Other than those few things I've seen the combat part to the game is nicely done. And the slow mo kill shots are epic. From end of barrel to end of their skulls. The detail that went into this mechanic of the game was superb. Seems like a copy of mortal combats xray when you break bones. And not to mention the enemy ai is decent I've died several times due to sneaky lil Nazi's. Note: trip wires are your bff. Overall, if you like WW2 genre games with sniper play added in and nice exploding craniums. Then I suggest this game.
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on August 17, 2012
I agree with all the positive reviews but one thing is not mentioned. Two player co-op. On the box my son purchased, it clearly shows that two people can play with the one disk. This is not correct. You must be online and logged in to Sony AND have another PS3 AND another disk to play co-op campaign. My son was disappointed that we could not play the game together.

With that said, be warned if you are going to purchase thinking that you and your friend are going to play co-op on one machine.
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on June 10, 2015
•Weapon ballistics are done well.
•X-ray bullet cam is immensely satisfying.
•World War II setting proves refreshing at times.
•Overwatch online co-op is unique in premise.

•A stealth system that is ironically nowhere to be seen.
•Desultory close-range combat.
•Narrative fails to make an impact, let alone leave one.
•Lack of competitive multiplayer.
•Hit and miss cover mechanic.
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on September 11, 2013
Very solid game. Good controls, action, graphics etc. This is the best of the sniper games I've played.
If you enjoy World War II vintage weapons etc this is the game for you. I'm only sorry they don't offer
an equally good online game.
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on May 16, 2012
I thought it was only me until i saw the comments on "youtube"....the game has flaws: mainly in that its a sniper game and despite performing kills in stealth and traversing silently, somehow the soldiers up ahead are aware of your presence and all hell breaks loose. Tried playing different strategies to avoid detection but to no avail. The sound effects are poor (echoes like you're in a hall) and restarting a mission from scratch after completing multiple objectives (avg game time 35-45 mins) because you switch off the PS3 is nonsense. Overall the initial fun factor dies exponentially when you encounter these and other subtle shortcomings which have you feeling "Is this the best they could have done?" People enticing you by saying "its for real shooters" is one aspect of the realism brought about by not breathing and focusing etc. but that's the only high-point of the game (in my opinion), so don't let that be the deciding factor for purchase.
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