Customer Reviews: Snorepin - The Smarter Solution Against Snoring and Sleeping Conditions (Advanced Design Save Your Lungs)
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on January 19, 2011
I have been using a CPAP machine for the last 4 years for my sleep apnea. The CPAP resolved my apnea problem and my snoring problem but I was still not pleased with my sleep patterns. It was the exception for me to get 7 hours of sleep in a night. I determined that my problem was nasal congestion which prevented me from breathing adequately while sleeping. I tried nasal strips but I didn't like how expensive they were and that they were sometimes painful to remove in the morning. After researching nasal dilators, I decided to buy the Snorepin. Initially I had some discomfort in one nostril but I resolved that by cutting the connecting bar between the two cones and tying the two cones together with some fishing line so they can't get too far up my nostrils. This allowed the two cones to move independent from each other. Since then, I haven't had the discomfort and have been sleeping quite a bit better. I can now usually sleep at least 7 hours per night or more. I recommend the Snorepin!
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on October 29, 2010
I snore like a wild hog which is completely embarrassing for my dainty little nose. The main problem is that my nostrils are simply too compressed - particularly one side due to a bad deviated septum that couldn't be completely repaired. There isn't any way that a Breath Right strip will pull the sides up my nose open enough for me to breath. This Snorepin device is PERFECT! It didn't take long to get used to, and I don't even realize I'm wearing it anymore once I put it in. It completely opens up my nostrils so I'm breathing freely which prevents me from snoring at all. My husband is amazed! I admit that I wait to slip them into my nose when I turn out the light because I end up with a slight resemblance to Miss Piggy. But I suppose that's the point of the gadget - to open up those darned nostrils! Unfortunately, I frequently lose them in the bed just before dawn. If I start snoring at the point, my bunk mate is so sound asleep that he doesn't notice. But I'll gladly put up with search for it in the blankets each morning because there's an unintended benefit to this little flaw. I don't wake up in the morning light looking like Miss Piggy:)
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on March 4, 2011
I have tried many products over the past 5 or 6 years, but this is the best one so far for me. I have used the BreatheRight nasal strips for years - every night. They did a good job, but I was spending about $150.00 a year on them. The strips were even more effective when combined with a clip that goes inside the nose. I tried plain plastic clips and magnetic clips - the magnetic ones lasted longer, but were easily lost, they are so light. When I saw the picture of this Snorepin, I skipped over it at first - it looked too big - and I was skeptical. But I am alwasy looking for better solutions. I WAS COMPLETELY SURPRISED athow well this Snorepin works. I gave (and have) given up the strips - no longer need a combination of devices. The pin takes a LITTLE more getting used to than the smaller nose "clips", but once I got used to it, it stayed in all night and I LOVE IT. And even if it does fall out, it is larger and easier to find again. The price is perfect!!! I highly recommend this.
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on February 9, 2013
I've ordered 3 or 4 sets of these since the Spring of 2012. They work by blocking your nose from closing down while you are asleep, allowing you to breath through your nose all night.

Or in my case, most of the night. They are not real comfortable. They don't hurt either, but there is a slight pinching sensation. They feel better then those strips which glue to the top of the nose. But they are a distraction, and I usually pull them out in my sleep sometime before I wake up in the morning. And if I can't find them, then they are lost. Which is why I have ordered 3 or 4 packages of these. (There are 2 sets of these in each package ordered.)

I have to recommend these since I have ordered them on 3 or 4 occasions.
The only drawbacks are a slight pinching sensation on the center area of your nose while you are wearing them,
and how easy they are to loose.

The interesting thing here is how fast the price has gone up on these since I ordered the 1st package last Spring.

Update 2/22/2013
I stated that there is a pinching sensation. That's not exactly right. It's more of a case of feeling something foreign inside my nose. There isn't any pain. They do keep my nose open and help me sleep. But before I wake up, I will have pulled them from my nose.

Update 6/15/2014
I've used these for a year now.

At first, I lost them all of the time. There are 2 of these in each box. I bought around 4 boxes of them before I started to realized what was happening. Each box got more expensive. They started off costing around $4 or $5 per box. Now they are around $16 per box.

What happens is that the nose plugs become covered with mucus, and become slick. They slowly slide out of the nose with each heavy exhale of breath. Finally, one last heavy exhale through the nose will blow them in whatever direction you happen to be facing. Sometimes I find them 4 or more feet away. I will normally wake-up shortly after this happens. I now know to look in whatever direction that I was facing to find them. I haven't lost any since I realized what was actually happening.

There is nothing else as effective on the market.

In my case:
.) They have not cured snoring.
.) They have not cured Sleep Apnea.
.) They are not comfortable.

I have always snored very loud.
I have always had problems with congestion.
And I don't wear these every night.

But after over a year of using them, I have concluded:
.) They have allowed me to sleep better, even with a sinus infection.
.) No medicine or other product seems to work better for me.
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on August 6, 2015
Ok so I didn't use this because I snore, I had just gotten nose surgery to repair a cleft lip which left one of my nostrils "collapsed" during the day I would just breath through my mouth but had a hard time doing that at night, I put this in at night and its like a have a new nostril that i can breathe through!
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VINE VOICEon July 28, 2012
I'd read over a few of the reviews here first, but decided to give the Snorepin a try and really liked it. Inserting it can be a bit uncomfortable at first but it hardly borders on painful, just a bit uncomfortable and you quickly get used to it. It truly does allow you to breathe more easily and honestly I could see using this while exercising, jogging, running, bicycling, and doing other activities. I found the fit to be nice and snug and in no instance have I had it pop out, even while sleeping and using a CPAP machine. I bought it primarily to help my breathing while sleeping and found it REALLY does the job quite well. Again, in no instance has it popped out and best of all I got two with the purchase. Now I can't speak to it stopping my snoring as I use the CPAP, but I found it's great to use when I work out and it's very one notices I have it on! I'd tried using the Breathe Right Nasal Strips, Large, Tan, 30-Count Box but dang that got expensive. Rather than going with something disposable I wanted to try something reusable and for me Snorepin is just the ticket!
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on September 6, 2014
A few months ago, I started buying different products to fight snoring and possibly sleep apnea. I've said in my review of each of these products that the comfort and effectiveness of each will depend on each individual's needs and nose. A review that says, "This is garbage" only has value if you have the exact same nose as the reviewer. Otherwise, you have no idea whether the product will be helpful to you.

These devices seem to fall into two general categories. The first is devices that are tubular in shape and fit deeply into the nose. They open the nasal passages all the way to the point where those passages pass into the skull. The other category is devices that fit about midway into the nose. Whether they open the passages as deeply will depend on each individual's nose. Of course, the other issue is where each individual has the greatest constriction and whether the device relieves that constriction.

The Snorepin's advertisement says that the primary advantage is opening passages while letting nose hairs stick into the airway and do their job of filtration. I believe that part of a nose's purpose is to warm, moisten, and filter air going to the lungs. Any device that interferes with these processes has the potential to do harm as well as good. Similar devices are just soft elastomer tubes that hold the nose open but block the inside surfaces of the nose from contacting the entering air. When I wear one of those, I can feel colder air hitting the top of my nasal passages above my throat. I don't know whether using one of those devices would cause any harm. The Snorepin allows the air to contact the nasal surfaces and be warmed, moistened, and filtered.

My biggest need for opening of the air passages is in the back of my nose near the skull. This device opens the passages in that area. When I wear this device, I am less prone to waking with a gagging sensation. I live alone, so I don't know how much I snore. I wake with fewer nose bleeds when I use this device, so I assume that the device is keeping the insides of my nose from vibrating and tearing while I sleep.

People will argue about whether these devices are effective against apnea. I believe that apnea depends on the total resistance to air flow from the nose to the lungs. If a big part of that resistance is in the nose, then a device like this might help. If this device reduces the resistance enough to allow the lungs to move air all night, then the apnea will be resolved. If the resistance in the throat and soft palate is still too high, then apnea will still be a problem. Only a doctor can make an official diagnosis, but my self-diagnosis for my own needs is that I feel a bit better using these. I tried CPAP for over a year, and CPAP never made me feel any better.

The fit of this device is comfortable enough for me, but having anything in one's nose is less comfortable than being natural. The curve of the plastic that connects the two "baskets" was too small for my septum, and I had to bend the plastic a little to get a more comfortable fit. Because the plastic is fairly stiff, the device does't move with the facial muscles. If I yawn, the device sometimes comes out a little bit. I've never had the Snorepin fall out of my nose during the night.

Ultimately, anyone in the market for a snoring solution will have to look at various options. I recommend giving the Snorepin a try.
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on July 26, 2011
For many years I have had trouble breathing out of my nose, feeling stuffy and congested. Have had nasal surgery and coblation of turbinates with no success. Have used various nasal sprays with temporary relief and addiction to their usage. Have tried every allergy pill on the market with minor and temporary relief.

This product gives me relief night and day, however, the appearance of the loop alerts people there is something in my nose and I have been told "there's a bugger in your nose"! Nonetheless, I wear it for comfort and relief and wouldn't be with out it! It lifts and opens my nostrels allowing me to feel like I attain a full breath. I lack full length cartlidge to the tip of my nose, therefore, this product offers support for the passage.
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on October 10, 2012
For me it has made the difference between a good night's sleep and a night of snoring and waking up frequently, sometimes feeling short of air. I am glad I bought it, but it did not eliminate all my airway obstructions. When I sleep on my side, the lower nostril wing tends to open and the upper tends to close. This device prevents the upper one from narrowing. However, I also have tissue further up in the airway that sags into the lower passage. Without this device, both passages narrow down. With it, at least the upper airway is always open.

It is definitely more comfortable than some competing products such as adhesive strips or the rubber tubes. Be warned that nose inserts of this sort can unexpectedly start making a hissing sound and wake you. The first time this happened, I awoke in a panic thinking an intruder was whispering in the room.
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on March 27, 2015
The snorepin works well, but I wear the smallest size and would like to be able to purchase only that size. When not in use, I store them in a 'cup" size mason jar filled with food grade hydrogen peroxide. I always put a lid on the jar to keep my feral cat from removing them with his claw and playing with them.
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