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on October 16, 2011
Ok, I'm a sucker for Bigfoot movies. I LOVE the subject matter and how cool is the legend of Bigfoot? This movie DOES contain some special magic to it. First off, hats off to John Schneider for a really good performance in this little fable. He really carries off his character well and has such a likeable screen presence that you can't help but actually care about his character. Another noteable atribute is the gorgeous cinematography. The film encompasses such a "rustic" feel that you kind of want to watch this with the fireplace going and a hot cup of chocolate. The scenes of the forest and mountains with the snow are really impressive for a film in this genre. Another thing I really liked about this was, it DOES contain violence, but does'nt go over the top with it. Also, the absence of profanity was a welcome addition as well. From what I gathered, the producers of this film went out to make a traditional "monster movie" that could have been made just the same about 50 years ago.
The film is fast paced, suspenseful, and contains just the right touches of humor and fun.
I would very much recommend this to fans of Bigfoot movies and actually fans of earlier horror films as well. I thought this movie actually would have kind of been interesting if shot in black and white.
All that said. Order a pizza, get some beverages of your choice and just enjoy this buffet of monster madness. I really think this will be a film much celebrated by Bigfoot enthusiasts and fans of campy horror films.
Much recommended!
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on July 3, 2012
This seemed like a PG-type horror movie, and it starred John Schneider, so I bought this to watch with my elderly parents. We spent the majority of the film commenting on the typical horror film stupidity of the various characters--i.e., inability to run away from the monster without falling over, thereby making themselves easy prey;the monster is hiding just out of sight of the hero; someone gets the stupid idea to take the only means of transport for the group and the only (halfway)gun and go looking for the beast while everyone else is asleep, then LEAVES the gun in the truck (and gets killed, duh); the hero tries to get help but puts the remaining survivors in a worse situation than before...and on it goes.
If you love bigfoot movies, by all means, go ahead and watch this film.
The yeti-creature doesn't look half-bad, even if I didn't find it particularly scary, and the scenery is beautiful.
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on January 7, 2012
I am a big fan of the original film with Bo Svenson And when I found this one day and rented it was happy with what I watched. It Didn't have the same creature handling as the first one ( classic don't see the creature to the end formula) And You can see the hard recovery of Jason London in his face, but he does give a solid performance. Now if we could only take the original and thisd one and combined them for a awesome film...
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on January 23, 2012
"Snowbeast" is a 2011 TV remake of the 1977 TV film of the same name. This one stars John Schneider.

The titular monster is a yeti, basically a bigfoot that lives high in the snowy mountains. In the original film the snowbeast was hanging around Crested Butte ski resort, Colorado, which is where the film was shot; this remake largely takes place around a posh cabin in the Canadian Rockies. A ski resort is nearby but you'll barely see it. The original movie ripped-off the plot of "Jaws" verbatim and just relocated it to a ski resort while this remake throws out most of the "Jaws" similarities.

The yeti in the original looked quite good for a TV film from 1977, nice and malevolent. I suppose it helped that you hardly got to see the creature. Less is more, as they say.

Which brings us to the main problem with this remake: The yeti is fully seen early on and continues to appear throughout the rest of the film. This wouldn't be a problem if the monster costume was convincing, but that's not the case. The head and face look good, especially the eyes and mouth - very monstrous - but the rest of the costume looks really fake. The body of fur just doesn't look real or lived-in. In fact, it looks like the beast just came from the dry cleaners. Couldn't the producers have spent another grand on the title creature's appearance?

But the cast is good and likable. John Schneider plays a scientist studying lynx in Canada. He brings two colleagues and his daughter from Florida. Meanwhile, the local police department investigates a couple cases of missing persons that, of course, lead to the beast.

For some reason, Schneider is perfect for these types of roles. He's just an all-around quality protagonist. Jason London is also on hand as one of the policeman.

Another big plus are the two women: Danielle Chuchran, who plays Schneider's teen daughter Emmy, and Kari Hawker, who plays Schneider's young brunette colleague, Marci, with whom he seems to have a (mutual) interest. Each is totally gorgeous in different ways.

The snowy Rocky Mountain locations are another plus; very scenic.

CONCLUSION: Both films are about the same quality, although the original version loses points for being a wholesale rip-off of "Jaws." Each were made as traditional monster movies and are therefore pleasantly derivative. In other words, don't look for originality or cutting edge cinema, just enjoy them for what they are. The only major flaw of this remake is the fake-looking fur suit of the creature, which engenders laughs more than frights (although, again, the head & face look good). The plot is much thinner than the original, but the story is somehow less boring, which indicates solid storytelling or maybe they hooked me in with the likable cast. Probably both.

GRADE: C+ or a strong 3/5 Stars
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SNOW BEAST (2011) is the -sort of- remake of the original frozen cheeeze-log, of the same name, from 1977. John Schneider (THE CURSE, CONJURER) stars as wildlife researcher, Jim Harwood, who takes his teen daughter, Emmy (Danielle Chuchran), along to Canada on a research project. He and his team set out to do their work, unaware that a a huge yeti-monster is on a rampage, slaughtering innocent humans. Of course, the divorced Harwood is accompanied by a beautiful colleague, named Marci (Kari Hawker). Could romance be far off? Not if the SNOW BEAST can tear them apart first! Meanwhile, Emmy gets herself into various scrapes, committing acts of hijinks and frivolity. Oh yeah, and the SNOW BEAST continues to lower the skier / snow-boarder population in the area, in bloody ways. This is no plodding, "slow" beast either! This thing can move! While not the scariest or most realistic-looking creature, the SB does have a certain charm. It looks a lot like a very angry version of the Bumble Snow Monster from RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER! Yukon Cornelius would certainly have his hands full w/ this fuzzy fiend! This is an odd film, in that it has its sudden death scenes, interspersed w/ touching father / daughter moments. It's almost like a Hallmark film w/ added gore! Very bizarre indeed. Still, not a bad way to waste an evening in front of the fireplace... P.S.- Remember, "Bumbles bounce!"...
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4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Yep it is another formula "stay in the car" movie. Everyone sees the creature and does not believe what they see until they get dispatched; then they do not care. Most of the victoms are too clumsy to get away and become creature chow. I am surprised they did not try to make a pet out of it like a stray cat or maybe give it religion so it will change its carnivorous ways.

The underlying themes are how people behave under pressure. A girl thinks her father is not listening. The father thinks the girl has a rotten attitude. The female scientist thinks everyone is a pansy and armed with a camera will force the beast to say cheese. The third wheel male scientist spouts wisdom and then falls prey to altruistic machoism.

Will they ever learn their lessons or will the beast get fat and die from clogged arteries?
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on August 22, 2015
No one would be so calm when being hunted by a man in a giant white gorilla suit because they all would know that the man in the suit was either crazy or reckless. Personally, the ideal of a man chasing me in the snow and eating my friends would make me a little unnerved, but seeing John Schneider, would probably calm me a little. The only thing this movie needs is the General Lee coming over the hill to suspend belief just a little bit more. My seven year old thought it was ten stars! I give it the finger.
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on March 3, 2014
This movie is more of a soap opera than a monster movie. We have the typical father-daughter relationship problems but not much in the way of a good monster.

It's fascinating to compare this movie with the 1950 “The Thing from another world" The 1950 "The Thing" is loaded with action and suspense with no blood or gore.
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5 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on October 28, 2011
True, Snow Beast has absolutely no artistic merit whatsoever. I doubt that even the filmmakers would have the gall to claim otherwise. This is, at its lowest, base and unadulterated drivel, crap by any other name: garbage, junk, call it what you will (a paycheck for John Schneider & Jason London), it doesn't espouse to be anything other than what it is: a throwback to an era when monster movies were made fast and on the cheap.
The questionable yeti at the heart of this piece is every bit as chintzy as anything manufactured during the 50s. That's part of its dubious charm, this was a monster costume slapped together at a moment's notice than shoved in front of a camera. There isn't an angle or lighting good enough to hide its flaws. It's tacky. I've seen faked footage that at least tried to make the abominable snowman look real!
As for the plot: a divorced wildlife researcher (John Schneider) drags his crabby daughter with him on his annual research trip to study Lynx in Canada. Problem is, no Lynx. So, they study a whole lot of nothing until this pesky yeti raids their garbage cans. Thank goodness there's a local ranger (Jason London) on hand to help. Naturally, the yeti has an enormous appetite and fortunately, there's plenty of food on hand to keep the body count high. Apparently, yetis don't hibernate so a lot of fresh food is required to keep it happy.
I grew up watching all those crappy monster movies of the 50s and 60s so I have very low expectations. I can easily see watching this one again as a double feature night of monster movies (with the second feature being the better one.....not that difficult a feat considering).

I'm keeping it; it struck me as unassuming-dopey-fun.

I'm easily amused.

But it is crap.
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on June 18, 2015
In keeping with Paulides works covering this subject ~ it is a fair representation on a very low budget (obviously) and with better monster effects this could have easily been a 5 Star Film! I would hope that this film will be recast with a better budget and someone like Lucas, Spielberg or another major Director/Producer guide it into epic status as a hit!
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