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on November 15, 2001
A found this book pretty funny and I really enjoyed the heroine. It's hard to find a heroine so fiesty, yet as intelligent as Elise was.
~ Elise Radbourne has been abducted by accident and dragged from her somewhat comfortable home in England, despite the continuous fued between her family and her, but comfortable none-the-less across icy land and icy waters to Germany to await her fate by two bumbling kidnappers! When she discovers who her captor is, she is shocked! He is supposed to be dead! By the Queen's men!
Maxium Seymour has become a man without title and lands nor country since Queen Elizabeth had stripped him of his wealth for plotting against her. She had been informed by her agents that he had been trying to unsurp her of her throne. He isn't guilty and has escaped his own death and is now hiding in Germany until he can prove his innocence. In the meantime, he finds his fiance has remarried so soon after his reported death and he wants revenge! Revenge so badly, that he sends two of his men to kidnap his finace Arabella Stamford, also the daughter of the very man who has set him up for the plotting of the Queen's death! When he arrives in a rundown castle in Germany, where his men are holding his fiance, he is shocked to find Arabella's cousin instead!
A battle of wills immediately erupts and Maxium must keep his head before Elise uses her tricks and traps to completely drive him insane! He cannot let her go home since the waters are frozen now and the weather has trapped the battling pair in the crumbling, drafty, worn-out castle ad Elise will make sure he knows, JUST how mad she is.
The battle of wills soon turn from hate and sly planning to unnerve the other one in an effort to win points, to a battle of each losing their hearts. Maxium soon cannot remember his love Arabella's face any longer as he dreams of Elise. What will he do when she leaves in spring? Will it be too late for his heart?
In the backdrop of court politics involving the Virgin Queen Elizabeth Tudor and the imprisoned Queen Mary of Scots, this story makes a fasinating mix of adventure, romance, international intrique that I have never read about before(the Hansa of Germany)and greed. There is four stories going on at once and Woodwiss handles it with the brillance of a true gifted story teller.
The humor I spoke about is perfectly blended inbetween the confusion and mess the two characters find theselves caught in. Elise makes Maxium's life a living hell, literally, while she resides in the castle. The things she does to irritate him made me laugh out loud in appreciaton of her wit. Maxium made me smirk with his tolerance of her sly tricks when he plies his own that will make you think these two will never get along, but when they do, its magic.
A sure keeper and a true Woodwiss classic, don't miss this one...
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on September 22, 2004
I almost did not read this book because of the spotlight reviews. After having read it, I believe the spotlight reviews need to be changed in order to not deter any more people from reading this book. I did not think the wait for Maxim was so horrible. In fact, I really felt the pages with Nicholas flew by. Once Maxim entered the story, things really began to cook though. Absolutely loved the pranks the two pulled on each other. I was almost sad to see them finally fall in love because I enjoyed their hilarious fighting so much. In this book, in particular, I felt that Woodiwiss did a fabulous job aquainting us with the characters. I felt as though I knew them. Please give the book a chance. If reading for fast romance is all you want, then perhaps this book is not for you. But if you enjoy a good story, complete with details on many different topics, I think you will enjoy.
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on October 8, 2002
I don't see how anyone could find Maxim lacking, or Elise for that matter. But I certainly didn't like having to read so far into the book before Maxim became involved in the story. I thought way too much time was devoted to Nicholas and Elise. Nicholas was okay, but certainly not hero material to me. In fact, I almost discarded it altogether for that very reason, but I stuck with it and I must say I'm glad I did. Maxim and Elise were great! Well-suited, truly in love. I realize men back then claimed to 'own' their wives, but I don't think readers need say anything about Maxim's respect for Elise. It was subtle, yet respectful in every way. And he was so handsome! The dialogue was great, a very interesting story. I don't think the author should change this writing style at all. She knows what she's doing. I read lots of books, and this one is one of the best (if you skip through the beginning).
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on April 28, 2008
So Worthy My Love..............

Elise Radborne has seen much turmoil and torture in her life by the hands of her family, Her father is missing and she is living with her money hungry uncle and sullen cursed cousin Arabella.
Elise is in no mood to be taken lightly .
Maxim Seymour had it all ..(Once).. Money ,Title,, Lands and a Country . But by a turn of deceitful events he has lost all including the Queens Favor.. He must make it right , He steels into his own home which now belongs to the Father of his once betrothed intending to steel his beloved Arabella before she can consummate her wedding vows to another ... In the sheer darkness of that fateful night his men take the wrong girl instead of the melancholy Arabella they take the bewitching Elise instead....

The book was good. The first 200 pages dragged a bit. KEW writes explosive descriptions to paint a picture in the readers mind, although at times it seemed endless it was worth the wait when finally Maxim and Elise are face to face. The sexual tension alone was so thick you could cut through it with a knife. The wily pranks , and witty banter between them was impressively funny .
It was wonderful watching them fall in love amidst the cold German winter and the drafty crumbled keep, and of course the attentions of another suitor would drive you to stop playing games and just say what you want to say, to the person who holds your heart.

All in all this book is captivating, you are drawn into a world of deceit, conspiracy , revenge and a love that has no bounds . In truth Maxim and Elise's love is worthy of your time~
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on October 13, 1998
I have been a fan for many years and have deeply loved all of her books. She is by far the best writer of our time.
This book was one of my favorites. It had everything you can want in a book; humor, suspense, passion and everything in between.
I especially loved the characters Fitch and Spence. They were absolutely hilarious. And, what can I say about Elise and Maxim. Simply said, they were both made for each other with thier firey tempers and determination for those they love. This is truly a must read book.
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on February 2, 2009
I was surprised when randomly reading the customer reviews on some of my favorite books that this one did not have at least 4 stars. There are several reasons for this.

First, this is a historical romance, and Woodiwiss has really done her homework on the history. The representations of Queen Elizabeth and the conflict with the powerful shipping barons is quite on target, as are some of the portrayals of servants which are highly reminescent of contemporary drama such as Shakespeare's Falstaff. Yet accuracy is far from this book's primary virtue.

The characters and their conflicts are delightful. Everytime I pick up this book (I'm on my third copy; the the others fell apart) I laugh and enjoy the wonderfully catty nature of Elise; the male arrogance of Maxim. Here is a vixen who's not going to be taken for granted, a hero who's willing to take her at her word. Now, I will have to agree that until Maxim shows up (chapter 8) the romance itself seems to move fairly slowly, but that's whats so great about many of Woodiwiss's books. She doesn't JUST write a romance; she writes fully fleshed out engaging stories that happen to have an involved romance in them. So the first chapters are the build up of the story, necessary to the plot development and most especially to understanding the characters of Maxim and Elise. Even more, the beginning section is still full of many humorous moments involving Fitch & Spence and Arabella's (Elise's cousin's) erstwhile fiance. Just because there's not a lot of immediate hot and heavy does not mean that there is not still a highly engaging story present.

I know many readers also find Woodiwiss's descriptive, even old-fashioned style monotonous. However, I believe that some of this same language elevates her subject. Woodiwiss's books elevate the status of love and passion. Her characters remain together for more than just a role in the hay. If you want true love as a virtue and physical love as its culmination, Woodiwiss is for you. If you want only a few scenes of tasteful culmination, again Woodiwiss is for you. If you want raw and raunchy, you will not like her as much. If you want the characters to be perpetually in the sack, you may not like her as much.

Woodiwiss's books also have a PLOT. So many romance novels are now simply about boy meets girl, they fall in love, jump in sack, get married, jump in sack, have some conflict (usually jealous), jump in sack, resolve conflict, jump in sack, and then end with talk of a baby while in the sack.

Woodiwiss's stories have mystery, intrigue, and plots that are highly reminiscent of the periods in which she sets them. While still fictional, her stories feel historical, not fantastical. She's a good read, worth the time.

And this book is especially a 'worthy' read. If you do have some trouble in the beginning chapters, stick it out, finish it. The story is well worth the trouble.
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on September 19, 2014
I've read all of Ms Woodiwiss's novels and think her first two, The Flame and The Flower & The Woolf and the Dove, are her best. So Worthy My Love is one of her mediocre books. The plot is excellent: girl is kidnaped by mistake; hero is unjustly accused of treason; they are together in forced isolation for months while a villain attempts to claim her wealth. Until I read this book I'd never heard of the Hanseatic League and I suggest that having a minimal understanding of this organization helps enrich the story. The reason I gave this novel 3 stars is 1) the antagonism between Elise and Maxim becomes tiring and causes the story to drag long before they discover they like each other; 2) Ms Woodiwiss's detail is fun to read because of her ability to describe inanimate objects with light-hearted, animate characteristics and because of her ability to artistically describe the scenes. However, in this book she gets carried away and frequently repeats the details until I felt as if she was beating me over the head with details I'd already read several times; and 3) she is known for flowery wording that is more typical for medieval writings which usually adds romance to her books, but in So Worthy My Love I found it to be so overdone that it was frequently distracting from the story. Had the novel been shortened by a fourth to a third it would rate 5 stars.
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on May 27, 1999
I smile every time I think of Elise. Growing up in that kind of enviroment, I would have the same additude she does. I love this book becuase, unlike other books, this one doesn't let the guy push her around. She stands up for what she knows is right and doesn't let her guard down for a moment. Maxime had to earn his right to love her.
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on January 2, 2003
I agree with some of the other reviewers- I sure was glad to see Maxim finally show up in the story line and I would rather he had shown up sooner. The story is a good one. Elise has some spunk and I really liked her. She was not one to "take things lying down." I admired the friendship Maxim had with the other men. Even Nicholas and Maxim had a special respect for each other - and I did like the part Nicholas played. I do recommend this book. It is a book the reader will find entertaining with humor, suspense, and romance. It may take a little getting into it before the reader gets swept away into the story but- once it happens the pace is fast and sweet. I rate it as being "worthy of reading!"
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on May 18, 2016
A mistake by two bumbling servants creates a situation where two people try to make the most of this event and ultimately fall in love. The characters in this story are lively , which takes you on many journeys, plots and battles in England and beyond.
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