The X-files 9 Seasons 1995

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Season 2
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(431) IMDb 7.9/10
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23. Soft Light TV-14 CC

Mulder and Scully pursue an unbalanced scientist whose research has caused his shadow to become deadly.

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson
45 minutes
Original air date:
May 5, 1995

Soft Light

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Season 2
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Genres Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Director James A. Contner
Starring David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson
Supporting actors Tony Shalhoub, Kate Twa, Kevin McNulty, Steven Williams, Nathaniel DeVeaux, Robert Rozen, Donna Yamamoto, Forbes Angus, Guyle Fraizer, Steve Bacic, Craig Bruhnanski, L. Harvey Gold
Season year 1995
Network FOX
Producers Rob Bowman, Chris Carter, Joseph Patrick Finn, R.W. Goodwin, Howard Gordon, Crawford Hawkins, Kim Manners, Paul Rabwin
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Customer Reviews

Season 2 of X-Files is even better than the first season.
Patrick Correa
I think the mythology and alien conspiracy are the anchors of this season; other seasons seem to concentrate on developing Mulder and Scully's relationship.
Francesca Sanders
The DVD set packs quite a few extras and is better quality then youll get on TNT or SCI-FI, and you can watch all your episodes in order.
R. Gresham

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

209 of 232 people found the following review helpful By "jackvaldez" on May 19, 2000
Format: DVD
Whoopee! Glad they're coming out with Season 2 later this year. That means I have roughly 6 months to save for this set!
As one may gather, I'm obviously an x-phile - how else can one explain a five-star rating for a dvd boxed set which isn't even available yet? Heck, I'm still waiting for my Season 1 gift set order from amazon to arrive.
Here's a rundown of the second season episodes:
1) Takes off from the season one finale. After the X-Files have been shut down, Mulder & Scully journey to Puerto Rico. 2) Introduces fan-favorite The Flukeman, a genetic mutation living in the New Jersey sewer system. 3) Residents in a small community suddenly become violent, apparently urged on by digital readouts ordering them to kill. 4) Introduces Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea). 5) Mulder is in the middle of a hostage negotiation involving alien-abductee Duane Barry. 6) Continues from the previous; Mulder pursues Barry who has kidnapped Scully. 7) My personal favorite! Vampire-themed episode featuring Duchovny's then real-life girlfriend Perrey Reeves. 8) Scully is found, albeit in a coma. 9) Deadly lifeform living in a volcano. 10) Agents investigate a possible connection between several teenager disappearances and a religious cult. 11) Strange unseen attacks in a nursing home. 12) The personality of a serial killer is transferred to his granddaughter 13) An "escalating fetishist" episode, where one's relatively harmless "hobby" turns homicidal. 14) Satan worshippers pay for their laxity! 15) Voodoo episode. 16) Features horror genre fan-fave Brian Thompson (Fright Night, Kindred) as the alien boutny hunter. Mulder meets long-lost sister Samantha (or does he?). 17) Continues from previous. 18) Animal abductions from a zoo near a major UFO hotspot.
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37 of 41 people found the following review helpful By K. Wyatt on November 12, 2002
Format: DVD
How does one begin to describe the perfection that is this second season of "The X-Files?" Speaking from the perspective of having watched these shows as they aired, anxiety and anticipation doesn't begin to describe the four month wait between seasons one and two. In season one's finale "The Erlenmeyer Flask," we see a mere glimpse of how this television series can go from greatness and kick it up even higher to absolutely stunning. The X-Files are closed and we also lose "Deep Throat" in this episode, played by Jerry Harden who is an excellent actor.
Season two picks up with "Little Green Men" and the introduction to "X," "Deep Throat's" protégé and his replacement and Special Agent Fox Mulder's inside source. We also get to start seeing the "Mythology" of the series start to take some real form. To hide the fact that the ever beautiful Gillian Anderson is pregnant, the producers come up with some wonderful filming techniques. Then to top it off they come up with the plot line for "Duane Berry."
Every episode of this season qualifies as amazing, enthralling, stunning and any number of ways to describe that which is great. Some notables: "The Host," because it's just creepy and kind of like an accident, you don't want to look at it but you have to. "Sleepless" because it has Tony Todd who, when he chooses the right parts, is such a wonderful actor. "Duane Berry," "Ascension," "3," and "One Breath" for the masterful way the writers and producers skillfully scripted out Gillian Anderson's pregnancy in Dana Scully's abduction. Not to mention the wonderful job that Steve Railsback did in the role of Duane Berry. "Firewalker" because of its simplicity and the scientific curiosity it created. "Aubrey" because of its ability to surprise and scare you.
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75 of 88 people found the following review helpful By Arkaan Semere on May 31, 2000
Format: DVD
It's difficult to say why The X-Files continues to capture the awe of the viewer. The first season introduced us to Agents Mulder and Scully, who connected with each other movingly in the first season, and we see how that effects them in the second as they continue to work together.
The second season stretches the mythology angle somewhat, but some of the stand-alones rank among the best.
Here's just a rundown on the best episodes (though all of them are definitely worth seeing).
---Duane Barry/Ascension/One Breath: The X-Files trilogy that abducted Scully! Now, we all know that Scully comes back, but these three shows held for me an intense fascination with the fate/free will ideas, and certainly engaged it's viewers in passionate discussions.---Firewalker: I don't know why I love this episode. I think that the seemless mesh of science, fiction, and suspense is what enthralled me throughout.---Irresistable: In introducing us to Donnie Pfaster, Chris Carter introduced us to one of the most evil villains in the show's history (not the coolest, mind you). I'd thought that the second season had peaked with this episode, but along came---Colony/End Game: The episode that showed us Mulder's abducted sister! (or a clone, or an alien-human hybrid). Scully gets taken by the bionic killer people (my friends claim this is why that I'm not an X-phile, having no clue what they're called. Oh well). Not as good as many other mythology episodes, but still notable for Mulder's attachment to his partner.---Dod Kalm: My favourite of season 2. No way to truly describe it, but it was enchanting and magical, thrilling and inspiring, a combination of technical brilliance and artistic majesty. Gillian Anderson deserved an Emmy for this and Irresistable.---Anasazi: Ending with what was the best Mythology episode to date, I'd be a fool to tell you what happened.
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