Iomega Prestige 500 GB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive 34270
Used & New from: $149.99
Software I am seriously considering purchasing the Iomega prestige 500 GB external hard drive. The primary purpose will be to backup my system, everything. What I would like to do is a complete clone of my hard drive so if it never fails I can put everything back on the new one..... OS, programs, data, or anything else I may need to get my computer up and running. As you might of deduced I am not a whiz at computers. I need something simple that even I can operate. Does anyone have any opinions on the software that comes with this item? Or any opinions on any other software to use with this item, such as Acronis home or Norton ghost. Once again it has to be simple in operation, both in the back up and in the restore operation. TI A
asked by C. A. Freeman on February 5, 2010