Customer Reviews: Solaray - Yeast Cleanse, 180 capsules
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on February 10, 2011
I took this supplement on my naturopath's recommendation. I had an overly acidic body and high yeast build up. After a few months of taking the supplement along with modifying my diet for good I no longer have an acidic body - which makes yourself more prone to infections of any kind and particularly for us women, yeast infections are directly related to the vaginal pH. Why I mention the fact that I had to modify my diet for good, well because the SAD (Standard American Diet) which relies heavily on grains, processed foods, etc., directly affects our bodily pH, and the higher the pH of the body the better the environment for the proliferation of yeast.

I suggest you get a bit better informed about the connection of yeast to most of our modern day maladies through Dr. William Crook's Book The Yeast Connection: A Medical Breakthrough. Most of todays gluten intolerance is not gluten intolerance at all, it is the yeast overload in our bodies that pits the inside of our intestines severely impairing our digestion, when the pitting becomes too severe even immunological problems can occur - internal candida which very few main stream doctors are willing to diagnose is the cause of so many immune deficiency dis-eases.

To those that have mentioned the dizziness, it could be the detoxifying effect, the killing of the yeast in your body and the need for the body to get rid of the waste. To those who will not take it because it contains Tea Tree a bit of info to this regard, your skin allows for the absorption of far greater amounts of Tea Tree when applied topically than the amount this product contains and yet it is considered non toxic when applied topically. We tend to forget that the largest organ in our body is our skin and are willingly applying conconctions of far more toxic chemicals on it with no remorse, yet not willing to ingest a tiny amount that will do the body much good.

Remember that if you want to get rid of yeast for good in your life you have to not just treat the yeast already in your body but you have to stop contributing to it - which is the main reason some see flare ups of the yeast when they suspend this supplement.
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on March 19, 2014
The first week I started taking this, there was an immediate change in the way I felt! I mean, IMMEDIATE. I am taking this for Candida, which I have struggled with for years and didn't know it until recently. I had been to numerous doctors, who all swore I had a yeast infection, a bacterial infection, this, that, blah blah blah. What was so interesting is they would swab my mouth and vaginal area and all come back with different TYPES of bacterial infections, but the prescriptions were all the same: antibiotics, antibiotics, and more antibiotics! I later learned that this just makes Candida worse, and basically feeds the yeast.

So after 11 years of suffering and mystery, I finally started doing my own research. That's when I discovered through the spit test combined with the symptoms I was experiencing, it was for sure Candida. It was unreal, because I couldn't believe some of the issues I had been having for so long were simply because of yeast.

I have been taking the Solaray Yeast Cleanse for about two weeks now, and really have noticed a difference. The first week was a striking difference, but not so much with the second week, and I'll tell you why. I have done a lot of research and reading, and knew from the start that changing my diet was going to be a big part of my healing from Candida. The Candida diets I have read about are so restrictive, almost impossible in fact. You're pretty much restricted to protein and vegetables, but no starchy veggies. This was an amazing struggle for me! I was hungry ALL THE TIME. I figured though, if I just stuck with it, I would get used to it. So when this Solaray arrived, I was about 4 days into the Candida diet and started to take the supplements, along with some Dr. Schultz's detox tea with about 3 drops of Oil of Oregano; all believed to counter the yeast.

As I began to feel better I started to get more lax with the diet, convincing myself that the tea and supplements were working so well, it would just over ride what I was eating. WRONG ANSWER. To rid myself of this yeast, which has multiplied enormously and taken over my colon, I will have to definitely change my diet. Now, with that said, I have eased up on the most extreme Candida diet, which included not eating any diary, legumes, bread, starch, and obviously, desserts, which are my biggest weakness. And just a mass of other foods like soy, grains, vinegar (except apple cider) and the list goes on and on. So now, I just listen to my body; The bulk of my diet IS a lot of veggies, steamed or raw, and protein. But I've started including some legumes, I bought Lactaid, which agrees fine with me. The theory is that the lactose (or sugar) in the dairy feeds the yeast, but Lactaid is lactose-free, and I'll put a little in say, a smoothie, but I'm not liberal with it. I've found that I can have Ezekiel Bread in moderation because all the grains in it have been sprouted, which kills the gluten. So, I just go step by step, if I eat something, and have a flare up of symptoms, but was feeling fine before, I don't eat it again, or less often. For instance, I sat up one night and ate veggie chips, in which the main ingredient is white potatoes; immediately my tongue started burning and became sore. So, I stopped the chips.

I won't lie, getting rid of Candida is a struggle, but I'm trying my best to hang in there with all of these diet restrictions; sometimes I feel I just can't do it even one more day. As I sit here and type this, I want to badly order a pizza, but I won't. I have some cooked legumes and steamed veggies, salad and soup in the fridge, and I'll force myself to stick with that for the evening. I was actually raised vegetarian, and healthy eating has always been a part of my life. I love healthy eating, but maybe there's just something about someone saying you "can't", that makes it more challenging; I'm not sure.

Good luck to all that try this product, and with whatever illness you have that makes it necessary to take it. You won't be disappointed!
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on October 4, 2013
2 months ago during a routine checkup, my gyno told me I had a yeast infection. I'm 21 years old, and this was the first time ever experiencing such a thing. He sent me with two Fluconazoles (to be taken 3 days apart), and told me to return if I was still experiencing symptoms.

After a week, the symptoms had decreased, but hadn't fully left. So I went back, and he prescribed me another dose of Fluconazole. After another week, symptoms had still persisted, so I returned. This time he prescribed a 7-day Terconazole, which again, yielded no results. Frustrated, I returned. This being my 4th time returning within a month+, we decided a "long term treatment" would be the best option. He sent me with a 3-day Terconazole suppository, and a 6-month, once-weekly Fluconazole for maintenance. 6 months?! What a headache. And on top of that, I had to return once monthly because they couldn't let me walk off the premises with that many pills. After the suppository, I started taking the Fluconazole. Within a week, my body seemed to be no longer receptive to the medication, and the symptoms were worse than before.

I looked back, and realized I'd been suffering from this infection for 2 months. It ruined my sex life, stressed me out, and made work/social situations un-enjoyable. Eventually I just gave up. I didn't return to Planned Parenthood because I figured they couldn't help me, and I had exhausted my options.

One day I decided to peruse through the internet, and looked for more natural routes to clear an infection. I read about yogurt, garlic, blah blah. I wasn't going to mess with that. My infection seemed to have settled too much and I figured a food-product wouldn't be able to help me. Then I saw reviews for this product, and with the price, thought might as well. Couldn't hurt, right?

I went to Health Hut and got a 90-capsule bottle for around 13$, and began "treatment" night of. The first few days I was taking 6 pills in the morning. I felt a little bit of relief, but nothing too noticeable. Then I began taking 6 in the morning, as well as a follow-up 6 at night. Starting that ritual ended up providing the results I needed. I've been taking these pills for a week now, and my symptoms are almost gone. I remain hopeful and hope that eventually, they will be completely eliminated. If you have a resistant yeast infection, I highly recommend this product. The only downfall is the pills are rather large, and it took me a while to get used to an easy way to swallow them. Please try this product if you're feeling helpless like I was! I'm so grateful for the other Amazon reviews on this product. If I hadn't had read them, I wouldn't be in the position I am now. Solaray Yeast Cleanse is truly phenomenal!
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on June 25, 2013
After going to my primary care doctor for 6 months and running numerous tests I was told my severe intestinal irregularity / disturbances were all in my head and "that is what happens to women approaching middle-age." I then went to a naturopathic doctor who diagnosed me with Candida. I was prescribed caprylic acid supplements. However, in my research I found Solaray Yeast Cleanse. It has changed my life. More importantly, I take some just before I go to bed and for the first time in almost 2 years I no longer feel hungover the next day. I learned that the Candida yeast releases toxins and they accumulate during the night...hence the reason why I always felt like I had been on a drinking binge and consumed a bottle of vodka the night before. It may actually clear up the Candida completely in someone else, but I think I have some other underlying condition that will not allow me to fully rid myself of it and until I can correct that imbalance, I will continue to use this Solaray product.
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on February 12, 2013
Some of the people writing reviews on here really do not know what they are talking about... 10mg of tea tree oil (dosage per capsule) will not kill you or put you in a coma. Hell, even 10mg of pure CYANIDE will not kill you. Just because you read somewhere on the Internet that people swallowing tablespoons after tablespoons of tea tree oil experience stomach discomfort (I wonder why) does not mean this supplement is the same thing.

When you first get a capsule, open one up and mix it with a teaspoon of water. Rub the mixture on the back of your hand or somewhere else to see if there is an allergic reaction. If after an hour there are no hives, rashes, or swelling at the site, you are most likely not allergic to tea tree oil (note that your stomach lining may still be allergic while your epidermis is not, but this is unlikely).

After that, start out SLOWLY. The people who swallow 6 capsules of a new supplement they just bought, and then experience discomfort, are not very bright. Try just one capsule after dinner, a few hours before sleep, at first, and then slowly move the dosage up to a comfortable level.

I started with just one capsule a day. I thought nothing was happening, but the die-off symptoms started on the 3rd day, and were manageable - just a runny nose and some throat itching. After 4-5 days of this, making sure I could handle the die-off, I moved up to 2 capsules a day, then 3, then 4, over the span of a month. After a month my candida rash and lethargy were completely gone - I never needed to take 6 capsules a day, I keep taking 4 and everything is fine. Also make sure you take it easy if you are on other medications/supplements or are doing whichever crazy candida diet/cleanse is in fashion at the moment.

After a year of persistent candida problems, this supplement cleared me up - but you need to use it with caution and common sense.
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on February 22, 2014
I have battled Candida for many years and I have tried many products. This one has the combination of ingredients that actually kills off the Candida and helps me to get off the cravings for sugar and bread. It also clears the brain fog that those foods give me. I think clearly and can express my thoughts without fumbling for words. I highly recommend it.
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on July 10, 2015
I bought this for myself, but my husband is using it also. He says the toenail fungus he's battle for years is FINALLY showing improvement thanks to Solaray's Yeast Cleanse! I'm also seeing improvement in my candida issues, but not as rapidly as I had hoped. The smell of the pill makes it hard for me to swallow - however, if I take out what I need and leave it sitting on the counter for about 15 minutes first, it much easier to get down. (I think it's the tea tree oil that gets to me)
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on March 13, 2015
Good. But if you are seriously trying to get rid of Candida, no one product will do. Candida is far to smart and insidious it adapts quickly. You must rotate and pick 10 different anti fungals. Use this with Candizyme to break the biofilm, also add Serrapeptase that will eat the biofilm as well. You must pick a few other antifungals and rotate them.

- Frankincense Oil , Clove Bud, Oregano, Tea Tree, and Lemon grass
- Coconut Oil ( can make coconut oil suppositories with a few drops of essential oils mixed with the coconut oil in an ice tray just freeze it )
- Apple Cider Vinegar
- Garlic capsules , this is a must take this every day
- Ginger Root
- Turmeric
- Candigone
- Yeast- Cleanse
- Probiotics is a must , take antifungals during the day and probiotics at night before bed to replenish the bacteria in your gut
- Olive Leaf Extract
- Grapefruit Seed Extract
- Sovereign Silver - this is AMAZING ! Will kill seriously anything, if nothing else works try this.
- Chlorella & Chlorophyll * must have
- Lugols Iodine Solution 5%
- Borax 1/8th teaspoon in water , add 1/4th teaspoon of Baking Soda - Google Ted from Bangkoks method. Really good and safe
- Serrapetase - MUST HAVE kills biofilm this with Candizyme * Take both of these at the same time is a must have, pick a few other antifungals to take with this will kill biofilm
- Alkaline Minerals by Phion - Buy the test strips with it to test your PH by Phion you are more likely acidic, need to eat raw veggies and meat only.
- Buy yourself some milk kefir grains online, only 17$ from cultures for health. These grains will last you a life time, literally you can pass them on to your kids. Buy them once and you will have infinite supply of Milk Kefir, just add milk to the grains every night. Milk Kefir has over 40 strains of probiotics in it. Far more then any probiotic you cn buy at the store. Even if you are lactose, the gains eat all of the sugar in the milk so you should be okay drinking this. For more information just google or youtube about milk kefir grains I highly suggest adding this to your diet. Cut out yogurt ,because that has a lot of sugar, more then probiotics. I learned the hard way.

I highly suggest reading the book "Candida Secrets" it gives you all the information you need including from a scientific standpoint. Please read it its only 10$ you can download it online by Cynthia. I'm currently reading "The Body Ecology Diet" book , Diet is very important, you must cut out all sugar, Candida has spores if you think they are gone they are just laying dormant, they can grow any time and reproduce asexually. It is far more insidious then you think please read "Candida Secrets" ... it is life changing and better helps you understand how serious it is. I now have it in my lungs and cannot breathe. I have breast implants and am certain its formed biofilm around the implants. It's been tough journey. I suggest "Humco Boric Acid" for females, can make your own suppositories just buy the gel empty capsules. And if you have severe systemic candida like me, male or female try "Sovereign Collodial Silver"- THIS WORKS! But you must keep up the diet. Don't go back to eating sugar, you must keep this diet for life. Here and there you may add a few fruits or whatever but Im sorry to say you cannot go back to eating candy and drinking wine, ever. As soon as you do your Candida will return with a vengeance far worse then before. Oh and buy all of this stuff off Vitacost, seriously 50% cheaper then amazon!

Sorry I wrote this really quickly Im experiencing pretty bad die off and I'm just very out of it.Hope this helps some one..
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on February 17, 2013
I have had yeast infections on and off for 7 years and seriously - this has changed my life. I have tried diets - eliminating sugar... total pain in the butt. however now i can eat anything i want - my life has gone back to the way it was before yeast infections! seriously changed my life. Thank you!!!!
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on June 28, 2013
Yeast Cleanse is an excellent product for candida overgrowth and vaginal yeast infections. I'm not an expert, but a patient who nearly died of systemic candida. Yeast Cleanse was part of the treatment that saved my life. It is milder than some of the other ones. Don't be fooled by the scary Tea tree Oil info. Tea tree oil in its liquid form, used by itself, should not be swallowed. But it is NOT dangerous due to the way it is processed within this powder form capsule with the other ingredients. Don't start with full dose. Take 1 tablet first day, 2 second day and so on. Never take 6 at a time which is the recommended daily usage. Divide it to 2 or 3 doses. Don't start taking it without the recommendation of a naturopath, health food practitioner, alternative care doctor or a doctor who practices complementary medicine (both traditional and alternative) who has diagnosed you with candida overgrowth or similar immune problem that warrants yeast cleansing. NOTE: Vaginal or genital yeast infections are rarely just that. If they recur, it's because the yeast is growing in your intestines, not just your genitals.

If your symptoms seem to get worse for about the first week of taking Yeast Cleanse, or you get NEW symptoms, this is due to the "die-off" effects of the yeast cleanse getting rid of toxins in your body, that your body was so used to having there. People don't realize that when these herbs starts cleaning them out, they may feel a little worse at first than better.

People with serious candidiasis may need a fluconazole first, like Diflucan, to "jump start" the death of the yeast. Only if recommended and prescribed by a doctor. My doctor also had me eating nothing but fresh uncooked spinach, brown rice and lean broiled chicken, and a wheat-free gluten-free grain bread like millet and flax (not necessarily all in same meal) plus lots of water and or decaffeinated cleansing teas (green, black) and you can start taking the yeast cleanse along with the diet. You can (and must) also replace ALL cow and goat dairy products with rice milk, almond milk or coconut milk. Soy milk is not recommended because it thickens mucosa just like dairy. Also no sugar or sugar substitutes. I did this diet for at least 3 months. This was 12 years ago. I still hardly ever eat dairy, sugar or processed wheat - they all inhibit good digestion. If I do eat a pizza or something like that, I always keep Yeast Cleanse in my cabinet and take a dose or 2! Hope this helps.

One last note - everyone has some candida yeast in their body. It's part of normal balance. It's when it explodes into an overgrowth that kills your "good" bacteria. Everyone needs a daily probiotic - but not from dairy. I prefer capsule or powder probiotics. (This entire review is from a patient, not a doctor. Seek a natural doctor or health care nutritionist's advice. Your "regular" doctor probably will not recognize or acknowledge candida overgrowth as the cause of your problems).
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