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Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill
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I've had the Sole Fitness F80 for several weeks. My wife and I both use it every day and we think it's pretty awesome. This treadmill replaced an older ProForm 585T we were gifted from Mother-in-Law. The ProForm was terrible and of much lower quality and performance. It's probably unfair to compare the two units because I'm sure the ProForm cost about half as much as the F80. In any case, the F80 is a great treadmill and has many excellent qualities and features.

The Belt and Deck is wider than many other treadmills, especially less expensive ones. You really learn to appreciate the wider deck once you start using this and then go back to one with a deck that isn't as wide. This deck measures 22" wide and is a generous 60" in length. I never run off the end of this treadmill and I'm 6'2" with a long stride. The belt is 2-ply and there is some sort of suspension in the deck that cushions you from the pounding when using it. This really makes running on the F80 a dream, particularly considering the price and that this is not a "commercial" treadmill.

The treadmill has a powerful 3.5HP motor and a 2.75" roller. These are qualities that make this feel like such a high quality treadmill.

The treadmill is capable of running at up to 12MPH and can incline up to a 15% grade.

Other things to note are the Lifetime Warranty on the Frame, Deck and Motor, 5 year Warranty on the Electronics and a 2 year Warranty on Labor.

The treadmill has an easy-assist folding mechanism that lets you easily raise the deck if you need to vacum under the treadmill, or just to conserve a little space when its not in use. Lowering the deck is even easier than raising it. There is a hydraulic mechanism that slowly and gently lowers the deck to the floor.

The electronics are excellent and the display is quite competent too. It compares quite favorably with much higher priced displays that you'd see on commercial treadmills in health clubs.

There is plenty of storage cubbys for water bottles, mp3 players, etc. And there is a ledge at the bottom of the display that lets you read a book, magazine, Kindle or tablet. You also get a built-in fan that works well. The treadmill also has a 3.5mm input for running an mp3 player into so you can listen to music or whatever through the built-in speakers. Sole has even included a headphone output if you want to wear headphones or earbuds while listening to music.

I own several other pieces of Sole Fitness equipment; a recumbant exercise bike and a spin bike. Everything from Sole is of great quality and a good value. I"m very very happy with the F80 treadmill.
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on June 6, 2013
Purchased from Dicks 7-2011 , Excellent Treadmill for the price please note the following issues...

Nov 2012 Speed started to fluctuate , would not hold the set mph then would completely shut down, service call made,the procedure is to contact SOLE they send you the parts directly to you then the local repair service contacts you for the install. Service arrives at my home installs the speed regulator and now the Mother Board fails, he then orders another board and another week later he installs calibrates all good for now..

June 2013 rear roller begins to start clicking LOUD bearing issue along with the deck raise motor begins straining on the deck lift( I'm 190lbs should not be an issue). I contact repair order the parts, while on the phone with SOLE the service rep suggests that I request a replacement since these issues don't normally happen with SOLE products. ( I thought Did This Guy Really Just Say That, A Company That Admitted Something )

**Stats ( 2200 Miles / 475 Hrs Use )

I went to the official SOLE web site, completed the ( Not Satisfied Form ) and within 12 hours a reply , They are sending out a 2013 Model from their Whse , and taking the old one back for diagnostics.

As a consumer with this type of No Hassle / No Hustle company I will always purchase a SOLE Product ,this type of service is unheard of Today.
Even with the break downs, standing by their product without 15 Emails / Hours on the phone I am a SOLE Customer for life...
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on June 25, 2014
Verified Purchase
I'm a 6'6" 340 pound man, let me lead with that.

My wife and I did ample research, including reading all these reviews, and all the reviews for several other models. We also went to Dick's to walk on our leading models once we narrowed it down online.

This thing is a solid beast and so far is working well. It holds me with no flimsy-ness at all while I'm running at full speed. It also folds up and rolls around real easy which is awesome.

It's ridiculously heavy. The delivery guy said he couldn't go past the front of my house. I'm massive and very strong, and we were able to get this down into our lower floor just me and my wife, but we broke two stairs in the process. The package was over 300 pounds. My wife put it together pretty easily with just a little bit of my help holding stuff in place while she fastened things.

As of 6/24/2014, the treadmill is awesome and has been used every day. We bought it two weeks ago. If something goes wrong or something comes up that I would have wanted to know prior to buying I will update this review.

As of 1/4/2015, the treadmill is still awesome and gets lots of use. It does squeak a little now because I haven't oiled it yet and I'm still putting it off. I am now a 320 pound man.
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on October 3, 2013
Bought this at my local sporting goods store because I did not want to wait on having it shipped. Well, it is in my house and we assembled it following the instructions and it does not function. You turn on the switch and plug it in and there is no response on the display or when pressing any of the buttons.

I called Sole and was informed that this is a common problem but that they would send someone out to fix it. After almost a week not hearing from anyone about getting the treadmill working, I called Sole back and they gave me the repair guy's number. It has been a week and I am still waiting to set up an appointment with the repair person.

As costly as this treadmill is I would expect it to 1. work from the beginning and 2. have speedier repair service when something is wrong. If you are wanting a treadmill that you can run on and is reliable, I would look to other models. It is concerning that a brand new device not working is consider a "common problem" by the company's customer support. However, I will update this review and comment on the machine's performance if it ever gets repaired.

**Update 10/25/2013**
After Sole's repair guy failed to show for the scheduled appointment, my local sporting goods store sent someone out to repair the treadmill. Turns out it was a wiring issue. I have been using the treadmill about a week now and love it! It is very quiet and the running surface is large and comfortable. The speakers sound nice when you plug in an iPod and the fan is an added bonus. The display only shows to the tenth decimal place for your distance. My old treadmill showed two decimal places so this will take some getting used to. The treadmill is a bit slow at changing speeds but it maintains speed well once it gets to the desired one. All in all, I am happy with this product now that it is working. It seems like a well made machine that I hope will last me years.
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on August 26, 2014
Verified Purchase
I purchased this brand new treadmill on June 24th . After setting up treadmill we noticed that the incline function was not working. I contacted the company and they quickly sent out the parts needed to repair. It has now been 2 months and we are unable to get someone out to complete the repair.
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8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on September 20, 2014
I've owned this treadmill for a little over a year now. I absolutely love it! It's solid, works great and has been a joy to use. It's solid like a health club machine. NOW HERE"S THE BAD PART!! The rear roller has started to make a grinding noise. It started out as a faint growling. Now it's getting worse. I have about 800 miles on the machine. I remembered it was under warranty so I called Sole. No problems getting in contact with them. I thought this would be a easy fix considering they just need to send a new roller and I could install it. It's fairly easy, but I think they want a local rep to do it. OK, no problem right?....WRONG! They don't have it in stock and was told it could take up to 2 MONTHS!!! What? I couldn't believe it. How could a company not have one in stock considering it's probably the most common part to wear out? I wonder if they know they have a problem with them? I find this unacceptable and hope nothing else breaks! In the mean time, I can still use it but the roller is starting to sound like a freight train. In case you're wondering I keep this treadmill clean and lubed as required. I've read others have needed a roller replacement so I know this is not a isolated issue. It's been a few weeks now and still no roller. Great warranty Sole but you haven't delivered yet!!
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17 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on November 16, 2014
Full disclosure: I bought this at Dick's Sporting Goods, not from Amazon or directly from Sole. I spent a lot of time at Dicks trying this out and had a lot of help from the staff. I figured I owed them the sale since I went with this model.

Like many people I did loads of research, and in the end what I found was this: treadmills around 1000 dollars tended to be kind of junky almost temporary. Treadmills around the 1500-2000 dollar mark tended to have either 1) no frills but solid components or 2) bells and whistles (such as iFit or more programming options) but a decreased quality in the build. Treadmills over 2000 dollars and especially in the 2500+ dollar range began to have both bells and whistles and quality components. I had narrowed my results down to the Sole F80, the Nordictrack C700, and one from Precor. The Precor lines gets great reviews but they are just too expensive for me. The Nordictrack C700 in my opinion falls in the category of awesome extras but decreased reliability (at least by the user reviews).

To me the Sole F80 falls in the category of solid components with few real extras/bells/whistles. For my needs that was perfect, so I chose it. Initially, I paid for the delivery/set up but the delivery service couldn't make it out to my house for two weeks. This was partly due to my work schedule and the holidays coming up. I went back to Dicks, cancelled the delivery/set up (they gave me a full refund). They loaded the treadmill in my truck (you will need a truck), and I took it home. Let me say that this beast is heavy. The box weighs close to 300 pounds. To get this to my basement I opened the box while it was still in my truck and unloaded everything but the deck. Then my brother in law, wife, and I removed the deck and took it down to the basement. It was heavy and awkward but doable even going down some tight stairs. None of us are large people.

Assembly was not bad. There are some videos on Sole's website. They are fast and they really don't focus on any details. The instructions have small diagrams that can be hard to read. Having said that, using both the manual and the videos, my wife and I put it together in about 30-40 minutes. It is not complicated at all.

Once put together we turned it on and gave it a test walk (I was too worn out from getting it down to the basement to attempt a run!). I am happy (and relieved) to report that it worked flawless out of the box. No weird noises, the up/down/fast/slow buttons on the side rail work properly, and the belt seems to be adjusted properly. I will say that the fan is very weak. Quiet but weak. It comes with a wireless heart rate monitor/strap. I have not tried this feature yet. I did a four mile run the next day, and it was awesome. Very quiet, solid as a rock, and smooth. As far as bells and whistles go I have never used those things on a treadmill. I adjust speed and occasionally incline but that is it. I don't do programs. I just want the thing to run when I need it to. I use this for the cold or when I am home with the kids (who are not old enough to be left alone).

Pros: solid, quiet, wide/long belt/deck, reasonable price, and great warranty (lifetime deck, motor, frame, 5 years electronics, 2 years labor).

Cons: the fan is almost but not quite useless and for some the lack of bells/whistles/extras such as ifit, complex programming. If you are not paying for delivery to the room where it will be set up (as opposed to just the front door) you may want to consider how heavy this machine is. It may be too heavy/big to get to where you want it to go.

Now I fully admit I am in the honeymoon stage and that this thing worked right out of the box. I will update/change my review as time goes on. However, if you are looking for a solid, reasonably priced treadmill that does a few things well then consider the F80.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on February 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
My job required a lot of travel and I've used lots of treadmills in hotels over the years, so when it came to buying one for our home, I had a pretty good idea what I find useful ("instant" settings for speed and incline) vs. a lot of flashy displays and workout options. That's my preference, adjust accordingly for your personality. My college age son has complained already that there are "only" 6 preset workouts. But there are two User defined workouts and I really like that you can go through a workout, adjust speed/incline on the fly, and it will "remember" it and give you the option to save it to one of the user presets at the end. Another very nice feature is the wireless connection for a strap on heart monitor (included!). I haven't used it yet, but the idea of the machine adjusting itself to maintain a target heart rate seems like having the perfect trainer with you during your workout.
I liked that it is rated for 375 LB so I don't have to worry about my 230 LB frame pounding on it and wearing it out prematurely.
Product arrived on two(!) pallets - shipping weight is about 270 LB. Packaging is sound, no broken parts (one clip was slightly bent but easily fixed.) My original plan was to take the pieces out and haul them myself up to the spare bedroom where the unit was going. No Chance! The main deck/motor/frame is all pre-assembled and in one piece, and comprises probably 220 of the 270 LB overall weight. It took some real effort by my broad-shouldered son-in-law and me to get the machine upstairs. Besides the weight it's also quite wide so plan accordingly for the final location as well as the route to get there. Once you do get the parts in the same room the assembly is not too complicated - I'm reasonably mechanical and it took me about 90 minutes. Directions are clear and replete with illustrations. Strangely, two of the plastic covers had their screw holes plugged with plastic - like the mold was defective. A little digging with the screwdriver opened them up.

Once assembled, the unit runs surprisingly quiet and smooth, even at full (12 mph) speed.

Two other nice touches are built-in speakers for your iPod to plug into and a pair of small fans for a breeze. Unfortunately, neither seemed to be added with a lot of thought to function. The speakers sound pretty wimpy (ok, I'm a bit of an audiophile too) and the fans, for all the noise they make, move precious little air and it seems aimed too low to really feel unless you're running right up against the front of the deck. A little more care in the speaker design and a different style fan with some ducting would have improved both results markedly. Granted, a picky thing when the mechanics of the machine are so good otherwise. And no I didn't buy a treadmill to feel a nice breeze or hear beautiful sound. But if you're going to go to the trouble to add the features, it seemed like they should/could have put a bit of thought into this. Would have probably given it 5 stars in that case.

Still, they got the important stuff right and all with a great warranty. But I'm still gonna see if I can retro-fit some quality speakers.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on January 11, 2014
**Update - About a month ago our deck started squeaking - which seems to a common issue based on the questions asked about it. We have tightened the external screws and lubricated the deck but it has not fixed it. Luckily, I wear headphones so it doesn't bother me too much. We will probably take the deck apart to try to find the source when it bothers us enough. For now, I just downgraded the review as I am not too happy with the squeak!**

Original Review (5 stars)
We looked at several treadmills in the $1000 - $1500 entry level price point. After visiting a local gym supply store we realized that our money was not going to go very far with the lower end models of the more well known "better" brands.

Best things about the Sole:
1. Very Quiet - The F80 is extremely quiet compared to other treadmills we have used. My husband and I have a small house and our "gym" is also our living room. It is nice that one of us can be on the treadmill and the other can watch TV without the sound being drowned out.

2. Strong Support - In the research process, we learned folding treadmills with weaker bracing underneath are prone to breakage as you are basically pounding the supports when you run at the front of the treadmill. The F80 has strong support.

3. Big deck and motor - bigger motor than a lot we looked at in this price range - it runs very well. The large deck also ensures you don't feel worried you are going to run off. We are both taller people (5'9" and 6'1") and this treadmill comfortably accommodates our stride length for walking and running.

As for the negative reviews we saw before buying:

1. HR - the handles are oddly placed, yes. They are good to check in on where you are, but you can't hold them and workout. Recognizing this apparently, the 2014 F80 comes with a wireless HR monitor to wear around your chest.

2. Storage - the lower storage compartments are also oddly placed, but there are two sizeable pockets at the top of the machine by the display. They have more than enough space for phones, water, remotes, etc. You can put your backup water down below and switch out to the top compartment and it works great. There is also a reader ledge by the display to perfectly fits kindles, ipads and phones which is really nice.

3. Start up issues - ours was installed by a 3rd party from a sporting goods store and everything worked just fine out of the box. We did have one issue with the screen going down when we moved the treadmill to check the folding features - turns out we tripped our house breaker. Flipped it and problem was solved.

4. Fan/Speaker Strength - They are slim speakers and fans build into a treadmill. If you are expecting a dyson fan and bose speakers you will be disappointed. If you are looking to be able to workout without headphones and get a breeze while you are sweating and dying these are great features.

Overall, Great Treadmill and perfect for making it easy to keep those resolutions!
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34 of 43 people found the following review helpful
on December 10, 2012
Verified Purchase
Update after 3 months: 3 months later and I am loving it! I listed some annoyances below with the software but nothing major. This treadmill is so quiet compared to the ones I used previously. It feels solid. My wife runs on it several times a week for a couple miles and she loves it as well. When friends come over and see this treadmill they are impressed as well with how smooth and quiet it operates.

I had this treadmill now for about 2 weeks. This is the new 2013 model with 3.5 HP.
Update: Still running great after another week. I did find 2 very annoying issues with the software however. When I am doing my workouts I typically do 5 minutes of running then pause my program while I do some weight lifting. Apparently your program will reset after a few minutes pause (maybe 4 -5 minutes). The other software issue I do not like is that when I want to change my running program I have to DELETE the entire program and start from scratch including putting in my name again. This was very poor insight by whomever designed the software. I might want to simply change the speed and incline on certain parts of my running program but instead have to spend another 5 minutes extra starting from scratch and I end up with a complete different program. I really hope they change the software in the future.
Shipping and Packaging and : Excellent. The delivery company was polite and on time. They even worked with me on when to deliver. I did call them ahead of time to try to arrange a time I would be at home otherwise I would have missed the drop off. Very helpful in getting the large box into my garage. The packing was very well done. Lots of extra padding to make sure the treadmill was well protected.

Assembly: Good. The online videos on Sole's website are somewhat helpful although they would be even better if they were higher resolution so I could see a little more clearly. The directions were fairly uncomplicated and easy to understand. I do however have 2 issues with the assembly. 1 was figuring out which side of the handrails were right and left. I would think since they are nearly identical in shape it would be easy to confuse them. The only way I figured it out was that one side has more wire connections than the other. A simple sticker with Left or Right would have fixed this. The other issue I have with assembly is a design flaw. The recessed holes where screws go is so large and so deep that getting the screw in the right spot can be very difficult. Not sure why they didn't make the holes a lot smaller so you don't spend an extra 20 minutes attempting to get each screw in place perfectly. They could have also given longer screws with the same amount of thread on them to make it much easier too. Room for improvement here. Overall probably took about 3 assemble including the unpacking.
Operation: Excellent: Easy to operate. 2 user modes. I would have liked 3. A touch screen would also have been a nice touch. Overall all the controls feel durable and easy to use.
Quality: Outstanding:This treadmill feels very well built. The cushioning on my weak knee is excellent. The motor is very quiet. Everything about this treadmill appears to be sturdy and built to last.

Overall opinion. I am really glad I bought this treadmill over the nordic brand which I thought felt cheap for the same price. I will update after a year also to see if everything is still great.
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