Customer Reviews: Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill
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I've had the Sole Fitness F80 for several weeks. My wife and I both use it every day and we think it's pretty awesome. This treadmill replaced an older ProForm 585T we were gifted from Mother-in-Law. The ProForm was terrible and of much lower quality and performance. It's probably unfair to compare the two units because I'm sure the ProForm cost about half as much as the F80. In any case, the F80 is a great treadmill and has many excellent qualities and features.

The Belt and Deck is wider than many other treadmills, especially less expensive ones. You really learn to appreciate the wider deck once you start using this and then go back to one with a deck that isn't as wide. This deck measures 22" wide and is a generous 60" in length. I never run off the end of this treadmill and I'm 6'2" with a long stride. The belt is 2-ply and there is some sort of suspension in the deck that cushions you from the pounding when using it. This really makes running on the F80 a dream, particularly considering the price and that this is not a "commercial" treadmill.

The treadmill has a powerful 3.5HP motor and a 2.75" roller. These are qualities that make this feel like such a high quality treadmill.

The treadmill is capable of running at up to 12MPH and can incline up to a 15% grade.

Other things to note are the Lifetime Warranty on the Frame, Deck and Motor, 5 year Warranty on the Electronics and a 2 year Warranty on Labor.

The treadmill has an easy-assist folding mechanism that lets you easily raise the deck if you need to vacum under the treadmill, or just to conserve a little space when its not in use. Lowering the deck is even easier than raising it. There is a hydraulic mechanism that slowly and gently lowers the deck to the floor.

The electronics are excellent and the display is quite competent too. It compares quite favorably with much higher priced displays that you'd see on commercial treadmills in health clubs.

There is plenty of storage cubbys for water bottles, mp3 players, etc. And there is a ledge at the bottom of the display that lets you read a book, magazine, Kindle or tablet. You also get a built-in fan that works well. The treadmill also has a 3.5mm input for running an mp3 player into so you can listen to music or whatever through the built-in speakers. Sole has even included a headphone output if you want to wear headphones or earbuds while listening to music.

I own several other pieces of Sole Fitness equipment; a recumbant exercise bike and a spin bike. Everything from Sole is of great quality and a good value. I"m very very happy with the F80 treadmill.
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on June 24, 2014
I'm a 6'6" 340 pound man, let me lead with that.

My wife and I did ample research, including reading all these reviews, and all the reviews for several other models. We also went to Dick's to walk on our leading models once we narrowed it down online.

This thing is a solid beast and so far is working well. It holds me with no flimsy-ness at all while I'm running at full speed. It also folds up and rolls around real easy which is awesome.

It's ridiculously heavy. The delivery guy said he couldn't go past the front of my house. I'm massive and very strong, and we were able to get this down into our lower floor just me and my wife, but we broke two stairs in the process. The package was over 300 pounds. My wife put it together pretty easily with just a little bit of my help holding stuff in place while she fastened things.

As of 6/24/2014, the treadmill is awesome and has been used every day. We bought it two weeks ago. If something goes wrong or something comes up that I would have wanted to know prior to buying I will update this review.

As of 1/4/2015, the treadmill is still awesome and gets lots of use. It does squeak a little now because I haven't oiled it yet and I'm still putting it off. I am now a 320 pound man.
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on June 6, 2013
Purchased from Dicks 7-2011 , Excellent Treadmill for the price please note the following issues...

Nov 2012 Speed started to fluctuate , would not hold the set mph then would completely shut down, service call made,the procedure is to contact SOLE they send you the parts directly to you then the local repair service contacts you for the install. Service arrives at my home installs the speed regulator and now the Mother Board fails, he then orders another board and another week later he installs calibrates all good for now..

June 2013 rear roller begins to start clicking LOUD bearing issue along with the deck raise motor begins straining on the deck lift( I'm 190lbs should not be an issue). I contact repair order the parts, while on the phone with SOLE the service rep suggests that I request a replacement since these issues don't normally happen with SOLE products. ( I thought Did This Guy Really Just Say That, A Company That Admitted Something )

**Stats ( 2200 Miles / 475 Hrs Use )

I went to the official SOLE web site, completed the ( Not Satisfied Form ) and within 12 hours a reply , They are sending out a 2013 Model from their Whse , and taking the old one back for diagnostics.

As a consumer with this type of No Hassle / No Hustle company I will always purchase a SOLE Product ,this type of service is unheard of Today.
Even with the break downs, standing by their product without 15 Emails / Hours on the phone I am a SOLE Customer for life...
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on March 12, 2015
First lesson when reading reviews from other people who have purchased products here on or any other website: Read the negative reviews first! Most 4-5 star reviews over shadow the minority that are negative. Had I done this I probably could have avoided a lot of headaches with this purchase.

I did what I thought was some thorough research on treadmills before finally deciding on purchasing the Sole F80 model. It had some "great" reviews from what I had read and seemed like a good solid machine for the price range I was willing to spend, as well as a great warranty. I also had a chance to try it out in a Dick's Sporting Goods store. It seemed pretty user friendly as well.

I originally received this item on 1-19-15. The box it came it was a bit banged up but the product inside seemed fine. The driver was able to get it in into my garage but not up the stairs, which I had informed the trucking company prior to them coming.

I had a friend of mine come over and help me un-box the items. Then we took it upon ourselves to carry the main deck up a few flights of stairs. The deck is very heavy and a bit awkward to carry. You need at least three people. We were able to get it into my living room. From there we carried the rest of the parts upstairs.

I then proceeded to put the treadmill together. The instructions are a bit hard to follow only because the diagrams included in the manual are not very big. I used my Samsung tablet to view instructional videos online in order to help me better understand how to put this thing together.

Another lesson learned is to really read the instructions and become familiar with all the parts that are included. I separated everything into a small box cover; screws, plastic covers, etc. I missed one step at the very beginning and had to disassemble everything to fix my mistake; a piece of the handle bar cover needed to be slid through the post on the right side before other steps! So what would have taken me about a half hour took almost two.

Then I was ready to give the machine a whirl! I followed the instructions on how to start it. And it started but stopped after eight seconds. I got an "LS1" error, or low speed error. So I referred to the manual to see if I could trouble shoot the problem.

After several attempts I had no luck and decided to call the Sole customer service number. I spoke with a customer service rep, who tried to guide me over the phone. I told me to check the speed sensor. Then he asked if certain lights were lit or not. After following his suggestions, he came to the conclusion that it could be a pinched cable/cables. He put in an order for three of them and said I would be contacted by the service company (Fitzpro LLC) that would be servicing the machine.

I decided to go back and read more reviews on the Sole F80. To my surprise and dismay, I read a lot of people complaining about the "LS1" error, that it was a nightmare to deal with and some just never had any success in getting this issue fixed.

Sole sent the cables regular mail, which took about a week to receive. Then it took about another week for a service tech to come out and try and fix the machine.

The tech came and tried to replace the cables. No luck. There is a green light on the control board that was still lit, which shouldn't be. So the tech concluded I needed a new motherboard and another part. I requested that these be expedited to me. It took about a week or so to get. Then another it took another week for the tech to come out again!

The second time the tech came, he tried replacing the old parts with the new. No luck. Still got the "LS1" error. The tech decided to have Sole order me a new control console. Took about a week to receive and another two weeks to set an appointment for them to come out and try to fix.

This past Sunday, a tech was supposed to come out but never did. There was a major communication breakdown between the person who scheduled the appointment and the tech. To say the least, I had already decided that if they could not fix the machine this past Sunday, that I was going to return it for a full refund.

With that said, I am expecting a trucking company to come to my house today and finally take this thing out of my house! All it's been doing is collecting dust and sticking out like a sore thumb in my living room.

At this point I am not even sure if I will attempt to purchase any other brand of treadmill. I was hoping to have been on a regular exercise schedule by now but my frustrations with this experience have really put a downer on things.

On the positive side I do have to commend for being very accommodating. I called them on day one when I was having issues, told them that I would try and give the machine a chance before returning it. They extended my return window an extra thirty days and even credited my account $180 plus tax for my troubles. Unfortunately it did not work out.

I hope my review and experience helps enlighten some of those considering making a purchase for the Sole F80 or any other machine!

UPDATE: Not sure what happened but the truck never came and no one ever called to let me know! Another communication breakdown!
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VINE VOICEon May 5, 2015
So you will find a lot of reviews for Sole treadmills on amazon. Lots of positive ones, but many of those are from folks who have only been using it a short time. We have had our sole for about 3 years and the first two years were pretty much hassle free. The last 12 months have been a joke. We started getting the dreaded "LS1 Low Speed Error" on our treadmill. I would literally be running full speed at around 6mph and the treadmill would dead stop! And when I say dead stop I mean literally an immediate halt, no mild or quick slow own. Kind of like going 60mph in a car and then pulling the emergency brake. You can imagine how scary that feeling is. After trying to contact Sole and getting no response we have written off this treadmill. I tried the common fixes and nothing worked. So after roughly three years we have a $1,500 paperweight. After spending that much money I fully expected this thing to last 7-10 years with proper maintenance and here we are only a few years later having to buy another treadmill. When it worked it was great. Nice and comfortable to run on. We lubricated it and maintained it as we were supposed too. Ours was purchased at Dick's sporting goods. I would urge you to google something like "Sole LS1 Low Speed Error" and you will find many others have this same issue in multiple models including the more expensive Sole Models. Tonight we did what we should have done before we bought this sole and went to a local fitness store and spent a little more money to buy a much better quality treadmill. If you are looking in this price range I would urge you to spend a little more and go to a local fitness store. In the long run it is worth spending more money to get a better product, not something sold at Dicks. We ended up going with a brand called True. I hope this review helps someone avoid a large purchase that may not end well.
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on October 3, 2013
Bought this at my local sporting goods store because I did not want to wait on having it shipped. Well, it is in my house and we assembled it following the instructions and it does not function. You turn on the switch and plug it in and there is no response on the display or when pressing any of the buttons.

I called Sole and was informed that this is a common problem but that they would send someone out to fix it. After almost a week not hearing from anyone about getting the treadmill working, I called Sole back and they gave me the repair guy's number. It has been a week and I am still waiting to set up an appointment with the repair person.

As costly as this treadmill is I would expect it to 1. work from the beginning and 2. have speedier repair service when something is wrong. If you are wanting a treadmill that you can run on and is reliable, I would look to other models. It is concerning that a brand new device not working is consider a "common problem" by the company's customer support. However, I will update this review and comment on the machine's performance if it ever gets repaired.

**Update 10/25/2013**
After Sole's repair guy failed to show for the scheduled appointment, my local sporting goods store sent someone out to repair the treadmill. Turns out it was a wiring issue. I have been using the treadmill about a week now and love it! It is very quiet and the running surface is large and comfortable. The speakers sound nice when you plug in an iPod and the fan is an added bonus. The display only shows to the tenth decimal place for your distance. My old treadmill showed two decimal places so this will take some getting used to. The treadmill is a bit slow at changing speeds but it maintains speed well once it gets to the desired one. All in all, I am happy with this product now that it is working. It seems like a well made machine that I hope will last me years.
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on August 26, 2014
I purchased this brand new treadmill on June 24th . After setting up treadmill we noticed that the incline function was not working. I contacted the company and they quickly sent out the parts needed to repair. It has now been 2 months and we are unable to get someone out to complete the repair.
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on September 20, 2014
I've owned this treadmill for a little over a year now. I absolutely love it! It's solid, works great and has been a joy to use. It's solid like a health club machine. NOW HERE"S THE BAD PART!! The rear roller has started to make a grinding noise. It started out as a faint growling. Now it's getting worse. I have about 800 miles on the machine. I remembered it was under warranty so I called Sole. No problems getting in contact with them. I thought this would be a easy fix considering they just need to send a new roller and I could install it. It's fairly easy, but I think they want a local rep to do it. OK, no problem right?....WRONG! They don't have it in stock and was told it could take up to 2 MONTHS!!! What? I couldn't believe it. How could a company not have one in stock considering it's probably the most common part to wear out? I wonder if they know they have a problem with them? I find this unacceptable and hope nothing else breaks! In the mean time, I can still use it but the roller is starting to sound like a freight train. In case you're wondering I keep this treadmill clean and lubed as required. I've read others have needed a roller replacement so I know this is not a isolated issue. It's been a few weeks now and still no roller. Great warranty Sole but you haven't delivered yet!!
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on January 13, 2014
I feel compelled to write a review on this product. I purchased the F80 2012 edition from Sole directly approximately 3 years ago. My wife and I both initially used the treadmill and it appeared to work fine. My wife is quite petite (100 pounds) while I am the opposite (220). Additionally my wife logs quite a number of miles on the machine (6-7 daily). After approximately 1 year, the treadmill would not get upto speed and displayed a low speed error.

We contacted Sole. They sent out replacement parts and a service contractor came out a week later. Over the course of a year, the we had the console changed, the deck changed, the motor changed (twice), the belt changed. Despite all of these changes the treadmill continued to have problems
- fails to get upto a midlevel speed (ie 3-4 mph). If I try to start the treadmill at this speed, it would start up and increase to approximately 1.5mph. For me to get it to 3-4mph, I would have to increase it to 6mph first and then decrease to 3mph. Transitions between these speeds is long (>1 minutes between speed changes).

Each time we had a service call, a different person would come out and typically the service contractors lived out of state (indiana, I'm in Michigan). While the contractors would come out and seemed knowledgable, they basically built a new treadmill for me without any improvement.

Eventually, we just stopped using the machine. We recently purchased a new treadmill from a competing brand with a local presence. I would NOT recommend this treadmill for serious runners.
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on January 7, 2016
We bought this at Dicks Sporting Goods less than 2 weeks ago. It worked excellent for our first 6-8 runs then just inexplicably stopped working all together and keeps giving us the common (after researching it) issue of LS Low Speed Error. So we've been calling support for two days with no response. They had us send them a video of the warning after trying to calibrate (the belt doesn't work at all). Super disappointed in a product this $$$ that we almost died bringing into our house that doesn't even work past 2 weeks. Had to review here because I see how highly reviewed it is and it's one of the reasons we bought it, but now knowing what we know we would have gone with another brand.
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