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on December 13, 2005
I bought this item, because it's design and description sounded like a good thing. I received it, set it up, and read the directions. THE VERY VAGUE, and poorly written directions. In the product sales description (one line), it said there is an adjustable thermostat. THERE IS NOT ONE AT ALL! There is an INTERNAL thermostat that sets itself whenever it decides to turn ITSELF on or off. There is NO temperature read out, there is no control for you, the operator to set and tell it to continue on until the room reaches this temp. One of the features that attracted me was that there are two wattage settings...1500W or 900W. I thought, this would be great, when the room gets warm enough, I can lower the wattage setting, and save on electricity costs. AGAIN, YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE WATTAGE SETTING. IT'S ALL INTERNAL...the MACHINE does it when it wants to! I will type the description right out of their manual... "Economic Energy Saving Function (ECO)-When the room temperature reaches a certain point, the ECO green light will switch on, indicating that one-third of the power has been cut-off automatically to save energy." Problem is...IT NEVER STAYS AT FULL WATTAGE...within 5 minutes of giving off heat at a full 1500 watts, it will switch to the lower wattage...NO MATTER WHAT TEMP THE ROOM IS. I have Econo-Heat Flat Panel Wall Heaters in my living room (check them out THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!), and when we have these cold, cold nights, my living room goes down to below 60 at night. I got this space heater to compensate in the mornings to quickly warm up the space. But, with this damn machine automatically deciding on it's own to switch to the lower's impossible to warm anything up quickly..or at all for that matter!! NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO KEEP IT AT THE FULL WATTAGE....IT DOES NOT WORK!!! Plus, there is no real indicator mark on the dial itself. You never know, is this where the full on setting should be...or is it here? Plus the directions give no indication just never know what to line any of the dials marking to. THEN, HERE'S THE BEST PART!! In their direction packet they have a big STOP sign sheet that says, "Don't take this item back to where you bought it, CALL's our 1-800 number, we'll be glad to help and answer any questions." I called them for four days straight and all I ever got was an answering maching. Finally on the 5th day I left a message. I wanted someone to explain the internal workings of this machine so that I could have some control over the wattage settings. That same day I also sent them an this day I have heard phone call back, no email...NOTHING!!! How's that for customer support! WAIT.... THERE'S MORE... I figured, well as a last resource I can put this machine down in my basement to help keep it warm so my pipes don't freeze (cold upstate New York winters). Another "feature" of this machine is that there is what's called a "Snowflake" setting, especially for use in basements. You plug it in, put it on the setting (again not really knowing where to really line the little snowflake image up to) and The machine will automatically come on when the room reaches below 41 degrees. Well, I keep a thermometer in my basement...when I placed this heater in my basement the temp on the thermometer was 38 degrees. That means as soon as I plug the thing in, it should turn on, right? HA!!! Fat chance!!! I stood there for 20 minutes, playing with the dial, trying to see what it did, and it did nothing! I went downstairs about 3 times during the course of the night, and though my basement kept getting colder, the heater never came on. URRRGGGGGGHHHH...I HATE THIS MACHINE...DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU WANT TO BE MASTER OF YOUR HEATING DOMAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on January 11, 2008
I bought this heater last year and imediately thought I had made a mistake. But after using it a while, it has become my favorite room heater. I can use it anywhere and not be afraid of fire, it's the only electric heater I will leave on at night. As stated above the back does get hotter than the brochure indicates, but certainly not hot enough to start a fire, so I use it on the provided legs. At night I turn the thermastat down and use this heater in my bedroom, it has really saved me on energy cost. I love it's portability.

I believe many people are not use to the way this heater works, and are not giving it a chance. I came to Amazon today to buy another one, saw some of the low ratings given by buyers, and decided to let Amazon buyers know "THIS IS EXCELLENT PRODUCT".

One thing, It will stink until the new burns off, then it's a really good heater...........My two dogs and cat love it, they live in front of it on cold days.......I don't usually write reviews for Amazon, though I buy lots of things from them, this time I felt I had to defend my choice of heaters.

By the way I have two of those Wal-mart cheapies and they can't touch this one. I recomend this product.....
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on January 14, 2007
I purchased 3 of these heaters, one for each bedroom. I was very unhappy with them and returned all for a refund. There were two problems. First, very little heating capacity. The $20 space heaters from Wal-Mart I bought produced much more heat. Secondly, I had purchased these heaters because of the wall-mount feature. I thought that would be cool to have them out of the way. The problem was that the back got extremely hot (couldn't even touch surface without discomfort). I called the company and they said that it was safe, not a fire hazard. However, upon calling two people (one handyman, one person in heating department at Lowe's), they did say it was a fire hazard, that the drywall and wood couldn't get that hot behind it. I was extremely uncomfortable mounting it to the wall because I was afraid I would burn the house down! It just did not appear to be as safe as the company was saying it was. So I returned all three and got a refund on all of them.

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on November 6, 2007
I bought this in the middle of Oct of 07 in prep for the winter. Before i turned on the furnace for the year i tried using this heater to heat my computer room since that is where most of our time is spent. We were previously using a small (about a 1 ft cube) hot air blowing space heater that sadly does a much better job heating the room than this panel heater. I can have this unit sitting 6 inches behind my chair while at my desk and I'll STILL be cold. I left it on for a week straight thinking it may just need some time to heat the "stuff" in the room. It didn't work that way.

I tried to see if there really was a need for the unit to be on. I didn't know if there was a certain temperature that this would work best at so i turned on the furnace and set it to 61 so it would only kick on when actually necessary. The thermostat is in the computer room and the panel unit was about 4 feet from the thermostat and my furnace still turned on.

I unplugged it and turned on the small space heater. The room warmed up and the furnace didn't turn back on after 2 1/2 hrs.

It's the first week of Nov '07 and it's going back. If it can't handle fall it surely won't man up in winter.

Don't buy this heater.
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on October 12, 2007
As another reviewer said, this unit does not operate as advertised. Turn the unit on and within minutes, no matter what the temperature of the room is, the heater will go into it's ECO (Economic Energy Saving Function) mode. So it will never warm my small room quickly, for that matter, it never warms the room to a decent temperature at all. I was very disappointed with this heater and I would not recommend it to anyone.
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on November 6, 2006
Best heater I have ever bought. Cool slim design that can rest on the floor or hung on a wall, with other unique features. Has an energy saving mode- you set the adjustable thermostat, and when it reaches that temp, it reduces the heat by 30%. Other heaters like ceramic, shut off all together which spikes the amps on your fuse box.

Also had a anti-defrost mode for the basement, when turn to the snow flake- turns it self on when it drops below 41 degrees.

I thought the manual was pretty good, so not sure if the person that wrote a bad review bought a Soleus or another brand. This is the 2nd Soleus item I have bought and been happy with both.

Great Heater.
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on November 27, 2007
As others have noted, this unit's temperature sensor is not functional. I have several of these units installed and they heat well but just can't control how much! It keeps warm over night but during the day the room has reached over 85 and the heaters are still going. I finally had to use an external room temperature sensor to turn the Flat-Panels on and off. And the power switch. They put a silicone cover to keep out moisture. But it interferes with the switch. It takes some skill to finally make sure it power is on or off.
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on January 3, 2008
I purchased this heater from Home Depot in November 2006, for my bedroom. First of all, I found it very easy to assemble and even easier to move to where ever I needed it. It took trial and error to figure out how to get the heating results that I wanted, but I finally did. Although it doesn't have a thermostat so that you can actually tell what the room temperature is, you can set the thermostat to different settings. I can set the thermostat to a steady heating temperature where it doesn't shut off. I can also put the thermostat to the setting where the unit will shut off after the room gets to a particular temperature. I haven't evaluated the energy efficiency of this product, but I know it sure was cheaper that running my gas furnace all winter long. I hate to be cold and have gotten great heat and toasty results from my heater. Sometimes I even have to turn it down. My Home Depot purchase was considerably more, plus tax, plus shipping and handling. I am not sure how it will do in a larger room, but I am purchasing another unit today from for my living room area and maybe another one later. It's a nice heater and the price is "right". I paid about $90.00 for each of my heaters.
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on February 28, 2015
I shopped around before buying this particular heater. This heater warms objects vs. the air. Your bones get warm & it is wonderful if anyone has arthritis in their bones. It is not as cheap to run as some of those Lasko heaters but I do prefer this Micathermic one. It is easy to store during summer since it pretty thin. I bought mine for about $65.00 & I am glad I bought this model.
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on December 30, 2013
I purchased 4 of these HGW-308 Soleus heaters for my home 7+ years ago and they are all still working perfectly. I purchased 1 for my garage, one for my basement, one as supplemental heat for a very large open space that contains our foyer, living room, family room, breakfast nook, kitchen and dining room (easily 1600 sq. ft. & only divided by stairs and a small hallway) and one for the upstairs master bedroom.

Despite what other reviews have stated they DO have a thermostat on the side and they DO work. They (unfortunately) do not have actual temperatures listed, but the dial does have bars that indicate more or less heat and the thermostats DO work. There is an eco mode that reduces the output to help maintain the temperature when the thermostat has been satisfied and they will go back to full power when it is needed. This is done automatically and no intervention is required once you have set the thermostat to the desired temperature setting. You will likely need to experiment with the thermostat to figure out which setting is right for you.

One nice feature is the rubber cover over the power switch that helps make these useful in places like garages and basements because it adds some moisture protection as well as preventing you from accidentally switching them on or off.

In the basement and in my garage these are mounted on the wall and after 7+ years of daily use through the winter, there has still not been a fire. As far as being a fire hazard I seriously doubt it! Even on the highest setting I'm able to hold my hand directly on the grill for several seconds before it's too uncomfortable to do so. Unless you are placing something that is very flammable directly on the heater I have a very hard time imagining anything catching fire when using these heaters. For those of you that are overly concerned about these heaters starting a fire, hopefully hearing that will bring you some piece of mind.

The one that is primarily used in our family room is in a large free air space and we basically use it as supplemental heating. According to my wife I'm a bit of a "scrooge" with the gas heat and heat pump we have in our central heating/cooling units (we have 2 central air units, one upstairs, one down). I keep the thermostats at 65 in the winter (or less when my wife is not home). She is always cold so we use the Soleus to keep her toasty warm while not spending a fortune to keep the rest of the house heated to 72 degrees. Because it uses radiant heat and convection heat it works very well for personal heating because if you are in it's "path" it will directly warm you up as well as heating with radiant heat.

Originally being from FL I'm very sensitive to the dry winter air and I like that the heaters do not seem to pull any extra moisture out of the air and dry things out like the gas heat does.

At night I drop the temperature upstairs and downstairs (heat pump and gas heat, respectively) to 60 and we 100% rely on the micathermic heater in our bedroom to keep us warm. It always does a good job and keeps us plenty warm. On a 0 degree night it is perfectly capable of maintaining 72 degrees (or warmer) in our bedroom which is 360 sq. ft.; though the bedroom door has to be shut in order to do this. If we leave the doors open to our master bath and walk in closets it keeps them warm as well depsite the fact that it's in our bedroom and facing away from them. The further you get from it the cooler it gets but the bathroom and closets are still comfortable. It actually heats our bedroom up so well that when we first got it I was regularly getting up in the middle of the night and adjusting the thermostat until we found the right setting because it got so hot it was uncomfortable. We built our house a little over 7 years ago so it is well insulated and I'm sure that adds to the efficiency of these heaters.

They do a wonderful job of heating our basement (which is a completely unfinished 1100+ sq. ft. space and has no other heating source) and our garage (also no other heating source). They are able to keep both at a comfortable 65 degrees when not on the highest setting. I'll add that it does take them quite a bit of time to heat these large spaces but it's perfectly capable of maintaining it once it achieves the desired temperature. Because it takes so long to heat these large spaces we leave them on all of the time through the winter. I'll add that the basement has concrete block exterior walls because it's unfinished so obviously we wouldn't need to worry about a fire there as it is mounted directly to the block. The garage has painted drywall and crown moulding and that heater is mounted to the wall directly in front of the drywall and we have never had a single problem.

One reviewer stated he/she didn't understand where all of the positive reviews were coming from. I'm in the opposite camp and I cannot understand where all of the negative reviews are coming from. I've had all 4 of mine for just over 7 years and they have served us very well. I'll also point out that when I purchased them they were relatively new and unheard of and I paid $199.00 for each of them so at their current price of $59.00+ $11.49 for shipping and handling I consider that a real bargain!

The only down side I have found with these heaters is when you first get them there is a bit of an odor when you first use them. It goes away with a few uses and after that it does not return. I don't know why this happens but it was a minor issue and it didn't affect their performance in any way.

To sum up this review, after 7+ years of use I am perfectly happy with all 4 of the Soleus Air HGW-308 heaters I purchased; despite the fact that back then they were selling for $199.00 each. I don't know how many years of use it will take to save enough on electric to cover the initial expense, but honestly I don't care. They work great and I could not be happier with my purchase.

One last thing, I did not purchase mine on Amazon as I was unable to find them on here 7+ years ago.
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