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on May 18, 2012
I found this at a big box discount store and had a need to beef up how my wife's fledgling photography business records and photos were being backed up. Losing these would be very harmful, and running a bunch of USB 3 external drives wasn't cutting it. I bought the 3 TB unit, and it's a solid device, will stay put. Has a big footprint. USB 3 worked fine on the Win7 PC and it was up and running in minutes. Acronis Home 12 worked fine with it, and now it's being used to do daily backups. I've eliminated the smaller external drives, repurposing them.

The president of the company emailed me after I registered the device and sent me photos of the interior of the device and links to videos showing them being in fires and doused by fire hoses. I realize that yes, these can still be destroyed, but at least I've increasd the odds of either being able to grab 1 thing while running out of a house fire or finding the data was not destroyed in the ashes compared to the MyBooks I was using.

While I recognize I still need to work out an off-site backup process for this, I'm happy with having replaced a bunch of smaller units with a single unit, and one that will have a better chance of surviving a home fire or flood. Face it, a MyBook will melt, this won't.

So I'd get another, especially when you find good deals on them. And I'd buy a NAS version of this for the same reasons, to improve the odds my data backed up on the NAS will survive.

Cannot comment on the service that comes with to restore data; hoping I never need it, but it's definitely something that many will find useful if they absolutely need assurrances that data on a blown drive can be brought back.
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on January 4, 2013
I must confess that I am a bit intense when it comes to backup -- I worry about losing important business and personal data. So I was intrigued by the IOSafe product when I decided to replace two WD USB external drives.

I use a software product called Syncovery to copy my file server to backup disks every night. I then use a cloud service (Carbonite) to produce an off-site backup. My idea is that the file server (RAID 5) will protect against a disk failure. The external drives will protect against a file server failure and the Carbonite will protect against a fire or flood. Perhaps this is overkill but it does help me sleep at night.

Reasons for Purchase
My decision to purchase the IOSafe was based on the idea that the fireproof and waterproof casing was a bit of extra protection. The prices varied considerably among vendors but I found one on the Amazon Marketplace with a really attractive price. The cost was perhaps $100 above a plain USB 3.0 disk so it seemed like a worthwhile investment.

I also wanted to upgrade from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 to reduce the time that that backups would take.

My Experience
I purchased two drives. That way I have redundancy as I backup to drive 1 and then copy to drive 2 each night. Should a drive fail, I still have a backup.

Shipping was fast and the drives were very well packed.

Two issues to be aware of:

1. These drives are rather large and heavy. This is due to the fact that they are encased in waterproof and fireproof cladding. But they are more than I want on my desk.

2. The USB 3.0 cables are very short (1 meter). As a result they do not reach my PC which is under the desk. The user's guide warns about using longer cables.

I researched USB 3.0 standard and it seemed that a 10-12 foot cable should be OK so I contacted support who responded quickly. They said essentially that they were being conservative and suggested that if I used longer cables, I might want to consider a powered hub.

I ended up taking the risk and used high quality 10 foot cables. So far no real problems but I have noticed that the USB dropped connectivity once or twice. However, I have seen this problem cited in many reviews of USB 3.0 products on Amazon. It may be the fault of my PC.

I decided to purchase a rolling printer stand that could fit under my desk. This will allow me to store the drives off the desk, use the short cables and protect the drives from accidental bumps when the floor is being vacuumed.

Other than the cable issue, the disks are working well. They are silent. A tiny LED shows disk activity so I can see they are powered up and working.

About a week after I purchased these drives, one of my WD externals died so timing was right.

All in all, a decent purchase. The disks come with a 3 year warranty so I plan to keep them until the warranty expires. I replace all my hard drives when the go off warranty to minimize the potential of a failed disk. They also come with one year of data recovery but I doubt I would ever use that as I should have enough redundancy to recover from any situation I can think of.
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on February 26, 2014
This seems like the best alternative to online backup, which isn't really an option for me since I have hundreds of gigs of backups. If you are going to get a 2 TB backup drive then I think a USB 3.0 connection is a must if your mobo supports it, copying over 2.0 takes forever. Anyway, due to the utter lack of specs anywhere on the interwebs about this drive, I thought I should post some info here:

To clarify the dimensions:
Length: 11" (the flange is about another inch)
Height: 7.1"
Width: 5"

The actual disk size is 1.81 TB, formatted NTFS, it comes empty aside from ~250 MB used. I couldn't find any files on it, hidden or otherwise.

It has an on/off switch on the back and a blue HDD activity light on the front that stays on at all times. Apparently I'm collecting blue LEDs because this room is starting to look like a space ship at night.

The hole in the flange that you use to bolt it down is maybe a bit more than a quarter inch (just enough for a pencil to fit through). I don't have anything to bolt it to so instead I'm using a padlock (.25" shackle width fits, I think) and a chain. I don't think having a super strong lock is too important since the easiest thing to cut through would probably be the flange. It and the whole outer casing is made of metal, which means that maybe it could even survive a nuclear EMP if it was unplugged, maybe.

The USB 3.0 cable that comes with it is about 42 inches long. I replaced it with a 6 foot one. There are 10 and 15-foot ones but allegedly the transfer rate of 3.0 slows down with distance (moreso than 2.0) and so some people don't recommend 10+ feet, though not everyone seems to agree.

It comes with a card to activate a free year of their data recovery service (you don't need to buy the extra warranty or that SeaGate thing for this). While their website says you can "upgrade at any time", I haven't found a way to actually do that. It gives you the option of upgrading to a 3 or 5 year service ($50 and $100, I think) when you first register. There is a note that says "The opportunity to extend your ioSafe Data Recovery Service to 3 or 5 years is only available to newly purchased products, during the initial purchase process.", so if you are going to do that, make sure you do it when you have the chance. This isn't a website where you make an account or anything, you just put in the serial and activation code - and a bunch of required personal info that they will probably sell - and you're done. I didn't do the upgrade since it's unlikely to be worth that much money, and according to the YouTube vids it seems like the drive would most likely still be usable after a fire, at least enough to get the data off, though you would miss out on getting a free replacement ioSafe (a refurbished one, anyway).

Finally, all of the relevant data from Speccy:

ioSafe G3 USB Device
SATA type...........SATA-III 6.0Gb/s
Device type.........Fixed
ATA Standard........ATA8-ACS
LBA Size............48-bit LBA
Power On Count......15 times
Power On Time.......5.3 days
Speed...............7200 RPM
Features............S.M.A.R.T., APM, NCQ
Max. Transfer Mode..SATA III 6.0Gb/s
Used Transfer Mode..SATA II 3.0Gb/s
Interface...........USB (SATA)
Capacity............1863 GB
Real size...........2,000,398,934,016 bytes
RAID Type...........None
----Temperature..34 °C
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on September 11, 2013
This is by far the best solution I have found for performing localized backups of important user files, server images, etc...
We have these in place at 7 different sites around the country and they are flawless. We use an open source backup software and simply share folders from the ioSafe (from the server where it is connected) so it is easily accessible from other systems. The ioSafe arrived in a sturdy box, well padded... not that it needs it. These things are TANKS. We have dropped them on the floor several times. Left a little dent but still works perfect. They don't just look tough, they ARE tough! Transfer speeds are fast, backups are always smooth and flawless (no corrupt transfers in any of the 7 we are using now). I cannot say anything of the customer service, as I have never had a need to call them. Simply put, the ioSafe is a fantastic product, so much so I bought one for backing up my home computer.
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on March 30, 2014
Have been looking for a back up for all our pics for quite a while. Finally pulled the trigger on this one as I like the fact that it is in my home and near indestructible!! I still feel leery about storing everything "In the Cloud" . It is one solid looking, and feeling piece of machinery. Absolutely silent and great looking. Setup was super easy after I got a PCI 3.0 card installed, even came with free software for back ups. So far extremely happy with it. I hope I don't have any issues with it, but looking at all the care they put into the packaging and all the little extras, I'm sure they will take care of that too.
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on January 2, 2015
As a PC security and networking consultant, I have recommended, setup and maintained ioSafe Solo drives for over 5 years. This includes over 25 units -- only one of these has failed (drive or controller failure). Not bad at all! Having total control and total access to fast data recovery during a data loss crisis is extremely important to my customers, compared to LOOOOONNNGGG restoration times when a full data store loss is encountered. Every minute of lost sales or an entire network down due to waiting for an online restore to complete costs $$$$$ to many a business. With ioSafe, restoring 50 GB of data in less than an hour is money in the bank! And, easy & peaceful sleeping for small business owners. Can't be any easier to setup than truly 'plug-and-play'!
I recommend purchasing decent, business-class backup software rather than using what comes "free" with this drive. And, get a bicycle lock cable to attach this drive to something big and solid -- it will never leave the premises.
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on February 7, 2014
Hilariously, this arrived in super-stout packaging, suspended in its box by the sturdiest, most carefully molded, aircraft-grade, navy-grey styrofoam end caps imaginable. Given its specs, couldn't they have just lit it on fire and tossed it through our window?

But on to the facts: my wife ordered this for her business backup solution (in addition to online backup). In typical AmaPrime fashion, it arrived shortly before she pressed ENTER on her order. That was in November. We installed it today (February). Any idiot can set this up, which is appropriate as I'm the de facto hardware guy and I have trouble starting the lawnmower. Software not included, for which I'm grateful. If your HDD backup "solution" requires proprietary hardware or needs to be partitioned before use, you're doing it wrong. I expect she'll be able to back up just about anything she wants from her "command center" (i.e. a warm nest of cabling and dust bunnies into which she snuggles every work morning, emerging only for coffee and, eventually, supper) simply by dumping it through Windows backup. If it requires more, I shall be quite impatient -- but not as impatient as she'll be. I'm just the hardware guy.

It's small and heavy as a gold brick, but hopefully not as lazy. I set it up next to her foot, so she can punt it savagely if annoyed. Shouldn't be a problem. The aesthetic is "undergraduate art student meets diesel generator," which should be ideal for those days when you're just sick and damn tired of "technology" that's been personally slave-crafted of remelted styrene, candy bar inner wrap, and used hair-dryer bearings.

One star deducted because, unlike our garage safe, the IoSafe Solo G3 doesn't include lifetime contents recovery in the purchase price. I thought data recovery was the actual POINT...? A five-year product life seems reasonable on this item. Given that, two or three years of DRS should be included. If it never breaks, we'll never call, right?

I guess if you want that level of personal assurance, you should buy a fireproof Liberty safe, stock up on guns and ammunition, and ride out the Apocalypse in style.
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on January 1, 2015
Bad News - I had an older ioSafe Solo that I had purchased in August 2012 that quit working. Good News - It was still under warranty (Standard 3-year). I went to the ioSafe website, entered the serial number, explained the problem I was having, and poof, a brand new ioSafe Solo G3 shows up on my door step within a few weeks! Excellent Customer Service! Very easy to communicate with them via email, and the new unit works great and is MUCH faster than the old unit! Love it! Love ioSafe! Look no further, this is the one you need to buy!!!
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on January 10, 2014
Just got it a few days ago, bur it seems to be exactly what I was looking for. It's big, not huge, but for a 2 TB hard drive it;s quite large. Which in the case of this product, makes you feel safe. It is heavy and solid, and it's easy to believe that it will survive a fire or flood. Hopefully I never find out.

It is quiet, never makes a sound.

It come with a screw mount, I can screw it into the floor if I want, which I probably will soon.

Plugged right in to my iMac. No extra nothing, no compatibility issues of any kind, boom it's my Time Machine dive could't be easier. the most plug and play drive ever,

Comes with a year of drive recovery protection. Of course they try to sell you more, and I went for it. $50 gets you 3 years, $100 gets you 5 years. If your drive fails and you don't have protection it could easily be $1000+ , so I found this to be a deal, and I am not one to usually buy an extended service plan. Buying a new drive in a few years is one thing…being able to recover my vital data after a disaster is priceless.

I've had various problems with various drives I've tried to set up with Time Machine. Shouldn't, but I have. NO PROBLEMS with this drive at all, easiest drive I've ever used. And the peace of mind knowing that it's secure, I can't even describe what that's like. i live in SoCal and eventually we're going to have a terrible earthquake. My computer may burn up in a fire, but I can buy a new one. But my data will be safe,.
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on August 31, 2013
Using the ioSafe to back up my home NAS device. We have all our family information along with all my business files on the NAS and started to get worried about what would happen in a fire or other disaster. We do have an off-site backup, but that is not updated as often. Feel a lot more secure knowing our most recent back-ups are protected from a worst case scenario.

Very quiet and is nice and solid - nothing cheap and even has the ability to be bolted to a more solid object to prevent theft. Drive worked perfectly, it is just a blank drive with no pre-loaded software to delete, which was a nice surprise. I was expecting the drive to be loaded with a bunch of useless software. Instead it is usable as is right out of the box.

Setup was very quick, just a few minutes to register the S/N online and then plugged it into the NAS to start the back-up.
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