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on April 16, 2009
Yes, I get that saying "different strokes, for different folks" but boy sometimes I just have to wonder "are we all reading the *same* book???"

It was fun from start to finish! Gorgeous hunky feisty hero, gorgeous feisty sassy heroine, making for some fun head clashing. And it had just enough wit, fun, and charm, without going over the top! Hilarious moments, and adventures that took our duo across two countries, a nice twist at the end, and lots of laughs!! So good that this was a 1-nighter! It doesn't get any better than that! Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! I'd give this book a 10* if I could.
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on December 26, 2009
Pamela Darby and her sister Sophie had fallen on hard times. Both grew up in the theater with their actress mother, but when she died in a fire, the sisters had no money or prospects. Then, Pamela heard that an elderly duke was looking for his long-lost heir and had posted a generous reward for finding him. Determined to find the heir, Pamela and Sophie are disappointed when they find out the boy had died as a child. But, when a Highland highwayman robs them, Pamela decides that his man could act as the heir.

Connor met his match in Pamela the night he tried to rob her. Having been forced into being a thief and not being able to honor is Clan, he took up the beautiful Pamela on her scheme. Both Connor and Pamela have nothing to lose, except being caught, but the reward for their act could be infinitely more than he ever imagined.

But, can they pull off the scheme without being caught?

Pamela and Connor are quite the pair. Both are incredibly intelligent and equally as stubborn, which makes for an amusing story. Also, the romance that builds between them is sweet and enjoyable to read.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot of this story. At first, I thought the story might be a bit too simple, as these two tried to pull off the impossible. As the story progresses, there are more layers to added to the plot, making this book more intriguing than anticipated.

Overall, Some Like It Wild is a great fast, historical romance. It appears that this book is tied to the "first" book Some Like it Wicked, but not reading that book first did not take away from this story in the least. If you're in the mood for a historical romance, gives this one a try.

BookingIt Grade: A-
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on April 19, 2009
I did not read the previous book and if you haven't don't worry. This one can be read as a stand alone. The main couple had great chemistry. The hero was drool worthy and the heroine was not the typical damsel in distress. The plot is basically about the heroine trying to pass a Scottish highwayman as a duke's long lost son. I enjoyed the book immensely and read it in less than two days. The only small problems I had with it were the heroine's sister, who was a bit on the selfish side and the story's outcome, which was very predictible.
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on April 22, 2011
This was my first by Medeiros an I will read more by her as I found it entertaining and the action held my interest. The story includes the Regency period and the Highlands, an English miss and a strapping Highlander!--a great combination!

Set in 1814, it begins in the Highlands and later moves to the outskirts of London, and tells the story of orphans Pamela Darby and her half sister Sophie. Their mother, a famous actress, was killed in a suspicious fire that Pamela thinks is tied into her mother's friendship with the Duchess of Warrick. When the Duchess, now dead, ran away from her unfaithful husband, she took her baby son and started a new life in Scotland while laying a trail to France. Only Pamela knows the duchess went to Scotland since only she has the note the duchess left Pamela's mother. Pamela and her sister need money to live and to save Sophie from a lecherous Viscount. They hope to collect the reward for finding the duke's lost heir so they rent a carriage and head for Scotland. When Pamela's search suggests the baby boy died with the duchess, she decides to find a Highlander who can pretend to be the duke's son. Who should happen along but a highwayman with gray eyes and a god-like body? Connor Kincaid gave up on his dream to restore his clan and has been living the life of a highwayman robbing the dreaded English who murdered his father and mother. He has little to lose and English money and a title to gain, so when Pamela proposes he pretend to be the duke's son, he agrees. When he gets to London, the old duke easily accepts him as his son saying he has his mother's eyes. Conner is happy to play along. He decides that to keep Pamela by his side he will claim she is his fiance. Pamela doesn't like it but she can say nothing.

This was a fast moving, well written tale that held my interest. The first part of the story that took place in the Highlands was fun and I liked the back story of Conner's early life. Medeiros did a great job of showing us why he was truly a hero worth loving. The rest of the story (except the ending that brings us back to the Highlands) takes place in the duke's home at Warrick. The developing relationships and explosive chemistry between Pamela and Conner were well done. There are some great secondary characters, including the duke and his nephew. Medeiros does a bit of "head hopping" in some scenes but it worked very well. I recommend it.
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on October 4, 2009
As always Teresa Medeiros hits the spot with her tale "Some Like It Wild". woohoo you have to love her hero Connor Kincaid. Even the name evokes hot flashes !..
Pamela and Connor, the silver-eyed strapping highwayman are the perfect foil to one another.
As always with Teresa Medeiros books, I could not put the book down, until completely finished. Indulge and Be Delighted !!
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VINE VOICEon April 14, 2009
The year is 1814 and the place is the Scottish Highlands. The setting is so very important since this is a Scottish historical romance and must take place in the Scottish Highlands. Pamela Darby and her half-sister Sophie are desolate and poorer than church mice. Their mother was a theater actress and raised both Pamela and Sophie at the Crown Theatre off of Drury Lane in London. Six months ago a fire reduced the theater to rubble and their mother was killed. Sophie is quite the beauty but can't act for anything in the world. Pamela is not so much a beauty because as in most of these historicals, a character like Pamela has the brains and not so much the looks. Because Sophie is a horrible actress, she and Pamela were thrown out onto the street to make their way into the world.

But Pamela is tenacious and has a plan. The Duke of Warrick, who is one of the most powerful and wealthiest nobleman in all of England wishes to find his son that has been missing for thirty years. If Pamela can find some dim-witted Scotsman to act the part of the long lost son she will receive the reward and end up buying some cottage on the coast and plant and garden or something of the sort. She is also on the quest to find her mother's killer because she knows the fire was set by someone who wanted her mother dead.

As Pamela and Sophie are riding along in a carriage they can barley afford, they are attacked by a highway man who is Connor Kincaid the robber prince of the night, terror of the highways and scourge of the Highlands. Connor is all these things because he tells Pamela so after they come to an agreement after he attacks her carriage. Pamela stands up to this scourge and decides he would be perfect as Warrick's long lost son. At first Connor thinks Pamela is crazy because she is British and as a Scotsman he can't trust the British because they are enemies. Also he thinks her plan has so many holes that the duke would never fall for it. But Pamela has a letter the duchess of Warrick penned the night she left the duke because he was unfaithful to her. She took their son and made him believe she left for France, when she actually planned to seek asylum with her grandfather who was one a powerful laird in the Highlands. But the duchess and her son were killed. This letter was in Pamela's mother's possessions. Remember that fire? Well someone set it to kill her mother and destroy the letter so it would never be found. Pamela will use the letter as proof. The duke will certainly believe that Connor is his long lost son and everything will be a much brighter place in the lives of Pamela, Sophie and Connor.

So off these kids go to London to see the duke. The duke falls for the tale Pamela spins and welcomes Connor with open arms. Pamela expects her reward so she can buy some seeds for her garden and to be on her way, but Connor throws her plans for another loop. He tells the duke that Pamela is his fiancé. Now she will stick by his side. The next step is to find who killed Pamela's mother and keep the lie going. But the fake relationship between Pamela and Connor has become very real because these two have found something special with one another that will not be denied! The scourge of the Highlands will plunder this devious yet perky young London miss.

What we have here is a handsome highway man who is really an overall nice guy who feels guilt for pretending to be some old man's son, but needs the money. The woman he falls for has no shame in tricking the rich old man because she can't stand to be penniless. You know these two will be perfect for each other and at the end everything will work out because this is a typical Avon wallpaper romance. (Does anyone remember the ending to The Proposition by Judith Ivory?)

Some Like It Wild is one of the most clichéd romances I have read in a long time. How many times have I read about a sexy Scot turned highway man to feed his clan? Or the spunky heroine who stands up to the sexy Scot turned highway man, whiplashes him with her tongue and then falls for him as he does for her? I would say too many times to count.

Another perfect cliched example is the old fall back scene where the heroine must talk to the hero in the middle of the night because she can't sleep:

Virgin heroine a.k.a. Pamela: "Let me go into the hero's bedroom late at night in my skimpy nightgown because I just must talk to him at this late hour!"

Scottish hero a.k.a Connor: "Why is the heroine in my bedroom in a skimpy nightgown at this late hour? Oh well, I will pretend I am sleeping and when she gets close to my bed to see if I am awake, I will grab her and we will enjoy some foreplay, but no sex yet because it is only page 140 and not 210."

This one is a major pass.

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on March 4, 2012
I was expecting a typical historical romance plot. However, this book was different. It has all the same elements, but very well done. Connor is a highwayman who meets Pamela with a gun in his hand. Of course, Pamela proves this as no obstacle, and begins their journey. Agreeing to help each other out with the masquerade, they begin to see eye to eye.

I didn't give it 4 stars because it was a slow start for me. However, I thoroughly enjoyed from the middle to the end of the book. What a great love story between Connor and Pamela. Of course, there were other "love stories" among other characters that just added to the depth of the book. Once this momentum hit, it continued all the way to the end of the book. Lots of great characters who you grew to love. Crispin, in the beginning I kind of hated, but in the end he changed my mind. Great character development.

The romance scenes are hot and fairly detailed.

Verdict: This cover is absolutely beautiful. I was looking for a Teresa Medeiros book, not having read anything by her before, and of course it was the cover that encouraged me to pick it up and read the summary. I will definitely read another book by this same author.

Recommendation: To anyone who loves historical romances.
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VINE VOICEon April 4, 2009
I definitely enjoyed this book and would recommend it to historical romance-lovers, though I did have some problems with parts of the plot and mystery subplot which seemed especially contrived. However, the relationship between Pamela and Connor is great to read and Connor is an *absolutely delicious* hero that I don't see how any woman could not adore!

After their famous actress mother dies in a fire, Pamela Darby (23/24) and her sister Sophie are left penniless and alone, for they are both illegitimate and the only they have left of their mother's is a letter she gave to her solicitor for safekeeping. When Pamela reads the letter, she begins to suspect that her mother's death was no accident and that someone was trying to keep secret the location of a missing wife and child ... The letter, addressed to Marianne Darby, was written many years ago by the Duchess of Warrick the night before she disappeared and reveals that the Duchess had found her husband in bed with another woman and planned to leave him, taking their son with her to Scotland.

The Duke of Warrick, old and dying, is anxious to find any trace of his only child, offering a reward to anyone who can uncover his heir's whereabouts. Pamela knows that this is the perfect opportunity, for if she is able to deliver the Duke's son, not only will she be able to collect the reward and assure her and Sophie's future, but she will also hopefully be able to expose her mother's murderer. Unfortunately, they learn that apparently the Duchess and her son died not long after arriving in Scotland's cold and harsh climate. When a highwayman stops the sisters' coach in the middle of a deserted road at night, Pamela has an idea that perhaps the duke's son can be ... resurrected.

Connor Kincaid (29) lives outside the law, making his way as he can without any real family or friends to speak of. Spurred by his hatred for the English, who stole his family and home from him, he disguises himself as a masked highwayman and robs Englishmen and women who pass through the area. Little does he know that assuming two unchaperoned and unescorted young Englishwomen will be easy prey might be the biggest mistake - or gift - of his life, for strong and independent Pamela appeals to him in a way that he cannot deny and Connor soon finds himself listening to her ridiculous, but tempting, idea.

After a few very entertaining debacles, the charade is agreed to and the adventure begins, but as Connor, Pamela, and Sophie finagle their way into the Duke's household and put their plan into action, many questions arise and not everything goes as expected ... Who is the murderer? Why does the Duke not seem like the horrible man they imagined, but rather a lonely and regretful one? How will Pamela manage to take the reward and leave to settle in for a life alone and how will Connor bear to let her go - or once he decides not to, finally convince her to stay? This book combines strong and well-matched lead characters, a great cast of supporting ones, many light and funny moments, good sexual tension, and an interesting (if somewhat unsurprising) mystery subplot for an enjoyable weekend read.

~ I always love the unusual/not-belle-of-the-ball heroine and in Some Like It Wild Pamela is a woman who has often been overshadowed by her beautiful mother and sister who attract(ed) men like bees to honey. However, she finds in Connor a man who only has eyes for her ::sigh:: Pamela is strong, independent, intelligent, kind, and loyal; I was a little unsure of her at first because she's setting out to swindle the Duke, but her real reason is not a monetary one (though it is pretty farfetched, see "Complaints" below).
~ Connor is a to-die-for HERO! Rough around the edges, but tender, sweet and possessive with Pamela; intelligent, ultimately kind, independent, brave, loyal ... I could go on and on ;-)
~ Several laugh out loud moments
~ Great supporting characters in Brodie, Crispin, and the Duke - these last two are interesting, compelling, and realistic
~ Though it's not uncommon to read a historical romance with an illegitimate hero, the heroines usually aren't and I found this to be a nice change

~ The whole reason that Pamela sets out to bring the Duke's son back is to uncover her mother's murderer, but I had *huge* problems with that part of the mystery subplot: How would ___ know about the letter the Duchess had written to Marianne Darby (or its contents) and why would ___ decide only years later to try to cover up the information the letter revealed?
~ Connor's back story was not clear, though this may have been because I have yet to read Some Like It Wicked, which precedes Some Like It Wild. However, I was confused not only about what had happened to his family, which I'm assuming was explained in the first book, but also about why he left the clan and took to being a highwayman - it seems this happened more because Connor's character had to be a highwayman and meet Pamela that way than anything else.
~ I won't disclose the ending, but let's just say that certain plot twists were not surprising ...
~ Sophie was very annoying and spoiled; there were moments where she was supportive and was a great addition to a scene, but most of the time she got on my nerves. If Medeiros does as she has in the past, Sophie and Crispin will be getting their own book next, but I will be hard-pressed to read it, let alone buy a copy.
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on April 21, 2009
While it took a bit to warm up to the character of Pamela Darby, Connor Kincaid was utterly charming from the get-go. With his dashing charm and quick wit, Pamela met him blow for blow with her own intelligence and bravery.

As a sequel to SOME LIKE IT WICKED, Medeiros continues to delight with her talented words. I found myself enthralled at the language and play on phrases. While Catriona and Simon only make a couple of appearances in this book (and those are nearing the end), I discovered that Catriona's brother's story was every bit as engaging as hers...perhaps even more so since Connor was the one to witness their parents' death so many years ago. It haunts him in the same way that Pamela's mother's death torments her.

Together, they discover that vengeance is not the answer but rather forgiveness and understanding...and perhaps a little divine justice. Their characters grow and shape one another through their personal tragedies.
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on April 5, 2009
I was waiting for this one because I really liked the first book and I wanted to know what happened to the heroine's (in that book) brother. It was great! I loved the fun details and the surprise at the end. very sweet and sexy at the same time, which is how I think of this author's books.
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