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on January 7, 2000
something to write home about is without a doubt one of the finest albums of 1999. the kids follow-up to 4 minute mile is in my view a successful one, and although their musical maturity maybe not have come as far as we would have hoped, they more than make up for it with deep lyrics and happy go lucky guitar riffs. i have owned this album since its release date, and have been a fan of the kids since the woodson days, but after reading these posts, i feel obliged to comment on some other peoples posts. in particular, the ones about the kids selling out to a mainstream audience. god, almost all of these self titled "emo" kids are the same. find a band that makes good music, and the second other people outside of your "underground" clique start buying and listening to their cds, ditch them because theyve sold out. so prepare for it people, its not "cool" to like the get up kids anymore. lets all get on the promise ring till people start realizing their musical greatness, and then bash them. maybe we can do it to some other bands too, as long as me and my emo buddies are the only ones who like them, everything is a-ok. to summarize, buy this album for quality lyrics, infectious choruses, and more of the same for the kids; don't buy it if you want to fit in with the suave emo kids who will make fun of anyone who enjoys the cd of a sellout band. a penchant for the lesser known and a dislike for successful bands, or a great cd.... your call (if i could could give a 6th star, it would be for all the emo kids who don't like this review)
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on May 22, 2001
I get so sick of reading negative reviews whose only reason for disliking a c.d. is that it doesn't stay completely true to its "genre". Enjoy music for the sheer concept that art is being created by a group of individuals coming together to invent a gift for the listener. Now, with that being said, let me assure any weary would-be-future-owner of the Get Up Kids "Something to Write Home About" that a gift is definitely what you're getting. This, in my opinion, is one of the top three c.d.s in my collection. Each song is terrific in it's own unique way. The album contains different levels and emotions, never leaving one's musical sense unstimulated. From romantic, to raging, to relaxed, to reminisent, "Something..." has everything you could want in a c.d. plus a heart felt depth that anyone that's experienced any slice of real life can at least partially relate to. It's the kind of music that you can put on over and over again and enjoy as much as you did the year before. This album is an incredible effort on the part of the "kids" and absolutely a must-have! BRAVO!
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on December 25, 2003
In '97 when The Get Up Kids released "Four Minute Mile", the phrase "emo" was barely used, and when it was it wasn't associated with an instinctive feeling of redundant annoyance. The Get Up Kids were bringing something to the surface that many people hadn't heard before and it was wonderful. Simple soft music played by a bunch of whiny dejected kids that had an extreme talent for poppy fun tracks as well as emotional tales of lost love and loneliness.
By the time "Something To Write Home About" hit in '99 they had absolutely perfected this sound, and the result is one of my favorite albums ever. I'm proud to say that while now (years later) I've grown really annoyed with the steady stream of adolescent singers whining about x-girlfriends, I still love this release every time I put it in.
There's something extremely sincere about what TGUK were doing then. Their songs don't feel like they were made simply to force sappy unconvincing tales of woe down everyone's throat and make them feel like they should spend all night crying about bullies or the girls that don't like them. No, it feels more like Matt Pryor and company are writing music for themselves in the way that they see fit, regardless of what is the current trend. The fact that the sound they utilized eventually became the trend isn't a reason to shun their work, but rather to give it interest and realize how great it is.
"Red Letter Day", "Action Action" and "I'm A Loner Dottie I'm A Rebel" are great fast paced poppy tunes, the first being the strongest track on the release. On the other end of the gamut are softer moments like "I'll Catch You" and "Out Of Reach" which really slow things down with soft piano and quiet singing.
Overall this is a great CD and everyone should check it out with an open mind regardless of what you think about the stuff that's coming out today. While no, this isn't the first group to have "emo" sound, they are in my opinion the first group that made it so accessible.
*On a side note: If you enjoy this at all, be sure to check out the side project of the bands singer, Matt Pryor. Its called "The New Amsterdams" and is exceedingly good. The first two releases under that name were good but not amazing, but the newest titled "Worse For The Wear" is one of the best albums in the past few years for sure. Definitely check it out!
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on July 11, 2000
I cannot help but laugh at quotes like this: "what happened? he used to be so whiny" or the disgruntled "this isnt emocore" or the even more intelligent "this music is so..upbeat." As if any of these changes are a bad thing. This album is wonderful. So what if the band is no longer a whiny, unhappy group of kids? This album has a perfect mix of emotions from hope to despair. Its interesting that people try to pigeonhole the get up kids into "emo" when they never claimed to be ANYTHING other than themselves. What is emo anyway? Its a non word.
Here is a little lesson: You people must have a hard time with this concept called "life." See, what happens is people "grow" and with this "growth" comes something called "maturity." One aspect of this "maturation process" as a fan is to not define what a band is or isnt. Another aspect of this process is gaining the understanding that anyone who throws the word "emo" around is the one who knows the least. I hope this litte lesson helped those who are too despondent to recognize the beauty of this album.
Buy this album for your health. Its amazing.
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on December 1, 1999
Sure, there is nothing totally original on this album. It's not one of the best albums of all time, either. No where near it. It is, however, one of the most fun and enjoyable recordings I have ever heard.
That is why I gave it five stars. EVERY track is brimming with energy, and even the slow songs have a sense of power lurking within them. The opener "Holiday," for example, starts rocking from the start and just doesn't stop. The closer "I'll Catch You," on the other hand, is a tune you usually don't see these days. It's incredibly beautiful, and the addition of James Dewees on keyboards makes it even more spectacular.
Sure, it's not a musical milestone, but Something To Write Home About is perhaps one of the most enjoyable CDs I've heard in a long time. Get Up, and get it now.
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on January 9, 2000
but, I feel I must comment on something more important. And that is, yes, I am a sellout. This is the first "emo" album I've ever bought. And yes, I bought it at a MAJOR CHAIN record store! Yes, I am a fan of Limp Bizkit and KoRn. And most importantly, yes, I LOVE THIS ALBUM! Now, I know what you maladjusted, ready-to-turn-on-your-band- as-soon-as-some- "trendy" -kid-likes-them morons will say: This isn't half as good as (insert early to mid '90s release here). You'll say that they've changed. I'll agree, because that's what a band is supposed to do. Evolve, stay fresh, and most of all not get boring. And the Get Up Kids are far from boring. Sure, it's not innovative musically, and yes, it's unbelievably catchy. So what? It's still a rockin' album, and that is all that needs to be said. If you like music, you'll like this album. If you like complaining, you'll complain about this album. But if you're smart, you'll give it a listen.
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on April 18, 2001
This album is the type that makes you want to lie on the floor and stare into space while contemplating your life. it could even coerce a formerly sane person into writing in a journal or stopping by salvation army to find bargains on turtlenecks.....ok, honestly, this isn't really what the get up kids are all about. they've never claimed to be emo or anything else, that's just the category they fit best into. but the great music they make, especially on this album, is beyond comparison or labeling. emo, punk, whatever you want to call like this can't be found anywhere else. the keyboards add a unique sound, not wannabe weezer! from the upbeat "10 minutes" and "red letter day" to soft ballads "long goodnight" and "i'll catch you", this up to its title (can't think of any stupid metaphors right now)
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on August 14, 2014
not a bad CD. Not my favorite. "Holiday" is OK, nothing to write home about. "Action + Action" fairs a little better, you can kinda feel something akin to intensity under all the warbling guitars and vocals..."Valentine" is the obvious pop(would-be) hit, very somber, slow, etc...."Ten Minutes" is a lively follow-up track, you can definitely feel the album going somewhere worthwhile. The album doesn't truly make its point clear until "The Company Dime", where "Apology" and "Close To Home" follow, a piercing trilogy of songs. "The Long Goodnight" and "I'll Catch You" are way too syrupy. They should have let someone with an actual singing voice perform those. Mathew Pryor's voice just doesn't feel up to the task and the songs don't go with the rest of the album.
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on May 22, 2005
This is another favorite of mine, along with "Diary" by Sunny Day Real Estate. If you're a fan of 'emo' style music with a bit of punk and creativity, pick up this album today.
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on January 12, 2016
Their 2nd best album, after Four Minute Mile. I had this on CD but a couple of the songs were damaged. I figured I would go vinyl for the full effect. This band could/should have been huge and I'm happy to support them.
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