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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 15, 2014
Son of God depicts the the greatest story ever told, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus, the son of God. If you are a Christian, you will be moved by the movie's re-enactment as the actors and settings will take you back to when our Savior walked the Earth, and how Jesus died so we may have eternal life. If you do not believe in Jesus as your personal savior, perhaps this movie will touch your heart and allow you to accept Him into your life.

The movie's actors and settings are beautifully done making this movie a visual treat. The story is simply told allowing the true magnificence of truth to shine brightly.

Finally, read John 3:16 to learn about how you can have eternal life and enter paradise as depicted in Son of God.

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on May 29, 2014
For some, the first hour or so will come off as very preachy and bible quoting. And.. it is. But, the second half is so powerful and moving that it will strike an emotional chord with even the most agnostic viewer. Just really intense.
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When I first heard about the movie SON OF GOD, I didn't think it was a good idea. SON OF GOD is a movie that mostly contains re-edited scenes about Jesus from the 2013 miniseries THE BIBLE. There are some additional scenes in the movie, but the majority of it already appeared on television. I understand wanted to reach as large an audience as possible about the gospels (good news) of Jesus, but personally, it reeked a little too much like a money grab to me to simply re-edit television footage and add a few deleted scenes to make a movie that would be released in cinemas. However, I was willing to give the movie a chance and ended up seeing it in theatres twice.

The movie begins with the apostle John, brother of James, on the island of Patmos. John begins to tell about Jesus in the form of a voice over, "In the beginning there was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." The short intro takes the viewer through the creation of the world, the destruction of the Earth through flooding, and other events until the birth of Jesus. Then the movie quickly skips over a lifetime.

When we next see Jesus, he is walking towards the shore (from out of the wilderness and the temptation with Satan it is to be assumed) and begins gathering disciples and followers and soon he has a core group of thirteen (that's right, thirteen; more on that later) disciples that travel with him as he goes about teaching, preaching, performing miracles, and seeming to ridicule the Pharisees who question him.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem word is brought to the high priest of the Jews, Caiaphas, of this man named Jesus. At first he doesn't think much of it and with the arrival of Pontius Pilate to the city, Caiaphas has more important matters at hand. However, as Jesus continues to do what he was doing, Caiaphas comes to see Jesus as someone who could bring harm and suffering to the Jews and, therefore, he must be eliminated.

Jesus is betrayed, captured, and killed, but he rises from the grave. He appears to his disciples and suddenly disappears. The end of SON OF GOD returns to John on Patmos.

In terms of cinematography and film values, SON OF GOD is an average movie. Some of the dialogue is taken from the Bible, but some of it is not Biblical and is very cheesy. The acting isn't terrible, but there are no outstanding or noteworthy performances, either. In terms of production values, SON OF GOD is better than most low budget movies, but it does not have the feel that a big screen movie should have. As mentioned earlier, SON OF GOD is mostly re-edited footage from the tv miniseries THE BIBLE and, for most of the movie, SON OF GOD looks like a tv movie. This won't be as big an issue with the DVD and Blu-ray releases of the movie, but if you watch SON OF GOD on a larger screen television, you can definitely notice a difference in the production values.

In terms of a movie that's supposed to be a Bible-based movie, SON OF GOD is pure fluff that only uses the Bible for its core values, while ignoring the details and some of the more difficult and darker parts of scripture.

Personally, the biggest Biblical error with SON OF GOD is that instead of twelve disciples there are thirteen and the thirteenth disciple is a woman named Mary. Yes, there were woman who followed Jesus around and some of them (not just one of them) was named Mary. However, there was never a disciple named Mary. When I first saw the Mary character I thought, "Oh, that's a little different, but I understand why she's there." However, it took me a little while to understand that this "Mary" wasn't just going to be a close follower of Jesus, she was actually going to be a disciple. She follows the men wherever they go: eating and sleeping in the same places. Not only that, but "Mary" is given some of the better lines in the movie. She jokes around with the boys, is outspoken, and reproves the other disciples for not having enough faith (also suggesting that her faith is stronger). She's there to comfort Martha at the death of her brother and she's there at the foot of the cross when Jesus is crucified. She's the first (and initially the only one) to see the empty tomb and it is she, not angels, who reminds the other disciples that Jesus said he would arise on the third day.

There are many other Biblical changes, inaccuracies, alterations, and outright errors in SON OF GOD (for instance, Jesus doesn't know that Peter is going to deny him until he gives him a hug). Movies are a completely different medium than literature. I understand that. In telling a story on the screen, especially a story that covers three years (or all of history, really), you have to make changes and sacrifices to make a 2 - 2 ½ hour movie that is not only appealing to believers, but to those who might not really know much about Jesus. I get that. However, there's no cinematic reason to add another disciple and make her a woman. I believe that the reason for doing so was to appeal to a wider (and more female) audience, but in doing so, SON OF GOD dilutes not only the message, but the messenger of Jesus himself.

Overall, I was really disappointed with SON OF GOD. On a cinematic level, I expected the movie to be a better movie than it was. However, as a movie, SON OF GOD feels more like a big budget tv episode than it does a feature-length motion picture. In terms of Biblical and scriptural accuracy, SON OF GOD verges on heresy and seems to be more similar to the books The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code than the Bible. I realize that there are people who will be uplifted and inspired by what they see on the screen. However, if you want to see a movie that actually tries to stay true to more than just the spirit of scripture, I recommend Jesus Film,Jesus of Nazareth, or The Passion Of The Christ Definitive Edition. I give this 2 ½ stars out of 5.
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on May 2, 2014
I watched this movie and I had tears for the simplicity and spontaneous way the actor play the part of Jesus. That's how I think of Jesus, a wholeheart Master. I will get the Blue Ray as soon as it comes out. Emotions belongs to the Spirit. God Bless
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on April 25, 2014
As a Christian, and a movie fanatic, there are times (many times) when these two life choices don't exactly equate. The snarkiness that is often a given when writing movie reviews may not be listed as a sin via the Ten Commandments, but sometimes it's just not...nice. And Christians are nice people, for the most part. This film, which was generally panned by critics and loved by audiences, suffers from the same duality. SON OF GOD rated a dismal 23% likability by film critics on Rotten Tomatoes, while at the same time pulling down a sky high 82% likability by audiences, which just proves my point. Movie reviewers hated it, audiences (I'm going out on a limb here and saying that most SON OF GOD audience members are Christians) loved it. So as a Christian and a critic, where do I stand? Pretty much in the middle. I found SON OF GOD better than most of the critics believed, but not up to the near adoration of the public. A solid 3 and a half stars.

Am I setting this movie up then, for a snarky review? Sort of, but not completely. There are some very good things happening in SON OF GOD, but to find them you must sit through some silliness and more than a few liberties taken by filmmakers eager to pander to the public's thirst for a story told simply with beginning, middle, end, some blood and gore and very clearly defined good and bad guys. The story of Jesus Christ is much, much more than this, but to tell it in the two hours that today's movies seldom surpass is impossible. You've gotta cut corners, but SON OF GOD cuts more than a few. Way more.

The film opens with a quick (and I mean QUICK) montage of the Old Testaments greatest hits; Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, Goliath and Abraham. That this film was cut from the much longer mini-series becomes fairly obvious here. Next comes the similarly condensed version of the birth of Christ, after which the fully grown Jesus appears (the swoon inducing Diogo Morgado), ready to begin the true work of man's salvation, beginning with his plea to Peter the fisherman to become "fishers of men". From here on in the road to Calvary is fast and furious, and it is here that my biggest issue with SON OF GOD occurs. Many of the works of Christ, as well as the teachings of Christ, are glossed over, or ignored completely. If you know the story of Christ, the teaching, the miracles, the parables, then this isn't too terrible. We understand that the Lords Prayer is longer than one or two sentences, that the beatitudes contain more than "The meek shall inherit the Earth". But gone are so many of the works of Christ, his miracles, that if you are not well aware of the biblical stories in the New Testament, then you may very well wonder what all of the fuss was about.

So many of these glaring oversights are addressed with one or two sentences that it's a bit giggle inducing. "Do not doubt, Thomas" and "Where is Judas...have you seen him?" are just a few of the examples of storylines brought down to their least common denominator with one sentence, implied but not addressed. John the Baptist rates no more than a few seconds shown in a flashback, and the temptation of Christ by Satan is ignored completely (although the outcry over the resemblance between THE BIBLE's Satan and President Barak Obama may have something to do with this omission). The period prior to the Palm Sunday entrance of Jesus on the back of a donkey is the weakest of SON OF GOD, but thankfully following this the film begins to finally gain steam.

The days leading to the Crucifixion are the backbone of SON OF GOD, and the best and most emotional moments fall within this section. After Jesus enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, the film slows down it's breakneck narration to actually illustrate the events that led to the death of Christ. It's always interesting to see who gets the brunt of the blame for the Crucifixion of Christ in these bliblical films...will it be Pontius Pilate? The Jewish Temple leaders? Judas? The Roman Guardsman? Every movie seems to point fingers at one group more than others, and in SON OF GOD the winner is Pilate, wonderfully played by Greg Hicks, who is portrayed as more psychopath than ruler.

While SON OF GOD doesn't even begin to touch the savagery of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, the brutality of the Crucifixion is present within SON OF GOD, and is troubling and difficult to watch (as it should be). Morgado does his best work here as Jesus, able to drop the Colgate smile and finally ACT, for heaven's sake. Roma Downey, however, is just awful as Mary, and she seems to do nothing more than look pleadingly (but still beautifully!) at Jesus in all of his agony, tears glistening on her lovely cheeks as she stretches her hand to her son. As a mother, if I was watching one of my sons go through something like this, I would be screaming and frothing at the mouth.

SON OF GOD is a good, but not great film of the life and death of Jesus Christ. That it is better at depicting the death of Jesus, in all of its misery and degradation, may be due simply to the belief that the public wants to see the torture more than the miracles. But isn't the life of Christ, and his teachings, more important? I think so, but I don't have millions to make a movie. See the film, by all means, but remember how much more there is to the story of the Son of God than the tragedy of his death on the cross. That, my friends, is the real good news.
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on April 24, 2014
Although this was taken from The Bible Miniseries which aired last year on the History Channel, this does very well as a stand
alone production. It's simple and straight forward .Some may quibble that it jumps from one scene to the next and doesn't spend enough time fleshing out details. For example in the raising of Lazarus, viewers should have been introduced to Mary, Martha and Lazarus prior to his death. Showed no connection to Jesus and the 12. Actual raising didn't have the impact it should have had.All in all Diogo Morgodo was an inspiring, compassionate Jesus and the rest of the cast did quite well. I think this will become an annual Easter classic.
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on November 19, 2015
Awful movie doesn't follow the scriptures, and has Jesus kissing the DEAD body of Lazarus in the tomb! Jesus fulfilled the LAW never BROKE the LAW. It was truly UNLAWFUL to kiss or touch a dead body. The leaders always accused him of violating the law, but it was their traditions and interpretations of the law. Even though he said its not what goes into a body that makes one unclean but what comes out of the heart, doesn't mean one can take this Liberal NON Scriptural view that he would kiss a dead corpse. Mind you the kissing was not an act of touching to raise him but in the movie he just kissing him first and then prays! More important that was never in the Bible he called out to him from outside the tomb which is more powerful as he showed he had the authority to even command one to live again without touching.

Then there are many more things that don't follow the bible, there are MANY more movies that follow the life of Jesus that stay with the scriptures and are fun. Visual Bible series has Gospel of Mathew, and Acts of the Apostles, Gospel of John. All use word for word from the Bible using the NIV which is my pick for a bible version, but its still holy scripture and they show there is NO reason to add things that take away from the message and pervert the scriptures for the children and those who don't read their bible daily.
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on July 28, 2014
This film is an amazingly beautiful and honest portrayal of our Lord Jesus the Christ. His guidance for our lives is unmistakably wise. Oh, how my heart aches for his mother, Mary. I can only imagine the pain she suffered as she witnessed her son's crucifixion. The overwhelming truth of His divinity is beautifully explained as viewers see God's love for all of His children. Jesus willingly accepted the humiliation and affliction that I should suffer for MY sins, but His blood was sacrificed for our forgiveness. Every knee will bow before Him in time, and I want to fall immediately at His feet with thanksgiving and praise. Truly, He is the Son of God!
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on April 17, 2015
I was very happy with this show. Wasn't sure what to think as we are not a conservative home and much had been made about the miniseries when it came out. We rented it so we could introduce our 3, 7 and 10 year olds to the Jesus ministry, the crucifixion, and the resurrection. We do not attend church so they have only had basic Christian exposure and their Easter education is mostly rabbits and candy. I thought the show was really well done. They did a good job showing the progress of Jesus's ministry and showing the many powers at play leading to the crucifixion.....Ah, the crucifixion...while this isn't The Passion by Mel Gibson, it also doesn't shy away from the gruesomeness which is the death of Jesus. We were a little surprised at the graphic depiction (we assumed it would be "family friendly" whatever that means), but our kids really got a lot from watching his suffering. The violence (IMO) wasn't gratuitous...It added to the story and to the sadness of the death of Jesus. The movie sparked a lot of questions which is what we wanted.
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on June 29, 2014
"Son of God" is a follow-up, with previously filmed scenes from the "The Bible." While it is focused on Christ and his life, it is well acted and filmed. I like this production much more than previously made movies of this subject. I do totally recommend this movie, but be aware the scenes, for the most part, were extracted from "The Bible," by the same producers.
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