Customer Reviews: Sonic Alert SBT425ss Digital Sonic Boom Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock with Telephone Signaler
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on September 17, 2007
I've had profound hearing loss since the age of 2. After years of my parents waking me up, I got my first Sonic Boom Alarm clock when I was in High School. I've had it for 12 years and it still works great! I bought this one because my old one was accidently packed up in storage while moving this summer. This new style is more compact and is more aesetically pleasing, but has the same great qualities that the Sonic Boom Alarm clock has always had! I've never known anyone that could sleep through this alarm! I use just the vibrating option as that wakes me up just fine...the lights are a bit too much for me.
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on February 24, 2012
I bought this alarm clock for my daughter. She sleeps like the dead. When she was a baby we all thought it was great that she could sleep through anything. We could vacuum, watch TV, ride in the car, thunderstorms, airplanes passing overhead, nothing woke her up. Now that she is 17 it isn't such a great thing. So I bought this alarm clock.

First impression: darn, the phone thing doesn't work with a cell phone. We don't have a "home phone" and in order to use this with your cell phone you have to buy a $60 gizmo to allow you to plug your cell phone into a modified corded phone. If you know of a cheaper work-around then PLEASE post it in the comments. The phone feature would have been awesome because then I could have repeatedly called her and made the alarm go off until she got up. No can do.

Second impression: this bed shaker is pretty stout! It will shake your bed, I promise. My kid enjoys being rocked when she sleeps so this isn't that helpful. I have thougt about putting it in a metal bucket as other posters have suggested. I am afraid that may scare her so bad that she wets the bed. I'm trying to solve problems here, not create them.

Third impression, flashing lights! Cool! Normal people would wake up to a bunch of flashing lights on their bedside table. I have even more confirmation now that my daughter is not a normal person.

The alarm is freaking LOUD. I'm down the hall and it wakes me up. It will also wake up the dog (a 20 lb Shih Tzu) and then he starts barking at it. I can sleep through the alarm going off, but not the alarm going off AND the dog barking. So I get up, go to her room, tell her to get up and tell the dog to be quiet. She hits snooze. The dog goes back to sleep. A short time later the alarm goes off again, the dog starts to bark, I get up, go to her room, tell her to get up and tell the dog to be quiet. Now the dog decides that he's up and would like to go outside. So I let him out, and once I've been up that long, I decide to stay up. So I feed and water the dog, put the coffee on, and tell my daughter if she doesn't get up RIGHT NOW that I am going to come back and pour ice water on her. She knows this is not a threat, this is a warning. Coffee is done, dog goes back to sleep, and kid gets up.

Hmmmm.... maybe this alarm clock does work pretty good after all!
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on December 25, 2007
I bought this for my wife who is a very heavy sleeper and who's actually lost a couple jobs from not being able to wake up in the morning in time. She's not deaf or anything, but she can totally sleep through a 'loud' alarm clock.

The buzzer:
I bought this based on the descriptions and other reviews of the several different models of this clock which made it sound very LOUD (wake the neighbors-type loud) which I hoped would be enough to startle her out of sleep. Unfortunately, this isn't noticeably louder than many other clocks I've had. My first impression of the buzzer was "That's IT?!" It has an adjustable tone which is neat, but still that doesn't make it any louder and only slightly more annoying. My wife wasn't impressed with the volume either. While adjusting it we didn't even have to really raise our voices over it to hear each other.

The vibrator:
This is the part that I'm counting on to wake her up. It's pretty strong and I'm surprised that something so small can shake so violently. If you put it in the pillow that you're using it's liable to cause brain damage after a while, but if you push your pillow more than a few inches away -or grab another pillow- it's useless. It works pretty good in between the mattress's though even though we have a pretty thick mattress on top. It won't rattle your teeth that way, but it should be enough to wake her up after just a minute or two.

The construction doesn't feel any better or worse than most clocks to me and it's easy enough to figure out how to set and use. I would have given it a higher star rating had it of just been louder.
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on April 15, 2007
Now this is one great clock. The first night I used it, I was about knocked out of bed, and I did not have the bed shaker even plugged in.

I like the large numbers so when I do wake up at night, I can clearly see what time it is.

When the alarm goes off, the lights start flashing, it is impossible not to pay attention to it.

I highly recommend this product.
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on August 28, 2007
This alarm clock is generally effective, with the ample vibrating along with a loud alarm if you need even more push to get out of bed.

The problem is the clock unit. It feels cheap, and performs only so-so. It appears as though it was purchased in a dollar store, or at the check-out counter at your local convenience store. You have to push the buttons hard to change the alarm time, etc. The buttons feel as though they have a weak electrical connection. They don't contact unless you really press on them. It is a poor design and cheaply made. Also, it doesn't keep good time.

Worst of all, after only 6 months or so, the clock malfunctioned. I woke up to the vibrating puck going off (erradically) and I could not shut it off. Turning the alarm "off" like I do every morning had no effect. I had to unplug the vibrating device. There's one thing that alarm clocks need to be, and that is DEPENDABLE. This one is not.
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VINE VOICEon May 11, 2011
I sleep like I'm dead. Maybe it's because I have severe hearing loss. The audible alarm by itself is enough to wake me, but it takes a few minutes. The bed shaker wakes me up immediately, no ifs, ands, or buts. There have been some comments both saying the shaker cord is long enough, and also that it's too short. It's 72 inches. I have a nightstand right next to where I sleep, and the cord is long enough that I had to wrap some of it up. I bought the extension anyway. You never know what you're going to run into at a hotel.

I've been using this with the shaker inside my pillow case, on the bottom. I have a zippered inner pillow case, and I put the shaker in there. While the shaker can move around in there, it won't come out like that. Something to consider. I'm going to try it under the mattress though, might be a better choice if it works for me.

This is small enough that it will fit into a suitcase or carry on without hassle. No more trying to sleep at hotels with one hearing aide in so that I can hear the clock radio. (You hearing aid users know how much fun that is.) Wish I would have bought one of these years ago.

Update: Am using it in between the mattress and box spring now, under my torso. It wakes me fine, and not quite as abruptly as when it's in the pillow. Did not realize the photo in the ad is wrong. It's a digital clock, with the same features. The photo is of an Analog clock. I didn't even realize that I got a different model then what is pictured. But I don't care, it works great. One thing I forgot to mention is that the clock display is large. I can see the time at night easily without my glasses, and I have bad eyesight.
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on June 18, 2008
The sonic alert clock is great.
I originally didn't want the vibrating part, and I just wanted the big sound alarm. Since you couldn't get one without the other I bought the clock with both.
As it turns out, I put the vibrating part in a pan and it bangs inside the pan when the alarm goes off. It would wake up the dead.
The clock alarm loud enough also.
Good purchase.
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on September 10, 2007
I have try using 3 alarms at the same time include a boom box Radio that with the volume set to the highest(my neighbor can hear it)but I still don't hear them when sleep(or I'll hear it couple hours later). This sonic Boom vibrate with the alarm sound together is working for me, I place it under my pillow area, first the vibrating will wake half of me then I'll hear the annoying loud alarm sound, I set it half an hour before my boom box turn on, so if I press the snooze or turn it off and fall back to sleep I still have a back up (I place my radio boom box far from my bed so I can't turn it off easily), so far this combination has not fell to wake me yet. I also plug it in the phone jack, now I can felt the phone ring. I also like the clock can use backup battery to operate (in case of power outage).
The clock is easy to setup, all button is layout in front, the alarm setting is on side, no need to reach back to do setup. with the 1-1/2" green digit is easy to see in dark.
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on February 19, 2012
I've always had problems waking up since I was a child. I don't know if I sleep deeper than others or I have some kind of sleeping desease. I've missed school and work many times because of that, which makes me feel like I am a irresponsible person, which is not true. I used to have nightmares of oversleeping and missing important class, work or loved one's important celemonies, etc. because I was always worried about waking up on time. People who can wake up with somebody's footstep wouldn't understand the suffering of deep sleepers. I've been a full time worker and student for more than a year and my stress level had reached at the point that I was not able to keep feeling anxcious over sleeping when I already don't have enough time to sleep, so I started researching for a better alarm. I was skeptical as I usually am over products online. It arrived earlier than estimated date and thank universe!!! it works!!! Nothing ever woke me up like this one does. The alarm part is not as loud that neighbors would call 911 but loud enough, and something about the sound reaches my brain. I'm not sure if the lighting part is helping or not. The best part is the vibrator. I keep mine under my pillow and it wakes me up instantly no matter how long (sometimes I only get a few hours of sleep) I've slept. At the beginning, the vibrator shocked my heart a little everytime it goes off but I got used to it after a few days. Now, I don't get nightmares anymore and I feel confident that I can wake up no matter what. It changed my life and my mind is much healthier. Thanks to the inventor!!!
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on June 29, 2009
For those of you who have trouble waking up in the morning (or at least on some mornings), this clock WILL wake you up.

There are basically 3 ways that the clock helps wake you up when the alarm goes off:

VISUAL: 3 bright LED's flash. The LED's are bright enough that, if you happen to be facing the clock when the alarm goes off, the LED's will show through your eyelids.

AUDIBLE: Tone adjustable alarm lets you set the tone of the alarm. The adjustment is a dial with virtually infinite degrees of adjustment, so you can adjust the tone to something obnoxious enough to wake you up. You can also adjust the volume. While not as "ear splitting" as some have claimed, it can nevertheless be turned up to a very obnoxious level.

VIBRATE: The small vibrating disk won't shake you out of bed, but it WILL wake you up. There is no adjustment for the level of vibrations, but it seems sufficient to do the job.

Note that the alarm can be set to Audible, Vibrate, or Audible+Vibrate for when you've stayed up too late. (LED's will always flash when alarm goes off.)

The only complaint I have is minor. There are 3 cables associated with this clock. First is the power cord, which plugs into the back of the unit. Second is the cord for the vibrating disk, which also plugs into the back of the unit. Last is the telephone connection (which triggers the selected alarm when the phone rings). This cord is HARD-WIRED into the unit. Now, of all 3 cords, this seems like the most optional feature. You NEED the power cord, but it's detachable. Most likely the only reason you purchased this specific clock is for the vibrating feature, but that cord is also detachable. Many people will probably not use the phone feature, but that cord is hard-wired into the unit. Don't know why they chose to do this. Still, it's not a deal-breaker. Just an annoyance.

All-in-all, I would highly recommend this clock for those of you who, like me, are not "morning people".
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