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on November 29, 2010
This is the best 3-D Sonic game. Let's just start there. Sonic Team finally dropped the gimmicks, the useless characters, and the over-the-top storylines and brought Sonic back to his roots while still utilizing the current-gen look and feel. A lot of what works here seems to have been inspired by Mario Galaxy, but that doesn't really bother me since the original Sonic for the Genesis was also a reaction to Mario. In this game, Sonic Team managed to find a camera system that works very well (why'd it take so long?), the controls are fine most of the time, and this is some of the best music - minus the opening theme song - that Jun Senoue has composed. For the first time in ages I enjoyed playing a Sonic game. The use of Wisps is very well done. While there are some levels where you need to use them to complete the stage, in others the Wisps are optional, and it's great to be able to return to levels with new Wisp powers and find new areas. The added bonus of collecting red coins to open levels in the 'virtual' Sonic stages is a very nice touch (although it's best to play these levels by yourself, 2 player is kind of annoying).

I hope that SEGA has enough success with this game that we get a sequel, and in that sequel I hope that some niggling bugs can get worked out. First, this game is short. There is great opportunity for replayability by finding all the red coins, but your first runthrough should be no more than 7 or 8 hours. Secondly, there is quite a bit of inconsistency in quality between levels. Some are very long, have a great pace and lots of hidden areas, but then you'll hit two or three in a row that are ridiculously short, have little gimmicks in them that seemed designed to do nother more than kill you over and over, and are just not much fun. I don't want to spoil anything, but I'll just say that the final couple of levels and boss fights are remarkably irritating. It very much feels like Sonic Team either lost some of their inspiration towards the end, or just ran out of time.

But after such a long stretch of terrible Sonic games, it's hard for me to stay mad at Sonic Colors' less endearing quirks for too long. This is a huge step in the right direction, and I only hope that future versions of this series expand on what has been developed here.
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on December 18, 2011
If Sonic Unleashed provided a blueprint-like glimpse at how great Modern Sonic could be, and Sonic Generations was the truly finalized entry delivering on that promise, then Sonic Colors is in the middle, acting as the first prototype to employ the concept well. What that means in retrospect is that when you play this game, you're getting an experience much better overall than Unleashed's half-n-half dual quality, but not quite as refined and perfected as Sonic Generations' iteration of Modern Sonic. That been said, it's more than worth the price of admission. Indeed, this is the first Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2 that I personally consider a "great" Sonic title. That says a lot, I think.

The story in Colors goes like this: Eggman (or as I prefer to call him, Dr. Robotnik) evidently grows a conscience and in an apparent act of repentance, builds a massive inter-galactic amusement park for everyone to enjoy. Of course, Sonic and Tails are more than a little suspicious and investigate. Of course, they find out the good ol' doctor is indeed up to no good, chaining and enslaving the planets connected to his park in order to gain the energy of their alien citizens called Wisps. The Wisps respond to Sonic's heroics by giving him their energy, enhancing his abilities throughout his adventure. It is very silly and lighthearted in comparison to some of Sonic's most recent outings, but is actually much better for it.

The art design and graphical execution in this game is excellent. It's incredibly flashy, colorful, and creative. One level is a massive space fleet meets carnival with a vibrant holographic pathway for Sonic to sprint across. Another is a beautiful, alien world being deforested by Robotnik's forces. Another is a thrilling space elevator. Those are just some examples of what the level themes of this game contains. The imagination is through the roof in this game, and the graphics really deliver. Despite the Wii's limitations, this game delivers excellently on the promise. This is one of the prettier games on the system.

The sound design is just as cool as the visuals. Of course, the traditional sound effects are all here, no surprise there. The music is absolutely fantastic, the best Sonic has seen in years. There's also a surprising amount of music here too. A lot of work went into the soundtrack, and it shows. Plant Wisp is my favorite. Awesome stuff. Also worth noting is the voice acting present. This was the first game the new voice actors made an appearance in, and they do a very good job delivering their lines. Not only that, but the writing is decent too, offering a very lighthearted scrip with a lot of humor.

The gameplay in Colors is everything that you'd ever want or expect from a Sonic title. For the first time in years, this game delivered a non-stop Sonic experience. No distractingly boring characters like Big the Cat, Amy, or even Sonic... the Warehog, taking up time with boring, slow, and cumbersome gameplay mechanics. It seems with Colors that Sonic Team finally learned that Sonic games don't need adding unnecessary, annoying elements/concepts/characters for the sake of injecting variety that nobody wanted or asked for. No, all anyone wants from a Sonic title is being the fastest thing alive, navigating a massive obstacle course of loop-de-loops, springs, turns, and speed boosts in their own flashy playground. Colors has all of these things in spades, both in 2-D and 3-D, non-stop. There's a boost function that makes Sonic run so fast the outside music and sound distorts. Now that's fast, and exactly what anyone would want from a Sonic title. Epic set pieces are frequent, emulating that "holy crap!" feeling of the killer whale chase of Sonic Adventure and the death truck chase of Sonic Adventure 2. Boss fights are long, engaging, and are as speedy as the rest of the game. Great job Sonic Team! See how simple that was?

The newest addition to the gameplay is in the form of performance enhancing wisps combining their power with Sonic when he frees them. Some turn him into a beam of light, shooting like lightning and bouncing off of surfaces at angled trajectories. Others turn him into a pink spike ball that speed along walls and ceilings. Others turn him into a blimp that floats for a limited time. These wisps are awesome additions to the traditional Sonic gameplay, and add variety to the experience without taking away from the speed-focused platforming that makes the game so enjoyable.

So is there anything not too great about Sonic Colors? Well yeah, there are some problems. For instance, there are difficulty spikes at really random times and when it does it spikes hard, to the point where you'll want to chuck the controller across the room. It's really frustrating, and you can't progress until finishing these parts. The game is also a bit short for my taste. There are incentives for replaying, but it's not as extensive as Generations' offerings. Too bad. Also, while the gameplay and control mechanics are quite good, you can tell that Sonic Team was still trying to get the hang of how Modern Sonic should control. After playing the perfected Sonic Generations, it's pretty evident that they were still working on how everything should work. The game is still a blast to play and it controls well even still, but it's still worth noting.

Overall though, Sonic Colors is the first genuinely high-quality console Sonic title to come out in years. If you haven't played this stellar platforming game yet, I'd highly recommend it. If you're hesitant because of the poor reputation of Sonic console games of the past 7 years or so, while I totally understand the trepidation, I'd suggest you reconsider. If you give Sonic Colors a chance, you'll be treated to a very fun, very true-to-form Sonic title that sticks to the simple yet timelessly fun philosophy behind Sonic the Hedgehog: Being the fastest thing alive. Buy it, speed'n'dash through it, and enjoy playing through your very own intergalactic amusement park.
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on October 5, 2015
I had intended to buy this on release day.

But after 3 family deaths, a near divorce and financial trouble, my dream seemed unlikely.

But I bought this to play as a laugh. I lost my original reason. When it arrived, I got off the phone with a help hotline.

I got the Wii prepped, started the game and felt a sort of happiness from playing video games. As I played through two levels, I felt happy to be back to normal, like I was revived from a dormant state

So far, Tropical Resort is what I cleared so far.

I found out that there are 2 ways to play (Wiimote and Nunchuk, and horizontal Wiimote)

I admit that a mere video game cannot erase tragedy, but distractions do alleviate temporary feelings
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on October 31, 2015
Got a long road trip ahead of you? Fearful wait times at the dentist/doctor? Trying to avoid the family on that vacation? Look no further than Sonic Colors to pass the time. The game auto saves after each chapter so don't fret. Secondly the objective is simple for those not used to the world of Sonic the hedgehog. To play a sonic game you simply run, jump on enemies and platform. And that's all there is to it no surprises and no complicated sequences. All and all its highly enjoyable and il be sure to play more of it.
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on November 8, 2015
I bought this game for my son for his birthday. The year before we had got him a Nintendo DS and it came with two games. We finally broke down and bought him another one! He loves to watch Sonic on TV, so we knew that he would really love this game. It has great graphics. Lots of colors! There is so much to do with different levels and completions that he was never board. He still has not beat the game. My three year old can play some of it so its not to hard.
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on September 4, 2013
If you remember when Sonic was actually a great to play back in the day than you like Sonic Colors. The graphics are very beautiful for the Wii system. I did not notice to much slow down when I was playing. This is good game to play. If you are a Sonic fan and like playing good games then get this game.
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on August 6, 2015
I don't like to reference other products in my reviews, but Sonic always seems to be a response to Mario games. So this had everything in it that New Super Mario did but, different.
My kid loved the challenge of the game and the cutesy story. He beat all the levels relatively quickly. So the game is fun, but it's short.
He hasn't gone back to play it since beating it. He did go back and played all the short videos that tell the game's story.
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on February 4, 2013
I brought this for my 6 year old daughter who is very into video games. We were able to play right away, but not get great scores. We went online and found out that you are not able to get to all of the rings until you have made it to higher levels, collect the right color wisps and then return to the lower levels. This game will keep us busy for quite a while since it has many levels.
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on November 27, 2010
This game is basically a combination of Sonic & The Secret Rings and any standard 2-D Sonic game. It's actually pretty cool, but is just missing the element that made Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 awesome.

The game more or less plays straight-forward (like running in the opposite direction of the camera) or sideways like 2-D games and switches periodically. It could be my TV again, but I have trouble seeing what is what on the screen.

The graphics are unbelievably beautiful! The colors just come alive and are just amazing to look at! Everything in the game is just so well animated and detailed as far as cartoons go. I find it pretty funny that Sonic's eyes are very... umm... reflecting like mirrors. Creepy. Nah, it's cool. The game isn't super-shiny, but isn't dull either.

The way the game works is you start off with a movie (probably the E3 movie), see the classic SEGA logo, but modernized, and then see a really cool title that just says PRESS START (New Game + Continue). You get a map screen with 7 or 8 worlds (much like in Super Mario 3 or New Super Mario Bros.) and within each world, you have at least 5 stages and a boss level. You race through the levels and just like in the classic games, get the high score and best times. You also get ranks, but I haven't found out if they do anything like in Sonic Adventure series. Clear a world, the next one opens up. It's a pretty straight forward game.

I think the music is a little out of place. It's like some orchestrations and I guess rock. I switched the language to Japanese because it still uses the original voice actors from the first games. I didn't like the English voice acting. You can have English and Japanese spoken and English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, and Spanish (which is pretty rare for games these days).

The bottom-line, Sonic Colors is a great return to the classic Sonic series and has simple, fun gameplay to offer. This game is geared towards fans of the classic series and new Sonic fans.

Compatible controls (which is very important for me) is basically anything that plugs into a Wii. That is Gamecube controller, Classic Controller, Wii-mote (SW), Wii-chuck, and 3rd party (non-gun) controllers.
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on January 17, 2011
Good price, great game, my 6 years old LOVES it ! It is chalenging for him, but not violet, good for young kids. And the best part it was delivered in 2 business days !!, I ordered on 12/15/10 & on the 12/20/10 already received it, well before Christmas, I was happy with that!!
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