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Platform: GameCubeChange
Price:$12.99 - $199.99
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on February 23, 2006
Story 6.2/10

(From the manual:)

At midnight one evening in Metal City, Sonic and friends uncovered a valuble Chaos Emerald. As they stood admiring it, a mysterious trio on floating Extreme Gear airboards appeared out of nowhere and snatched the precious gem.

As they raced away, one of the three dropped their airboard and Sonic jumped aboard to persue the thieves. But unaccustomed to riding, he lost his footing and they got away.

Later, as Sonic and friends gathered in Metal City Plaza, they were interrupted by Dr. Eggman speaking on a giant build moniter.

"I've put together a little extra something to spice things up! I call it the 'EX World Grand Prix!' a tournament to see who's the best of the best with Extreme Gear!"

Sonic groaned in disdain.

"Eggman again! Just what is he up to this time?"

At that moment, the three mysterious Chaos Emerald thieves appeared as top ranking entrants on the moniter and Sonic's attitude changed.

"The EX World Grand Prix, huh? Let's do this!"

Sonic's mind was made up. But just wheat is Eggman really planing? And who are the three mysterious characters?


Pretty bland, in other words.

Graphics: 7.8/10

FMV's do not rank up to Shadow the Hedgehog, which I found sad, being as that game was made in November. However, the in-game graphics are better, giving them a better rating graphicly in Shadow the Hedgehog. The screenshots of the game, at least from what I have seen, look extremely pixely, this is not the case in game. I was playing as Cream at one time, and the detail on her head when she was skating was amazing! Clipping on this game is much better than from what I see in the past Sonic's. Also, the boxart on here is made with 3-D polygons, giving the box a very nice detailed look to it. I just thought something needed to be said about it. A little side note is, the looks of the characters when they are confused, mad, or suprissed, is enough to crack anyone up (Espicially Knuckles).

Sound: 7.5/10

I have yet to hear all the tunes, but the ones I do have, I could have easily gone without. If Sonic Rush has such great music, why can't they get any good music for a Gamecube exclusive? They Sonic Speed Riders main theme will be caught in your head, and it's not always a good thing. It's a love or hate type of song which I feel I'm in between of. As far as I have heard, none of the music sounds like Crush 40, which Sonic games are supposed to go with. I liked most of their songs and am waiting for one to show up. The voice actors... not the greatest. I like Jet and Wave's voice actors, but Storm dosen't sound like what you would expect.... Scratch that, Storm isn't anything like you would expect. As for diolauge, most of it's cheesy, which is what most would expect, being Sonic the Hedgehog. Langauge, I'm glad they've stepped down from Shadow the Hedgehog. The worst I've heard so far is Wave telling Strom he 'sucks' at racing, which I started laughing at, being that's something I would have least expected from this. All in all, decent. Note that when that person comfirmed that you could turn the announcer to Male, Female, and off altogehter, was wrong. I looked for it, and found nothing. I'm a bit skeptical about Fang being in this now.

Gameplay: 8.8/10

Yes everybody, all the fan reviews are true, this game is the best Sonic racing game period, and even out-matches Sonic Gems Collection, Shadow the Hedgehog, and perhaps, dare I say it, Sonic Adventure 2. You can Race, do Time Trials, Battle Mode, Survival Mode, Team Mode, and even a Mission Mode. I will be occupied with this for awhile. I heard from GameZone's review, that this game was not as fast as they hoped. I'm sorry, but if they made this any faster, they would have been F-Zero GX 2, Sonic Edition. I loved the speed. It was intense and had me on the edge of my... um... couch... the entire time. Mission Mode I haven't done yet, but from what I have heard, is extremely fun. The story mode could be a lot longer though. I beat the Heroes story within 3 to 4 hours of play. Even though playing as the Baylons pose more of a challenge, I would assume I'm almost done with them too. As for a Final Story, not sure. Not sure how they could fit it in at all. Going to the shop will let you buy many new types of Extreme Gear. We have 3 types. Airboards, Bikes, and, the rumors are true, skates. Skates are great. The multi-player, although not as fun as one would think, did keep me going for an hour or 2. And finally, the thing that keeps me playing, the difficulty. The difficulty is insane for a racing game, and there's no adjusting it. I spent so much time trying to beat Storm, Jet, and Amy. I was so relieved when I finished the races, only to realize I had another, harder race ahead. Overall, absolutly great.

Controls: 6.8/10

This is the part of the game that needed tuning. Turning on your board is insanly hard. Using power slide boost, you have to wait a good 2 seconds for it to work, and those two seconds can cost you the race. I somewhat disliked the fact it auto-accelerated like Kirby Air Ride. I can't tell you how many times I lost a race because I hit a wall and coulden't turn back, and when I did get back in the swing if things, I was in 8th place. It honestly could have been better.

Overall: 8.4/10

This is one of the greatest Sonic games I own, and that's saying something, being as I have most of them. It's the best racing game out of the other's I have, because it actually gives you a challenge. Sonic fans need to get this as soon as possible! This one will keep you playing for months, and when those months are over, put it away for awhile, delete the memory if you want, and start the game again, because this is a game where you need to milk as much as possible out of it, before it breaks. Sonic fan's don't pass this up. All others, at least rent it. Great game. Absolutly great.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on April 11, 2007
This is a good game. At first glance, I thought it was going to be another boring racing game, but I was way wrong. The music rocks, the voice overs aren't bad, the characters are comical, the level graphics are gorgeous with variety, and the story has an interesting plot. I am not sure any video game is perfect, however, and I did find some things that do need work:

1. Infuriatingly difficult. This is why I can only give it a three star fun rating. Even from the very first level of the hero story, it is hard. It does help, if you learn sooner than I did, that the jump button does not work like the other sonic games. Instead of jumping instantly and holding the button to increase your height, you instead press the jump button and hold it to charge your jump, and then when you let it go is when you actually jump. Just a warning, if you do charge a jump, you will slow down until you let the button go. I will tell you the pupose of this in my next flaw. Continuing with the difficulty, after the first couple of races you have to get first every time, in order to progress with the story. Even in the first races, you must get within the top 3 to move on. It is hard, I cannot tell you enough. Just because you manage to stay ahead the first 2 laps means nothing. Some CPU robot punk, can pass you by at the last second and ruin everything. I have hollered in frustration, over this happening so many times, so just keep in mind that completing this game will be no easy task (I haven't even done it yet).

2. The controls are awkward. Remember that charged jump I explained in the first flaw? You use it on trick ramps, to increase your height for more tricks and to get on upper paths, which could potentially be shortcuts. Even though it can be helpful, this is; however, one of the awkward controls, because if it is not used correctly it can mess you up. Charging it for to long slows you down, and not releasing it at the right time can slow you down even more. The other awkward controls, include the tricks themselves. It is difficult to tell how many tricks you can get away with and still land "correctly". It is difficult to turn, as turns are tight, and you mostly skid through them, hitting the walls and other unfavorable obstacles. The speed boost, while sometimes necessary to keep up, can just mess you up completely at times. The reason why, is you cannot do the following: turn with out slowing way down, speed up well on speed boost pads, keep a healthy air tank supply (it eats up your air something awful), and avoid walls and pitfalls as well if you could avoid them anyway. What I think is the worst control, however, is the turbulence. Not really a control as much as a mechanism, it is the wind that whips behind each player going at a certain speed, allowing others to ride it. Now this seems like a cool idea, as you can catch up to opponents easier by riding his or her turbulence. This is actually a monster in many situations though. For one thing, it does take force to enter it. Then, once your in it, you can't get out until either: A. You catch up to the person making the turbulence, or B. The person stops making turbulence for some reason (like he slows down to much). This is bad, because if you want to take a shortcut or something you can't always get out of it; and because sometimes you exit out of it too soon during something like a turn (causing you to run into a wall or fall down a bottomless pit).

3. You have to perform each race almost perfectly. There is little room for error. Thankfully, there isn't a life system in this game, so you can restart as many times as you want, when you need to. Please bear in mind that if your mistakes cause you to drop to 4th place, it is not likely you will catch up, because the leader will usually be a smart aleck and get way ahead of you. If you drop below that place, restart for sure. 3rd place and up is okay, as you probably still can manage to catch up sometimes...

4. The movie clips rock, but the "before level" cutscenes don't. The most poor graphics of the game I have seen, are in the short tid bits that are between levels. Frankly, it doesn't look that bad unless you compare it to how much better the levels and the movies are. On top of that, I think it is well made up for, by the comedy of the scenes.

5. Either the shop overcharges, or you aren't getting paid enough. You can only collect 100 rings at the most per race, and it is difficult to get that considering the speed. Some of the more expensive boards and gear go for 5,000. Big difference. At least you seem to get your money's worth with the boards, but sadly, you cannot use them in the story modes, which would have been so helpful.

So, that is basically it with the flaws. The characters have colorful personalities, and although you can only play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Jet, Wave, and Storm (heh, that's actually a handful right there) in the story modes, you can unlock and play as Cream, Shadow, Rouge, Amy (who actually participates in the storyline), an Eggman robot (E-1000 I think), and more! So don't think for a second that this game lacks variety. I can't say I recommend this game for everybody though. It's the most fun for those who have determination, patience, and skills with a controller. So if you have those qualities and enjoy Sonic and his friends; well, I don't have to spell it out much do I? Just buy this game.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 27, 2006
I think this game is really cool because It's the sequel to Sonic Dx. Also, it has racecar themed levels but they are fun and cool. Also, I like it because you choose diffrent characters

and locations. And you'll even choose multiplayer modes like story mode or race mode. And there is so much stuff to look at

and it uses great graphics. They are not scary, however and you are simulating sonic races and adventure lands and this game has Special effects. Overall, it is definitly a must see for sonic and racecar fans. I'd reccomnd it to ages 4 and up, though

our 3 year old loved it. I love it, too!
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on March 17, 2006
Sonic Riders is a really fast pace game, because Sonic rides on a hover board called Extreme Gear.

The game only takes up 1 block of memory, which is nice. At the main menu the player can go to the game or to extras or options. In Extras the player can chose theater, audio room, gear gallery, and records. In the Options menu the player can chose audio settings, rumble settings, language settings, and game data.
In the game the player can chose normal race, story mode, mission mode, tag mode, survival mode, and shop. Normal Race is where the player can do a free race (1p-4p),Time Attack(1p only), and World Grand Prix(avaliable after story mode is complete). Story Mode is where the player can chose the story he/she wants to play. Mission Mode is where the player clears given missions one after another. Tag Mode is wherethe player partners up with the CPU or another player and share Air as the player compete in a race. Survival Mode is where the player compete under set rules. Shop is where the player can shop for more extreme gear to use by using the rings collected from races.

There are also three new characters, they are the following: Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow, and Storm the Albatross

The controls are simple to learn. The controls are the following:
The A button is Jump/Grind
The B/X button is Air boost/Attack rival
The L/R button is Brake/Air Slide(with left and right)
The L+R button is Exit turbulence/Tornado

The Control stick is the following:
Up is move foward/front flip(during trick action)
Down is move backward/back flip(during trick action)
Left and right is move sideways/steer/Sideways spin(during trick action)

This is a really fun and fast game, I would recommend this to anybody who likes Sonic the Hedgehog and his speed ways.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 8, 2006
Maybe I don't like this game that much because I'm used to pressing A for gas and B for break. This game is unique and the graphics are awsome, but something is missing.

I love Sonic games, but this seems a little to confusing for me, maybe with a little more practice the game will grow on me.

I do suggest that you rent this game before buying it, just incase you don't like it.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on April 22, 2006
Well, the Sonic Team has done it again!!!

This game was the best Sonic Game that I've ever played!!!

The graphics are awesome, especially the cutscenes, it looks SOOO cool!!!

Although it takes time to learn the controls, it is a very fun game. You may want to practice a lot before you play in the tournament mode, or if you want to play it right away, have a lot of patience. My tip is to restart automatically if the computer player is about to win. That way, you can bypass the losing.

Overall, if you like Tony Hawk games, then i would try out this game. But the game is meant for PATIENT people!!!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on May 22, 2006
This game is awesome it's the second best Sonic game I have. I'm still stuck on the last stage of the Hero story called Babylon Garden. It's where you have to beat this guy called Jet the hawk. This stage is very hard so unless you are very experienced at this game I would suggest doing some practice in normal race. In this game the best place to practice is Metal City the first stage in Hero story (besides that's the only stage I ever do any races in normal race). If you are a big fan of Sonic than you would love this game and the characters in it so buy it NOW!!!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 12, 2006
I knew I was taking a risk with this game, because of all the bad reviews, but what can I say. I thought it was pretty fun.

The game starts out the the Babylon Rogues stealing a Chaos Emerald. Sonic tries to stop them by using Extreme Gear (hover board), but he isn't that expierienced with the gear, so they get away. When he hears they're entering a racing tournament, he enters to try to stop them.

Now, on to the game. You start out each race on your extreme gear. There is a tube on the side that determines how much you can dash. A dash gives you a momentary rush of speed. If you keep dashing, the meter will go out, and you will run on foot. There are 3 ways to refill the tube. First is by collecting rings, which are scattered throughout the level, second is by finding a pitstop, and third is by earning points by doing tricks of ramps. The tricks are pretty simple.

Up - backflip, Down - frontflip, Right - right spin, Left - left spin, Diagnol - mixture of a spin and flip. You can do multiple tricks, but you won't get as many points if you don't land good. One thing people have been complaining about is the turning, but when I got it, I thought it wasn't bad at all, if anything it was fun. All you do is hold down the R or L button depedning on which way you turning. If you hold it down long enough, you'll boost. It is hard to turn sharp corners, but if everything in racing games were easy, where would the competition be.

The dificulty is surprisingly more hard than Shadow the Hedgehog or Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. You might find yourself getting frustrated while playing in story mode, but that's just how racing games are. The main characters are here. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Also some new characters who call themselves the Babylon Rogues. There are some Unlockables like Shadow, Rouge, Cream, Robot 1 and 2, and others. Another thing is that you don't just race hover boards, but also motorcycles and and hover-skate type like Shadow the Hedgehog.


Controls: 9

They're underrated from what I've heard

Camera: 10

Never had a problem

Graphics: 10

I normally wouldn't give a 10 for this. There are some areas that lack geometric detail, but when you're going fast, you won't even notice it. Plus the scenery and the characters graphics make up for it. Also some good cutscene graphics

Level Design: 9

Could be better, but still not bad at all

Voice Acting: 7

The voices are from the Sonic X show on FOX, So some of the voices like Sonic are fine, but Tails' voice is just to young

Soundtrack: 9.5

A techno-ish thing. Not bad, and it's at a low volume during racing

Replay Value: 9.5

Let's you play every level against CPU, one of your friends, or just by yourself

The Game: 9.5

It really averages out to a 9.1, but I gave it extra because it came with a Sonic X DVD

Overall, I was surprised with how good this game was. Die-hard sonic fans will give it 5 out of 5 stars. People who are just looking for something to do will give it 4 stars, and people who have dedicated their life to videogames and only spend their money on them will give it 3 stars, but I loved it. This game is alot better than Shadow The Hedgehog, and Sega doesn't lie when they said that this game has adrenaline, so I recommend Sonic Riders.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on April 12, 2006
Here are good and bad things of the game. The good thing is they have great graphcis and its fun to play multiplayer with a couple of your friends. The bad thing is this game is fusrtarting the controls are still need to get used to. So here is my Decieason If you like racing game and Sonic games then buy this game but if not then buy other games like Mario Kart Double Dash or Mario Kart DS.
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on March 1, 2006
This game is a whole lot of fun! It finaly has 4 player! ( I know, I didn't spell it right.) It is great fun but they're afew problems. One problem is that there isn't a aceleration button, so you run into walls. Also the turning is bad. And the stories are pretty short. I beat the hero one in one day! Also, WHAT ABOUT SHADOW!?!?!?!?!?
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