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on October 1, 2011
This clock is getting rather mixed reviews and I was a little worried when I bought my first one about a year ago. I bought it for my son, who was a senior in high school. He slept through all of the alarms that I bought at Wal-mart for him. He would then be late (or not go) to school and the principal would call me to ask where he was. (I swear the principal had me on speed dial!) After I gave my son this alarm he never slept through his alarm again. He did leave school early on numerous occasions (and the principal kept me on speed dial) but an alarm clock can only do so much at helping with parenting. (He graduated, thank God, and uses the alarm to wake-up for work now.)

My son's alarm has worked perfectly since the day it arrived, so I had no qualms in deciding to buy one for myself last April. I am hard-of-hearing and I like the vibrating disc that goes under my mattress. It wakes me up right away. I don't even put on the noise--just the vibrator. It works great! It has gained 2 minutes in 5 months. I think people should READ THE DIRECTIONS and set the switch on the back for USA electric currents!

My son-in-law and daughter sleep through their alarms all the time--even when they have 2 or 3 of them set! I gave them my Sonic Bomb alarm clock 3 days ago and he has woke up on time every day since!
That is why I am purchasing my third one today. I need another one for me. These alarm clocks are great and I highly recommend them to heavy sleepers, hard-of-hearing, or even profoundly deaf people.
There are some features the clock has that are not mentioned in the description of the clock:

1) It has battery back-up--so when the electric goes out (ours goes out about 15 times a year) the clock still keeps time.

2) The alarm has the ability to be on just noise--really loud annoying beeping, which can be adjusted for loudness and tone (for hard-of-hearing people who hear some tones and not others)Or you can put it on just vibrate--for people like me who don't like to wake-up with adrenaline pumping through my body. Or you can really juice it up by putting on the noise AND vibrate your bed, which my son and son-in-law both use to wake-up.

3)It also has flashing red lights that go off when the alarm does to help people wake-up.

I do not have anything bad to say about the clock. I highly recommend buying one. Just make sure to read the directions pertaining to the switch on the back about setting it for which country you will be using it in.

August 9, 2012 Update: All 3 of our alarms are still working great!

February 9, 2014 Update: All 3 still working fantastic! The best alarms we have ever owned!
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on September 4, 2011
Five-star device with three-star instructions. Got it as gift for my heavy-sleeping 20 year old whose job starts as early as 4 AM. He said it would not keep the correct time. I asked him if he read the instructions. He assured me that he knew how to use it. I tried setting it myself with the same result--the time was off by next morning. I was ready to ship it back, but decided to follow my own advice and read the instructions. Turns out there is a power cycle button on the back of the device that is country specific. It was on the UK setting. I switched it to the USA 60 Hz setting and it works just fine. Why that would not be prominently placed in the user guide is a mystery to me. Why my son does not yet take my advice is a mystery to me.

As for the alarm, it is the only one that has ever reliably awakened my son. I would rate it as scary loud and the vibration disc provides tactile stimulus to further provoke consciousness. I can hear it in the basement from my upstairs bedroom.
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on March 15, 2008
I was desperate to find an alarm that would wake me up in the morning. I joked with my husband about finding one that has a sledge-hammer to clock me in the head, because I just couldn't wake up in the morning.

I was setting an alarm clock, my cell phone clock, and having my husband calling on his way to work and I was sleeping through all of it!

I found this on Amazon and I am astounded at how well it works. The disk goes right under the mattress and it literally vibrates (in bursts) the whole bed. It's not what it sounds's not going to collapse the bed or damage anything...the disk is the size of a large hockey puck and is self contained in it's vibration. The decibel level of the alarm, although doesn't seem much different from other unique in its tone and pitch. It has a louder and "stronger" sound (if that make sense). The lights, to me, are unnecessary, because between the shaking and the alarm, it's enough to wake me up.

The only problem is that it has a snooze button! So, I'll get jolted awake, smack the snooze button, and fall right back asleep. However, that's my problem...not the alarm.

A great alarm for people who have a hard time waking up to a Traditional Alarm Clock.
Sonic SBB500SS

Highly recommended!
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on April 5, 2013
I bought this alarm clock because i had trouble waking up for work when i was working a lot of overtime. Let me tell you this did the trick.

This is a product that does exaclty what its made to do: wake you up! The alarm is loud, not extremely loud to the point it hurts your ears, but loud enough you wouldn't be comfortable standing near it for very long when its going off. The bed shaker that comes with it is great. Some people i noticed put them under the mattress, i put mine right into my pillow case. This thing shakes and it shakes hard, right under your head or even under your mattress it will wake you up in a hurry.

The clock is nice and compact, but its not tiny. It stands a little over a hands length high and another wide, but it has a nice deep base that gives it sturdy footing. The bed shaker is a little wider and flatter than a standard hockey puck. The bed shaker has a 6 foot cord to plug into your clock. I set my clock up across the room and bought the 15 foot extension cord (which, as far as i can tell, only comes in white).

The function of the clock is well designed. The alarm is armed via the slider switch on the left hand side of the clock. But when you turn go to turn off the alarm (once it starts going off) you press the small red button on the base that is the furthest to the right, so your alarm stays active and you do not need to switch it on every night before you to go sleep (this is amazing for the forgetful amoung us). Also the snooze button is right on top as normal, but the volume nob is just to the right. This nob turns down to turn the volume up, so you can't lazily slide your hand down the side of the clock and turn the volume all the way down by accident. They really tried to make this clock idiot proof.

You can choose to set the alarm to be vibrate only, alarm only, or alarm and vibrate.

I have not personally got around to changing it, but i believe there is an option to adjust the snooze time. The default time is 9 minutes.

I messed around with the tone wheel this clock has, all it really does is change it from a high pitched squeak to a low boom. Its all the same digital alarm sound, just at a different tone. I ended up going with the low boom as it is a "heavier" sound i think.

I have 1 minor gripe with this clock, it only has 1 alarm, so you can not set multiple alarms. However if you are to the point you need this alarm clock all multiple alarms, will do is enable you to keep sleeping in, so i don't blame them for allowing you only 1 alarm (which is all it takes for this thing to wake you up).

I do have another minor note: I have noticed the clock face will fade for about 5 seconds once in a while and then come back. I am not sure if this is the fault of the clock or the electrical wiring in my home coupled with a power strip. This in no way takes away from this clock, the time is always visible even when it fades shortly for me (happens like once an hour for 5 seconds, if that).

So in summary:

It is louder than any alarm clock out there.
The bed shaker get you up if the alarm doesnt.
The buttons are designed to prevent accidental turn off of the alarm.

Only 6 foot cord on the bed shaker.
Only extension cord for bed shaker (that i found) only comes in white.

Over all i highly recommend this product. This is hands down the best alarm clock i have ever bought and i have not had any trouble waking up since i bought it. If you are looking at this alarm clock because you are having trouble with sleeping through alarms and the like, i have only two words for you: Buy It! You will not regret this purchase.
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on July 10, 2013
This alarm is no joke. I often find myself waking up before the alarm even goes off due to what I believe is almost fear. Imagine someone putting a jack hammer to your bed and the loudest alarm you can imagine going off. If you can sleep through this then you may not be alive.
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on December 9, 2007
This is a good clock. While it can be loud, the volume can be adjusted for those who do not want to have a heart attack when they wake up. The bed shaker does a good job of waking you up too. If you sleep like a rock this is a good buy.
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on March 31, 2011
My son, aged 21 and home from college for the semester, is an extraordinarily deep sleeper. He can easily sleep into the afternoon if not interrupted. This means that sleeping through the alarm has been a huge problem for him, especially these days, when he has to wake up early to get to work.

He asked me to get him a "clocky" alarm clock (the one that runs around the floor) but I thought that wouldn't work for him because the floor of his room is covered with dirty clothes! (We need another product to fix that problem.) So I picked the Sonic Bomb based on its reviews and it arrived yesterday. He set the volume to max. When he went off, he told me, he thought the house was on fire between the noise and the vibration.

He got to work on time.
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on August 13, 2012
When I was younger, my father was asked what it was like to wake up his son. After pausing for a moment, he looked up and said "Have you ever tried to wake a carrot?"

Now, several years later, I was looking for an alarm to get me up without waking up the entire block. I can say with some degree of certainty that this is it. I've only used the vibrating alarm, not the audible alarm, so I can't say how well it works (but it is loud). However, the vibrator works amazingly well. I really can't express with words just how startling it is to have your own personal mattress earthquake. The alarm clock also allows one to program how long the snooze is, how long the alarm will go off for, etc. This means that you can set the snooze button to give you one minute of extra rest - not really enough time to fall back asleep. So if you have trouble with pressing the snooze button multiple times, this might be a useful feature for you.

Although this is a great alarm clock, it does have a few cons, none of which were significant enough for me to lower the rating to four stars. First of all, setting the alarm clock can be a bit annoying. You have to manually advance the hour and minutes separately, and you can't go backwards. If you want to wake up at 7:00 am, and the alarm is set for 8:00 am, you have to go through 23 hours to get it where you want it. Also, the alarm clock only has one alarm - that is, you can't set an alarm at 7:00 and a panic alarm (if you sleep through the first) at 7:30 or so. Not that I (or you for that matter) have ever failed to wake up to an alarm and slept in. Nope...

The bottom line - This is a great alarm clock. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a new alarm clock. I feel I should also mention that this alarm could be very useful to someone who was hard of hearing, of deaf. The vibrator really doesn't make much noise, it's the feel that wakes you up. Just a thought...

Finally, to those of you who are reading this review at some ungodly hour of the night because you slept through your alarm this morning - do yourself a favor and go to sleep. Cheers!
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on December 16, 2015
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on January 20, 2008
I bought the Sonic Boom Alarm clock for my 10 year old, who is very hard to wake up. HE HATES IT. I LOVE IT!!!. He just got a loft bed and I can't reach him to shake and beg and pull him out of bed, but the clock does a wonderful job. The most effective part is the vibrating piece. He can't ignore it and is not so alarming. The alarm is extremely loud. It tends to just put him in a bad mood. Overall, it is great!
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