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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on September 20, 2014
All I can say is WOW! I have see the SONOS speakers for quite a while, but always thought that they were a bit expensive. First you had to buy the central unit for $3-400, then each speaker was $2-400, so you were in for $6-800 for a single speaker. Always loved the wireless aspect, but the cost and configuration kept me watching. Instead, I had a couple Bose Waves and a Bose iPod player. Great sound, small footprint. Then . . . recently my iPod died and my Bose iPod player was showing its age. Apple is now discontinuing the iPod classic, so decided it was time to look at another solution. Looking for wireless speakers for the house - there was SONOS right in front of me again - but now, no central system required and the speakers were totally wireless. So . . . I read the reviews and decided to try out the SONOS Play 3. Set up was very painless. The desktop app is easy to use and set up. Added my music library. Added Pandora. Added Amazon music. And fired it up. The sound is amazing. I always enjoyed my Bose Wave, but I sincerely think SONOS has them beat! And SONOS can be controlled from my PC and access all of my music - wirelessly! Now on to my Samsung phones. Downloaded the app and it worked - flawlessly. I can now access and control all of my music via my phone! My iPad - added the app there too - works like a charm. So in summary - easy to set up, easy to operate, and fantastic sound. Next step: buy more SONOS wireless speakers so that the house is fully outfitted!
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on July 28, 2011
I say "second best" because the best purchase I have made is the Zoneplayer 120. Set-up was a breeze, sound quality is good, all in all I am very pleased. The Play 3 will play loud but the sound quality couldn't match my B&W 685's that I have hooked up to the ZP120 (but it isn't supposed to...). I am ordering a second but haven't decided if I am using it in the garage or as a stereo pair in the bedroom.

Update 8/11/11: Yesterday I set up my second Play 3 as a stereo pair in the bedroom. Today I woke up to Beethoven's 6th, what a great way to start the day. I might just have to skip work and listen to my whole Vienna Philharmonic catalog!
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on September 14, 2011
I recently received the Sonos PLAY:3 that included a wireless bridge. Set up was fantastically easy, plug and play, download the software, and it's up and running. I ran the player off of my iPad as it is the most accessible control device in my house (versus my PC).

If you love a ton of music selections, or you have a lot of memberships with online music services (Pandora, Spotify, etc.,) it works seamlessly with any of those options, as well as your music library. I have yet to explore all of the 3,000 + channels, but I have been able to customize my favorites, and even set the player to wake us up with specific music on specific days.

I put the player in the one room that was the hardest for us to put a music source in, which was the master bath. Not sure about others, but my family likes to listen to music in the shower, and the shower radio doesn't cut it. We've also taken it outside a few times for BBQ and patio listening. Unfortunately I only own one at the moment, but I can see the benefits of multiple units in multiple rooms.

The speaker sounds great, clear at high and low volumes for such a small unit, and the player interface it intuitive, easy to use and customizable. For anyone that wants an experience akin to satellite radio, but much mure versatile with a better interface and better player, without any monthly fees, this is the best bet I've come across!

Sonos Play:3 All-In-One Wireless Music Player With 3 Integrated Speakers (White, NEW)
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 15, 2012
This is my first review and although I didn't buy my Sonos here at Amazon, I frequently shop here and I find these reviews invaluable. After much reading and debate, I took the plunge and bought a Play 3 along with the bridge. and I'm glad I did.

I'm no audiophile in the truest sense, but I am picky about audio quality. I listened to both the Play 3 and the Play 5 at a Target and I wasn't too impressed at first. The reviews I've read say how great the sound is for it's size and it was better than my laptop speakers, but nowhere as good as my car audio. However, Target isn't the best place to check for sound quality. Plus, you couldn't adjust the tone controls in the store. So I decided to try it at home.

The thing that drew me to the Sonos system was the wireless convenience. The ability to zone your house and group several speakers together, and control them (and the music) from an android device was icing on the cake. None of that would matter if the system didn't sound good. The speaker did sound better at home than in the store, but not quite as good as many of the reviews were saying--specifically in regards to the tone. It had decent thump in the lows for a small speaker with no dedicated subwoofer. The highs were clear and crisp. But overall, the sound was a little muddy for my taste. It's difficult to control the mid range--it'll either have too much bass or too much treble (or not enough of either and sound flat). However, I was being picky. The sound from such a speaker was decent enough. Of course some music shined on it while others fell flat. It partly depended on the genre but it also depended on the recording quality of the original source (at the recording studio). The more I listened however, the more I began to like it. My only real problem at this point was that it was still like listening to a boombox shoved in a corner of a room. I like to feel like I'm surrounded by sound so I got a 2nd Play 3 and created a stereo pair.

Pairing two speakers as a stereo pair is true stereo. One speaker plays the left channel while the other plays the right channel. Boy did this change things. Not only did the sound open up to fill the room (in true stereo fashion), but the tone opened up too. My guess is when in mono on a single speaker, all of the instruments get muddled together and if there's strong bass, I guess it messes with the other frequencies coming from the same speaker. When in stereo, the bass may be more or less to the left or right, then the other speaker can better handle the mid and high frequencies. Again, this is a guess as to why, but the sound is definitely much improve as a stereo pair. The Sonos system are not the best speakers I've ever heard, but then those kinds of speakers are usually 2-3 times the size and price of the Sonos speakers and are not wireless.

Setting up the Sonos speaker system was very simple and being able to place my speakers exactly were I want them without running wires all around the room was really a blessing. The ability to add more speakers around the house and zone and/or group speakers as I see fit, whenever I want, is smart. If I was a true audiophile, I might look into another system. But I haven't seen a system that is as flexible as the Sonos system that delivers decent sound at a reasonable price. For those of you who are looking for a speaker system that's several steps above the quality of most other computer speakers (and way more flexible), look no further.

Overall I am very please with my Sonos System. The Play 5 might be a better choice for me (some say the tone is improved over the play 3) but I couldn't justify the price--especially sense I would have to have a pair of them for stereo. Don't get me wrong, the sound on the Play 3 when in a stereo pair is very good. I just wouldn't call it the best. If the price was a little less or if you could fine tune the tone better I would easily give it 5 stars. It's close, but for now I give 4 stars (because I'm picky).
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on January 13, 2015
We initially purchased a Sonos 5 for single room usage, and quickly realized it was too large. Everything worked fine with it, no issues whatsoever. Returned it after 2 days of error-free use. Upon receiving a smaller Sonos 3 the problem that kept occurring was one in which the player would "drop" songs, then restart a new one for a few seconds, then completely drop that one as well. As there isn't a standard input jack to simply plug in your iPad or iPhone to run music on the Sonos 3, I was left trying to make our WiFi play better (DSL) with this unit - which never really worked out. After googling this exact issue, I noticed a veritable rash of similar complaints and ongoing frustrations with other consumers.

I followed the Sonos website troubleshooting recommendations to switch channels using the provided ethernet cable, but this was to no avail and the issue remained. No phones or computers were near the router/modem that could be the cause of interference. Unfortunately, the next step in troubleshooting the issue of WiFi interference is to start changing which channels your router uses. This isn't an easy thing to accomplish as our XFinity modem/router is a combination unit and not at all simple (for me) to begin altering channels in the hope that our Sonos 3 would work better with it. When the problem kept occurring I decided to give up and return it for a different brand using bluetooth technology.

The sound was great and I really liked the desktop controller app for ease of use, but at the end of the day I really didn't feel confident that the WiFi interference issue was one that I'd enjoy continually trying to fix down the road.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on November 25, 2013
I spent a few weeks going back and forth between the Play 5 and Play 3. I could not decide what would be the best for my first Sonos speaker. I also didn't want to drop the extra $100 on a Play 5 if I didn't have to, but for something that I planned on using every day, I wanted it to be worth the money. I have quite a large 1st floor but it is relatively open. My brother has multiple 3's and 5's and I just didn't think the 3 would cut it until a sales rep told me to go with the 3 and try it out. I am not in any way disappointed. I'm a music nut and audiophile and am stunned by how incredible the 3 is. It's exactly what I wanted. I stopped thinking about the Play 5 as soon as I turned on the 3.

Of course, I would love to get a Play 5 in the future. I'm actually more tempted to get another Play 3 for the stereo affect. I will eventually buy another Sonos. Not because of dissatisfaction with the Play 3, but because more of a great thing will just make it better. I'd also like to add music to other parts of my home. The Play 3 doesn't offer an incredible booming low-end and bass, but honestly, the low end and bass it does offer is still better than 99% of the speakers you've ever owned in your home.

The Play 3 is incredible. If you are going back and forth between the 3 and 5 and are unsure what you should get (especially if it's about budget) do not even hesitate to grab a 3 and save yourself the $100. Sure, if you have the expendable income and/or a massive room space, get the 5. Why not? But the 3 will suffice. It's more than enough for a first Sonos.
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24 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on September 27, 2011
After attending a demo on the Sonos system at my local A/V shop I decided to order a setup for myself. One thing repeatedly stressed by the Sonos rep was their stellar customer support and universal customer satisfaction. Feeling comfortable with this reputation I ordered the bridge, the Sonos 3 and the Sonos 5.

Fit and finish

I received all the units promptly with no issues, as I've grown to love with Amazon. The products were well protected and packaged. The Sonos 5 was quite a large box between the size of the unit and the large amount of styrofoam. The closest I can compare to the fit, finish, and packaging is that everything was very Apple like. Very clean lines, no surprises. Things were looking good.

Initial setup

After getting everything hooked up, I installed the software on my Mac mini and proceeded to ID my individual Sonos units on my network. I have a quirk in my setup in that my music serving Mac is located in my home office, which is about 300 feet away and up a flight of stairs from my house. Not really a big deal except that as you load each Sonos unit, you first put the software into a "searching for Sonos players" state so it's scanning the network for new units. You then press two buttons on the player itself to activate it's "find me" function. Oh, and you have two minutes to find a new unit or it times out. So three trips back and forth, 300 feet each direction, flight of stairs each direction, and hurry, you have two minutes. This would have been solved by having someone on the phone pressing the buttons for me, or taking the units to my home office, activating them, then taking them back to the house. However I wanted this to be as clean of an install as possible so I did it the old fashioned way. I didn't have someone to press the buttons for me at the time. Meh, I needed the exercise anyway but at least now you know what to expect. Btw, everything worked well, but not perfectly the first time. I'd say I made 5-6 trips to get three working.

After getting the players themselves loaded, it was time to load the music. Be warned, you have to have the players loaded before you import your music. I spent some time chasing my tail on this one. Logically it makes sense, but my real concern was importing my music for reasons that will become obvious. I tried that first and the option was basically greyed out with no real explanation for why. Actually reading the instructions would probably have saved me some time but in my case I figured this out on my own.

So it's time to load the music. I have a really large music library, somewhere around 64,000 tracks. This is why I was concerned about loading music onto Sonos because I was concerned it would take hours, which imports often do. I also wanted to see if the software would blow up before I did all the hardware installs. Eventually I was able to import my library into the Sonos library. A quick 300 feet jog and I confirmed that I was able to play music from my library. Sweet! So onto playlists, which Sonos imports from iTunes. When I pulled up playlists all that was available was "imported playlists" which were all labeled "playlist.m3u" Odd. I tried playing one of the playlists to see if I could tell which one mine is. Errors. I tried reimporting. Nope.

Now understand, when your library in measured in terabytes, you need iTunes and the genius playlist. Sitting down and hand building playlists would be a nightmare. Pick one song, hit genius, and 100 great songs are magically built into a playlist in one second. Being able to pull that together from the tens of thousands of songs is awesome. Anything I use has to support playlists to work.

So, online chat for tech support. Sonos has fantastic tech support, remember? "You are in line for a tech, your wait time is projected to be 15 minutes." Ok, that works. 45 minutes later I finally get someone. The time estimate doesn't work. Don't plan on it. But I have someone finally who says to submit diagnostics data to Sonos through the software so here we go.... and my computer locks up. Probably not their fault, can't be helped although it was their software that was active when it locked. Who knows. Reboot, reload iTunes, sign into Sonos, wait in line again. Gonna be 15 minutes, 60 minutes later I'm #1 in line and.... 6pm. Tech support is closed. No sorry, enter your case here, request a call back, just bang, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars. Ok, that one is their fault. Give up, try again later in the week. Go through the 15 minute expected wait, 60 minutes later I get a live person on chat. And the answer is, submit your diagnostics. Aha, I already have. A couple of rounds of convincing said person that I actually already did submit the data and it hasn't changed in two days and he finally looks for the diagnostics. His solution? Your library is too large, delete some of your music. Now it took 30 minutes of back and forth trying to get an alternate answer but the end result is, there is a physical limit to the amount of index data the Sonos units can hold, and somewhere around 62,000-65,000 items and it just stops loading. Whatever hasn't loaded yet, doesn't exist. Sorry. So I asked, any way to load in a different order so playlists are first? No. Any way to skip podcasts? I don't need podcasts loaded. No. Anything I can do besides unburn the boxes these things came in and ship them back. Um, not really. Disappointing. Especially since this product is pitched to audiophiles who tend to have crazy libraries of music.

User interface

One of the really nice features of Sonos is the ability to operate any or all of the units from an iPhone, iPad, etc. I have both and the software works nicely. It's really cool to be twenty feet from the unit and skip a track, change the volume, etc. It especially is nice to play with, impress your friends, scare the kids, that kind of stuff. The user interface is well done. I have an issue that is probably related to my large library again but now I notice that when I try to scan artists to build a playlist manually, routinely the tracks cannot be found. I know they are there, Sonos simply cannot see them when I look. So basically you look by artist, that leads to all your artist names. Pick ABC band. A sub-menu opens showing ABC band's albums. Pick an album and you dive down to the tracks. Normal, except the tracks aren't there even though I know they are.

One thing that did throw me for a loop is shuffle. Locating it requires you to press on an area of the screen which is displaying track data, which brings up a sub-menu where you can select shuffle. It's not entirely intuitive since it's basically a hidden sub-menu. To make things even weirder, the iPad version isn't exactly like the iPhone version so I end up hunting around a bit depending on which device I am using. Not a deal breaker but it sure was annoying in the beginning.

Another issue I didn't foresee, and this would be true of any application that uses an iPhone or whatever for control. Your controls are almost exclusively on the handheld device. On the Sonos you have volume up, volume down, and mute button. That's it. So say you are playing music and a song comes up that you want to fast forward through to the next track. You pull your phone from your pocket, press the button to bring it to life, swipe to assure the phone that yes you did mean it. Then you scroll to the page that has your Sonos software (you may have done email, a phone call, etc since you originally hit play), you hit Sonos. Sonos must then connect to your network and locate a Sonos player because it lost connection when the phone went to sleep. Not lost your network, just the Sonos player. Give that a few seconds, maybe 5-10. Then you have control. Hit skip and it's magically instant. I mean it's so fast it's magic that it's going wirelessly and still having that kind of response. The problem is, hitting one fast forward button takes about 6 key strokes and about 20 seconds. Kind of annoying if your wife wants to tell you something every five minutes so you have to keep hitting pause, say yes dear, unpause, go back to what you're doing, then wash, rinse, repeat. Or if at the end of the song your kids scream for you to play it again because it's their favorite. After three minutes my phones asleep so it's start over from scratch. It's especially annoying if you are standing beside the Sonos player but have to do all this to hit pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. The units are sexy, but a few more buttons wouldn't have really hurt.

Sound quality

These units, especially the Sonos 5 but the Sonos 3 even sound really good. I wouldn't want them as my home theater but if you want music in your rooms quick and easy, these things are the deal. If you have your music all on MP3, a device like this is awesome. BBQ tonight? Unplug one and plug it in on the deck. Instant party music. If you are an A/V snob, these things are what they are. If you normally shop at Best Buy, these sound awesome. Equal to a Bose, probably better. I haven't listen to a Bose in quite a while. Way better sound than a Logitech Squeezebox, no comparison.


If you don't have a stupidly large library like me, then I'd say give Sonos a try. Most of my issues are self inflicted. I am quite unhappy that the limitation on total tracks wasn't apparent or published prior to my purchase. To my knowledge it's still an unpublished limitation, which is why I took the time to write this review. If you do have a huge library, the Logitech Squeezebox works just fine.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 2, 2015
Where have you been all my life? Oh, that's right, on store shelves for the last 10 years. I wrestled with the $300 price tag for a long time. What a fool I was. Sound quality is amazing and the set up was one of the best user experiences of any connected home device. Flawless.

No issues to report whatsoever and as previously mentioned the performance of this speaker is unrivaled. I have the speaker centrally located in our 2500 sq ft home and at half volume the sound fills our entire first floor. At close to full volume you can hear it throughout the entire home in high fidelity. I also just bought 2 of the Play 1's for $349 during their recent promo so that we could add a speaker and listen to some music in our bathroom as we're getting ready in the morning and another for evenings outdoors by the fire pit.

Should've done this years ago. Better late than never. My advice - get off the fence and start making sense. This is the real deal in the world of whole-home wireless audio.

Feature Request: I'd give this 6 stars if I could also skip tracks using the buttons on the speaker instead of just play/pause and volume up/down buttons. App accomplishes this just fine but sometimes pressing buttons on the speaker is more practical. Just my $0.02.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2013
Great quality. Setup, maintenance, multi-room synchronization and quality is lightyears better than my old Logitech Squeezebox system. Definitely worth the extra money! Works fine for my Spotify needs. I have saved Playlists and can load them up in Sonos with no issues. Maybe other people with negative reviews are trying to do more advanced things, but for just playing playlists and finding artists/albums/tracks and playing them, it works fine for me! I also live in a very crowded townhouse community with a TON of competing B, G, and N signals (I think Sonos uses B). I have absolutely no issues or drop-outs when streaming music.
review image
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on September 26, 2014
Speakers provide wonderful sound; however, they require high maintenance to keep them connected to the controller. At first that may have been because of a weak wireless signal from the source but now, I have boosted the signal to 5 bars and even after assistance from tech support, I open the controller and once again the speakers cannot be recognized by the software and I am being asked to reboot the source. A lot of pain for a recreational system. My neighbor has same system and reports same problem. I use a windows based laptop as a controller. My neighbor uses an android based smartphone as the controller.
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