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on March 21, 2013
I wasn't sure if this "super wifi" claim was a gimmick or not, but since I was in the market for a new player precisely because of bad wifi connectivity, I thought I'd give it a try. I have to say, I'm very impressed with both the wifi and many other features about the player. I'm getting 12-20 Mbps while watching videos and my tablet/phone - for a change - are also reporting similar speeds. (My wired PC gets around 30 if you are wondering how fast my modem connectivity is.) I haven't had it all that long but so far there have been no issues with dropped connections or rebuffering (a first for a player, I think!)

A few other things I like:

*The size: the thing is amazingly small - about the size of a hardback book. It's beveled top is a bit decorative, and if you care more about your wifi connectivity than storing it inside a cabinet, leaving it on top of a console wouldn't really be an eyesore. I left it this way just to avoid having to disconnect wires if I decided to send it back (so far not likely!), but I'm kind of liking the option of leaving it on top of the cabinet.

*"No Internet" option setting for Blu Ray Discs: This is a HEAVENLY find for me! I have a number of Blu Rays that come with that blasted BD Live software, which can hold your disk hostage forever trying to load useless internet content instead of just allowing the disc to start playing. It got to the point where I almost preferred to buy non-Blu Ray dvds just so I could start watching them ten minutes earlier than the equivalent blu ray version. By turning on the "no internet" option, the blu rays start up like any other disc would, without trying to access internet content. It's a thing of beauty.

*Amazon interface: I am replacing a Panasonic BD-210, and this player's amazon interface is much better. Unlike the Panasonic, the Amazon interface on this one allows you to see your watchlists, videos you've recently watched, top movies, etc. The only thing I don't like about it is that each episode of tv shows is shown by a numbered blocks that take up a good portion of the screen, with the description of the block(episode #) you've selected at the bottom of the screen. You dont' get an all-in-one list of episodes like you do on the Panasonic, with indicators as to which episodes you've purchased. Not a deal breaker for me, but less convenient. I should note that the interface on this one is NOT like Roku's - you don't get little scene indexes when you try to fast forward or rewind through the content. Instead it's just a bar with the time indicated. I do think the ability to zip forward and backwards is not too bad, though - the controls are fairly responsive.

*Disc loading: There are buttons on the top of the unit that are very ergonomic - loading button is distinct and placed at the far left of the built-in controls so you can't miss it. Some of the early Sony players had "tray open" buttons that were nothing more than tiny little stubs that were ridiculously placed at the bottom of the unit. This is a big improvement.

*Remote apps: I'm still a bit mystified as to how the TV Sideview app is supposed to allow you to play cable or satellite content on your tv, but I can say i've tried both the youtube and remote features, and they worked very well. The youtube feature lets you find videos on your phone or tablet and then play them on your tv. You just bring up a variation of the youtube website in the stock browser of your android phone or tablet and type in your google credentials and it does the rest. I was impressed at the quality of some of the videos playing on the tv. The TV Sideview app includes a remote control that works very well - I kind of like it better than the remote that came with the unit, especially in the dark!

*Blu ray quality: you wouldn't think this would change from player to player, but compared to the Panasonic, the quality of this one spectacular. I threw in Avatar and was amazed at the color depth and detail. It just seemed richer than on the other blu ray player I've been using.

I should mention that there are buttons on the remote for Netflix and the Sony Entertainment Network. You can also program the player to automatically bring up the Sony Entertainment Network upon startup. While I'm not big on Sony's offerings, the screen it takes you to has ALL the internet apps on it- so for me it's a cinch to get to Amazon Instant Video (the main reason I bought the player in the first place).

I'll update once I've had it awhile, but so far I'm liking this one alot.

ONE YEAR UPDATE: The best reviews, IMO, are those written long after the item was purchased and the "newness" has worn off. So on that note, it's been two days short of a year since I purchased this player. I'm still using it on a near-daily basis and I'm still loving it. It has kept up with the firmware updates needed for blu ray discs, and hasn't suffered any degradation in performance or wi-fi connectivity. I have noticed that its latest Amazon software update includes the ability to display captioning (I believe Netflix has this also). I'm sure they're coming out with even fancier players by now, but this one was and continues to be a little workhorse that does exactly what it was designed to do, and does it superbly.
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on March 7, 2013
I purchased this Sony BDP-S3100 Blu-Ray Player to replace an LG BD390 player that had stopped reading discs. I selected the BDP-S3100 over the lower cost Sony BDP-S1100 for the DLNA support for media streaming over a home network and the built-in WiFi. And since I'm not interested in replacing my current television with a 3D capable display right now, I skipped the higher end BDP-S5500 player.

I enrolled in Amazon Prime with this purchase to gain access to Amazon Prime videos. The standard two-day shipping is also very nice. The Prime two-day shipping worked as advertised. I ordered the player on a Sunday and it was sitting on my doorstep on Tuesday.

Set-up was quick and painless. I plugged in the HDMI, coaxial audio (I predict a new receiver in my future), and power cables. After connecting to my home network, the player downloaded the latest patch and I was ready to go… to set up an account with Sony to enable the Amazon Prime, Pandora, Facebook, etc. access. Having a notebook computer right there was extremely helpful for entering the various access codes displayed on the television. Setting up the remote to control my television (primarily to turn it on and off) was simple.

I am pretty satisfied with this new player. Discs load noticeably faster than they did with my old LG player (which is to be expected with five years for player improvements). I’m enjoying the Amazon Prime videos and the access to the videos, photos, and music on my home network.

The only thing keeping this from being a five-star review is a persistent issue with the audio intermittently dropping out. I've consistently experienced this problem with DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and streaming videos. Every 15 to 20 minutes, the audio stops and there’s two to three seconds of silence. I’m hoping it will be fixed soon in a patch. But I’m monitoring some AV forums to see if other people experience this same issue to determine if I actually have a defective player.
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on March 10, 2013
Bought this player 10 days ago. Had the other top brand along with a not so old Sony bdp-s390. The Wi-Fi range is 10x better! Where I used to have buffering before..... NO MORE! (same cable provider and same exact place I had the other players) If you are having trouble only when straming, it is your network (cable provider) and not the player. The picture with streaming and dvd is even better then my PS3. As hard as I am to be happy with a product, I am blown away! This is my first written review ever. I had to let buyers know this is finally the way a blu-ray player supposed to work....PERIOD!
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on December 10, 2013
This is my second blu-ray player (my first was a 4 year-old Samsung BD P-1600 with very limited functionality and which froze frequently), and I am bowled over by the many, many features I am still discovering after playing with it for a few days.

Note: As I've only had this player for a week, I will update this review if issues arise.

** Netflix

The Netflix interface is much advanced from older devices. Where my older player only allowed me to access items from my watch list and select from 100 episodes of multi-season TV shows, the Sony BDP-S3100 Netflix app features:

- Choose viewer profiles (just as when you browse their website)
- Browse and search the entire Netflix library
- Browse and access all episodes of all seasons of TV shows (not just 100)
- Change audio settings
- Turn on/off subtitles

** Amazon Instant Videos & Prime Instant Videos

If you are an Amazon Prime member, not only do you get free streaming of a nice selection of videos not available from Netflix (e.g. Downton Abbey, Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, new seasons of Doctor Who, Murdoch Mysteries, Inspector Lewis, etc.), but you also get free 2-day shipping for less than the cost of a Netflix subscription. (Amazon Prime $79/yr. ($85 with tax), Netflix $96/yr.)

I previously had to use my computer and USB to HDMI Display Link manager to stream Prime Instant Videos to my HDTV. While the Amazon video interface isn't quite as easy to navigate as Netflix's, it is much easier to watch my Amazon shows and it frees up the computer for other members of the household.

Amazon's instant video interface includes:

- Prime instant video
- Non-Prime videos
- Ability to browse multiple seasons and episodes, thought not quite as efficiently as Netflix

** View Photos and Stream Video/Music from your PC

I particularly love this feature. Simply go to your Windows network settings to detect your wireless devices in your network and select this Blu-Ray player. Depending on your version of Windows, you may need to play around with Homegroup, Windows Media Player, and sharing settings.

This was my first time using this feature, and it only took me about 10 minutes to set it up. When your blu-ray player has been properly detected by Windows, you should see a menu item with your PC's name when scrolling through your player's Photo, Music, and Video menus.

Enjoy your high-res photos in their full splendor!

Note: This device isn't able to play my AVI videos.

** Listen to Audiobooks and view media from your Kindle Fire or Android Device

Get the free Netfront Life Connect app from the Kindle App Store and the blu-ray player will detect your Kindle photos, music, and videos just as with the PC.

I am even able to view photos from my Dropbox and Windows Sky Drives via my Kindle Fire HDX.

** Remote control app for your Kindle Fire or Android Device (TV Sideview)

While this app is not available in the Kindle App Store (Kindle users will need to side load), it is available via Google Play and 1 Mobile Market. Just search "TV Sideview by Sony" and you can start controlling your player and TV in under a minute.

This is particularly useful for me because my dog makes off with our remotes.

** Send YouTube videos to your TV from you android device or Kindle

Searching for videos on YouTube with the TV remote/keyboard is a bit of a pain, but with the Pair Device feature, you can stream YouTube videos from your phone or tablet. Simply go to YouTube Settings on your blu-ray player --> "Pair Device" and it will generate a 9-digit code. Then go to your phone or tablet's web browser, enter that code in the field, and you can start sending videos to play on your HDTV.

This is great for when you want to share a YouTube video with friends and family in the same room.

** Picture and Sound Quality

This player gives beautiful picture and sound. HD picture is so crisp that actors sometimes almost seem to "pop" a little too much from the background. Sound is great; I am a soundtrack aficionado (I always notice and remember the music in a film) and am not disappointed.

(For serious home theater shoppers who want to know which brand/model of TV I am using this blu-ray player with, it's the Samsung LN32B460 32-Inch 720p LCD HDTV (2009 Model) which we bought on Amazon 5 years ago)

** Access to tons of online content

- Pandora (and a lot of other music networks)
- Free and paid video services (Hulu Plus, Vudu, Crackle, etc.)
- Weather app (this is great because we don't have cable and use the internet to check the weather)
- Livestrong
- Tech Crunch
- Travel videos
- Berlin Philharmonic
- Games via the Sony Entertainment Network
- Web browser (though quite slow)
- Facebook
- Flixter to view trailers, etc.
- Sports (NBA, MLB, etc.)
- And lots, lots more

I got this player for $55 on Black Friday and it is easily one of my best ever purchases.

As stated above, if I encounter any noteworthy issues, pros, or cons, I will update this review.

Updated 12/10/2013, 1/5/2014
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on September 8, 2013
At first I liked this product when I purchased it a few months ago. Recently, however, it has been causing me headaches.

I bought this so that I could watch movies or TV programs on Amazon Prime, and I no longer am able to do that. Everything is fine at first-- I can find programs and select an episode. But when I get to the "Watch Now" button, I get the spinning wheel of woe and am returned to the screen with the "Watch Now" button on it. After trying this button several times, I give up and decide to try something on Netflix instead. Sometimes that works, but lately I usually get an error message saying:

Network update connection status cannot be confirmed. Cannot communicate with server. Please try again later.

I did a google search for these phrases and discovered that I am far from alone. The problem appears to be with Sony, and they are either ignoring customer complaints or telling customers that they have to go through a ridiculous series of steps, apparently designed to make the dissatisfied customers finally kill themselves out of sheer frustration or despair. If you do not believe me, look for yourself on Sony's own customer community website. Here is one of many threads:


When I buy a product I do not want it to stop working and then see the manufacturer instruct me to go through a grueling battery of steps that don't even fix the problem. I just want the product to work! This product, after a few months, does not work. I will be returning it and looking for another brand.

What a shame. I used to associate Sony with quality, and I've bought many Sony products over the years, from cameras to car stereos to home audio. I guess they're slipping. My Samsung TV is still working great after a few years, so maybe it's time to switch to them for electronics products. Sony, what's happened to you?
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on April 27, 2013
This player was selected primarily because it would stream Amazon Prime. The set up took only a few minutes. (Read the instruction book before trying, the section is short.) I did not even need to have one of my children do the installation.
No problems will streaming or discs.
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on April 17, 2013
I had high expectations for this player, and quickly connected it to watch Netflix on my TV. It played for awhile and then the transmission was interrupted for a couple of seconds, (screen went black and no sound). The longer I watched, the more frequent these interruptions were. I thought maybe it only happened during streaming, however, I played a DVD today, and the same thing happened. It was actually happening as the disc continued, because I missed pieces of conversations. I am getting a new HDMI cable to see if that fixes the problem, but if not, I will be returning the player. Regarding the customer service, I could not find a number to call, so I wrote to the Sony customer service contact 2 days ago, and have not heard back.

Update - I had a response to my posting from "Adrian". He told me to TURN OFF THE "DEEP COLOR" SETTING, and it would fix the problem. It did! I watched an entire movie tonight without a problem. (Thank you Adrian!) Too bad I never I never heard back from Sony; this still only gets 3 stars due to lack of response from Sony customer service.
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on August 11, 2013
Unit worked fine until I did a Sony firmware update. That was the end of the unit. It quit 1 day after Amazon's return window closed so it's back to Sony.
Sony ain't what it used to be.
Here's a follow-up. The unit was returned to Sony as directed via UPS (cost me $14.24!) where it was promptly lost. Numerous emails back and forth and it was finally found, supposedly repaired/replaced and returned via FedEx ground. The package was stolen from my front porch and since Sony did not require a signature I guess I'm SOL. I hope the lowlife dirt bag who swiped it gets as much enjoyment with it as I did.
Sony, your products and customer service are off my radar forever.
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on March 18, 2013
This player is actually pretty great. When you set it for fast start up, they're not kidding. It loads a BD faster than most DVD players, and regular DVDs are near instant. Setting it up wasn't that big a deal since I'm used to the PS3 (same UI). I have it connected to a 30" TV so I won't comment on picture or sound. The device remote is small with unconfusing buttons (except I don't think anyone knows what the colored buttons are for). But despite the cons listed below, which are mostly one time issues, this device is a very reasonably priced player. My biggest criterion was load speed and it delivers exceedingly well. Load speeds of the video streaming apps (Hulu and Amazon so far) are as fast as the PS3 if that means anything to anyone.

I should also note, the ONLY outputs for this device are HDMI and digital coaxial (orange plug). I bought this for my master bedroom, so it gets limited use.

1. As soon as I got it connected to my WAN (not difficult) it prompted me for a firmware update, which took about 20 min. I understand these appliances can be better serviced now with these updates, but it's just not what you want to be doing before you watch a movie. (RE: same problem with most video games these days)
2. In order to use ANY of the streaming apps (Hulu, Amazon, Netflix) I had to separately go online to Sony and create some BS account to register my device. I guess my PSN account serves an identical purpose on that device, but I'm not at all excited that Sony is likely tracking what I stream. Not to mention their habbit of intervening on folks' viewing habbits with DRM.
3. The remote only has "universal" codes for like 12 brands of TVs, and mine (Sanyo) is not on the list. There is little more annoying that having to keep a remote out for merely turning on the TV. I'll admit I'm spoiled with the blutooth media remote for the PS3, but I won't miss replacing the batteries every 3 months.
4. Unike the PS3 UI, they include ALL their streaming services in the menue (vs. adding the one's you use manually) and you can't remove them, so you may have to scroll around the menu more than you'd like.
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on May 12, 2013
I was attracted to the new Sony Blu-ray players for one reason: They are supposed to have improved the streaming and wireless sensitivity. This is getting 5 stars because after using the BDP-3100 for about two weeks, I have found that to be absolutely true.

There is a substantial improvement in streaming speed with this player compared to my previous player. No lag, no shudder and no dropped connections so far. It comes with all the usual suspects for streaming services --Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon pre-loaded.

I've read some other reviews and can tell you that yes, indeed, you have to create an account with Sony and perform a firmware update when you set up the player. Compared to trying to figure out how to locate your player or router so that they actually connect--that's not much of a hassle. The 3100 found my network--which is a bit weak towards the front of my house--instantly and it hasn't lost it since.

Blu-rays load quicker than my old player, and the picture quality is very nice.

I'm giving this 5 stars because it did exactly what I had hoped it would--make streaming easier and better.
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