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on March 9, 2010
I was excited to get this player. I had been waiting a long time for one that had a good set of features and a reasonable price. Overall, in the 2 weeks I've had it, I've really loved it. I'll go over the good and the bad of this Blu-ray player.
First the bad:
The remote, like all Sony remotes, are very basic. It handles the Blu-ray player functions fine. It also has built in TV remote functions as well. I have a Sony Bravia TV that is about 2 years old. However the remote doesn't work for about half of the functions, making this remote useless for controlling the TV. The remote can be set to a handful of TV brands. You would think that it could at least handle a Sony TV properly.
NOTE: When registering the device on the Sony site, this model is not listed (as of this review). I selected the model S570 instead and that worked for me.
When playing a Netflix movie, one time the movie locked up the player. It didn't respond to the remote, then completely restarted itself. Of course it didn't remember where it had stopped in the movie and I had to search to find where I was to finish the movie. Hopefully this doesn't happen often.
At the time of this review DLNA has not been included with the player and will be available later, so I could not test this out. Being that it isn't relly a new thing, you would think that they'd have this already included.
AVI file playback is only avalable to Canada players.
The buttons on this box are tiny and the labelling is just as small and hard to read. Pale white print on black is always hard to read. In a dark area it is nearly impossible, even with the little light that it shines on the lower button panel, so using the remote is the way to go. Don't forget it when you go to load a disc. You'll probably end up memorizing button locations if you like to use the buttons on the player itself.
If you are playing a disc and decide to stop play for any reason, it exits disc mode entirely, connects you to Gracenote, and returns to the Xross menu. Forget about returning to where you stopped. You have to go back to the very beginning of the disc loading process.
You have to point the remote directly at the player to get it to do anything. It's very picky about this.

The good:
This is a very nice machine. It oozes high-tech. It is small and lightweight and no bigger than the slim Sony upconverting DVD player it had replaced. They could have used the exact same case for it.
Load times are excellent. There is a setting that can have it load even faster if you don't mind keeping it powered in standby mode.
The Sony Xross menu system makes sense and is easy to navigate. The menu is in 1080p, so it looks smooth and not cheap like other older players have done.
Setup was a breeze. Plug in your connections and power it on. You're ready to go. You just have to register the device with Sony and Netflix and Amazon if you use those services. Simple and quick. Sony already had a software update for the player, so I had it do the update and it was done after a few minutes.
There are a number of on-line sites you can visit for music, music videos, a handful of movies and other misc. on-line video content. Assuming that the original on-line content is in good quality, the video picture quality is very nice.
You can use your DVDs to play your own content. You aren't restricted to using the USB connection. If you have a supported video or audio format stored on a disc, you can play it on this player. Really awesome.
I look forward to the DLNA support coming later. I'll be able to connect to my PC where I have my own video and photos stored there.
Standard DVD playback is excellent. This is not just upconverted playback. It also puts it in 24p and it also appears to have cleaned up the DVD picture quality, so it's seriously close to Blu-ray quality. For your regular movie you'll start to ask yourself if you really need those Blu-ray discs after all.
Blu-ray disc playback is, of course, excellent. If you haven't had one before, you'll see colors and depth that you've not seen before on a TV screen. Details are sharp and it's performed without the slightest hesitation in this area.
3D support is coming later for this player. I probably won't use this, but it's good to know that it's going to be there if I do decide to go that route.

Overall, this is something that I've thoroughly enjoyed and I expect I'll be using for years to come. Some of the issues can be overlooked and some can be fixed with software updates if Sony decides to do so. A universal remote is in my near future. I'm very happy with this purchase.

Update: April 12, 2010
Sony has sent out a firmware update for this player. It mainly gives you some enhancements to Gracenote and for the photo slideshow feature. Still no DLNA.
I have a SanDisk Cruzer 8GB USB device where I have some video. I tried using this in the front USB input in order to play my video. However I got a message that the USB device is not compatible. Apparently you can't use just any USB storage with this player. The manual says nothing about limitations in this area. My old 2GB drive works fine.

Update: June 11, 2010
Sony has now added an update to play 3D discs! You may turn the 3D it on or off or keep it in auto mode.
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on March 4, 2010
Verified Purchase
Hello, all. This is a 9 min video review for the Sony BDP-S470. I made it because I thought most people looking for speed and performance in there players would be impressed by this one. Because amazon limits the size and length of the videos, the quality in this one isn't all that great. Also if you want to see the Netflix connectivity in use I posted that video on Youtube. Needless to say, I'm very impressed with the build quality and performance of this product, and I think you will be too. Hope this review is helpful.
review image review image review image
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on March 18, 2010
The player loads fast and looks amazing. Very happy with this purchase. Not 100% sold on the Xross menu layout, can be a bit counter intuitive at first, but you can pick it up quick enough.

The picture quality is ridiculous. This player really cranks through some heavy scenes. I have a 1080i and a 1080P TV in my home and it looks damn near perfect on the 1080i and better than real life on the 1080P.

The Dobly/dts audio tracks are earth shattering. I have yet to upgrade to a True HD compatible receiver but it handles the lossy 5.1 tracks beautifully.

The streaming capabilities all look and sound great (wired directly too the ethernet port). I noticed none of the Netflix streaming issues I have heard about on past Sony BDPs (HD streaming Netflix looks as good if not better than most upscaled DVDs on this system, and that is not a crack on upscaled DVDs). I really hope that we get Pandora soon on the Sony players.

"BD Remote" for iPhone works flawlessly (so far) and is a great secondary remote for when Im too lazy to reach for the remote on the coffee table.

You will need a USB flash drive if you want to access any BD Live content (no onboard memory). I have yet to dl any BD Live stuff but speaking of USB drives, streaming music/videos off of them looks/sounds great. Note about USB drives, dont buy a "U3" enabled flash drive. I had no idea what the hell U3 was and didnt even know I purchased such an option until the player refused to recognize it. After much frustration and good ol' "google research" I figured out my mistake.

This player is also 3D ready, which seems silly and all but its nice to feel like I have a little bit of security if I happen to find it in the budget to upgrade any time soon.

Overall this player packs a ton of features for the price tag. If you're debating the PS3 purchase but aren't huge on the gaming then save your money and get this player. When all is said and done with the PS3 (Remote + extra controller + 2 yr warranty) you will end up spending well over $400. I got this player (with a 4 year warranty) for $220. Worth every penny.
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on April 29, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is a great entry level BD player. Great price for all the features. Plug-and-play setup. My only complaint is its insistence on using a Sony wireless adapter - I plugged in several name-brand ones and they were all rejected as incompatible. The Sony wireless adapter is almost half the price of the player itself - a travesty when every other wireless USB adapter out there is $20. Ultimately I ran a cat-5 ethernet cable to it and it worked fabulously. The menu's user interface is a little goofy and takes a minute to get used to, but the content is rich.
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on October 7, 2010
So all blue-ray players play blue-ray and DVDs. That is, if not they are broken. So the only reason to buy one over the other is the other things that come with the player (i.e. ease of use, additional functions, connectivity, etc).

On the positive side the player loads quickly, its intuitive, easy connectivity to my wired network, easy connection to Netflix, the remote has an eject button, and yes it plays blue-ray and standard DVDs.

But past that I'm very disappointed in Sony. Sony is usually a leader in functionality and ease of use but they clearly missed the boat on this one. Here are my main issues.

The implementation of functionality around playing videos, music, and photos from a PC on the network is poor. Does it play MP3 files and playlists, yes. But there is not a choice to play music in random order and all information stored in the ID3 tags isn't displayed or available for display. How hard is it to offer playback in random order and display simple things like album, album cover, or even lyrics. If its stored give us the option. Also, there is no way to play a playlist while showing a photo slide show.

Picasa is not supported for photo play back.

I plugged in an external hard drive and the player very nicely told me it wasn't supported but no where in the manual does it explain what format is supported. I'll figure it out as I am fairly computer savvy but how hard would it have been to specify the supported format in the manual.

Lastly there are so many choices for video sources (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, etc) that there needs to be a way to remove or hide certain choices. I don't speak spanish so having a spanish movie choice is useless yet I still have to scroll through many many choices.

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on May 2, 2010
I purchased this Blu-ray player for the up-scaling of DVDs and the Netflix streaming, as I don't have any BD media at this time.

The good: we were all impressed with the quality of the picture when up-scaling DVDs. The picture was very good with few artifacts. Also, the Netflix was picture quality was very good, as compared to my Dad's Roku, but I'm not sure if it was the unit or the fact that my cable modem is faster than his DSL modem. I attribute a lot to the connection speed.

The bad: Some DVDs didn't play properly (e.g., Star Trek IV and Star Wars Episode I). Mostly thing were fine; however, about 80% of the time, the audio would disappear on the menu screen, and when going to a scene, the 5-10 seconds of the movie (audio & video) were dropped.

My one son and I are rather picky about things being right, so I returned the unit after talking to Sony. (They offered no useful solution.) I decided to try the BDP-S370 (same features, but no 3D), and it had the exact same problem. I believe there is a firmware issue in the new series of Sony Blu-ray players.
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on June 12, 2010
Verified Purchase
I ordered this as a third Blu Ray player in the house. Instead, it became the focal point of my entertainment center.

This item was shipped in good packaging and arrived quickly. I opened it up, plugged it in, and connected it to my network. It automatically connected to my network, and I took a hint from my other Blu Ray players and ran the updates first.

After a quick activation online, an amazing array of streming video options became available. Streaming video from Netflix never, ever looked so good before. movies were lighting fast. As I sorted through the choices, I suddenly noticed that it had found my laptop on the network, and had made movies, videos, music and pictures available for streaming on my television.

The interface is very PlayStation-esque, which made navigating very familiar. Blu Ray discs load more quickly than on my other player or my PS3.

The appearance is very sleek, hyper thin with no visible buttons in front, even though they are there. An uncovered USB port on the front right is the only thing to mar an otherwise beautiful look.

This player earned a spot at the main entertainment center. I have never been so impressed with a piece of electronics, and this is from a guy typing this on an iPad.

I do wish that I could search through music while continuing to play what is on. WiFi is touted, but can be added on via USB, not included. You may want to stick with a wire anyway for maximum network speed for streaming. I wish I had more critiques of it, but I am truly satisfied. Now I have an excuse to up my internet bandwidth at home!

Overall, this is the best money I have spent on my entertainment center since upgrading to Plasma.
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on January 24, 2011
The Sony BDP-S470 is my third Sony BD player. There are already so many helpful reviews, I hope I can tell you something you don't already know about this. My older player is a Sony BDP-N460, so this one is certainly an upgrade. By the way, I scanned and posted the Internet guide this came with so you can see all of the channels that the Sony BDP-S470 offers.

The Good:
**Sony finally leapt into the twenty-first century and put an eject button on the remote
** Very small/compact, sleek and stylish looking
** 1-year Sony warranty
** Plays all media (blu-ray, DVD, DVD-R, CD, CD-R, DVD+R, CD+R as well as a USB memory stick)
** like all of the Sony blu-ray players I have owned, this one was a snap to install, very quick and easy
** has a LAN output for wired connections
** has 2 USB ports
** has something new called "Gracenote" which gives the user info about the media being played
** the home menu background looks a little bit more modern and contemporary
** has 3D capabilities (when the price of 3D TVs comes down I will know how well this works)

The Exceptional:
** comes with a ton of Internet channels, many of them totally free, such as YouTube (see below about YouTube, though), Crackle and Pandora and even some VOD from Amazon is now coming up free, too
** once I logged into my Sony account all I had to do was enter the code the new player came with and all of my info from my other player transferred over to the new one
** loads blu-rays just a touch quicker than my other players did
** the price was roughly 25% less than my Sony BDP-N460 that I purchased in '09, yet this one has more features

The not-so-good (this is why I took off 2 stars):
** seems just a touch slower than my BDP-N460 when it comes to streaming video online
** makes some noise (like a slight humming sound) when loading a blu-ray (especially ones with a lot of info on it)
** sometimes have difficulty getting it to read blu-rays that have a lot of info on it (this seems to be a trend with Sony), keep a bottle of DVD cleaner on hand and this WILL help
** although it supports BD Live, the unit makes an exceptional amount of noise when this feature is being used
** unit automatically shuts down on its own after a period of inactivity (and according to Sony this can NOT be overridden)
** for reasons that are unclear to me, it does not always list the name of the blu-ray
** Sony's tech support is less than stellar
** tends to freeze up/slow down when certain blu-rays are being played (I have noticed that for some reason Sony doesn't like WB very much)
** homemade DVD-Rs that are filled to capacity sometimes freeze up
** no longer has that cool Back to the Future-looking blue light that only comes on when a blu-ray is being played
** In regards to YouTube, I have since found out that NOT all video from the site transfers over to the blu-ray. Depending on how the user posts it, if they do not specify blu-ray devices than the video will not show up on a playlist or in a search. Although Sony advertises YouTube as a benefit of this player, they do not mention this one problem anywhere. The best thing to do is contact the user that posted the video asking if they can change it to allow it for broadcast via a blu-ray.
** Also in regards to YouTube, there is some type of internal chip error (similar to the big problem last year with Sony and NetFlix). The player does not read/stream certain videos from YouTube. And the odd thing is my other Sony blu-ray (the older model) which I still use can stream the same clips without a problem.

Overall, if you're looking for an economical player that will offer multi-media entertainment for your entire family the Sony BDP-S470 is a pretty good choice.
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on July 3, 2010
The Blu-Ray and DVD upscale playback is picture prefect, as far as I can tell. Really, a stunning picture on my Samsung LED and unbeatable for the price.

However, I bought this unit mostly to bring Netflix and Amazon Video OnDemand streaming to my TV (I already have a PS3 but putting in the disc for Netflix and lack of Amazon support prompted me to purchase a second box).

Netflix works really well - streams HD playback consistently. However, with Amazon I have streaming issues that include (a) occasional buffering and (b) 5.1 audio. I've spoken with Amazon technical support and they assure me that they are serving up 5.1 audio to my device (they can see this in their logs) and that my device is consistently drawing plenty of bandwidth for HD playback (i.e., more than 10 Mbps from Amazon). So, clearly the issues are with the software on the Sony player. When it works, the Amazon video on the Sony player is really good - better than the Panasonic player I returned to buy this one. However, the lack of 5.1 audio is a problem for me (i.e., I get down scaled 2-channel PCM with Pro Logic).

I spent hours on the phone with Amazon (which has 1st-class technical support, BTW) and hours on the phone with Sony technical support (which was good, once I got past the first two support tiers). Kudos to Amazon for treating me like an adult and quickly escalating me to the VoD support experts.

I have a fast Internet connection and can stream to my PC with '4 bars & HD' displayed, consistently. To the player, however, I never get 5.1 audio, even though the video playback looks really crisp. Also, I have to reboot the unit periodically - streaming playback will slow down, once in a while, if I leave the machine on 'standby' all of the time. Disabling 'quick' startup seems to have fixed that problem (i.e., Sony has a memory leak).

Sony also has a software problem that is forcing 5.1 audio to downmix from 5.1 to 2-channel PCM - still sounds good, as it's encoded with Dolby Pro Logic II, but that is not what I paid for. Eventually, their software engineers will figure out what is happening and they will quietly post an update. In the meantime, 4 stars - even though the unit really deserves 5.

UPDATE 11 JUL 10: Sony has released a new F/W update for this unit. I was really excited, because I thought: '...finally, the fruits of my 4 hours on the phone with Sony L3 support being lectured about what is required for HD streaming...'. The latest F/W update *does* fix the above defects mentioned with slowing down of streaming content (i.e., the buffering problems seem to have vanished) and I've gone back to using 'Quick Start' - without, it takes too long for the network to come up. However, still no improvement on the Dolby Digital 5.1 sound problem. I am convinced that Sony is down-converting the 5.1 audio that Amazon insists they are sending my player into 2-channel PCM.

I will post another update if this gets fixed, but I am not holding my breath. I really do like the Sony unit, but as of now I regret not purchasing the Samsung unit, since I would be able to play Vudu videos at 1080 with 5.1 sound.

UPDATE 22 MAR 11: no fix for the DD 5.1, but it does appear that multi-channel LPCM is sent from Internet streaming sources via HDMI; in my case, Amazon Instant Video. Since my last review, however, I've upgraded my A/V Receiver and made an interesting discovery about *all* Sony BD players.

From Sony technical support: LPCM *never* transports HD audio from *any* of Sony's currently shipping Blu-ray Players.

If you want HD audio from your BD player, you must set BD Mix to 'Off' and HDMI Audio to 'Auto'. If your receiver can handle the output (i.e. the HDMI connection reports the correct version and feature support), the BDP-SXX0 will send bitstreamed audio in HD.

If you force LPCM (or the receiver reports it cannot support bitstream), it will always be the standard definition version of the audio track.
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on April 14, 2010
Just wanted to add my opinion to the others. This unit is a replacement for a Samsung BD-P1600 and the difference is night and day. The load time is much faster, and I have no issues streaming Netflix. With the Samsung it would not always play movies in my queue, kind of hit or miss. There is much more on-line content to choose from and they recently added Pandora to the mix. Blu-Ray playback is excellent as you would expect. This unit will also be updated with 3D capability in the future witch makes this an excellent player for the price! Also the model is now available on Sony's web site when you register the unit.
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